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The Boy on the Wooden Box

Author : Leon Leyson
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Leon Leyson (born Leib Lezjon) was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and his family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto. With incredible luck, perseverance and grit, Leyson was able to survive the sadism of the Nazis, including that of the demonic Amon Goeth, commandant of Plaszow, the concentration camp outside Krakow. Ultimately, it was the generosity and cunning of one man, a man named Oskar Schindler, who saved Leon Leyson's life, and the lives of his mother, his father, and two of his four siblings, by adding their names to his list of workers in his factory - a list that became world renowned: Schindler's List. This, the only memoir published by a former Schindler's List child, perfectly captures the innocence of a small boy who goes through the unthinkable. Most notable is the lack of rancour, the lack of venom, and the abundance of dignity in Mr Leyson's telling. The Boy on the Wooden Boxis a legacy of hope, a memoir unlike anything you've ever read.

The Boy Who Makes Wooden Box Sing

Author : Gerry Burnie
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Seth McAlpin is an exceptionally talented classical violinist whose dream it is to play the great concert halls of Europe. However, his dream is interrupted when his father decides to move his family to 19th-century Canada in pursuit of a position with the legendary Hudson's Bay Company. Seth is bitterly disappointed, but along the way, he meets and falls in love with a handsome sailor by the name of Sweyn Knutsson, a descendant of Cnut the Great, ancient King of Denmark, Norway, and England. Nonetheless, their romance is cut short when Sweyn is called back to Norway to attend his dying father. Before he leaves, however, he tells Seth to have faith in Örlög, the mythical Norse god of fortune, to bring them together again.Will Örlög follow through despite the fact that Sweyn is now a nobleman and they are half-a-world apart? The answer may surprise you.

Obscura Book 1

Author : Shane Emmett
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Our story begins in complete darkness with a death and a vanishing. A man mysteriously drowns in the River Seine and two children enter a dingy sideshow but never come out. In the shadowed world of the Obscura, everything that was once light is now dark and nothing is as it seems. The Gaslampers enforce brutal laws and terrorise the city with their wolves. The Calibrators attempt to resist the evil while they await the return of their hero, the Aigle. And the children desperately search for a way home. But Phillipe and Angelique didn't arrive here by accident. The Maire of the Obscura sought them out for a dark purpose. With no way of getting out, the only man who may be able to save them is their father. A simple man whose quiet, gentle ways could not possibly triumph in this dark, violent world. The boy, the girl and the wooden box is the first book in the Obscura trilogy.

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff

Author : Nancy Bartley
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In 1931, a 12-year-old boy shot and killed the sheriff of Asotin, Washington. The incident stunned the small town and a mob threatened to hang him. Both the crime and Herbert Niccolls's eventual sentence of life imprisonment at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla drew national attention, only to be buried later in local archives. Journalist Nancy Bartley has conducted extensive research to construct a compelling narrative of the events and characters that make this a unique episode in the history of criminal justice in the United States. Niccolls became a cause for Father Flanagan of Boys Town,who took to the airwaves, imploring listeners to write Governor Hartley on the boy's behalf. The bitter campaign put Hartley in such a negative light that he lost his bid for reelection. Under a new and progressive warden, Niccolls thrived in prison. Inmates like physician Peter Miller and literary agent James Ashe became his tutors, finding that Niccolls had an insatiable appetite for knowledge. During the deadly 1934 prison riot at Walla Walla, several prisoners kept him from harm. Niccolls was finally released from prison in his early twenties. He went to work at 20th Century Fox in Hollywood, where he kept his secret for the rest of his long life. The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff explores this little-known story of a young boy's fate in the juvenile justice system during the bloodiest years in the nation's penitentiaries. Watch the trailer:

Another Night

Author : Patrick G. Mercado
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This was the first and only time Evan chose to read her heart and what he found was deep and utter sorrow. But there was something he didn't find as they held each other...fear. This is a story about night, but not likely the kind you have heard about before. This is a story where there exists beings that capture the essence and spirit of Night. There are those of the Dark and those from the Other Side of Night. Sometimes, people who know the secret of these Night beings call to them...and sometimes they come This is a love story about what happens when Night pays one too many visits.

