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Author : Karen Hesse
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A fictionalized journal relates the experiences of a young stowaway from 1768 to 1771 aboard the Endeavor which sailed around the world under Captain James Cook.

The Stowaway

Author : R.A. Salvatore
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From the author of more than a dozen New York Times best sellers and his son, comes the first installment of a brand-new fantasy trilogy written just for young readers... Barely a teen and already guarding a secret that could jeopardize his young life, Maimun is marked for death. With the help of a mysterious stranger, the boy escapes his village and flees out to sea, stowing away on the pirate hunting ship, Sea Sprite, where he comes across a most unlikely ally: the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. With a half-demon determined to destroy him, and a crew of sailors resentful of the trouble he's caused, Maimun must find the courage to prove his worth, both to his friends and to himself. Nearly two decades ago, R.A. Salvatore introduced the world to Drizzt D'Urden in a series that has since become a fantasy classic and a consistent presence on best seller lists. Now, for the first time, Salvatore partners with his son Geno to craft a brand-new story just for young readers, featuring a cameo of the most beloved fantasy character of all time. For young readers seeking the next great fantasy saga or for long-time fans who can't miss any installment in the Drizzt saga, this book delivers all the action, intrigue, and magic you've come to expect from the Salvatore name.


Author : Carol Córdoba
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Follows the illegal immigration of a Colombian man, from his difficult childhood, to his passage to the United States, to his arrest and trial for drug smuggling

The Stowaway

Author : Laurie Gwen Shapiro
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The spectacular, true story of a scrappy teenager from New York’s Lower East Side who stowed away on the most remarkable feat of science and daring of the Jazz Age, The Stowaway is “a thrilling adventure that captures not only the making of a man but of a nation” (David Grann, bestselling author of Killers of the Flower Moon). It was 1928: a time of illicit booze, of Gatsby and Babe Ruth, of freewheeling fun. The Great War was over and American optimism was higher than the stock market. What better moment to launch an expedition to Antarctica, the planet’s final frontier? Everyone wanted in on the adventure. Rockefellers and Vanderbilts begged to be taken along as mess boys, and newspapers across the globe covered the planning’s every stage. And then, the night before the expedition’s flagship set off, Billy Gawronski—a mischievous, first-generation New York City high schooler, desperate to escape a dreary future in the family upholstery business—jumped into the Hudson River and snuck aboard. Could he get away with it? From the soda shops of New York’s Lower East Side to the dance halls of sultry Francophone Tahiti, all the way to Antarctica’s blinding white and deadly freeze, author Laurie Gwen Shapiro “narrates this period piece with gusto” (Los Angeles Times), taking readers on the “novelistic” (The New Yorker) and unforgettable voyage of a plucky young stowaway who became a Roaring Twenties celebrity, a mascot for an up-by-your bootstraps era.


Author : Sean Callery
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A personal account of the Hindenburg disaster A stowaway slips on board the German Hindenburg airship at the beginning of its last fatal flight--and survives to recount the story of its dramatic landing in America.


Author : Donald Christopherson
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CARL JOHNSON, an employee of an aerospace company near Los Angeles, California, is driving north through the desert in the year 2125 on his way to a military base. He observes a flying saucer land in the desert. He tells a friend and fellow worker, NANCY JONES, about it and on a subsequent trip to the military base they investigate the landing site of the flying saucer. A flying saucer is standing there and the two board the ship unseen. The flying saucer lifts off with Nancy and Carl aboard and flies to the Titan moon of the planet Saturn. The people on Titan are among the descendants of 600 people who left earth from near Barstow, California in the year 2000 on two spaceships to colonize a planet in Alpha Centauri. When the colonists arrived in Alpha Centauri they established a colony which they named New Barstow. The colonists argued over politics, economics, and national origin and separated themselves into states. One of the states, New Philadelphia, engaged in a nuclear war with the central government and was forced to abandon its territory due to radioactive fall out. The Philadelphians returned to the earth's solar system in 2115 and set up a base on the Titan moon of Saturn. They established a shuttle service between Titan and earth to carry natural resources to Titan for use in constructing military spaceships that would enable them to return to Alpha Centauri and regain territory. The Philadelphians were technologically more advanced than the United States and the American government had to comply with their demands. However, the government did not notify the American people of the situation for fear that the people would panic. Nancy's fondest wish is to return to earth as soon as possible. Carl adjusts to his situation and wants to study the engines used by the spaceships so that he can use that knowledge when they return to earth. They pose as Philadelphians and Carl soon gets a job in one of the factories. He is eventually found out and Carl and Nancy are put in jail, where they find a hundred other Californians who were caught investigating the space shuttles near Barstow, California. The Philadelphians are ready in 2125 to leave Titan for New Barstow in Alpha Centauri and take along the hundred Californian prisoners. In the ensuing battle between the Philadelphians and the Barstonians, the Barstonians are victorious and put the hundred Californians in a prison on New Barstow. The Californians secretly leave the jail every day and refurbish a spaceship they find in a junk yard. They use that spaceship to return to Titan. The Californians use sleep capsules for the four year trip and the spaceship speed approaches nine tenths the speed of light. They secretly land on Titan and then use several shuttle trips to return to earth. After all one hundred Californians have returned to earth, they tell their story to the newspapers.

