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Stormtroop Tactics

Author : Bruce I. Gudmundsson
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Describing the radical transformation in German Infantry tactics that took place during World War I, this is the first detailed account of the evolution of stormtroop tactics available in English. It covers the German Infantry's tactical heritage, the squad's evolution as a tactical unit, the use of new weapons for close combat, the role of the elite assault units, and detailed descriptions of offensive battles. Stormtroop Tactics is required reading for professional military officers, military historians, and enthusiasts.

Salvation and Catastrophe

Author : Konstantinos Travlos
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The Greek-Turkish War of 1919–1923—also known as the Western Front of the Turkish War of Liberation and the Asia Minor Campaign—was one of the key aftershocks of the First World War. Internationally better known for its aftermath, the Compulsory Population Exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Catastrophe of Ottoman Greeks, and the foundation of the Republic of Turkey under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the war has never been given a holistic treatment in English, despite its long shadow over the Greek-Turkish relationship. The contributors in this volume address this gap by brining to the fore, on its centenary, aspects of the onset, conduct, and aftermath of this war. Combining insights from the study of international relations, political science, strategic studies, military history, migration studies, and social history the contributions tell the story of leaders and decisions, battles and campaigns, voluntary and involuntary migration, and the human stories of suffering and resilience. It is aspects of the story of the last gasp of the Great War in Europe, brought to its final end with Treaty of Lausanne of 1923.


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Military Review

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The Journal of Military History

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Shock Army of the British Empire

Author : Shane B. Schreiber
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An operational history of the Canadian Corps in the last 100 days of World War I.

The Eastern Front 1914 1920

Author : Michael S. Neiberg
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With the aid of numerous black & white and colour photographs, many previously unpublished, this series recreates the battles & campaigns that raged across the surface of the globe, on land, at sea & in the air. The text is complemented by full-colour maps that guide the reader through specific actions & campaigns.

The German Empire and Britain s Pacific Dominions 1871 1919

Author : John Anthony Moses
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Contains 25 essays written primarily by Australian and New Zealand historians, organized into three sections: the perceptions and policies of the great powers during the period from 1870 to 1919; the view of the world as perceived both by the Pacific Dominions and by the rising imperial power of Japan; and the complex character of the political culture of Imperial Germany and Australia's historiography on Dominion participation in WWI. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

Modernisierung auf Raten in Rum nien

Author : Krista Zach
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The Leatherneck

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The Western Front 1917 1918

Author : Andrew A. Wiest
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From the Falkland Islands to the lakes of Africa, to the former German colonies in the Pacific and the battles along the Isonzo River in Italy, the six volumes in the 'World War I' series recreate the battles and campaigns that raged on land, sea, and in the air.

Field Artillery

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Doctrine Under Trial

Author : Mark E. Grotelueschen
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Compares the US Armys artillery employment in World War I to its combat doctrine and assesses the real strengths and weaknesses of the combat divisions of the American Expeditionary Force.

The Great War on the Western Front

Author : Paddy Griffith
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The war on Western Front from 1914 to 1918 remains one of the notoriously great tragedies of the twentieth century. Most people hold it in their minds as a milestone in modern history, yet many of them know less about this devastating clash of nations than they would like - and they would be interested to discover more. Paddy Griffith's short history of the conflict has been written with them in mind - it provides an accessible primer to an enormous and fascinating subject. His account is aimed at an English-speaking readership, and he concentrates on the part played by British Expeditionary Force and the Americans in the conflict. The French and German perspectives are also explained and the wider political and strategic evolution of the war as a whole is laid out as essential background.

The Pity of War

Author : Niall Ferguson
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More than any other event, the First World War made the twentieth century. This book, aimed to appeal not only to students but also to the general reader, talks about many of the myths surrounding the war.

War Studies Journal

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On Infantry

Author : John Alan English
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Spirit Blood and Treasure

Author : Donald E. Vandergriff
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Current and former members of the US military tell military and political leaders how to change the military so it can cycle action and response faster than potential opponents, and how to reform the antiquated defense establishment in light of changes in warfare. They rely heavily on the ideas of John R. Boyd. They do not provide an index. c. Book News Inc.

Scouts Out

Author : John J. McGrath
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From the Foreword: Scouts Out is a wide-ranging historical survey of theory, doctrine, organization, and employment of reconnaissance units since the era of mechanization in the early 20th century. Reconnaissance and counter reconnaissance are battlefield missions as old as military history itself and missions for which many armies have created specialized units to perform. In most cases, these units were trained, equipped, and used differently from the majority of an army's fighting units. Horse cavalry performed these missions for centuries, for it had speed and mobility far in excess of main battle units. Once the horse was replaced by mechanization, however, the mobility advantage once enjoyed by the horse cavalry disappeared. Since the early 20th century, the search for the proper mix of equipment, the proper organization, and the proper employment of reconnaissance units has bedeviled armies around the world. This survey uses a divers variety of historical cases to illustrate the enduring issues that surround the equipping, organizing, and employment of reconnaissance units.

The Enigma of General Blaskowitz

Author : Richard John Giziowski
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Blaskowitz, governor of occupied Poland, rev ealed to Hitler the SS atrocities committed against Poles an d Jews, and was removed from power. Indicted by the Allies f or war crimes, he died in mysterious circumstances before he could testify publicly. '