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Going for Gold

Author : Cate Shearwater
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Suitable for fans of Cathy Cassidy and Holly Willoughby's School for Stars - tumble into the world of competitive gymnastics - friendships, dreams, tears, and tumbles! Ellie has reached the national gymnastics squad training camp. Now it feels like she is just a somersault away from her dream of competing in the Euros! But with training harder than ever, rivalries even fiercer and a new coach who seems determined to make sure she fails, Ellie feels as though she has to do whatever it takes...including hiding a potentially-career ruining injury. How far is Ellie really willing to go for gold?

Dreams of Gold

Author : Maynard F. Thomson
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The dreams of figure skaters Maggie Campbell and Clay Bartlett come to an abrupt halt when a car accident ends Clay's career. Maggie leaves Clay to hone her skills as a single skater.

The Winning Edge Series Dreams of Gold

Author : Lynn Kirby
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Jamie Summers is a talented young African-American skater who dreams of winning national and world championships. Her role model is Brianna Hill, an African-American skater who recently won the national title. Jamie is determined to do whatever it takes to be just like Brianna, no matter what the cost. However, when Jamie has the chance to meet the champion in person, she begins to realize that Christ is the only real role model.

The Gold Chain

Author : Regina V. Phelan
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An account of branches of the Lee, Weinshank, and Phelan families who lived in California and intermarried beginning in the 1840s. The Lee family, beginning with Henry Lee who came from England in 1848, were circus performers.

Shaun White

Author : John A. Torres
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Whether he's flying up a half-pipe on his skateboard or whizzing through the air on a gold-medal snowboard run, Shaun White is one of the most exciting athletes in the world. In a competition, or making a public appearance, White's bright-red hair makes him hard to miss. Author John Albert Torres explains that there is more to White than his stunts and fame, such as his work with St. Jude's Children's Hospital and his goal to encourage kids to make healthier choices.

The Price of Gold

Author : Marty Nothstein
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The harrowing, triumphant tale of a cyclist's journey to Olympic victory and the price he paid to achieve greatness. Marty Nothstein, one of the greatest cyclists of all time, arrived at the 1996 Olympic Games a heavy favorite. In the match sprint at the Atlanta Olympics, an event akin to prizefighting on a bicycle, he raced around a banked, oval track. Nothstein lost by a hair's width on the finish line and vowed to win the gold at the next Olympics, saying, "I didn't come here for a silver medal." In The Price of Gold, Marty Nothstein eloquently and honestly tracks his journey to the games in Sydney and the events that molded him into the world's fastest man on a bicycle—from his tough-love upbringing in a blue-collar, split home, to the "borderline outlaw" cast of cycling characters who helped guide him through the ranks. "I had to become the worst, to become the best," Nothstein says of the single-minded determination that turned him into a veritable monster on his bike, but often forced him to neglect his own family. Sure to become a sports classic, this book will be published in time for the 2012 Olympics, when the world's eyes are trained on London and international conversation will turn to the question of what it takes to win the gold.

CIM Bulletin

Author : Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Digging for Gold in the Rule

Author : Jonathan Richard Cring
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In this tale of how people discover each other's heart and soul, Cring tells the story of a life--his own--graced by cheer and wonder and touched by grief and loss.

Simone Biles Ultimate Sports Heroes

Author : Charlotte Browne
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This is the story of one of the world's best gymnasts and her journey to greatness. She can jump, twist and somersault better than anyone else on Earth. With more medals than any other American gymnast, Simone Biles has consistently wowed her audience, impressed the judges and won every competition imaginable. This is the story of one of the most skilled gymnasts of all time and her journey from her childhood gymnastics club to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The Australian Journal

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My Father in Dreams

Author : C. E. Poverman
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Field and Stream

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Evergreen Review

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Goldmine s Rock n Roll 45rpm Record Price Guide

Author : Neal Umphred
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Russian Somersault

Author : Igorʹ Aleksandrovich Shvetzov
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Contains primary source material.

Warrior Dreams

Author : Kathleen Harrington
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Determined to aid the ill and injured at the Cheyenne reservation, Doctor Suzette Stanwood falls for the handsome brave brought to her in shackles, who is actually a government agent disguised as a captured warrior. Original.

Flips Tips

Author : Pohla Smith
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Nine of today's best U.S. skaters and gymnasts are asked to talk about how they succeed in competition and in the real world. They have some great advice.

Awaken the Olympian Within

Author : John Naber
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Without exception, the athletes who contributed these chapters have addressed groups, large and small, in their collective mission to share the power and relevance of their Olympic experiences. The message hidden just beneath the surface of each chapter is that Olympic champions are not extraordinary people, rather, they are ordinary people who merely have been able to accomplish extraordinary things in the area of life that matters most to each of them. Within each of us lies a dormant form of an Olympian, waiting to be awakened.


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