The Big Book of Hypnotic Interventions

Author : Randy Hartman
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The Big Book of Hypnotic Interventions offers a wide range of interventions in the use of clinical hypnosis. The aim of this book is to provide step-by-step interventions that are simple and easy to use.

The Boy From Treacle Bumstead

Author : Ken Sears
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This brilliantly written memoir takes the reader on a journey into the past, to a rural England long gone, when horses worked the fields and small boys spent most of their time outdoors. Ken Sears was born in 1934 to a poor farming family in Hertfordshire - the fifth child of what would be eleven. He learns how to fend for himself at an early age. His boyhood life coincides with wartime, evacuees and American GIs arriving in his home town of Hemel Hempstead (the 'Treacle Bumpstead' of the title). At the age of nine he is caught stealing eggs and accused of killing a chicken (which he denies to this day) and is sent to reform school for five years. So begins a punishing existence, but it breeds a tough teenager, and after learning the trade of bricklaying he is called up to do his National Service in 1952. So begins his adventures in the Army, in Europe and Korea, where the ever-plucky Ken - who has an eye for the ladies and is always landing himself in trouble - finds not-always legal ways to make life that bit easier. After the Army he comes back to England and sets up a building business. From there he sees his home town change out of all recognition. The story is a characterful testament to the resourceful generation of the men who did National Service, fought wars, built towns and stood up to everything in their way. Ken's story reads like 'Commando Comics meets Fred Dibnah'.

The Wishing Stone and Other Myths

Author : J.M. Lavallee
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Please, she thought to the stone, let there be a best friend for me in that boat. Let it be so and I’ll set you free, and toss you back with the tides where you belong. If Dot wishes hard enough on her special stone, maybe the world will slow down and be a little less topsy-turvy. When Dot tossed her wish into the sea, hoping for a friend her age, the stone brought her Sarah. And when the girls worried for the health of Sara’s mother, it made her healthy, and brought Sara her precious Pearl. It’s 1961, and Dot is teetering between childhood and adolescence. At the same time, her rustic world is catching up with the modern towns in the rest of Canada and Dot isn’t sure how she feels about that. Dot enjoys having both a winter and summer home, and knowing every face in three villages. If more changes come, will that mean more people and more noise will come with them? The Wishing Stone & Other Myths, Lessons Learned on Gullcliff Island will take both children and adults back in time through eleven-year-old Dot, a traditional girl coping with her father’s dream of becoming a boat-builder and the realization that Mum and Dad are people with thoughts, emotions, and secrets apart from the family. Alongside her adventurous best friend, Sara, Dot must make ready for the future, whether it be on Gullcliff, in Aylmer Sound, or someplace out of her father’s dream.

Adventures of Ariston the Boy Mage

Author : David Scott Webster
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"What mage?" Aheam immediately questioned. "Me, what do you want with me?" Ariston whimpered. "I have questions!" the red dragon Zaira replied. "After we discuss the terms with the Earl, and while Aheam looks for the scepter, you may talk to Ariston in my presence!" Tibalt firmly insisted. Tibalt had heard of the red dragons' deep hatred for mages and he had grown fond of Ariston. "Ariston's a mage?" Aheam stated in shock. Ariston had slain a dragon and had performed admirably as a squire for Tibalt, it was turning Aheam's idea of mages upside down. He actually liked Ariston. Having lost his parents at a very young age and having his elder sister ripped away from him by the sinister Dark Mages might make anyone lose hope. But the twelve-year-old Ariston isn't just anyone. Sure living day to day isn't easy, but he and his two best friends, Elina and Faustus, make do. Their courage, perseverance, and loyalty inspire new friendships-honorable men including the Great Knight of Adar and the mage Pilan the All Powerful. Perhaps it is possible to rescue Ariston's sister from the clutches of the Dark Mages. After all great friendships lead to great deeds!

