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The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland

Author : Annette Carruthers
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This authoritative book is the most detailed account to date of the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. Arts and Crafts ideas appeared there from the 1860s, but not until after 1890 did they emerge from artistic circles and rise to popularity among the wider public. The heyday of the movement occurred between 1890 and 1914, a time when Scotland’s art schools energetically promoted new design and the Scottish Home Industries Association campaigned to revive rural crafts. Across the country the movement influenced the look of domestic and church buildings, as well as the stained glass, metalwork, textiles, and other furnishings that adorned them. Art schools, workshops, and associations helped shape the Arts and Crafts style, as did individuals such as Ann Macbeth, W. R. Lethaby, Robert Lorimer, M. H. Baillie Scott, Douglas Strachan, Phoebe Traquair, and James Cromar Watt, among other well-known and previously overlooked figures. These architects, artists, and designers together contributed to the expansion and evolution of the movement both within and beyond Scotland’s borders.

The Arts and Crafts Movements in Dublin Edinburgh

Author : Nicola Gordon Bowe
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Dublin and Edinburgh were ideally placed to become important centres of the Arts and Crafts movement and its National Romantic corollary, the Celtic Revival. This profusely illustrated volume is the first major study of Arts and Crafts design in these two great capital cities. It examines shared literary, formal and ideological links and values (strongly influenced by radical figures like Patrick Geddes, W.B. Yeats and George ëAEí Russell), as well as differences, while exploring the ambivalent relationship each city enjoyed with its native cultural heritage and with England. The text is a totally revised and expanded catalogue of the acclaimed exhibition curated by the authors for the 1985 Edinburgh International Festival. Of interest to design, social and cultural historians, the book begins with a joint introduction and two essays which place the achievements of each city within their social and cultural contexts. These are followed by substantial catalogue sections which give biographical accounts of artists, designers, architects and craftsmen and women whose range of work deserves contextual and critical re-evaluation.

Hand Heart and Soul

Author : Elizabeth Cumming
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Arts and Crafts artist-designers changed the lives of Scots. Through the furnishing of public buildings, exhibitions, church craft and home design, they aimed to restore beauty to everyday experience. They worked in diverse fields such as furniture, textiles, jewellery and metalwork, glass, ceramics, mural decoration and architectural design and crafts. Theirs is a narrative of close networks of families and friends, men and women, designers and industrialists dedicated to the rights of the individual and to the proper place of art within modern society. It is a remarkable and often inspiring story of ideals, commitment - and imagination. Scottish Arts and Crafts brought together British design practice with the romance of tradition. This book for the first time provides a national context for the work of Margaret Macdonald and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Robert Lorimer, Phoebe Anna Traquair, and many new names that emerge from the shadows.

Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Author : Judith B. Tankard
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“The ever-alluring Arts and Crafts garden…is profoundly relevant to our 21st-century needs.” —Sam Watters, author of Gardens for a Beautiful America In Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement, landscape scholar Judith B. Tankard surveys the inspirations, characteristics, and development of garden design during this iconic movement. Tankard presents a selection of houses and gardens of the era from Great Britain and North America. With almost 300 illustrations and photographs, and an emphasis on the diversity of designers who helped forge the movement, Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement is an essential resource for this truly distinct approach to garden design.

A history of interior design

Author : John F. Pile
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Delivers the inside story on 6,000 years of personal and public space. John Pile acknowledges that interior design is a field with unclear boundaries, in which construction, architecture, the arts and crafts, technology and product design all overlap.

Architecture of England Scotland and Wales

Author : Nigel R. Jones
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A guide to the architectural history and significance of the most famous structures in the history of these storied countries.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Author : Rosalind P. Blakesley
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Dating from the 1850s to the First World War, the Arts and Crafts Movement was an international phenomenon of enormous scope and influence. It encompassed everything from architecture to town planning, metalwork and embroidery, in places as diverse as California and Budapest. Born of thinkers and practitioners in Victorian England its ideological currents reflect the era’s most pressing social, political and artistic concerns. Early British Arts and Crafts practitioners campaigned for a revival of old craft techniques, for the elevation of the applied arts and for honesty in design. These aims were quickly picked up and developed across Europe and the United States, with many national variants soon emerging. In this fascinating and beautifully illustrated introduction to the subject, Rosalind Blakesley explores the common ideas that give cohesion to this wide and stylistically varied movement.

Review of Scottish Culture

Author :
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Catalogue of the Library of the National Gallery of Canada Artists Canadian Individual D

Author : National Gallery of Canada. Library
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Designing Modern Britain

Author : Cheryl Buckley
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British culture is marked by indelible icons—red double-decker buses, large oak wardrobes, and the compact sleekness of the Mini. But British industrial and product design have long lived in the shadows of architecture and fashion. Cheryl Buckley here delves into the history of British design culture, and in doing so uniquely tracks the evolution of the British national identity. Designing Modern Britain demonstrates how interior design, ceramics, textiles, and furniture craft of the twentieth century contain numerous hallmark examples of British design. The book explores topics connected to the British design aesthetic, including the spread of international modernism, the eco-conscious designs of the 1980s and 1990s, and the influence of celebrity product designers and their labels. Buckley also investigates popular nostalgia in recent times, considering how museum and gallery exhibitions have been instrumental in reimagining Britain’s past and how the heritage industry has fueled a growing trend among designers of employing images of British culture in their work. A thoughtful look at the aesthetic heritage of a nation that has left its footprint around the globe, Designing Modern Britain will be a valuable text for students and professionals in design.

