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Depression in Sylvia Plath s The Bell Jar

Author : Dedria Bryfonski
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Because wherever I sat, on the deck of a ship or at a street café in Paris or Bangkok, I would be sitting under the same glass bell jar, stewing in my own sour air. Readers who are familiar with Sylvia Plath's work may recognize this well-known quotation from her first and only novel, The Bell Jar, which tackles issues of depression, mental illness, and the search for individuality. This compelling volume examines Sylvia Plath's life and writings, with a specific look at key ideas related to The Bell Jar. A collection of twenty-three essays offers readers context and insight to discussions centering around the pervasive impact of illness, the novel as a search for personal identity, and the autobiographical nature of the work. The book also examines contemporary perspectives on depression, such as the sometimes deadly pressure of perfectionism on gifted teens, and the idea that depression and risk of suicide run in families.

Hope for Parents of Troubled Teens

Author : Connie Rae
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"A Christian counselor who went through very difficult years with her own teenage son gives parents hope and advice in dealing with troubled teenagers"--Provided by publisher.

Teens Together Grief Support Group Curriculum

Author : Linda Lehmann
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The texts focus on preschool-aged children, children in kindergarten through grade two, children in grades three through six, and teenagers.Each curriculum contains ten ninety-minute sessions that should be implemented over a period of ten weeks. By employing age-appropriate themes to engage the child and provide continuity throughout the sessions, the division of material within the curricula assures that the activities reflect the developmental level of the grieving child or adolescent. Each person grieves differently, and Grief Support Group Curriculum addresses the issues related to mourning while recognizing the importance of individuality in grieving.

The American Year Book

Author : Albert Bushnell Hart
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Nurturing Your Teenager s Soul

Author : Mimi Doe
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The author of 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting offers a practical approach to raising a kind, honorable, and compassionate teen. Parents are shown how to give their teenager the spiritual resources he or she will need to become a safe, happy adult.

More Teen Programs that Work

Author : RoseMary Honnold
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Provides instructions for promoting and staging library programs for teenagers.

Teen Health

Author : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
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Helping Your Teen Overcome Depression

Author : Miriam Kaufman
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Teen depression is on the rise in North America. According to the statistics, one teen in every high school classroom is probably suffering from a major depression. These teens come from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds - from anyone's family or community. Parents often agonize over this problem, but do nothing, hoping for the best and allowing the teenager time and space to work out his or her own problems. They try to give extra love, support and attention, but they can't help worrying. Dr. Miriam Kaufman gives the concerned parent a thorough overview of the most up-to-date medical knowledge. Drawing on her own experience and that of other doctors and psychologists who work with teenagers, and offering many illustrative case histories, the author explains what teen depression is and how it can be overcome. Medical and psychiatric conditions, gender and sexuality differences, substance abuse, anxiety, poverty and suicide, as well as the social and practical aspects of life with a depressed teen are discussed. Medical approaches, including therapy and drug treatment, are covered in detail. An entire chapter is dedicated to alternative treatments. And in a broad-ranging question-and-answer section, Dr. Kaufman addresses many of the specific concerns of parents, and of teenagers themselves. This comprehensive look at teen depression is sure to be helpful not only to teens and parents, but to teachers, guidance counselors and all those who work with adolescents.


Author :
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The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.

Table Talk

Author :
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Teen Guide to Homemaking

Author : Marion Stearns Barclay
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A textbook planned to assist teen-age boys and girls in assuming responsibilities in the home. Provides guidelines for personal grooming, budgeting, caring for children and the sick, cleaning, making repairs, and bettering family relationships.

Media Review Digest

Author : C. Edward Wall
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School Library Journal

Author :
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Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology and Communication 2004

Author : Fay Sudweeks
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Teen age Comedies for the Amateur Stage

Author : Betty Tracy Huff
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Rebel Without a Car

Author : Fred Mednick
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Upbeat, up-to-date, humorous, and meticulously researched, this is a handy guidebook for parents to read while they're waiting up. When you can't take more of your teenager's whine, this book will help you laugh at and appreciate the adolescent syndrome.

Losing Control of Your Teenager

Author : Roger McIntire
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Far From Simple Life After Being Not Your Average Teen

Author : Brittany Krystantos
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Far From Simple: Life After Being “Not Your Average Teen” written by 20 year old Canadian author, Brittany Krystantos, recalls the ever-so common high school struggles with self identity, friendships and lack-thereof, popularity and stereotypes, and continues into young adulthood consisting of the terrible tinder dates including the time her date told her they'd have cute babies on their first date... run, oh yes! Britt shares with us her awful attempt at friends-with-benefits or should we say FWB, and heartbreak from the time her boyfriend broke up with her over text. Maybe, the heart healed from eating the entire jar of chocolate ice cream or maybe not; but it sure felt better in the moment. In this narrative nonfiction, she describes that "kind of girl" that is within all of us: ambitious, different, free spirited, wild, adventurous, yet innocent at the heart of things. She has gone through pain and hardship and dug her way out of the darkness to become enlightened by her soul’s calling; a life purpose to be different, and far from simple. 20 years of life, what up!

How to Parent Your Teen Without Losing Your Mind

Author : John McPherson
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Divides the teenage years into four sections from age ten through nineteen, counseling parents on how to address each span's often turbulent parenting challenges with love and understanding. Original.

Reaching Teens in Their Natural Habitat

Author : Danny Holland
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An expert on youth culture offers a unique approach to help parents successfully communicate and connect with teens, revealing tools used by MTV, drug dealers, gang leaders, and others who are successfully connecting with America's youth. Original.