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Stowaway Suzi

Author : John Green
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A deeply flawed man finds his greatest love in the remote hills of Northern Arizona. Together, they face mortal dangers and struggle to survive as they watch the world they know fall into red ruin. Much later, he must decide if he can accept another type of love as a culture in a different form evolves. Two centuries later his descendant finds an unlikely love amidst enemies who have come to destroy the fragile society that remains. An apocalyptic story laced with love, and deep friendships often crossing cultural and racial lines. Adventure, action and touch of mysticism, round out a sweeping epic.

A Stowaway on Noah s Ark

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New York Times bestseller and award-winning illustrator Charles Santore retells the beloved Bible story of Noah's Ark through the eyes of a charming new hero that children will love: a stowaway mouse! Achbar the mouse hears a kindly old man tell the animals of the world that there will be a great flood, and that he has built an ark big enough for two of each kind of animal to ride out the storm. But by the time Achbar works his way through the tangle of paws and hooves, two other mice have already been selected. Achbar is terrified and does not want to be left behind! His survival instincts tell him to stow away. But will he be discovered by the old man--and will they ever see dry land again?


Author : Karen Hesse
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A fictionalized journal relates the experiences of a young stowaway from 1768 to 1771 aboard the Endeavor which sailed around the world under Captain James Cook.

Code of Federal Regulations

Author :
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Author : Carol Córdoba
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Follows the illegal immigration of a Colombian man, from his difficult childhood, to his passage to the United States, to his arrest and trial for drug smuggling


Author : Constance Leonard
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While cruising in the Bahamas, Tracy James finds a stowaway child on board who does not speak English.

Stowaway to the Moon

Author : William Roy Shelton
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Stowaway Heart

Author : Leona Karr
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Branded a murderess, beautiful fugitive Trish Winters stows away aboard Morgan Wallace's boat, and together they must confront dark secrets from the past, perilous uncharted waters, renegade Indians, and their own feelings for each other. Original.

Little Stowaway

Author : Theresa Tomlinson
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When young John Robert longs to be on the "smoky fish-smelling boat" with his father, he hides behind the ship's coal box, and when he is discovered, he joins the crew in sorting fish and singing hymns and songs, and is cared for by his father and the other men who make him warm clothes to wear

Stowaway to Texas

Author : Ethel L. Evey
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After his father is unjustly arrested in New Orleans, a young boy stows away on a ship bound for Texas, in order to get help from his family, and experiences various adventures along the way.

The Stowaway Girl

Author : Louis Tracy
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Tow Away Stowaway

Author : Robert Elmer
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Book 10 of AstroKids. Yearning for his own adventure, Tag takes his sister's space scooter for a ride and ends up trapped on a vessel that only serves Cheez Whiz. He knows he's in deep-space trouble, but he also knows that, with God, he's never really alone.

Stowaway to Heaven

Author : Nazareth Sarkis Barsumian
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Scraggly the Stowaway Cat

Author : Tom Bradbury
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A young cat stows away on a fishing schooner and learns about courage during a N'easter storm at sea.

An Irish Stowaway

Author : Garnie William McGinty
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Stowaway to Nowhere

Author : Jenny Seed
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The Stowaway Fairy in Hawaii

Author : Mary Koski
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A garden fairy from Vermont finds new friends, both fairy and human, when she is accidentally shut up in a suitcase which is taken to Hawaii.

The Stowaway Below Level Grade 5

Author : Hsp
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Bill Bailey Came Home as a Farm Boy as a Stowaway at the Age of Nine

Author : William A. Bailey
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Author : Julia Jarman
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This adventure story recounts the first round-world voyage of Tudor explorer Sir Francis Drake through the eyes of Dickon, a lame stowaway, who goes on to become Drake's cabin boy and personal hero. Readers learn about the harsh life that sailors in Tudor times experienced as they coped with storms, mutinies and illness on board ship. • Ruby/Band 14 books give increasing opportunities for children to develop their skills of inference and deduction. • Text type - An adventure story. • Provides lots of opportunities for drama and writing activities. This title is paired with: How to be a Tudor in 20 easy stages, an information book that can be used to locate factual information about Tudor explorers and the Armada. • Curriculum links - History: What were the effects of Tudor exploration? • This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader