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Self Study Teacher Research

Author : Anastasia P. Samaras
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Self-Study Teacher Research guides pre-service and in-service teachers in conducting and assessing classroom-based self-study research. Teacher education students are guided in developing a more consciously driven mode of professional activity as they pose questions and formulate personal theories to improve professional practice with the validation of colleagues.

International Handbook of Self Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices

Author : J. John Loughran
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The International Handbook on Self-study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices is of interest to teacher educators, teacher researchers and practitioner researchers. This volume: -offers an encyclopaedic review of the field of self-study; -examines in detail self-study in a range of teaching and teacher education contexts; -outlines a full understanding of the nature and development of self-study; -explores the development of a professional knowledge base for teaching through self-study; -purposefully represents self-study through research and practice; -illustrates examples of self-study in teaching and teacher education.

Self study of Teaching Practices Primer

Author : Anastasia P. Samaras
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An introduction to the field of self-study research and practice offers a review of the self-study literature and provides guidelines and examples of self-study methods.

Self Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators

Author : Cynthia A. Lassonde
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This comprehensive text, written by self-study scholars who are noted in the field for particular methodological and epistemological perspective, delineates a range of research methodologies.

Ethics Self Study Research Methodology and Teacher Education

Author : Robyn Brandenburg
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This book examines the nuanced and situated experiences of self-study researchers. It explores the ways in which ethics are dynamic, idiosyncratic and require an ongoing ethical reflexivity. In addition, the book identifies, documents and collates the collective experiences of self-study researchers and sheds new light on the role and impact of ethics, ethical dilemmas and ensuing decisions for education researchers. The book considers the ethical dilemmas that self-study researchers in teacher education face, their careful ethical considerations while conducting research, and how they form their professional judgment and understanding of what it means to be an ethical self-study researcher. For self-study researchers, there are a number of ethical dilemmas and challenges that cannot be neatly captured by the frameworks and guidelines of an ethics board. For many, this requires researchers to be ever-present and re-engaged with the ethics of their own projects, from the development, through to the dissemination of their work. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of ethics, ethical perspectives and practices in the field of self-study research.

Reconceptualizing Teaching Practice

Author : Mary Lynn Hamilton
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Over the past ten years there has been increased interest in research on various aspects of teacher education, ranging from the preparation of teachers to continuing professional development. The increase of interest in how teachers become competent in very complex social settings is a result of a general recognition by researchers and policy makers alike that teachers are the key to any serious efforts at educational reform. This book addresses a variety of issues surrounding the field of inquiry into teaching practice that has become known as 'self-study', equivalent in many ways to the 'action research' movement, but at tertiary level.

Research Methods for the Self Study of Practice

Author : Deborah Tidwell
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This is a book designed with the teacher educator in mind. It provides in depth examination of specific methods used effectively in self-study research. The chapters are written by researchers engaged in self-study of their practice.

Improving Teacher Education Practice Through Self study

Author : John Loughran
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Self-study in teacher education is a growing field and a natural progression from the concept of reflective practice for pre-service teachers. This book is designed to introduce teacher educators to the theory and practice of self-study, in order to explore, understand and improve their teaching about teaching. With studies from an international range of contributors, this book illustrates a variety of approaches to self-study. It describes the issues that teacher educators have chosen to study, how they carried out their research and what the learning outcomes were. Throughout, the emphasis is on placing teacher educators' knowledge and practice at the centre of their academic work. This book will be of interest to all teacher educators wishing to improve their knowledge and practice.

Self Study of Practice as a Genre of Qualitative Research

Author : Stefinee Pinnegar
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Teacher educators live hectic lives at institutional and discipline boundaries. Our greatest potential for influence is through developing relationships with others in our practice. Our work is fundamentally relational and emotional. We are obligated to the teachers we teach and the public students they teach. Our practice exists in the midst of experience, conflicting and often hostile boundaries, and between what we know from research and what we understand from practice. Self-study of practice invites researchers to embrace the hectic and fragmented territory of practice as the space for study. This book educates those who would like to explore practice in the methodology of self-study. It provides both a pragmatic and theoretic guide. It grounds the research in ontology and establishes dialogue as the inquiry process. It supports researchers through the use of frameworks to guide research and explication of strategies for conducting it.

Teaching Learning and Enacting of Self Study Methodology

Author : Jason K. Ritter
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This book offers a collection of original, peer-reviewed studies by scholars working to develop a knowledge base of teaching and facilitating self-study research methodology. Further, it details and interconnects perspectives and experiences of new self-study researchers and their facilitators, in self-study communities in different countries and across different continents. Offering a broad range of perspectives and contexts, it opens up possibilities for encouraging the collaborative and continuous growth of teaching and facilitating self-study research within and beyond the field of teacher education. The breadth of the scholarship presented expands scholarly discussions concerning designing, representing, and theorising self-study research in response to pressing educational and social questions. By documenting and understanding what teaching and learning self-study looks like in different contexts and what factors might influence its enactment, the book contributes to building a kaleidoscopic knowledge base of self-study research. Overall, this book demonstrates the impact on participants' professional learning and validates the authenticity and generative professional applications of self-study methodology for and beyond teacher education, providing implications and recommendations for practitioners on a global level.

Becoming a Teacher through Action Research

Author : Donna Kalmbach Phillips
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Becoming a Teacher through Action Research skillfully interweaves the stories of pre-service teaching with the process of action research. This engaging text focuses specifically on the needs of pre-service teachers.

Being Self Study Researchers in a Digital World

Author : Dawn Garbett
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This book presents research on the intersection of self-study research, digital technologies, and the development of future-oriented practices in teacher education. It explores the changing teacher education landscape by considering issues that are central to doing self-study: context and location; data access, generation and analysis; social and personal media; forms and transformations of pedagogy; identity; and ethics in an increasingly digital world. Self-study research on, with, and around digital technologies is highly significant in education where the rapid development and ubiquity of such technologies are an integral part of teacher educators’ everyday pedagogical and research practices. Blended and virtual environments are now not only commonplaces in which to teach about teaching but also to research about teaching. The book highlights how digital technologies can enhance the pedagogies and knowledge base of teacher education research and practice while remaining circumspect of grandiose claims. Each chapter addresses aspects of doing self-study with educational technology, and provides issues for discussion and debate for readers wanting to engage in self-study.

Making a Difference in Teacher Education Through Self Study

Author : Clare Kosnik
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* examples of research conducted on 15 different teacher education programs * the impact the research had on the development of the program is included * the text systematically describes 15 teacher education programs * engaging stories of teacher educators working to renew their programs * The studies include a description of the research methodology used

Self Study in Physical Education Teacher Education

Author : Alan Ovens
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In this in-depth examination of self-study as a research methodology, an international selection of physical education scholars share their ideas and experiences and consider the value of self-study as a vector for highlighting the emerging conflicts, dilemmas, and debates currently developing in teaching and teacher education pedagogies. A vital new addition to Springer’s series Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, the volume is divided into three sections assessing the significance of the approach itself, offering detailed subject-relevant case studies, and exploring the nuances and controversies attending the evolution of the methodology. The contributors show how self-study enables reflexivity in pedagogical practice, a notable lacuna in current critical research, and at the same time they make the technique accessible to scholars of physical education wanting a practicable introduction to the subject. The analysis also explores the implications of applying self-study to pedagogy itself, to the curriculum, and to human movement and educational practice more generally. By embracing more organic, emergent notions of research practice and learning, the book achieves a broader and more inclusive survey of pedagogical work in physical education teacher education that fully acknowledges the complexities of the field.

Self Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators

Author :
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Study Research Methodologies for Teacher Educators is a comprehensive text that delineates a range of research methodologies. This edited volume, with many chapters written by self-study scholars who are noted in the field for particular methodological and epistemological perspectives, helps fill the gap in the literature on self-study research methods.

Self Study and Diversity

Author : D. Tidwell
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Educators have a responsibility to address equity and access issues inherent in teaching. To that end, individual chapters address such areas of diversity as race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and power, as well as broader areas of social justice, multiculturalism, and ways of knowing. (Education/Teaching)

Self Studies of Science Teacher Education Practices

Author : Shawn M. Bullock
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This book offers a range of contributions on self-study practices in teaching and teacher education. The self-studies presented here are unique, fresh and stimulating, and include the perspective of teachers and teacher educators from many backgrounds.

2nd International Handbook of Self Study of Teaching and Teacher Education

Author : Julian Kitchen
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This international handbook provides a sophisticated re-examination of self-study of teaching and teacher education practices research 16 years after the publication of the first edition by Springer (2004). Through six sections, it offers an extensive international review of research and practices by examining critical issues in the self-study field today. They are: (1) Foundations of Self-Study, (2) Self-Study Methods and Methodologies, (3) Self-Study and Teaching and Teacher Education for Social Justice, (4) Self-Study Across Subject Disciplines, (5) Self-Study in Teacher Education and Beyond, and (6) Self-Study across Cultures and Languages. Exemplars, including many recent studies, illustrate the impact of this well-established research movement in teacher education in the English-speaking world and internationally. Readers of the handbook will benefit from a comprehensive review of the field of self-study that is accessible to a range of readers; theoretically and methodologically rich; highly practical to both novices and experienced practitioners; and offers a vision for self-study internationally over the next two decades.

Teacher Learning and Development

Author : Peter Aubusson
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This book synthesises current practice and research developments from internationally recognised scholars and practitioners, to provide theoretical and practical knowledge which informs teacher education, development and professional learning. Sections in the book include: the role and significance of learning relationships; emerging dilemmas and challenges; and processes of self-study in teacher education. Throughout the book, self-study contributions highlight the complexity, challenges, struggles, solutions and successes in teacher education experience. They foreshadow exciting developments for further research. Accordingly, the book is likely to appeal to a wide audience of educators – including education academics, teachers, student teachers and researchers.

Self Study Approaches and the Teacher Inquirer

Author : Hanna Ezer
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book examines self-study methodologies and their relevance to professional growth among teachers. The book puts forward the following arguments: Self-study as a research approach involves basic research skills, therefore constituting an important step for non-professional inquirers aspiring to more complex research. Self-study is a powerful tool in support of professional growth among teachers. Self-study comprises a set of approaches, among them instructional situations case analysis, critical autobiography, and action research. The book offers some interesting perspectives on the following issues: -The book focuses on the writer's experience as a teacher educator who has elicited and motivated self-studies among student teachers and teachers. -The book brings together three related self-study methodologies: instructional situations case analysis, critical autobiography, and action research. -The book offers a new perspective on implementing and analyzing instructional situation cases through the "authentic case of teaching" and the "expected case of teaching," a perspective developed by the writer and implemented in her classes. -The book provides a fresh view of critical autobiography as a powerful tool teachers can use to examine their own practice and professional development. -The book introduces critical discourse analysis as a useful tool for researchers. This tool enables teacher-inquirers to reveal their 'sense of professional self' and their professional identity as it emerges in teaching cases they provide. -Teachers and researchers can easily apply the methodologies described in this book to their own teaching and research arenas.