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Silly Verse for Kids

Author : Spike Milligan
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A collection of the absurd, ridiculous, sublime and characteristically anarchic verse from the brilliant Spike Milligan. With his very own illustrations, this collection, which includes the famous On the Ning Nang Nong will make you laugh from the bottom of your belly - just like Spike did.

Learning Phonics and Spelling in a Whole Language Classroom

Author : Debbie Powell
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The authors offer ideas for developing strategies including word sorts, cluster analyses, homophone pairs, silent letter searches, cumulative charts and word webs.

Silly Poems for Wee People

Author : Chas Stramash
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Curse of Humorous Verse

Author : D. B. Clark
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A Children s Treasury of Milligan

Author : Spike Milligan
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Spike Milligan's publishing career began over forty years ago when Silly Verse for Kids was published in 1959. His poems were inspired by listening to his own children, and subsequently his grandchildren, and marvelling at the way they could invent new words or incorporate sound effects into their everyday language. Spike did not regard children as small adults, but as entirely different species who lived in a secret, magical world that very few adults understood. For decades he delved into this world, delighting children - and adults - of all ages with his poems and stories. Illustrated throughout with Spike's own drawings and specially commissioned artworks, this is an ideal read-alone or read-aloud book for Spike fans of all ages, featuring: Silly Verse for Kids (1959), The Bald Twit Lion (1968), A Book of Milliganimals (1968), Unspun Socks from a Chicken's Laundry (1968), Sir Nobonk and the Terrible, Awful, Dreadful, Nasty Dragon (1982), and Startling Verse for All the Family (1987).

Creative Approaches to Poetry for the Primary Framework for Literacy

Author : Jan Foale
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Creative Approaches to Poetry for the Primary Framework for Literacy supports teachers in planning, teaching and, most importantly, enjoying poetry with their pupils. With an emphasis on creative, cross curricular approaches the authors explore tried and tested methods of teaching poetry in an engaging and comprehensive manner. A carefully considered range of poems has been included in order to expand children’s repertoires in a variety of poetic forms. Chapters cover: how to develop a range of creative approaches to teaching poetry, involving visualisation, drama, choral speaking, performance, discussion and writing how to engage children from a variety of backgrounds and abilities in experiencing poetry in its many forms integrating the teaching of poetry with all other areas of the curriculum including ICT and citizenship effectively linking all work to the KS1 poetry units of the renewed Primary National Framework for Literacy an innovative model that takes children on a journey beginning before they meet the poem through to becoming poets themselves. This accessible and user-friendly book includes informative case studies, photographs and children’s work to demonstrate alternative routes to working with poetry. It will prove an invaluable resource for all primary teachers seeking to employ progressive and effective strategies in the teaching of poetry.

Fire Words

Author : John Foster
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A collection of word-play poems, including rhymes, chants, tongue-twisters, limericks, riddles, puns, and shape poems. Suggested level: primary, intermediate.

We Hate Peas

Author : Abigail Frawley
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"We Hate Peas: Silly Poems, for Silly Kids, by Silly Puppets" is the first book of poetry written and illustrated by puppets! "We Hate Peas" will take your family on a comical journey through the silly and often traumatic experiences of childhood. Abigail T. Frawley's lyrical musings are whimsical, insightful and at times annoying - but what do you expect from a puppet? Suzie Cupcake and her illustrations are equally ridiculous. We've got to be honest with you, the whole book is just downright silly.

Humorous and Nonsensical Poems

Author : Liz Miles
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This book invites the reader to jump into a selection of humorous and nonsensical poems written by people from different places and times. It gives the reader the keys needed to unlock poems. It equips the reader to explore the meanings that a poem has, and it explains the techniques poets use to create their effects.

A World of Display

Author : Judith Makoff
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This book presents 48 varied topics with an emphasis on artwork and display.

The Humorous Verse of Lewis Carroll

Author : Lewis Carroll
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"The editors have performed a task for addicts will be grateful. There is nothing for the faithful to do but to sit down and fall to the banquet." ? The New York Times This is the largest collection of Lewis Carroll's verse ever compiled. It contains almost every poem that Carroll ever wrote. It includes every prose appearing in his books published during his life, privately printed poems, ephemera, poems from manuscripts found among his papers, and from "The Rectory Magazine," Collingwood's "Lewis Carroll Picture Book," "Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll," and rare 19th century periodicals. This is the only place of publication for much of this verse. This volume contains 150 different poems, offering perhaps the finest whimsy ever written. There are parodies, burlesques, riddles, whimsies, ballads, songs (one with Carroll's own music), extravaganzas, acrostics, and other types, including several of his serious poems. Many poems are annotated to explain contemporary allusions, and this edition retains 130 original illustrations by Tenniel, Frost, Holiday, Furniss, and Carroll himself.

A Book of Silly Poems

Author : R. Sanchez
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A poem a day keeps the blues away. Read these pages and come what may,a smile and a laugh may make your day! Join me in taking time to smile, and smell the roses.

Nelson Handwriting Developing Skills

Author : John Jackman
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The Developing Skills Books provide the structured progression throughout the course. Each double page spread opens with a Focus in which the main point of the lesson is clearly stated; this is then followed by Extra and Extension activities of increasing difficulty. Throughout the books pupils are encouraged to think about the writing process and assess their own work.

Silly Rhymes for Silly Kids

Author : Margaret Williams Cameron
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Kids love silly stuff. These poems for young children can bring out the silly in kids, and in grown-ups who read to kids. The rhymes are about situations familiar to children. Some have funny surprise endings. A fun collection of 50 poems that are sure to bring smiles and giggles to those silly kids we love.

Read It to Me Now

Author : Minns
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Read It To Me Now! charts the emergent literacy learning of five four-year old children from different cultural backgrounds in their crucial move from home to school, and demonstrates how children's early understanding of reading and writing is learnt socially and culturally within their family and community.

The Columbia Granger s Guide to Poetry Anthologies

Author : William A. Katz
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Reference guide to poetry anthologies with descriptions and evaluations of each anthology.

Virtual Maniac

Author : Margriet Ruurs
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Format : PDF
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Collects forty-six poems about everyday things such as dogs, video games, colors, and brothers.

Scrap Sculpture Silly Poetry

Author : Martiens Bekker
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Scrap Art And Silly Poetry II

Author : Martiens Bekker
File Size : 23.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Relative Disasters

Author : Wilkie Martin
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A short collection of silly verse detailing the plethora of perils that come with being related to Wilkie. Containing six silly nonsense poems and two short poems giving the events leading up to the unfortunate, untimely and unlikely deaths of family members.