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Among the Deep Sea Fishers

Author :
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Materials for Containment of Low level Nuclear Waste in the Deep Ocean

Author : Stephen C. Dexter
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Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Author : Scripps Institution of Oceanography
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Recipes of the Deep

Author : Terry Griffith
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Features complete fish & seafood recipes with both conventional & microwave methods. Recipes of the Deep contains 96 pages of treats that range from the simple to the exotic. Try Pan-Fried Bream, Barbecued Shrimp, or Southern Catfish Special. There are charts, diagrams, & "fish facts" for the fisherman. A special menu chapter featrues menus for every day of the week in this handy companion volume to Recipes of the Wild.

Natural Capital and Exploitation of the Deep Ocean

Author : Maria Baker
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The deep ocean is by far the planet's largest biome and holds a wealth of potential natural assets. Human exploitation of the deep ocean is rapidly increasing whilst becoming more visible to many through the popular media, particularly film and television. The scientific literature of deep-sea exploitation and its effects has also rapidly expanded as a direct function of this increased national and global interest in exploitation of deep-sea resources, both biological (e.g. fisheries, genetic resources) and non-biological (e.g. minerals, oil, gas, methane hydrate). At the same time there is a growing interest in deep-sea contamination (including plastics), with many such studies featured in high profile scientific journals and covered by global media outlets. However, there is currently no comprehensive integration of this information in any form and these topics are only superficially covered in classic textbooks on deep-sea biology. This concise and accessible work provides an understanding of the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, both at the seafloor and in the water column, and how these might be affected as a result of human interaction, exploitation and, ultimately, environmental change. It follows a logical progression from geological and physical processes, ecology, biology, and biogeography, to exploitation, management, and conservation. Natural Capital and Exploitation of the Deep Ocean is aimed at marine biologists and ecologists, oceanographers, fisheries scientists and managers, fish biologists, environmental scientists, and conservation biologists. It will also be of relevance and use to a multi-disciplinary audience of fish and wildlife agencies, NGOs, and government departments involved in deep-sea conservation and management.

The Deep Pull

Author : Walter Hayduk
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As science advances at breakneck speed, it becomes harder to make new discoveries and chart uncharted territory. Yet The Deep Pull: A Major Advance in the Science of Ocean Tides does just that. This book offers the world a new model of tide formation that can actually find a pattern in previously unintelligible tide data and be applied to both oceanic and atmospheric tides. At the heart of this new model is a new theory on where lunisolar gravitational forces act. With this simple key, the author opens a new way of understanding a centuries-old science. Written for anyone with an interest in the mechanics behind natural phenomena, Walter Hayduk takes the readers through his thought process behind his new discovery. His accessible and engaging, step-by-step manner of uncovering a new paradigm through the exploration of data, analogies, and natural phenomena – from the Bay of Fundy’s incredible tides to tornadoes – provides the reader with the excitement of his or her own eureka moment of understanding the secret of the tides.

The Deep Mixing Method

Author : Masaki Kitazume
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The Deep Mixing Method (DMM), a deep in-situ soil stabilization technique using cement and/or lime as a stabilizing agent, was developed in Japan and in the Nordic countries independently in the 1970s. Numerous research efforts have been made in these areas investigating properties of treated soil, behavior of DMM improved ground under static and dynamic conditions, design methods, and execution techniques. Due to its wide applicability and high improvement effect, the method has become increasingly popular in many countries in Europe, Asia and in the USA. In the past three to four decades, traditional mechanical mixing has been improved to meet changing needs. New types of the technology have also been developed in the last 10 years; e.g. the high pressure injection mixing method and the method that combines mechanical mixing and high pressure injection mixing technologies. The design procedures for the DM methods were standardized across several organizations in Japan and revised several times. Information on these rapid developments will benefit those researchers and practitioners who are involved in ground improvement throughout the world. The book presents the state of the art in Deep Mixing methods, and covers recent technologies, research activities and know-how in machinery, design, construction technology and quality control and assurance. The Deep Mixing Method is a useful reference tool for engineers and researchers involved in DMM technology everywhere, regardless of local soil conditions and variety in applications.

The Face of the Deep

Author : Michael Mitton
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Douglas Romer's career as a Vicar comes crashing down as he fails to come to terms with his young wife's sudden and violent death. He takes a temporary leave of absence from his Sheffield parish and heads to the coastal town of Dingle in his wife's homeland of Ireland. Here he meets various people whose lives become intricately tied to his. Among these new friends is Dorchadas, a man who claims to be a retired angel. He also meets several people whom he never imagined meeting, not least because they come from a time long before his.

Deep Dyslexia

Author : Max Coltheart
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Deep Dyslexia has established itself as essential reading for all in the field. This second edition incorporates new research since the book first appeared and brings it fully up-to-date.

The Deep 1

Author : Finn Black
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A never-seen-on-screen series of original exciting adventure books featuring Ant, Fontaine, Kaiko and William, the stars of CBBC's number one programme The Deep, for 7+ readers. Watch the action, read the adventure! The sea is deep and full of secrets ... Something is seriously wrong in the South China Sea. Journeying along the celestial equator, the Nektons – a family of daring underwater explorers – are dispatched on an urgent mission to investigate. Magma is erupting from the ocean floor and sending poisonous gases into the water, endangering the lives of the sea creatures that live there. But the Nektons get more than they bargained for when they discover that an ancient and secret creature has been disturbed in the depths of the Dragon Hole – the largest Blue Hole in the world! Will they make it out alive? And more importantly, will they find an all-important clue to lead them to the lost city of Lemuria? Perfect for fans of Beast Quest, Sea Quest and Ninjago

The Deep Dark

Author : Gregg Olsen
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The author of Abandoned Prayers provides an eye-opening account of the deadly fire that devastated the Sunshine Mine in Kellogg, Idaho, in May 1972, a disaster that claimed more than ninety lives, and the dramatic rescue of two miners who survived more than a week underground, in a study of a community wracked by an unimaginable tragedy. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

The Deep Deep Puddle

Author : Mary Jessie Parker
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Young puddle jumpers will delight in this silly Seuss-like fantasy about a puddle that keeps on growing. How deep can it get? So deep that soon enough, glub glub glub, the entire city sinks out of sight, only to reappear later with everything in disarray. This ingenious urban counting tale will engage young ones learning their numbers, as well as older readers who will enjoy the overlying story and the breezy artwork.