The Stowaway

Author : Robert Hough
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The Stowaway is at once a thrilling maritime adventure and a thought-provoking morality tale based on real-life events. The novel begins in the spring of 1996 when Rodolfo Miguel, a bosun on the Taiwanese container ship Maersk Dubai, discovers a hungry and frightened pair of Romanian stowaways. He presents them to his officers, fully expecting that they’ll be put to work or else dropped off at the nearest port. Instead, he and his fellow Filipino crewmen watch in silent horror as the Romanians are cast overboard in a flimsy raft only to disappear beneath the ship’s wake. The Stowaway moves seamlessly between two storylines. Aboard the Maersk Dubai, Rodolfo and his crewmen must deal with the emotional trauma of what they’ve seen – as well as grapple with how to act on what they know. The atmosphere on the ship grows increasingly tense as fear, anxiety and paranoia grip the Filipino sailors. Trapped witnesses to a crime, they wonder whom they can trust and whether they themselves will meet with the same fate as the stowaways. Meanwhile, a nineteen-year-old Romanian named Daniel Pacepa heads out on a nail-biting adventure from Bucharest to Algeciras. Poor, brave and full of youthful indiscretion, Daniel is desperate to stow away on a ship and head to a better life in America. Along the way, he meets another Romanian named Gheorghe and together they perform cheap labour, pose as evangelical Christians and do whatever it takes to find their way to the Spanish port of Algeciras. Eventually the two stories merge when Daniel and Gheorghe sneak onto the ill-fated Maersk Dubai. One man is killed, the other discovered by Rodolfo. Once again, the Filipino crewmen find themselves faced with an excruciating moral dilemma. Do they risk their own personal safety to save the life of a complete stranger? All of the scenes involving the Filipino sailors are as close to the truth as Robert Hough could manage based on exhaustive interviews with the crewmen as well as on their letters and journals. Though Hough invented the Romanians’ land adventure, he based the story on considerable research, including interviews with Romanian-Canadians who had lived under the Ceausescu regime. Hough was widely praised for the deft way in which he mixes fact and fiction in The Stowaway. The critics were also unanimous in their admiration for the novel’s ability to seduce with suspense while at the same time posing profound issues for the reader to ponder. “This is a powerful novel that artfully combines the vivid, breathless pacing of the best adventure stories with the moral and metaphysical depth of the best literary fiction,” said Quill & Quire. And from the Vancouver Sun: “Harnessing the force of fiction and the weight of history, Hough has created a powerful, deeply human masterpiece out of tragedy and inhumanity.” From the Trade Paperback edition.

Six Weeks on the Throne The Tale of a Stowaway

Author : Rick Frey
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The true story of a 19 year-old California surfer who stows away on two passenger liners and circumnavigates the world in 79 days. Tag along as he learns the lessons of shipboard survival and how to circumvent Immigration, Customs, and port security officials. Join the stowaway as he poses as a passenger during the day...and sleeps in shipboard restrooms at night! Travel with him on SS Iberia from Hawaii to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, the Suez Canal, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, and the ship's final destination, England. Discover, as he does, that there's only one dangerous way to finally get ashore undetected. Join him throughout Britain as he searches desperately to find a way back to the States without having a passport or even a driver's license. And come aboard once again as he stows away on SS Canberra to cross the Atlantic and finally reach home. Twelve action-packed chapters and an epilogue provide a first-hand account of a truly remarkable coming-of-age story.

High Seas Stowaway

Author : Amanda McCabe
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Balthazar Grattiano, captain of the infamous ship Calypso and renowned seducer of women, has just walked into the one tavern in all of Hispanialo he should have avoided. For Bianca Simonetti, his sworn enemy, is the owner—and she has vengeance on her mind. But before she can take her revenge she is captured by this rogue's kiss. Her only chance for retribution is to stow away on his ship for a passionate adventure that will either kill them—or bring them together once and for all!

Stowaway Angel

Author :
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Charlie McGraw never should have bought the angel book for his precocious daughter. Because then Meredith wouldn't be convinced that getting a new mommy was as simple as having an "angel" sprinkle him with her "miracle dust." And she never would have believed the beautiful blond-haired woman who drove a truck called the "Silver Angel" was some treetop angel come to life. Starla Richards was no angel, but try telling that to a five-year-old who was so starved for a mother's love that she'd stowed away on Starla's rig. Or convincing herself that miracles just didn't happen to ordinary people when Starla found herself snowbound with a handsome, caring widower and his adorable daughter.

Siberian Stowaway

Author : Constance W. Langtry
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Stowaway Bride

Author : Adrianne Wood
File Size : 32.86 MB
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Living an enviable life of privilege in Boston but secretly longing to escape the oppressive expectations of her family, Emily sneaks aboard a California-bound railcar only to enter a marriage of convenience with handsome fellow passenger Lucien, an orphan-turned-businessman who would expose a saboteur. Original.

