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Sport and Physical Education in Germany

Author : Ken Hardman
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Sport and physical education represent important components of German national life, from school and community participation, to elite, international level sport. This unique and comprehensive collection brings together material from leading German scholars to examine the role of sport and PE in Germany from a range of historical and contemporary perspectives. Key topics include: * sport and PE in pre-war, post war and re-unified Germany * sport and PE in schools * coach education * elite sport and sport science * women and sport * sport and recreation facilities. This book offers an illuminating insight into how sport and PE have helped to shape Germany. It represents fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in the history and sociology of sport, and those working in German studies.

Turnen and Sport

Author : Annette R. Hofmann
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An international group of authors contributed eleven articles to this edition with an interdisciplinary approach. The authors belong to different scientific fields, such as general history and sport history, sport pedagogy, library sciences, and German and American studies. They all do research on turnen and sport in Germany and the United States.

Culture Sport and Physical Activity

Author : Karin Volkwein-Caplan
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Culture, Sport, and Physical Activity focuses on the influences of culture and society on human movement, such as sport, physical activity, and fitness. The text introduces and analyzes current issues of importance for those concerned with human movement and culture, whether it is in the context of teaching physical education, coordinating/ marketing sport and recreational programs, coaching or serving the general population - young and old - with any form of physical activity. Culture, Sport, and Physical Activity incorporates interdisciplinary, cutting-edge work reflecting various research paradigms from these theoretical perspectives: sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, anthropology, women's studies and cultural studies. The fact that more and more people of all ages are participating in sport and physical activity means that serious attention must be paid to increasing awareness of the positive as well as the negative effects of such involvement. Indeed, sport has become a major socio-cultural factor in people's lives. In the USA, there is hardly anyone who is not touched by this movement; however, people have very different experiences based on their cultural and socio-economic background, including gender, race/ethnicity, age, ability, as well as their sexual and religious orientations. This book will educate students at institutions of higher learning in the USA about the importance of socio-cultural as well as psychological factors influencing people's choices, opportunities, experiences, as well as limitations in the domain of human movement.

The Sports Shoe

Author : Thomas Turner
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The story of the sneaker's rise from the first Victorian tennis shoes to the Nike Air Max and beyond Moving from the athletic field to the shopping mall, Thomas Turner tells a fresh story of the evolution of the sports shoe against the changing landscape of society, sport, fashion, industry, and technology. The Sports Shoe takes us on a journey from the first Victorian tennis shoes to the adidas Superstar and the innovative technologies of Nike Air Max. Featuring newly uncovered archival material and historic images showcasing key personalities, vintage marketing and common perceptions of this hugely desirable product, this book is a must-have for any sneaker collector, historian of popular culture, or anyone interested in the place of athletic footwear in our lives today.

Sport in Europe

Author : Annette Hofmann
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This book presents an overview on sport history research in Europe by giving insights into various topics between Europe ́s south and north. Examples are physical activities in the middle ages in Córdoba, bullfighting in Spain, aspects of football in various countries to winter sports in France. Football is mainly looked at in the period of the late 1930s to the 1940s, a period of dictatorship in many European countries. This is shown at the example of the German press coverage of German-Danish sport collaborations and the identity of Spanish football during this time. A further focus are the Olympic Games. This topic is taken up in two articles: One discusses as its main subject the famous painting 'Sport Allegory/The Crowing of the Athletes' created by the father of Pierre de Coubertin, the other one has a more current content and shows stakeholders and challenges of the European Youth Olympics in 2015. Besides these broad topics, a focus is put on research in sport history by reflecting on historical frameworks and various methodological approaches. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue in The International Journal of the History of Sport.

Informationen zu Sportwissenschaft Sporterziehung Sportverwaltung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Author :
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Sportwissenschaft, Sporterziehung, Sportverwaltung, BRD.

