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The Forgotten Terrorist

Author : Mel Ayton
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Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in 1968 seemed like it should be an open-and-shut case. Many people crowded in the small room at Los Angeles's famed Ambassador Hotel that fateful night and saw Sirhan Sirhan pull the trigger. Sirhan was also convicted of the crime and still languishes in jail with a life sentence. However, conspiracy theorists have jumped on inconsistencies in the eyewitness testimony and alleged anomalies in the forensic evidence to suggest that Sirhan was only one shooter in a larger conspiracy, a patsy for the real killers, or even a hypnotized assassin who did not know what he was doing (a popular plot in Cold War-era fiction, such as The Manchurian Candidate). Mel Ayton profiles Sirhan and presents a wealth of evidence about his fanatical Palestinian nationalism and his hatred for RFK that motivated the killing. Ayton unearths neglected eyewitness accounts and overlooked forensic evidence and examines Sirhan's extensive personal notebooks. He revisits the trial proceedings and convincingly shows Sirhan was in fact the lone assassin whose politically motivated act was a forerunner of present-day terrorism. The Forgotten Terrorist is the definitive book on the assassination that rocked the nation during the turbulent summer of 1968.

The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy

Author : William W. Turner
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Reconstructs the authors' search for the truth about the Kennedy assassination and charges the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI with closing their eyes to a sinister conspiracy

The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy Crime Conspiracy and Cover Up A New Investigation

Author : Tim Tate
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Longlisted for the People's Book Prize 2018. The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is the result of more than 25 years' painstaking forensic work that challenges some of the assumptions and conclusions around the murder.

The Robert F Kennedy Assassination

Author : Philip H. Melanson
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A reexamination of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy presents new evidence that suggests that Sirhan could not possibly have acted alone and calls for a reopening of the case.

Robert F Kennedy Assassination

Author : Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination: The FBI Files contains the actual original and declassified criminal investigation summary related to the assassination of United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated on June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, after winning the California primary for the upcoming Presidential election. Sirhan Sirhan is serving a life sentence for the commission of the crime. This publication is being published and made available now for the first time in a paperback book edition for those interested in the history of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy

Author : Tim Tate
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A new and definitive investigation into the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in June 1968.

A Lie Too Big to Fail

Author : Lisa Pease
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In A Lie Too Big to Fail, longtime Kennedy researcher (of both JFK and RFK) Lisa Pease lays out, in meticulous detail, how witnesses with evidence of conspiracy were silenced by the Los Angeles Police Department; how evidence was deliberately altered and, in some instances, destroyed; and how the justice system and the media failed to present the truth of the case to the public. Pease reveals how the trial was essentially a sham, and how the prosecution did not dare to follow where the evidence led. A Lie Too Big to Fail asserts the idea that a government can never investigate itself in a crime of this magnitude. Was the convicted Sirhan Sirhan a willing participant? Or was he a mind-controlled assassin? It has fallen to independent researchers like Pease to lay out the evidence in a clear and concise manner, allowing readers to form their theories about this event. Pease places the history of this event in the context of the era and provides shocking overlaps between other high-profile murders and attempted murders of the time. Lisa Pease goes further than anyone else in proving who likely planned the assassination, who the assassination team members were, and why Kennedy was deemed such a threat that he had to be taken out before he became President of the United States.

The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy

Author : William Turner
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Around midnight shortly after claiming victory in the California presidential primary on June 5, 1968, Senator Robert Kennedy walked into a deadly spray of gunfire. Immediately the Los Angeles Police Department concluded that the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, had acted alone. The FBI conducted a parallel inquiry and concurred. And the vast majority of the American people accepted their opinion. In this compelling book—mysteriously suppressed on its initial publication—former FBI agent William Turner and investigative reporter Jonn Christian expose convincing evidence that Sirhan did not act alone. Based on more than ten years of intensive research, Turner and Christian raise serious questions about RFK's murder: •What was the virtually apolitical Sirhan's motive? •Why, if Sirhan was standing in front of his victim, were the fatal wounds in the back of Kennedy's head? •Why were there too many spent bullets (some the wrong size) for Sirhan's gun? •Did the LAPD discredit witnesses, try to make them alter their stories, and destroy key records? •Was Sirhan, in fact, a “Manchurian Candidate,” programmed through hypnosis either to kill Kennedy or divert attention while others did the job? The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy makes the case that the murder of RFK, and the subsequent police and government investigations, bear all the hallmarks of the conspiracy surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the resulting Warren Commission. It is a fascinating and chilling reexamination of the tragic events that undoubtedly changed the course of American history.