A Boy Named Beckoning

Author :
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Kidnapped and sold into slavery at an early age, a Native American boy grew up to become both a doctor and an activist who spoke out against the prejudice and poor treatment of Native Americans, calling for recognition of their rights as American citizens.

Stories of the Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho

Author : Mohammad Amin Sheikho
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Mohammad Amin Sheikho Birth: 1890 A.D (1308 A.H) Death: 1964 A.D (1384 A.H) Precept: Interpretation of the Holy Qur’an Early Years Scholar Sheikho was born in al-Ward district in Sarouja Quarter, one of the historical districts of Damascus, in Syria which was called mini-Istanbul during the period of the Ottoman rule. He was raised in an Arab style house situated opposite the famous public al-Ward Bathhouse. This house stands there to the present day. Scholar Sheikho was still young when his father, the merchant Ismael Sheikho, departed this world. Mohammad Saleem, the only and elder brother of Mohammad Amin, was assigned as a director of the Military School during the Ottoman rule. Education At the age of twelve the boy who was to become the great scholar was enrolled at al-Rashidiya School, he then went on to complete his studies in Amber, the Royal Ottoman Faculty in Damascus. He received many certificates of praise and commendation during the Ottoman rule and then under the reign of King Faisal in Syria. There are many copies of these certificates still preserved in trustworthy hands. Achievements During the period of the Turkish rule, he was head of many police-stations in Damascus and its dependent counties. He was a shining example to all for his unfailing attention to duty, the vitality with which he approached every task, and the high level of achievement in many varied deeds which were of great benefit to mankind. During the French mandate he was appointed a director of the prisons of the citadel of Damascus. When the great Syrian uprising took place against the French forces, he helped the revolutionaries in every conceivable way until they placed the seal of the revolution in his trustworthy hands. Due to his subversive activities he fell foul of the French governor of Syria resulting in an order being issued for his execution; but the Almighty God saved him. During this period he was compliant in many attempts to overthrow French rule. He was the companion of Sheikh Amin Kuftaro for almost twenty years and following his death Scholar Sheikho followed his footsteps and became the next in succession to guide and teach the disciples of the eminent sheikh. His assemblies were distinguished by the profound level of wisdom with which he imparted his teaching and guidance. He took great care to draw the attention of his followers to beware of the tales of the Israelites which defame the biography of the noble persons, the Envoys of God (pth), and of anything ascribed to them which conflicts their perfection and impeccability. In 1953, the famous coeval philosopher, Sir John Godolphin Bennett came from Britain to visit him. He remained in his company for three weeks that were filled with lengthy dialogues about the religion of Islam and its actuality. Sir John asked Scholar Sheikho many questions about the exact definition of the ‘spirit’ and the difference between that and the ‘soul’, as well as asking for clarification about Godly Justice, a topic which he found difficult to comprehend. As a result of this visit, Sir John practised Islamic legislation and performed the prayers along with the followers of the scholar. This visit was referred to briefly in the autobiography of Sir John Bennett in his book Witness; but after his death, a book containing special personal recollections written by Sir John was published in 1975 under the title Journeys in Islamic Countries, wherein he spoke in detail about this meeting. In this book he gave a detailed account of the personality and character of Scholar Sheikho, and of his lectures and disciples. He also mentioned the great benefits he had derived from his life-changing meeting with the scholar. During his lectures Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho pointed frequently to the belief in the return of Jesus Christ (pth), from the Islamic perspective. He also indicated the near advent of this significant world event as, according to his explanations, most of the conditions for this momentous Hour had been fulfilled. This was disclosed in his book: The Envoy of Peace Looms on the Horizon: the Return of Jesus Christ. In referring to his meeting with Scholar Sheikho, Sir John made mention of this issue in his two books: Witness and Journeys in Islamic Countries. Professor Abdul-Kadir John, alias al-Dayrani, published the book Stories of the Scholar wherein he writes in detail about many deeds performed by his teacher, Mohammad Amin Sheikho. One of His Pupils Professor A. K. John, alias al-Dayrani is the best known and most distinguished among the pupils of Scholar Sheikho. He received a certificate of General Education (a Syrian certificate which included the study of nine different sciences). Prof. al-Dayrani collected and verified more than fifty books which were dictated by Scholar Sheikho and written on his behalf. Therefore his name is always mentioned in association with the name of Mohammad Amin Sheikho.