Transforming Occupation in the Western Zones of Germany

Author : Camilo Erlichman
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Transforming Occupation in the Western Zones of Germany provides an in-depth transnational study of power politics, daily life, and social interactions in the Western Zones of occupied Germany during the aftermath of the Second World War. Combining a history from below with a top-down perspective, the volume explores the origins, impacts, and legacies of the occupations of the western zones of Germany by the United States, Britain and France, examining complex yet topical issues that often arise as a consequence of war including regime change, transitional justice, everyday life under occupation, the role of intermediaries, and the multifaceted relationship between occupiers and occupied. Adopting a novel set of approaches that puts questions of power, social relations, gender, race, and the environment centre stage, it moves beyond existing narratives to place the occupation within a broader framework of continuity and change in post-war western Europe. Incorporating essays from 16 international scholars, this volume provides a substantial contribution to the emerging fields of occupation studies and the comparative history of post-war Europe.

Sport Science in Germany

Author : Herbert Haag
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In the scientific theory of sport science four major questions can be considered: (1) What is the function of science? (2) What is the body of knowledge of a scientific field? (3) What is the appropriate research methodology? (4) How are research results applied to the practical field? This publication structures the body of knowledge of German sportscience and focuses on the second question. Answers to the other questions are given implicitly within the articles relating to the specific subdisciplines of sport science.

International Comparison of Physical Education

Author : Uwe Pühse
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Even though Physical Education is considered as a basic right of all children, views vary on what comprises "quality Physical Education"; Huge differences exist between countries and regions. In this important book the situation of Physical Education is compared by means of a worldwide survey. This allows the definition of some universally accepted features and concepts, and of appropriate responses to common problems. It is the first publication to provide concentrated information on the state of PE around the world.

Global Perspectives on Sport and Physical Cultures

Author : Annette Hofmann
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Global Perspectives of Sport and Physical Culture is a compilation of diverse essays derived from the works of prominent international scholars that address significant international issues relative to sporting practices from a historical perspective. A variety of movement cultures are examined and analysed, such as various aspects of the turner and gymnastic movements, the transnational development of dance, competitive sport, non-competitive performance, and mountaineering. Michael Krüger ́s introductory chapter sets a framework for analysis with a historiographical and philosophical treatment of modern sport as an example of nationalism, internationalism and cultural imperialism. The succeeding chapters discuss the confrontation of commercialization with national interests, the importance of gender in the construction of various movement cultures, as well as the conditions and circumstances that effect societal and cultural change. This book was previously published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

Exercise Physiology

Author : Nick Draper
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Exercise Physiology for Health and Sports Performance brings together all the essential human anatomy and applied physiology that students of exercise science, physical education and sports coaching need to know. Written in a friendly, accessible style and containing a wide range of features to help develop understanding, this book provides a complete one-stop-shop for exercise physiology. The book is split into two key parts. Part One introduces the fundamental principles of nutrition, biochemistry, cell biology and the energy systems. Part Two builds on this foundation by applying the theory to exercise and sports performance in practice. With this innovative approach, the text enables you to become confident in your knowledge and understanding of energy generation and training principles for all sports. Including coverage of exercise in extreme environments and applications of physical activity for health, this will be the only exercise physiology textbook you will need!

European Physical Education Teacher Education Practices

Author : Ann MacPhail
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To maximize learning opportunities in physical education, a range of conditions needs to be met. One of the most crucial conditions is qualified physical education teachers. Consequently, it is necessary for physical education teacher candidates to engage in meaningful, relevant, and worthwhile educational experiences and upskilling opportunities on entering the teacher education program, on graduation, and on starting their careers. For this reason, there is a need to examine physical education teacher education in European countries and effective physical education teacher education practices being employed across European countries. This book directly addresses both issues. The shared template in each chapter allows the reader to identify a specific aspect of physical education teacher education they may be interested in and map this across 24 European countries. With a specific focus on physical education teacher education, the book explores the main areas of initial teacher education, induction, and professional development of each country.