An Honorable Profession

Author : Pierre Salinger
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A collection of writings honoring Robert F. Kennedy includes letters, editorials, and essays by political leaders, journalists, ordinary citizens, and others


Author : United Press International
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The Killing of Robert F Kennedy

Author : Dan E. Moldea
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An examination of Robert Kennedy's assassination draws on unofficial evidence that suggests that Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone and presents a heavily researched interpretation of what actually happened

Broken Glory

Author : Ed Sanders
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Bobby Kennedy's last campaign—an homage to a leader who might have changed history and a reconstruction of the conspiracy to stop him, in a magisterial feat of epic investigative poetry. June 5, 2018, is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, and there are still unanswered questions about whether his murder was the result of a conspiracy. Broken Glory is a graphic history told in epic verse of Bobby Kennedy's life and times leading up to the fateful 1968 election campaign, with 100 illustrations by artist Rick Veitch. It encompasses the story of his convicted killer, Sirhan Sirhan, as well as a large cast of characters that includes Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, and Eugene McCarthy, who was the first to challenge the sitting president of his own party in the 1968 election, and it recalls the major events that made 1968 a turning point in American history: the Tet offensive and battle of Hue, followed soon after by the My Lai massacre, the assassination of Martin Luther King, and the riots that ensued. The authors illuminate the evidence for a conspiracy, fostered perhaps by elements of the CIA, that fielded a second shooter and made of Sirhan Sirhan a patsy, mirroring the part played by Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, an event that haunted JFK’s younger brother until his dying day.

Robert F Kennedy in the Stream of History

Author : Terrence Edward Paupp
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This assessment of the statesmanship, principles, and policies of Robert F. Kennedy places him "in the stream of history," to assess what came before his time in political life, what happened during that time, and what happened to his legacy after his assassination. Terrence Edward Paupp evaluates the themes and issues RFK confronted, responded to, and for which he provided visionary solutions. Paupp first chronicles the influence of Franklin D. Roosevelt's legacy as a prologue to the New Frontier and Great Society. During Robert F. Kennedy's time in power-both in his brother's administration and on his own in the US Senate-he struggled with striking a balance between power and purpose. In the years after John F. Kennedy's assassination, RFK emphasized the need to unite power and purpose, national and international concerns, ideals and practice. Much of this has been ignored, Paupp argues, by what C. Wright Mills called "the power elite." In assessing RFK's statesmanship, Paupp examines his commitments to human and civil rights, which linked themes and ideals within the US to those struggles taking place outside the country. Robert F. Kennedy brought zeal and passion to these problems by discussing the moral necessity of honouring human dignity while articulating practical solutions, policies, and programs to structural injustice. His legacy remains a beacon of light, intelligence, and hope in today's world.

Make Gentle the Life of this World

Author : Robert F. Kennedy
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A volume compiled by Kennedy's youngest son offers writings recorded in the slain politician's personal journals throughout the 1960s

Who Killed Bobby

Author : Shane O'Sullivan
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An investigation of the assassination of Robert Kennedy details the events of June 5, 1968, and discusses evidence suggesting that convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone and may have been part of a conspiracy.

Robert Kennedy

Author : James Hilty
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A comprehensive biography documents the political partnership between John and his younger brother, tracing Robert's tireless, shrewd management of John's campaigns and his emergence from John's shadow into a forceful public figure in his own right. UP.

Shadow Play

Author : William Klaber
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This updated edition for the 50th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s murder explores ignored witness accounts, coerced testimony, bullet-hole evidence, and other issues surrounding the political homicide, and is the basis for the new podcast, The RFK Tapes, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes chart, available now. On June 4, 1968, just after he had declared victory in the California presidential primary, Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel. Captured a few feet away, gun in hand, was a young Palestinian-American named Sirhan Sirhan. The case against Sirhan was declared “open and shut” and the court proceedings against him were billed as “the trial of the century”; American justice at its fairest and most sure. But was it? By careful examination of the police files, hidden for twenty years, Shadow Play explores the chilling significance of altered evidence, ignored witnesses, and coerced testimony. It challenges the official assumptions and conclusions about this most troubling, and perhaps still unsolved, political murder.

Up Close

Author : Marc Aronson
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Learn about Robert F. Kennedy's childhood and beyond.

TIME Robert F Kennedy

Author : The Editors of TIME
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He was a man of seeming contradictions. Born to great wealth, Bobby Kennedy made common cause with the least fortunate. Initially viewed as ruthless over time he became deeply concerned with the plight of others -- and he struggled to find realistic political solutions to their problems. He loved a crusade, and in his early years in public life, he opposed communism, corrupt labor-union leaders and organized crime. Later, he found larger, more complex targets to address: racism, poverty, institutional indifference. Most important, he challenged all of us to join him, not simply in imagining a better world for all, but in doing the difficult, everyday work of making those visions reality. Fifty years after Bobby Kennedy's assassination, celebrate his legacy with this special edition TIME Robert F. Kennedy.

Bad Blood

Author : Jeffrey K. Smith
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The tumultuous decade of the 1960s began with promise and hope when John F. Kennedy (JFK) became the youngest elected President in American history. Kennedy's "New Frontier" promised youthful and dynamic leadership, heading into the latter half of the century. A thousand days into the Kennedy presidency, an assassin's bullets shattered the dreams of an idealistic generation. After the Kennedy assassination, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) was catapulted into the Oval Office, much to the chagrin of JFK's younger brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy. His idyllic life disrupted by fate, RFK viewed Johnson as a petty interloper, who had seized JFK's rightful place in history. Ever fearful that Robert Kennedy would attempt to regain the presidential throne, LBJ's paranoia ultimately compromised his judgment and contributed to his downfall. "Bad Blood: Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert F. Kennedy, and the Tumultuous 1960s" chronicles the personal and political feud between two powerful and controversial twentieth century icons.