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Speaker s Sourcebook II

Author : Glenn Van Ekeren
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Featuring quotes, quips, stories, and anecdotes for every occasion, the "Speaker's Sourcebook" is a rich collection of relevant information to delight any audience.

Speakers Sourcebook II

Author : Eleanor L. Doan
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The Professional Audio Sourcebook

Author :
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Speaker s Sourcebook II Bk 2

Author :
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Communicator s Sourcebook

Author :
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Gale s Auto Sourcebook 2

Author : Karen Hill
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This book is designed to present, in one convenient source, comments published in periodicals about 325 automobile models manufactured since 1987 on a model-by-model basis. These periodicals range from general interest to specialized sources as well as repair manuals and other publications related to the individual models.

A Woman s Secret for Confident Living

Author : Karol Ladd
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Bestselling author Karol Ladd shares powerful truths from Colossians and reveals an exciting path to confident living through God’s love and grace. With biblical wisdom and an inspiring belief in God’s purpose for each woman, Karol helps readers transform the way they see themselves and how they live out their lives as they discover their value and confidence in God. With this vital perspective shift, a woman will: Transform her thinking through powerful prayers Cultivate potential by exploring the dreams God gives to her Step forward with a strong sense of identity in Christ Deepen relationships and communication with others and with God Shine with joy and assurance of what she brings to the world Karol’s study questions bring dimension to God’s leading and hope for women and provide individuals or groups a practical way to explore, know, and live boldly in God-confidence.

William J Gedney s Comparative Tai Source Book

Author : Thomas John Hudak
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This volume provides accurate and reliable data from 1,159 common cognates found in 19 dialects from the Tai language family. Originally collected by noted Tai linguist, the late William J. Gedney, the data are organized into the three branches of the Tai language family, the Southwestern, the Central, and the Northern, to facilitate comparisons among the various sound systems within the individual branches and within the Tai language family as a whole. Supplementing the cognates are phonological descriptions of each of the dialects. Included among the nineteen dialects are Siamese, White Tai, Black Tai, Shan, Lue, Yay, Saek, and dialects found at Leiping, Lungming, Pingsiang, and Ningming in China. The meticulous attention paid to consonants, vowels, and tones found in each cognate will allow for further dialect studies, for the investigation of questions concerning the tripartite division of the Tai language family, and for the continuing investigation into the reconstruction of the Proto-Tai language family and its wider genetic relationships.

What If the Bible Had Never Been Written

Author : D. James Kennedy
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But the Bible, more than any other book, is also the most maligned on the market. Many of the cities of our culture dismiss the Word of God. In What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?, D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe show that this collection of books was indeed the inspiration for almost all of the great explorers, scientists, writers, artists, politicians, and educators the world has ever known. That such a book, which has influenced so many and stood the test of time for so long, is dismissed as folklore or myth, just goes to show what extremes nonbelievers will go to rationalize their behavior. From the Ten Commandments, which many of our laws and government are based upon, to the Golden Rule, a verse taken straight out of the New Testament, to many of today's most common phrases and expressions...there is no doubt as to the influence the Bible has on everyone, in some degree, every day. What If the Bible Had Never Been Written? provides a well-documented and in-depth look at the impact the Book of Books has had on humanity, pointing to specific areas in today's society that would not be as they are now, if it were not for the Bible.

Being a Great Mom Raising Great Kids

Author : Sharon E. Jaynes
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Be B.L.E.S.S.E.D.! That is what Sharon Jaynes teaches as she focuses on being a Proverbs 31 mother. Today's over-committed, harried housewives and mothers sorely need practical suggestions and loving encouragement. Don't go it alone. You need a friend who has been there. Sharon Jaynes is the friend you've been looking for. Her heart is warm and her wisdom is straightforward.

1968 American Education Week Source Book for Speakers and Writers

Author : National Education Association of the United States
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A Source Book for Irish English

Author : Raymond Hickey
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "all the bibliographical items in this book ... along with self-installing software necessary to process the databases and tha annotations on a personal computer." -- p. [535].

