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Using Technology to Teach Information Literacy

Author : Thomas P. Mackey
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Why teach information literacy, technology literacy, and discipline-specific research skills separately when teaching them together fires students'' imaginations, improves learning, visibly demonstrates the value of your library''s unique services and expertise to faculty, and lets you reach students who might never otherwise walk through the library/'s doors? The first book on teaching information literacy with technology across the curriculum is full of case studies and lesson plans that will help you put together a cutting-edge, technology-based course for your institution. Each chapter is co-written by a librarian-faculty member team involved in a collaborative teaching-with-technology project. An overview of the literature will help you explain the value of this dynamic approach to faculty and administration. Chapter authors represent a wide range of institutions and disciplines; they give you course goals and organization, the hows and whys of the technologies used, and pitfalls to avoid. Featured technologies include collaborative web tools, presentation software, video and other multimedia, podcasts, blogs, wikis, and more. Every academic library will want to have a copy of this book, as will any faculty member involved in teaching information literacy.

Teaching Literacy Using Information Technology

Author : Joelie Hancock
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Teaching literacy using information technology: a collection of articles from the Australian Literacy Educator's Association.

Resources in Education

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The National Education Priorities of the President and the U S Department of Education Striving for Excellence Volume IV 2000

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Information Technology for the 21st Century

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science. Subcommittee on Basic Research
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Using Information Technology Effectively in Teaching and Learning

Author : Bridget Somekh
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Computers are not often associated with passion or culture, yet the use of information technology still has a surprisingly emotional effect on many people, including teachers and learners. This emotion may be anything from excitement and enthusiasm to anger or a sense of threat. Often, this strongly emotional response can prevent us from learning how to use IT effectively as a tool for learning. This book explores how IT can make a real difference to the quality of learning. Its approach takes account of some of the cultural, sociological and psychological factors, which influence how IT is used. The chapters are arranged in three parts. Part One explores the potential of IT as one of many tools which can influence the quality and experience of learning. Part Two looks at how teachers' professional development can help them to use IT effectively in the classroom. Part Three examines strategies for co-ordinating and managing IT development across a whole school or department. Whether you class yourself as technophile or technophobe, this book will show you how you can use IT more effectively in teaching and learning.

Using Information Technology in Mathematics Education

Author : James Tooke
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Computers have changed the ways that mathematics are taught and learned. Is your institution taking advantage of what today's technology offers? With contributions from researchers and practitioners alike, Using Information Technology in Mathematics Education explores the impact of the computer on the curriculum, the teaching and learning of mathematics, and the professional development of teachers, both pre-service and in-service. As editor James Tooke states: “The connection between mathematics and the computer is obvious. Elementary notions of mathematics gave rise to the computer; advanced notions gave it a more powerful state. As the computer advanced, it expanded mathematics, allowing the creation of further branches of the field; for instance, fractal geometry had no reality until the advent of high-speed computers.” In its look at the relationship between mathematics, the computer, and mathematics education, Using Information Technology in Mathematics Education: addresses the computer as a vehicle for teaching calculus at Texas A&M includes reports from several programs that have utilized the computer when teaching mathematics at lower levels of content than calculus such as intermediate algebra and geometry examines the computer's role in student learning probability discusses the use of computers in the professional development of teachers explores ways to use computers to reduce mathematics anxiety Using Information Technology in Mathematics Education examines the history and impact of computers in mathematics and mathematics education--from the early, crude computer-assisted instruction efforts through LOGO software for elementary schools, through MAPLE for the university, to the Web-based calculus courses now being offered by outstanding universities. Use it to facilitate learning and teacher growth in your institution!

Advanced Information Technology in Education

Author : Khine Soe Thaung
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The volume includes a set of selected papers extended and revised from the 2011 International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education. With the development of computers and advanced technology, the human social activities are changing basically. Education, especially the education reforms in different countries, has been experiencing the great help from the computers and advanced technology. Generally speaking, education is a field which needs more information, while the computers, advanced technology and internet are a good information provider. Also, with the aid of the computer and advanced technology, persons can make the education an effective combination. Therefore, computers and advanced technology should be regarded as an important media in the modern education. Volume Advanced Information Technology in Education is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in the general areas of computers and advanced technology in education to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of these fields.

Ci ncia e cultura

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Media Literacy in the Information Age

Author : Robert William Kubey
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Examines the theory and practice of media education.

Technology to Teach Literacy

Author : Rebecca S. Anderson
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This book is designed to provide teachers with an array of computer tools to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking in their classrooms. It can be used by teachers who recognize the need to continue their education by becoming adept at using computers in their classrooms. In short, this book covers the major concerns K-8 teachers face as they integrate computer technology into their classrooms and provides numerous suggestions for applying the ideas described in the book in real classrooms. The discussion of literacy topics and pedagogy is grounded in research literature, best practice for teaching, and current successful technology integration strategies. FEATURES: Provides teachers with theoretical information--gives teachers the assurance that the information conveyed is based on solid research. Focuses on major issues and gets to the point--allows teachers to save time by looking at the significant issues without getting bogged down in the details. Computer Classroom Snapshots--provide real-life examples of how teachers are integrating technology into the K-8 literacy curriculum. Lists of electronic sources--provide teachers with easy access to Web addresses that can give them more materials for their classes. Techno-Teacher Tips--provide important pointers on using technology in the classroom. Print sources cited throughout the book--provide numerous resources, inlcuding References at the end of each chapter that identify sources to promote the integration of technology and literacy in the classroom. Figures throughout the book--provide screen captures of well-known and well-respected software applications, Web sites, and technology integration examples

Information Literacy

Author : Jessie Collier
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Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration

Author : Tomei, Lawrence A.
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As more and more universities, schools, and corporate training organizations develop technology plans to ensure technology will directly benefit learning and achievement, the demand is increasing for an all-inclusive, authoritative reference source on the infusion of technology into curriculums worldwide. The Encyclopedia of Information Technology Curriculum Integration amasses a comprehensive resource of concepts, methodologies, models, architectures, applications, enabling technologies, and best practices for integrating technology into the curriculum at all levels of education. Compiling 154 articles from over 125 of the world's leading experts on information technology, this authoritative reference strives to supply innovative research aimed at improving academic achievement, teaching and learning, and the application of technology in schools and training environments.

Information Literacy and the Technological Transformation of Higher Education

Author : Association of College and Research Libraries. Instruction Section
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Teaching Information Literacy Using Electronic Resources for Grades 6 12

Author : Mary Alice Anderson
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Covers such topics as telecommunications and the Internet, electronic reference tools, integrating technology into the curriculum, and more

Teaching Information Literacy Using Electronic Resources for Grades K 6

Author : Linda Skeele
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Empowering India Through Digital Literacy Vol 1

Author : Dr. R. Babu, Dr. S. Kalaivani & Dr. K. Saileela
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Library Information Science Abstracts

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Using Technology to Improve Reading and Learning

Author : Colin Harrison
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Discover how to effectively use technology to support students' literacy development. New classroom uses for technology are introduced in this easy-to-use resource that help educators enhance students' attention, engagement, creativity, and collaboration in reading and learning. Great for struggling readers, this book provides strategies for making content-area connections and using digital tools to develop reading comprehension.

Teaching and Marketing Electronic Information Literacy Programs

Author : Donald A. Barclay
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A guide for librarians on the concepts and strategies for teaching classes on electronic information literacy.