We Are Pirates

Author : Daniel Handler
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A boat has gone missing. Goods have been stolen. There is blood in the water. It is the twenty-first century and a crew of pirates is terrorizing the San Francisco Bay. Phil is a husband, a father, a struggling radio producer and the owner of a large condo with a view of the water. But he'd like to be a rebel and a fortune hunter. Gwen is his daughter. She's fourteen. She's a student, a swimmer and a best friend. But she'd like to be an adventurer and an outlaw. Phil teams up with his young, attractive assistant. They head for the open road, attending a conference to seal a deal. Gwen teams up with a new, fierce friend and some restless souls. They head for the open sea, stealing a boat to hunt for treasure. We Are Pirates! is a novel about our desperate searches for happiness and freedom, about our wild journeys beyond the boundaries of our ordinary lives. Also, it's about a teenage girl who pulls together a ragtag crew to commit mayhem in the San Francisco Bay, while her hapless father tries to get her home.

A Little Boy

Author : Del Hart
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This book is a collection of true stories that happened in the life of the author Del Hart on a dairy farm in Central Pennsylvania. After Del was blessed with his own children, he would often lie with one of them in bed at bedtime and tell these stories loud enough in order that all four children could hear in the adjoining bedrooms before they went to sleep. All the stories deal with Del's family. His family consisted of his mom and dad, Judy, Rod, his twin sister Deb, and Matthew. Judy was three years older than Del, and Rod was one year older. Matthew was born fourteen years later than his other brothers and sisters. For this reason, Matthew is not mentioned in many of the stories. Even though the stories occur at different times in Del's early life, they all begin with the same sentence. Del's children loved this group of words and would often start the story by reciting this sentence. Their dad would then choose a story, from memory, and finish it. Del's children, Leah, Thomas, Lydia, and Timothy, heard one story each night and, in time, heard these stories many times. However, Picking Up Pears, The Bees Nest and Deb's Shoe, and The Cow Story were some of their favorites. Del would like to thank his children for the special times he shared with them during these bedtime stories. The stories you are about to read have all been heard by Del's children many times. Del hopes that you will enjoy these stories as his children did.

The Boy in the Box

Author : Jim Hoffmann
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Life its challenges its rewards and everything in between. Experience a riveting journey through the lives of ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances, dysfunctional ideas, and exemplorary and unusual relationships. Take a voyeuristic glance into the lives of two estranged sisters', their family, and their friends. You'll discover the intense intrigue that often exists in the lives of "church folk". Your heart will race as you witness the monumental mystery and the breathtaking betrayal that often remains buried in the deepest corners of the hearts and minds of many. Through the lives of Anita and Alicia, you'll experience many facets of love, several disappointments of life, and various avenues of triumph. You will witness the fervency of friendship, the sadness & struggle of the family unit, the intensity of hate, and the many rewards that come from believing & serving God. Each character will spark a sudden streak of emotion that breeds a feverish familiarity to one's self or someone you know. You'll be privy to the daily life challenges of people ranging from a devoted Baptist minister to the small community of unbelievers within the congregation. "Until Now" focuses on the intensity of family relationships and the mystery of personal friendships with an overall quest and need for the presence of God in both.

A Boy Scout in Hollywood

Author : Brian J. Hayes
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"This is Hollywood, man. You can do anything!" In Brian J. Hayes' satiric novel of low-budget Hollywood, this is the mantra that Jeffrey Morris, a naïve production assistant newly arrived from Ohio, quickly learns from the sleazy producer who takes him under his dubious wing. To Jeff's own surprise, he finds himself being seduced by the temptations that surround him; eventually, he has to decide at what price is he willing to sell himself in order to make the movies of his dreams.

