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The Art of Intimate Marriage

Author : Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen
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From a two-time nationally award winning sexuality researcher - The Art of Intimate Marriage. God's plan for sexual intimacy in marriage is the work of a Master artist and genuine intimacy is like a beautiful masterpiece. Your marriage is going well but you want to make your sex life better and you’re looking for help on how to do that. You want to know what God has to say about how to build a fulfilling sexual intimacy in your marriage. Your sexual relationship has been full of pain, discouragement, and frustration and you need some answers. You have some medical issues that are making sex difficult and you would like to rekindle experiencing mutually pleasurable sex. For these issues and more, The Art of Intimate Marriage provides direction and guidance on how to get there. Creating that masterpiece may mean learning God’s view of sex, gaining life-giving intimacy skills, and figuring out how to work through conflict in a way that creates deeper connection. It may also mean overcoming things in your background, healing things in your marriage, or dealing with those medical challenges. We have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of God’s loving heart through being deeply known and erotically bonded with our spouse. The Art of Intimate Marriage gives us a road map to experience growth toward a more rewarding, spiritual sexual relationship.

Making Love Better Twogether

Author : Yolanda "Yanni" Brown
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Have you ever wondered how intimate your relationship could be if you awakened the senses by taking away the sense of sight? "Making Love Better TwoGether: The Art of Intimacy" is the follow-up to Yanni Brown's popular debut, "Making Love Better Begins Within". With this book, you and your mate are encouraged to participate in a palate-pleasing journey filled with verbal and non-verbal foreplay, mental penetration, physical stimulation, sweet nothing whispers, intimate discussions, and a new appreciation for each other - all meant to elevate your love for one another, your relationship, your intimacy, and so much more.

Forever and Always

Author : Celestia G. Tracy
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This book reflects a multi disciplinary, integrative approach to the theology and practice of relational intimacy. It combines biblical data on sexuality and relationships with marriage and bonding research. The reader is then guided in applying the research to his or her relationships. In essence, this is a handbook for understanding and deepening the stages involved in bonding or attaching closely to another human being. Marriage, the most intimate of all human relationships, is described in Scripture as a "one-flesh mystery" (Eph 5:31-32). This mystery of human bonding is as beautiful as it is complex, particularly in a post-Eden world. Many of us are woefully aware of our relational deficits, yet lack vibrant marriages around us to emulate. Those of us who have not experienced relationships of health, safety, and security particularly find we need roadmaps along the way. Our desire is that in the pages of this book readers will find personal encouragement and direction that is both biblically precise and practical for their relational journeys. Our intimacy model is built upon God's bold promises to heal and redeem. His pathways bring life; he is the one true lover of our souls. Our intimacy with him is foundational to all other relationships.

The Art Journal

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Vol. for 1867 includes Illustrated catalogue of the Paris Universal Exhibition.

The art journal London

Author :
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Talk Your Way to an Intimate Marriage

Author : Donald R. Harvey
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Achieve clearer communication and develop stronger bonds by following five motivational steps and overcoming five interference problems.


Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services
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The Book of Marriage

Author : Hermann Graf von Keyserling
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Marriage the Art of Lasting Love

Author : David Robert Mace
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Intimacy Sensitivity Sex and the Art of Love

Author : Gina Allen
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Author : James W. Hanna
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The Art of Marriage Maintenance

Author : Sylvia R. Karasu
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Phoenix Cahill is experiencing the Awakening, transforming from an asexual tantric vampire nestling to an adult who feeds on the orgasmic energy of her partners. Though any man will do, the only one she craves is her mysterious new neighbor. But feeding from the same man too many times could kill him, and Phoenix won't be satisfied by just one night…. Getting close to Phoenix was supposed to be only part of vampire enforcer Ivar LeBlanc's mission to find her father and bring him to justice. But the plan becomes complicated when he rescues Phoenix from an attack—and gives in to his own desire for her. Now he must choose between the woman he loves and the clan lord to whom he owes his life….

Intimate Relationships Marriage Family and Lifestyles Through Literature

Author : Rose M. Somerville
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Beyond the Marriage Fantasy

Author : Daniel Beaver
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Describes common expectations concerning marriage, identifies misconceptions, and tells how couples can work toward a more satisfying and intimate relationship

The Art of Marriage Counseling

Author : W. L. Herbert
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Discovering the Intimate Marriage

Author : Robert Charles Sproul
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Author : Rich Wemhoff
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The latest title in our popular LifeCycles series, this guidebook provides, for those contemplating marriage and for couples wrestling with marital problems, a clear pathway to the best books and websites available.

Military Chaplains Review

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The Intimate Marriage

Author : Alberta Mazat
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That's What You Really Want, Isn't It? Someone who shares your deepest secrets, values, goals, joys, and disappointments with tender understanding. Unfortunately, the marriage certificate does not come with an attached guarantee of total intimacy. It takes work, but intimacy can be achieved and sustained.

Intimacy in Marriage

Author : John Thomas Trimble
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