Pilgrims of the Vertical

Author : Joseph E. Taylor
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Few things suggest rugged individualism as powerfully as the solitary mountaineer testing his or her mettle in the rough country. Yet the long history of wilderness sport complicates this image. In this surprising story of the premier rock-climbing venue in the United States, Pilgrims of the Vertical offers insight into the nature of wilderness adventure. From the founding era of mountain climbing in Victorian Europe to present-day climbing gyms, Pilgrims of the Vertical shows how ever-changing alignments of nature, technology, gender, sport, and consumer culture have shaped climbers’ relations to nature and to each other. Even in Yosemite Valley, a premier site for sporting and environmental culture since the 1800s, elite athletes cannot be entirely disentangled from the many men and women seeking recreation and camaraderie. Following these climbers through time, Joseph Taylor uncovers lessons about the relationship of individuals to groups, sport to society, and nature to culture. He also shows how social and historical contexts influenced adventurers’ choices and experiences, and why some became leading environmental activists—including John Muir, David Brower, and Yvon Chouinard. In a world in which wild nature is increasingly associated with play, and virtuous play with environmental values, Pilgrims of the Vertical explains when and how these ideas developed, and why they became intimately linked to consumerism.

Teaching Sport and Physical Activity

Author : Paul G. Schempp
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The book reveals the key techniques and strategies that all successful teachers and coaches use to help their students and athletes achieve success. It covers how to create stimulating learning environments, how to form effective relationships with students, how to teach motor skills, how to manage the lesson time and resources to aid students' learning, how to maintain a dynamic pace of instruction, and how to master other indispensable skills that apply no matter what sport is being taught.

International Sport A Bibliography 2000

Author : Richard William Cox
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There has been an explosion in the quantity of sports history literature published in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of developments. The annual number of publications has increased from around 250 to 1,000 a year over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that during the late 1980s and 90s, many clubs, leagues and governing bodies of sport have celebrated their centenaries and produced histories to mark this occasion and commemorate their achievements. It is also the result of the growing popularity and realisation of the importance of sport history research within academe. This international bibliography of books, articles, conference proceedings and essays in the English language is a one-stop for the sports historian to know what is new.

Physical Education

Author : Ken Green
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This book is a core text for physical education courses. It deals with enduring themes and contemporary issues in primary and secondary physical education.

Sport Clubs in Various European Countries

Author : Klaus Heinemann
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The current situation in sport reveals a large deficit concerning concepts for future developments and projects. Many traditional values, ethical standards and educational ideals are losing their significance - in particular for the young generation. In contrast, commercial media sport as well as international top sport stand to gain from the changing rating of sport in our society. On the other hand, matters of fitness, health and of general wellness are firmly grounded in the daily routine of the population. The gap in the development of sport is widening. What answers, concepts or problem-solving does a science, which deals with these topics, come up with? These are the guidelines of the "Club of Cologne", which is trying to suggest perspectives by means of active research and subsequent publications, to present models and strategies, and to enrich public discussion by offering approaches or solutions.

Attitudes and Perceptions toward Physical Education A Study in Secondary School Students

Author : Rolf Kretschmann
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Physical education teaching and learning efforts obviously target the student. Like parents, teachers, administrators and any other directly or indirectly involved parties, students do have opinions based on their experience on their respective physical education classes and physical education in general. These opinions, or so-called attitudes, are important to research due to their potential of giving insight to the learner’s perspective, which may also serve as an authentic feedback from the student. This study investigated German secondary school students’ attitudes toward physical education. Results have the intention to reveal what attitudes towards physical education German students have and which factors influence these attitudes. The study sample contained students from the different school types Gymnasium, Realschule, and Haupt-/Werkrealschule. The students were surveyed via questionnaire that was developed based on validated research instruments from prior studies in the field. Data was analyzed integrating independent variables such as students' gender, physical education grade, grade point average, body mass index, socioeconomic status, type of school, citizenship, and the exercise and physical activity behavior of students, their parents and their peers.

Globalizing Sport

Author : Barbara J. Keys
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In this impressive book, Barbara Keys offers the first major study of the political and cultural ramifications of international sports competitions in the decades before World War II. Focusing on the United States, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union, she examines the transformation of events like the Olympic Games and the World Cup from relatively small-scale events to the expensive, political, globally popular extravaganzas familiar to us today.

Disability Sport

Author : Karen P. DePauw
File Size : 68.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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