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Snapshots on the Journey

Author : Rod MacLeod
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This is a highly popular anthology of poetry about the journey through death and remembrance. The poems comfort, challenge, or inspire; they articulate feelings that are otherwise hard to express and give insights from those who have travelled the journey before. Some of the world's finest poets are given a context by the Professor of Palliative Care at Otago University, Rod MacLeod, who uses poetry with people near the end of life, and those grieving for them.


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Snapshots from the Journey

Author : Becky Burgue
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One pixel at a time-that's how we see our lives! With that limited view, we don't see the real picture. We see only the mundane, the ordinary, or the struggles. No wonder we can get stuck in a particular moment or situation. Only when we stop to recall and reflect can we celebrate the milestones and also see the full spectrum of life's journey. Take time to revisit your life's pictures as you experience the stories in Snapshots from the Journey. You'll discover three unique but universal keys to a fulfilled and purposeful life-relationships, rescue, and renewal. We all desire relationship; in fact, we were designed for community. But sometimes even the most satisfying relationships cause us to lose pieces of ourselves. This is where rescue comes in. We need to be rescued from painful patterns of our past. Rescue sets us on a new path with a brand-new vision of ourselves. Then we move toward the possibilities found in renewal. Renewal offers a chance to start over with a clear image of who we are and where we are headed. Immerse yourself in the author's intimate stories of her life as she invites you into conversations about your own journey. Her life lessons will inspire you to step back, recall, and reflect on your own "big picture" and explore the relationships, rescue, and renewal you've experienced or need to discover. In so doing you'll find: - Comfort and consolation - Opportunity to reflect - Joy as you celebrate life's journey - Encouragement to see ordinary moments as extraordinary gifts. Becky Burgue is a repurposed teacher with a lifetime of experience relating to people of every age and stage. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she shares a message of hope and life. Her motto is, "Celebrate the journey; don't wait for the destination" and her pictures from the past have become possibilities for the future. Wife to Pete and mother to Christina and Peter, treasure hunter and upcycler, lover of the afternoon latte and a great read, she can be found most days on her back porch.

In Good Company

Author : Lesley Orr Macdonald
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A unique collection of personal stories by women from many denominations about the struggle for equality by women in the ministry and those still excluded from it. They tell of stereotyping, assumptions, tokenism, discrimination, trivialisation; abuse, isolation and the 'stained glass celling' created by the church's obsession with power, rank and position. This book makes clear the kinds of obstacles in the way of women and gives a glimpse of the faulty theology that underlies opposition to them. It highlights the challenge that women bring to existing church structures and offers hope for a truly all-inclusive, all-affirming and empowering ministry.

Snapshots of a Moving Picture

Author : D. Pierre Delira
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This collection reflects upon a black mans journey through his first true loving experience. The author offers wondrous bouquets of thoughts, describing relationships with down home realism. (Poetry)

Astronomy Now

Author :
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Snapshots of Paradise

Author : Adèle Geras
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Eight short stories on themes related to youthful romance.

Histoires Grecques

Author : Maurice Sartre
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Sartre spans the grand narrative of Greek culture over a thousand years and a vast expanse of land and sea. Ranging from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean world, these excursions amount to a panoramic vision of one of the most important civilizations of all time.

Snapshots II

Author : Frank Maraj
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In 1967, Frank lands in Canada, alone, ready to begin university. Fate seems to be against him from the outset; trials plague him at every turn. Even when he is at his lowest ebb, however, he does not fold; his spirit rises. Frank shares stories of his early days in Canada that are both entertaining and thought-provoking, providing an uplifting story of determination. He captures the humour and the horror of his first encounters with the foreign concepts of cooking, snow, and driving. Snapshots II: Navigating the University Years chronicles the very real difficulties Frank faces while adjusting to cultural and social differences and contradictions. The dream to remain true to his homeland remains staunch to the fore of Frank's every move. He wants nothing more than to return to Trinidad. Despite the fact that financial difficulties continually plague his life, nothing proves insurmountable until he seeks to realize one of his biggest childhood dreams, returning to Trinidad to teach. Frank leaves his wife and young son in Canada and ventures home with high hopes of assuming a position that he thinks was designed especially for him. But then, disaster strikes, forcing him to abandon his dream and return to his family in Canada. Join Frank on this journey through his young adulthood, with all its ups and downs.