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Electronics Engineer s Reference Book

Author : L. W. Turner
File Size : 32.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Electronics Engineer’s Reference Book, 4th Edition is a reference book for electronic engineers that reviews the knowledge and techniques in electronics engineering and covers topics ranging from basics to materials and components, devices, circuits, measurements, and applications. This edition is comprised of 27 chapters; the first of which presents general information on electronics engineering, including terminology, mathematical equations, mathematical signs and symbols, and Greek alphabet and symbols. Attention then turns to the history of electronics; electromagnetic and nuclear radiation; the influence of the ionosphere and the troposphere on the propagation of radio waves; and basic electronic circuits. The reader is also introduced to devices such as electron valves and tubes, integrated circuits, and solid-state devices. The remaining chapters focus on other areas of electronics engineering, including sound and video recording; electronic music and radio astronomy; and applications of electronics in weather forecasting, space exploration, and education. This book will be of value to electronics engineers and professionals in other engineering disciplines, as well as to scientists, students, management personnel, educators, and readers with a general interest in electronics and their applications.

Sourcebook on Tort Law 2 e

Author : Graham Stephenson
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The purpose of this book is to provide a clear guide to tort law, examining the main principles and areas of the subject. It includes text emphasizing the main issues of liability. The text incorporates relevant materials, extracts from leading judgments, articles and reports of review bodies on tort law. It should prove especially useful for those who do not have access to a law library, as for those whose library is under severe pressure from users. It will be useful to those participating in seminars and tutorials and will enable them to take part in a good level of discussion. This new edition of Sourcebook on Torts has been fully revised and incorporates the Human Rights Act 1998. The effect of the European Courts decision in Osman is now being felt, as is evident from the judgments of the House of Lords in Barrett v Enfield BC. The Law Commission's proposals on liability for psychiatric illness are included. Developments in the tort of nuisance, the defence of qualified privilege and damages are also scrutinized. Several Law Commission reports and the Social Security (Recovery of Benefits) Act 1997 are also extracted, as are other new pieces of legislation, such as the Damages Act 1996 and the Defamation Act 1996.

Laryngectomized Speakers Source Book

Author : International Association of Laryngectomees
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Cengage Advantage Books The Speaker s Compact Handbook

Author : Jo Sprague
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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CENGAGE ADVANTAGE BOOKS: THE SPEAKER'S COMPACT HANDBOOK, Fourth Edition, equips you with the essential information, tips, and tools you need to be an effective public speaker. Its spiral-bound, quick-reference format makes the handbook easy to use. And because each of its succinct chapters can stand alone, you can jump exactly to the topic you need to help you create a great speech. Four simple features--Key Points, Quick Tips, Checklists, and Critical Thinking Questions--help you stay on track throughout the speech-building process. In addition to the material within the handbook, online interactive tools like Speech Builder ExpressTM 3.0 and InfoTrac College Edition help further develop your public speaking skills. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Father Hunger

Author : Margo Maine, Ph.D.
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Format : PDF, ePub
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"Father Hunger" is the emptiness experienced by women whose fathers were physically or emotionally absent—a void that leads to unrealistic body image, yo-yo dieting, food fears and disordered eating patterns. The term, which is now part of the psychology lexicon, originated with the first edition of this work in 1991. After having completed a decade's worth of further investigation, Dr. Maine has updated the information about men and their daughters in this second edition. She offers a new crash course on being a girl in today's culture, based on her expertise as a leading eating disorders prevention advocate. This edition describes the origins of father hunger and its effect on the family, with even more practical solutions to help fathers and daughters understand and improve their relationships. Also included is an expanded section for educators and therapists to help them more effectively prevent and treat the problems that occur between dads and daughters.

From Staff Room to Classroom

Author : Robin J. Fogarty
File Size : 31.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Make your staff development stick with tips from top pros! This timely guide offers staff developers a wealth of tools and strategies for delivering and coaching successful professional development. This resource focuses on the essential knowledge and tools of four critical roles for staff developers: designing, presenting, facilitating, and coaching. Readers will find techniques for: Customizing professional development to fit the unique needs of adult learners Organizing a successful workshop Incorporating five essential elements for sound training Building relationships and community Putting ideas into immediate practice using extensive reproducibles, templates, and practical tips

A Source Book in Indian Philosophy

Author : Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here are the chief riches of more than 3,000 years of Indian philosophical thought-the ancient Vedas, the Upanisads, the epics, the treatises of the heterodox and orthodox systems, the commentaries of the scholastic period, and the contemporary writings. Introductions and interpretive commentaries are provided.