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The Crossing Of Ingo

Author : Helen Dunmore
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The crossing of Ingo is an ancient and dangerous coming-of-age ritual: a journey to the bottom of the world. Sapphy and Conor have been called to take part, the first of human blood ever to make an attempt. But Ervys and his followers are determined to stop them: dead or alive. Helen Dunmore builds her classic, much-loved series up to a breathtaking finale.

Geological Survey Bulletin

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Bulletin United States Geological Survey

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.)
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Paideia Romana

Author : Ingo Gildenhard
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Paideia Romana: Cicero's Tusculan Disputations takes a new look at an unloved text of the western canon to reveal it as a punchy and profoundly original work, arguably Cicero's most ingenious literary response to the tyranny of Caesar. The book shows how the Tusculans' much lambasted literary design, critically isolated prefaces, and overlooked didactic plot start to cohere once we read the dialogue for what it is: not a Latin treatise on Greek philosophy, but a Roman drama on education, with a strong political subtext. The first chapter ('The form - enigmas and answers') tries to make sense of those features of the work that scholars have found baffling or disappointing, such as the nondescript characters, the uncertain genre, or the lack of setting. Chapter 2 ('The prologues - in tyrannum and cultural warfare') analyses how Cicero in his prologues to the five individual books situates his desire to create and teach a 'Latin philosophy' within wider contexts, in particular the dictatorship of Caesar and the intellectual traditions of Greece and Rome. The final chapter 3 ('The plot - teacher and student') explores the pedagogy enacted in the dialogue as a form of constructive outreach, addressed to a future generation of Roman aristocrats. With its emphasis on rhetoric, literary artistry, and historical context, the present volume breaks with earlier scholarship on the Tusculans and thereby makes a significant contribution to the on-going reassessment of Cicero's thought and authorial practice.

A Record of Unfashionable Crosses in Short horn Cattle Pedigrees

Author : F. P. Healy
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Changing Large Technical Systems

Author : Jane Summerton
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New Silver Song

Author : William Augustine Ogden
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Norway and Sweden

Author : Karl Baedeker (Firm)
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Provoking Magic

Author : Ingo Maurer
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Maurer constructs luminouw atmospheres that play with the traditional concepts of color, brightness, and shadow. This exhibition presents a broad array of Maurer's iconic works, remounted and reconceived specifically for this project, as well as never-before-seen works created for this exhibition.

The Classical Tradition

Author : Michael Silk
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The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought presents an authoritative, coherent and wide-ranging guide to the afterlife of Greco-Roman antiquity in later Western cultures and a ground-breaking reinterpretation of large aspects of Western culture as a whole from a classical perspective. Features a unique combination of chronological range, cultural scope, coherent argument, and unified analysis Written in a lively, engaging, and elegant manner Presents an innovative overview of the afterlife of antiquity Crosses disciplinary boundaries to make new sense of a rich variety of material, rarely brought together Fully illustrated with a mix of color and black & white images

Automata Languages and Programming

Author : Michele Bugliesi
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The two-volume set LNCS 4051 and LNCS 4052 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 33rd International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, ICALP 2006, held in Venice, Italy, July 2006. In all, these volumes present more 100 papers and lectures. Volume I (4051) presents 61 revised full papers together with 1 invited lecture, focusing on algorithms, automata, complexity and games, on topics including graph theory, quantum computing, and more.

The Official Railway Guide

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Short Plays of the Philippines

Author : Jean G. Edades
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Author : Gustav Freytag
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Journal of Proceedings Board of Supervisors City and County of San Francisco

Author : San Francisco (Calif.). Board of Supervisors
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County Reports

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Supreme Court

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The Galaxy

Author : William Conant Church
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Letters from the Lost Soul

Author : Bob Bitchin
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Bob Bitchin founded the wildly successful Lattitudes & Attitudes magazine.