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Teaching Art with Books Kids Love

Author : Darcie Clark Frohardt
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Easy-to-use art lessons with award-winning books.

Reaching the Child with Autism Through Art

Author : Toni Flowers
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Voted "Teacher of the Year" by The Autism Society of America, Toni Flowers has more than twenty years of experience teaching individuals with autism. She believes all children benefit from art because it encourages creativity. As a result, children with autism may find a form of expression when they've been handicapped by delayed and/or disturbed language skills and/or abnormal sensory responses. Reaching the Child with Autism through Art offers teachers and parents specific tools and "plans" in four mediums: college, painting, play and sculpture.

Autism Art and Children

Author : Julia Kellman
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The early, spontaneous art of young artists with autism tells a story, a narrative described in the language of visual structure and forms. Not only do these artists inform us of their world in their images, they tell us of our own visual possibilities and meaning-making capacities, too.

Child Art with Everyday Materials

Author : Tarit Bhattacharjee
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An unorthodox approach to art education featuring over 75 exercises encouraging creativity and exploration with everyday materials.

Shankar s Children s Art Number

Author :
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Art for Kids

Author : Kathryn Temple
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Provides hands-on activities that teach the basic elements of drawing, including shapes, shading techniques, creating perspective, and composing.

Art Through Children s Literature

Author :
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The award-winning illustrations of 57 Caldecott Books (1938-1994) have inspired a multitude of lessons that guide students in creating art with similar qualities. Focusing on such principles and elements as line, color, texture, shape, value, and space, these classroom-tested projects have step-by-step instructions, materials lists, and detailed illustrations for teachers who have little or no art training. Various art media are explored, including pencil, crayon, marker, colored pencil, chalk, stencils, collage, watercolor, tempera, color mixing, and printmaking. These projects use limited materials so they're great for the classroom as well as the art room.

Young Children and the Arts

Author : Carol KornBursztyn
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Young Children and the Arts: Nurturing Imagination and Creativity examines the place of the arts in the experiences of young and very young children at home and in outofhome settings at school and in the community. There is great need for development of resources in the arts specifically designed to introduce babies and toddlers to participatory experiences in the visual arts, dance, music, and storytelling/theater. This book presents valuable guidelines for early childhood teachers, families, caregivers and community organizations. Young Children and the Arts presents a comprehensive approach to the arts that is aligned with early childhood developmentally appropriate practice and that combines an exploratory, materialsbased approach with an aestheticeducation approach for children from birth to eight years of age. It addresses both how the arts are foundational to learning, and how teachers and parents can nurture young children’s developing imagination and creativity. The models presented emphasize a participatory approach, introducing young children to the arts through activities that call for engagement, initiative and creative activity. Additionally, Young Children and the Arts addresses the intersection of early childhood education and the arts—at points of convergence, and at moments of tension. The role of families and communities in developing and promoting arts suffused experiences for and with young children are addressed. Young Children and the Arts examines the role of innovative arts policy in supporting a broadbased early arts program across the diverse settings in which young children and their families live, work, and learn.

Art Lab for Kids

Author : Susan Schwake
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Presents art lessons for art projects of varying styles including drawing, printmaking, and mixed media.

Art and Crafts with Children

Author : Andrew Wright
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Art and Crafts with Children provides over 50 creative activities from 8 different fields, including printing, drawing, puppets and masks and design and technology.

Children s art through meditation

Author : Marguerite Smithwhite
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Children in Chinese Art

Author : Ann Elizabeth Barrott Wicks
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Annotation Experts in the fields of Chinese art, religion, literature, and history introduce and illuminate many of the issues surrounding child imagery in China, including the frequent use of pictures of children to reinforce social values. Topics include a historical overview; images of children in song, painting, poetry, at play, as icons of good fortune, and in stories; the childhood of gods and sages; folk deities; and family pictures. The text is accompanied by 100-plus color and b&w illustrations. A glossary of Chinese characters is included. Edited by Wicks (art history, Miami U). Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

The Art of Children s Picture Books

Author : Sylvia S. Marantz
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First Published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Early Childhood Art Painting and Printmaking

Author : Amelia Ruscoe
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Provides teachers and child carers with a wide collection of colour mixing and media application, printmaking and dyeing activities suitable for young children.