Edinburgh Companion to Twentieth Century Scottish Literature

Author : Ian Brown
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This volume considers the major themes, texts and authors of Scottish literature of the twentieth and, so far, twenty-first century. It identifies the contexts and impulses that led Scottish writers to adopt their creative literary strategies. Moving beyond traditional classifications, it draws on the most recent critical approaches to open up new perspectives on Scottish literature since 1900. The volume's innovative thematic structure ensures that the most important texts or authors are seen from different perspectives whether in the context of empire, renaissance, war and post-war, literary genre, generation, and resistance. In order to provide thorough coverage, these thematic chapters are complemented by chronological 'Arcade' chapters, which outline the contexts of the literature of the period by decades, and by 'Overview' chapters which trace developments across the century in theatre, language and Gaelic literature. Taken together, the chapters provide a thorough and thought-provoking account of the century's literature.

The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical

Author : Mauro F. Guillén
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The dream of scientific management was a rationalized machine world where life would approach the perfection of an assembly line. But since its early twentieth-century peak this dream has come to seem a dehumanizing nightmare. Henry Ford's assembly lines turned out a quarter of a million cars in 1914, but all of them were black. Forgotten has been the unparalleled new aesthetic beauty once seen in the ideas of Ford and scientific management pioneer Frederick Winslow Taylor. In The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical, Mauro Guillén recovers this history and retells the story of the emergence of modernist architecture as a romance with the ideas of scientific management--one that permanently reshaped the profession of architecture. Modernist architecture's pioneers, Guillén shows, found in scientific management the promise of a new, functional, machine-like--and beautiful--architecture, and the prospect of a new role for the architect as technical professional and social reformer. Taylor and Ford had a signal influence on Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and on Le Corbusier and his Towards a New Architecture, the most important manifesto of modernist architecture. Architects were so enamored with the ideas of scientific management that they adopted them even when there was no functional advantage to do so. Not a traditional architectural history but rather a sociological study of the profession of architecture during its early modernist period, The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical provides a new understanding of the degree to which modernist architecture emerged from a tradition of engineering and industrial management.

The Art of Modern Tapestry

Author : Elizabeth Cumming
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Setting out to celebrate, document and discuss the work and role of Dovecote Studios, an international tapestry workshop founded in Edinburgh in 1912, this ground-breaking publication uniquely explores the artistic value, nature and identity of tapestry through images, essays and the commentaries of weavers, artists and patrons.

The Arts Crafts Lifestyle and Design

Author : Wendy Hitchmough
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A richly illustrated celebration of the the Arts and Crafts style celebrates the impact of the revolutionary movement on the architecture and home furnishings of the early twentieth century, capturing the simple elegance and craftsmanship of key examples of the style in both England and the United States in terms of furniture, architecture, textiles, ceramics, and other accessories for the home.

Architecture of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Author : Peter Davey
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Architects of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Author : Margaret Ann Richardson
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Julia Morgan

Author : Mark A. Wilson
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Julia Morgan, America's first truly independent female architect, left a legacy of over 700 buildings, many of which are now designated landmarks, in cities throughout California, as well as in Hawaii, Utah, and Illinois. Her work spanned five decades, and the total of her commissions was greater than any other major American architect, including Frank Lloyd Wright. Julia Morgan tells the remarkable story of this architectural pioneer, and features text, drawings, and photographs of the many buildings that still exist.

History Performance and Conservation

Author : Barry Bridgwood
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Ideal for students of architectural technology, this volume of the Technologies of Architecture series covers the technologies available and the processes necessary for the conservation of existing buildings and environments. This book provides, in a single text, the tools for students to be able to evaluate such buildings, as well as an extensive understanding of the mechanisms which cause their deterioration and knowledge of the technologies available to correct their status. The ever higher standards set for buildings, especially in energy conservation contexts, demand that practitioners appreciate how the performance of existing structures can be enhanced, which is also covered. Considering the work of conservation within a holistic perspective and historical context, this book is additionally invaluable for architecture and construction students.

Historic Arts Crafts Homes of Great Britain

Author : Brian D. Coleman
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From esteemed author Brian D. Coleman comes a thorough exploration into the origins of the design and philosophy of the Arts & Crafts movement in Great Britain--the roots of which are inspiring a fresh new approach to the more traditional American Arts & Crafts style. Coleman leads an inspiring and beautiful tour of ten of the most historic Arts & Crafts homes in Britain, from William Morris's Red House in England to Macintosh's Hill House in Scotland. BR


Author :
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