The American Boy s Handy Book

Author : Daniel Beard
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Used by generations of Boy Scouts, this classic features scores of projects — from stocking aquariums and performing puppet shows to sculpting snowmen and making sleds. 254 black-and-white figures. 63 illustrations.

Wild Wood

Author : Posie Graeme-Evans
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For fans of Diana Galbaldon’s Outlander series comes a gripping and passionate new historical novel. Intrigue, ancient secrets, fairy tales, and the glorious scenery of the Scottish borders drive the story of a woman who must find out who she really is. Jesse Marley calls herself a realist; she’s all about the here and now. But in the month before Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981 all her certainties are blown aside by events she cannot control. First she finds out she’s adopted. Then she’s run down by a motor bike. In a London hospital, unable to speak, she must use her left hand to write. But Jesse’s right-handed. And as if her fingers have a will of their own, she begins to draw places she’s never been, people from another time—a castle, a man in armor. And a woman’s face. Rory Brandon, Jesse’s neurologist, is intrigued. Maybe his patient’s head trauma has brought out latent abilities. But wait. He knows the castle. He’s been there. So begins an extraordinary journey across borders and beyond time, a chase that takes Jesse to Hundredfield, a Scottish stronghold built a thousand years ago by a brutal Norman warlord. What’s more, Jesse Marley holds the key to the castle’s secret and its sacred history. And Hundredfield, with its grim Keep, will help Jesse find her true lineage. But what does the legend of the Lady of the Forest have to do with her? That’s the question at the heart of Wild Wood. There are no accidents. There is only fate.

A Boy Named Shel

Author : Lisa Rogak
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Few authors are as beloved as Shel Silverstein. His inimitable drawings and comic poems have become the bedtime staples of millions of children and their parents, but few readers know much about the man behind that wild-eyed, bearded face peering out from the backs of dust jackets. In A Boy Named Shel, Lisa Rogak tells the full story of a life as antic and adventurous as any of his creations. A man with an incurable case of wanderlust, Shel kept homes on both coasts and many places in between---and enjoyed regular stays in the Playboy Mansion. Everywhere he went he charmed neighbors, made countless friends, and romanced almost as many women with his unstoppable energy and never-ending wit. His boundless creativity brought him fame and fortune---neither of which changed his down-to-earth way of life---and his children's books sold millions of copies. But he was much more than "just" a children's writer. He collaborated with anyone who crossed his path, and found success in a wider range of genres than most artists could ever hope to master. He penned hit songs like "A Boy Named Sue" and "The Unicorn." He drew cartoons for Stars & Stripes and got his big break with Playboy. He wrote experimental plays and collaborated on scripts with David Mamet. With a seemingly unending stream of fresh ideas, he worked compulsively and enthusiastically on a wide array of projects up until his death, in 1999. Drawing on wide-ranging interviews and in-depth research, Rogak gives fans a warm, enlightening portrait of an artist whose imaginative spirit created the poems, songs, and drawings that have touched the lives of so many children---and adults.

Chiefs A Novel 25th Anniversary Edition

Author : Stuart Woods
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The Edgar Award-winning mystery that launched the career of bestselling novelist Stuart Woods. In the bitter winter of 1920, the first body is found in Delano, Georgia; the naked corpse of an unidentified teenager. There is no direct evidence of murder, but the body bears marks of what seems to be a ritual beating. The investigation falls to Will Henry Lee, a failed cotton farmer newly appointed as Delano's first chief of police. Lee's obsession with the crime begins a story that weaves through the decades, following the life of a small southern town and the role of three police chiefs in unraveling the crime. Chiefs is the best kind of thriller, where the investigation plays out against the drama beneath the surface of a seemingly placid community, seething with the pressures of race, love, hate, and; always; political power, extending from the town fathers all the way to Washington, DC. Includes a new foreword by the author on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its publication.

The Satin wood Box

Author : John Townsend Trowbridge
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