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Seeing Photons

Author : National Research Council
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The Department of Defense recently highlighted intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities as a top priority for U.S. warfighters. Contributions provided by ISR assets in the operational theaters in Iraq and Afghanistan have been widely documented in press reporting. While the United States continues to increase investments in ISR capabilities, other nations not friendly to the United States will continue to seek countermeasures to U.S. capabilities. The Technology Warning Division of the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Defense Warning Office (DWO) has the critical responsibility, in collaborations with other components of the intelligence community (IC), for providing U.S. policymakers insight into technological developments that may impact future U.S. warfighting capabilities. To this end, the IC requested that the National Research Council (NRC) investigate and report on key visible and infrared detector technologies, with potential military utility, that are likely to be developed in the next 10-15 years. This study is the eighth in a series sponsored by the DWO and executed under the auspices of the NRC TIGER (Technology Insight-Gauge, Evaluate, and Review) Standing Committee.


Author : Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Naturalism and Religion

Author : Kai Nielsen
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The Outer Limits of Reason

Author : Noson S. Yanofsky
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An exploration of the scientific limits of knowledge that challenges our deep-seated beliefs about our universe, our rationality, and ourselves. Many books explain what is known about the universe. This book investigates what cannot be known. Rather than exploring the amazing facts that science, mathematics, and reason have revealed to us, this work studies what science, mathematics, and reason tell us cannot be revealed. In The Outer Limits of Reason, Noson Yanofsky considers what cannot be predicted, described, or known, and what will never be understood. He discusses the limitations of computers, physics, logic, and our own thought processes. Yanofsky describes simple tasks that would take computers trillions of centuries to complete and other problems that computers can never solve; perfectly formed English sentences that make no sense; different levels of infinity; the bizarre world of the quantum; the relevance of relativity theory; the causes of chaos theory; math problems that cannot be solved by normal means; and statements that are true but cannot be proven. He explains the limitations of our intuitions about the world--our ideas about space, time, and motion, and the complex relationship between the knower and the known. Moving from the concrete to the abstract, from problems of everyday language to straightforward philosophical questions to the formalities of physics and mathematics, Yanofsky demonstrates a myriad of unsolvable problems and paradoxes. Exploring the various limitations of our knowledge, he shows that many of these limitations have a similar pattern and that by investigating these patterns, we can better understand the structure and limitations of reason itself. Yanofsky even attempts to look beyond the borders of reason to see what, if anything, is out there.

Physics Teacher s Resource Book and Guide

Author : Physical Science Study Committee
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Sidney Hook and the Contemporary World

Author : Paul Kurtz
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Duane s Clinical Ophthalmology

Author :
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The God Particle

Author : Richard Cox
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There is a divine spark within us all. In one man, that spark is about to explode. American businessman Steve Keeley is hurtled three stories to the cold cobblestone street in Zurich. In the days that follow, a doctor performs miraculous surgery on Keeley, who wakes up to find that everything about his world has changed. He seems to sense things before they happen, and he thinks he’s capable of feats that are clearly impossible. It’s a strange and compelling new world for him, one he quickly realizes is also incredibly dangerous. Meanwhile at a $12 billion facility in hardscrabble North Texas, a super collider lies two hundred feet beneath the Earth’s surface. Leading a team of scientists, Mike McNair, a brilliant physicist, works to uncover one of the universe’s greatest secrets—a theoretical particle that binds the universe together, often called The God Particle. When his efforts are undermined by the man who has poured his own vast fortune into the project, McNair begins to suspect that something in his research has gone very, very wrong. Now, these two men are about to come together, battling mysteries of science and of the soul—and venturing to a realm beyond reason, beyond faith, perhaps even beyond life and death.

Electron Tubes 1935 1941

Author : Alfred Norton Goldsmith
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RCA Review

Author :
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National Geographic

Author :
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The Icon Critical Dictionary of the New Cosmology

Author : Peter Coles
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This text contains essays by leading cosmologists, providing an introduction to the main areas of debate and discovery, and shedding light on current developments.

Helmet and Head mounted Displays

Author :
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The Fascination of Physics

Author : Jacqueline D. Spears
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Extragalactic Background Light and Gamma ray Attenuation

Author : Rudy C. Gilmore
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Annual Review of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry

Author :
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Author : BEEBE R
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Introduces Jupiter and its moons, describes what is known about Jupiter's structure and magnetic field, and looks at its collision with comet fragments

The Physicists View of Nature The quantum revolution

Author : Amit Goswami
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Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine

Author : Alexander Gottschalk
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Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Elementary Particle Picture of the Universe

Author : Kenʼichi Hikasa
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