The White Book

Author : Silvia Borando
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As a boy paints a room, he finds little surprises coming from the colored part of the wall.

Working with Children in Art Therapy

Author : Caroline Case
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Working with Children in Art Therapy is a collection of papers by ten art therapists working in the major child care agencies as part of a professional team. Each paper describes a different theoretical perspective and clinical setting with an emphasis on the language of art in art therapy and ways of understanding non-verbal communication. Contributions cover working with children in psychiatric clinics within the National Health Service, in mainstream and special schools, and in the social services.

Using Stories to Make Art

Author : Wendy M. L. Libby
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PERFECT FOR NEW AND SEASONED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS AND CAREGIVERS! Art is vital to learning experiences, and this book promotes the integration of art and children's literature. It helps improve student performance in other subject areas as well. It plays an important role in the curriculum .Often times talking with children about their ideas help to get them started on their own creative thought process. The activities in this book are directed which means that the activity is initiated by an adult, the materials are supplied and the topic is proposed. Each art lesson is combined with a children's book. The activities in this book guide children to a disciplined and discriminating approach to their art. Being exposed to art vocabulary will make it easier to find expression. The wide range of stimuli, materials and techniques presented will permit overall flexibility in a child's expressiveness. The primary goal is to focus on the process of creating. This book will aid in simplifying instruction and reducing the amount of preparation needed. Not only will it be extremely helpful to a new teacher, but it will also assist experienced teachers that are looking for novel approached to integrate art with other subjects.

Children Meaning Making and the Arts

Author : Susan Wright
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This Australian text is about children’s voices – their minds, feelings, souls. It’s about how children’s voices are liberated through the arts, and how children make and communicate meaning through still and moving images, sounds, textures, gestures and the use of many other signs. It is also about how teachers, parents, peers and the community influence children’s early development, and how quality arts education in early childhood is an essential component of lifelong learning. The authors are teachers and researchers who are respected for their contributions to early childhood arts education. All of them have addressed their topics via practical examples, which are embedded in current philosophies and theories, often stemming from original research and firsthand interactions with children.

Crappy Children s Art

Author : Maddox
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Previously published as I Am Better Than Your Kids. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Alphabet of Manliness, the creator of “The Best Page in the Universe,” and overall genius, comes an outrageous, laugh-out-loud critique of children’s artwork that finally cuts those little smug know-it-alls down to size. Previously published as I Am Better Than Your Kids. If you think children are precious little snowflakes who are perfect in every way, think again. If you cherish every piece of art, every book report, every letter to Santa your child gives you, then this book is not for you. If your refrigerator is adorned with mementos from your kid’s childhood, then you are a sucker. Maddox, who has been writing hilarious essays for his popular site, since 1996, can spell, do math, and run faster than your kids—and, he is here to show you just how inferior your kids are. Marvel as Maddox deconstructs an eight-year-old’s crayon-drawn family portrait! Laugh uproariously as he judges sub-par Valentines, homemade “gifts,” and other areas of elementary-aged underperformance! Why reward weakness and mediocrity with gold stars? You are in Maddox’s world now, and no child is safe from the scrutiny and critical gaze of the world’s foremost authority on children’s crappy artwork.

Teaching Art to Young Children 4 9

Author : Rob Barnes
File Size : 35.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This second edition of a classic and popular book includes new chapters, figures and colour plates. The book blends practical ideas with sound principles of art education. For the teacher or trainee-teacher looking for ideas, there are plenty of tested classroom examples. For those looking for firm principles of art teaching and 'best practice', this book presents many important issues in art education with clarity and insight. Based on first-hand experience of teaching children, the book uses many examples from the school situation. Essential topics, such as developing skills through using media, how children draw, producing original artwork, developing ideas and Art and the digital image are tackled with realism and imagination. An important feature is that these subjects are not seen in isolation but are purposefully linked with other areas of the curriculum. The author's approach should encourage teachers to develop and think about art in the National Curriculum. His writing shows a deep sympathy with children and sensitivity to the real task of teaching art to the young.