Author : Suzanne Werner
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Suzane Zuckerman Werner is a survivor of suicide. The day her husband lost his battle with depression, her own battle to recover began. Snapshots details her unique journey through grief.

Snapshots in Time

Author : Eithne Farry
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Snapshots From My Uneventful Life

Author : David I. Aboulafia
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"…she drove her right fist three inches deep into my solar plexus, putting her entire 102 pounds behind the blow. I retreated a full foot but remained on my feet. I gasped, treasuring the oxygen remaining in my lungs, and knew that little more was likely to enter there for some time. I wondered how long a person could live without breathing. More so, I wondered how long I could convince my sixteen-year-old daughter that I was unfazed by her puny blow." In this hysterical, irreverent and sometimes thought-provoking collection of essays, the author takes us on a journey through everyday, real-life events that start out as uneventful, but that wind up being anything but. 'Snapshots' is a book that everyone will identify with, and that will have you holding your stomach with laughter!

A Journey Through Oz

Author : Chris Jesse
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Snapshots of Denali Mt McKinley

Author : Derek T. Buescher
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Snapshots of History

Author : Haravu Venkatanarasingha Verada Raj Iengar
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Reminiscences on politics and government with reference to chiefly post-independence India; articles.

Notes from Out of the Shadows

Author : Garnet June
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Garnet June was a daughter of the abusive "Prophet" of a small Mormon sect. Luckily she was happily married and together they eventually escaped with their ten children.

Snapshots the Early Years

Author : Bruce Blackhurst
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Follow the path of Ben, a fair-haired, freckle-faced country boy, as he navigates the first ten years of his life. This wholesome, heart-warming journey for both young and old alike will leave readers drying their eyes of tears from both laughter and sadness. Surrounded by the forests, farms and streams of the rural Midwest, Snapshots is a moving account of the life lessons we all encounter.

Beirut 1990 Snapshots of a Civil War

Author : Bruno Ricard
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The travel diary of two brothers to a land at war.

I Woke Up Before I Died

Author : Paul Brown
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In "I Woke Up Before I Died: Snapshots of a Life," Paul Brown takes you along on a journey and allowsyou to see his life in intimate detail. It is the story of a life lived largely on the margins of society, yet isquintessentially American. It's a story of tragedy and the fight, against all odds, for hope, redemption, and meaning. It's a reminder that there's a thread of light in every dark tale as there are pockets ofshade created by light; and all that we can be in any given situation is human. You may laugh. You willcry. But it's a story you won't forget

Canon 5D Mark III

Author : Ibarionex Perello
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Created expressly for the beginning photographer–no matter what camera you might be using–Peachpit Press's bestselling From Snapshots to Great Shots books teach you the core fundamentals of photography, and show you exactly how to execute those fundamentals with your camera. Now that you’ve bought the amazing Canon 5D Mark III, you need a book that goes beyond a tour of the camera’s features to show you exactly how to use the 5D Mark III to take great pictures. With Canon 5D Mark III: From Snapshots to Great Shots, you get the perfect blend of photography instruction and camera reference that will take your images to the next level! Beautifully illustrated with large, vibrant photos, this book teaches you how to take control of your photography to get the image you want every time you pick up the camera. With Canon 5D Mark III: From Snapshots to Great Shots, you’ll learn not only what makes a great shot work—you’ll learn how to get that shot using your 5D Mark III. And once you’ve got the shot, show it off! Join the book’s Flickr group, share your photos, and discuss how you use your Canon 5D Mark III to get great shots at Includes Free Video Access The purchase of your Canon 5D Mark III: From Snapshots to Great Shots print book gives you free access to almost two hours of video training from the author. So in addition to reading about how to use your camera, you can also join Ibarionex Perello on a journey around the San Francisco Bay Area as he demonstrates the powerful features of the 5D Mark III and how you can create amazing images, whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, or video. And after you’ve got your shot, you can go into the digital darkroom with Ibarionex and learn how to import, tag and rate, and edit and enhance your images in Lightroom, and then share them with the world.