The Stowaway

Author : Joann Ellen Sisco
File Size : 33.82 MB
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These books are all historical fiction, dating from 100 to 400 years ago and are of interest level 7 to 10 and up. When you were ten years old and nothing was going right, and when it looked as though everything was going to be worse very soon, there was surely something you could do. At times, it might take a lot of bravery to decide which way was best to go when ever way seems bad. Its funny, though, how sometimes good things happened!

The Stowaway

Author : Melinda Metz
File Size : 24.60 MB
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Trust betrayed... Michael: He's still having flashbacks of his escape from the underground compound. Only Cameron, the mysterious girl he met behind bars, seems to understand him -- and realize that the sheriff may be gone but an even more dangerous enemy is out there.... Cameron: She fell for Michael while in the compound...spying on him for Sheriff Valenti. Now she feels guilty, and wishes she could tell him the truth. But how can she be honest -- without losing Michael?

Stowaway Peppy

Author : Branka Beribak
File Size : 52.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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ANCICA KOPREK was born in 1924 in Varazdin, little baroque town of Croatia, from where she carries her memories of happy playful childhood spent wandering through the forests and blossomy fields. That part of her childhood was transformed into her verse and prose, which she wrote with heart full of love for children. Her work is imaginatively woven with fairies, elves, dwarfs and giants. She lives in Zagreb now and writes for children magazines, and her stories are performed on Radio Zagreb in programs called Good Night Children and Stories For Large And Small. Ancica also wrote many children plays which are nowadays performed in children theaters around Croatia as well as many lyrics for The Croatian Song Festivals. She has collaborated with some prominent names in popular Croatian music and received few first prizes for her lyrics. Stowaway Peppy is just one of her many playful stories, and every child can fly on the wings of Ancica's imagination.

Stowaway Jack and the Bottomless Pit

Author : Jack Buck
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Jack Buck, a fifteen-year-old from Northwest Florida, is an average-looking guy with brown eyes, little bulb of a nose, strong eyebrows, his face topped with wavy dark brown hair, worn kind of long. His life is anything but average. A year ago, his father disappeared, and now his mother has died, leaving Jack and his sister Annie as orphans. Following clues left in a series of cryptic letters, Jack realizes he must find the one person who might still want him. He is the only one who believes his father isn't lost to this world after disappearing in the West Pacific while on expedition to prove the widely derided theory in ancient astronauts. Believed to have colonized earth at the dawn of history, these aliens left their mark in the form of monuments and edifices, the pyramids of Egypt only being the best known, created with powers not yet discovered by man. Early humans memorialized these visits in myriad sculptures and edifices unearthed by archaeologists. Jack's father's final communication from a Pacific island hinted he'd found proof these visitations actually occurred. Armed only with the belief in his heart that his dad is still alive, Jack retraces his father's path from Florida to the far-flung Pacific with only scant hints as to his whereabouts. Jack begins his journey as a stowaway on the Lady Jane heading out of New Orleans for Jamaica. Will faith and determination be enough to save Jack from the same fate his father?

Dragonblood Stowaway Monster

Author : Michael Dahl
File Size : 26.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eli is a young stowaway on a ship bound for North America. A strange birthmark on his arm, in the shape of a dragon, begins to sting. Then he meets a sailor on the ship with a dragon tattoo. The tattoo, and a weird cargo hidden on the ship, hold the secret to Eli’s read identity.

The Littlest Stowaway

Author : Gina Wilkins
File Size : 66.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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BACHELORS & BABIES —more than a handful! A BABY ON BOARD? Pilot Steve Lockhart thrived on challenges, but now he's in over his head. He'd just achieved his dream of starting up his own charter service, when he'd gone and fallen hopelessly in love with Casey Jansen, the woman of his dreams—and the competition. It looked like they could never get together—until he discovers an abandoned baby girl in his plane…. A BACHELOR BAGGED? It's the story of Casey's life—she finally finds a man who can make her toes curl…and he's the enemy. Steve's glances set her on fire, his teasing makes her go weak. And the sexy-as-sin bachelor's tender care of baby Annie is causing Casey to yearn for a "happily-ever-after." But once they find Annie's mother, will Steve take Casey to bed—or put her out of business?

Stowaway Slaves 3

Author : David Grimstone
File Size : 24.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Decimus Rex and Olu Umbika have managed to do what no one else has ever doneÑflee the clutches of Slavious Doom. As expected, the overlord is furious, demands their immediate capture, and sends out a search party to find them. From the wild dogs running riot in the sewers, to the soldiers scouring the towns above, it seems only a matter of time before the boys are caught.

Stowaway to Eden

Author : Mardy Burke
File Size : 54.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lauren Bailey is at the mercy of her uncle after her parents' deaths. She runs away finding refuge in the back of a supply wagon. Caleb Whitworth, the oldest son of a wealthy rancher finds more than his purchased goods on his way home. Will God answer Lauren's prayers for protection or will Caleb abandon the stowaway on the deserted trail? Enjoy the first of the Eden series as Lauren and Caleb learn to trust one another and how Lauren's faith shows others God's love.