Deep sea Tanaidacea Peracarida from the Gulf of Mexico

Author : Kim Larsen
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This book deals with a large number of deep-sea taxa of Tanaidacea from the Gulf of Mexico, primarily collected during the Deep Gulf of Mexico Benthos Study and the North Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf Study. Four new genera, are described. Twenty-one new species belonging to the new and existing genera are described as well, in many cases by both sexes. In addition to the specific parts, this volume provides a review of tanaidacean morphology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, development, reproduction, behaviour, and of other aspects of their biology.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Author : Richard Flanagan
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Winner of the Man Booker Prize “Nothing since Cormac McCarthy's The Road has shaken me like this.” —The Washington Post From the author of the acclaimed Gould's Book of Fish, a magisterial novel of love and war that traces the life of one man from World War II to the present. August, 1943: Australian surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted by his affair with his uncle's young wife two years earlier. His life, in a brutal Japanese POW camp on the Thai-Burma Death Railway, is a daily struggle to save the men under his command. Until he receives a letter that will change him forever. A savagely beautiful novel about the many forms of good and evil, of truth and transcendence, as one man comes of age, prospers, only to discover all that he has lost.

Deep Tillage Investigations on Alluvial Soils at the Northeast Louisiana Experiment Station St Joseph La

Author : Irwin L. Saveson
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Oculoplastic Surgery

Author : William Pai-Dei Chen
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This reference contains material useful for resident physicians-in- training, ophthalmologists, and subspecialty practitioners in the field of oculoplastic surgery. The 30 chapters cover fundamental topics such as entropion, ectropion, trichiasis, ptosis, facial nerve paralysis, and blepharospasm); upper and lower blepharoplasty, surgery of the eyebrows, laser eyelid surgery and facial resurfacing, and blepharoplasty methods unique for Asian patients; common eyelid lesions, full-thickness eyelid reconstruction, and the lacrimal system and disorders; and pathology and trauma of the orbit together with surgical approaches. Extensively illustrated with color and digital images, b&w photos, line drawings, and algorithms. Includes boxed sections that highlight important information and suggestions. Edited by Chen (ophthalmology, UCLA School of Medicine). Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Deep Blue Between

Author : Ayesha Harruna Attah
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A teen feminist epic of love, courage and determination, as twin sisters try to find each other again in 19th-century West Africa and Brazil 'Uplifting... sizzles with sister-love and magic. What an incredible story-teller!' Yaba Badoe, author of A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars Twin sisters Hassana and Husseina are torn apart after a brutal raid on their village. This tragedy will set them on a voyage to unfamiliar cities and cultures where they will forge new families, ward off dangers and begin to truly know themselves. As the twins pursue separate paths in Brazil and the Gold Coast of West Africa, they remain connected through their shared dreams. But will they ever manage to find each other again? A rich, sweeping historical adventure, The Deep Blue Between is a moving story of the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood

Lord of the Deep

Author : Graham Salisbury
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Working for his stepfather on a charter fishing boat in Hawaii teaches thirteen-year-old Mikey about fishing, and about taking risks, making sacrifices, and facing some of life's difficult choices.

Other Minds

Author : Peter Godfrey-Smith
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Named a Top Ten Science Book of Fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly Although mammals and birds are widely regarded as the smartest creatures on earth, it has lately become clear that a very distant branch of the tree of life has also sprouted higher intelligence: the cephalopods, consisting of the squid, the cuttlefish, and above all the octopus. In captivity, octopuses have been known to identify individual human keepers, raid neighboring tanks for food, turn off lightbulbs by spouting jets of water, plug drains, and make daring escapes. How is it that a creature with such gifts evolved through an evolutionary lineage so radically distant from our own? What does it mean that evolution built minds not once but at least twice? The octopus is the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien. What can we learn from the encounter? In Other Minds, Peter Godfrey-Smith, a distinguished philosopher of science and a skilled scuba diver, tells a bold new story of how subjective experience crept into being how nature became aware of itself. As Godfrey-Smith stresses, it is a story that largely occurs in the ocean, where animals first appeared. Tracking the mind s fitful development, Godfrey-Smith shows how unruly clumps of seaborne cells began living together and became capable of sensing, acting, and signaling. As these primitive organisms became more entangled with others, they grew more complicated. The first nervous systems evolved, probably in ancient relatives of jellyfish; later on, the cephalopods, which began as inconspicuous mollusks, abandoned their shells and rose above the ocean floor, searching for prey and acquiring the greater intelligence needed to do so. Taking an independent route, mammals and birds later began their own evolutionary journeys. But what kind of intelligence do cephalopods possess? Drawing on the latest scientific research and his own scuba-diving adventures, Godfrey-Smith probes the many mysteries that surround the lineage. How did the octopus, a solitary creature with little social life, become so smart? What is it like to have eight tentacles that are so packed with neurons that they virtually think for themselves ? What happens when some octopuses abandon their hermit-like ways and congregate, as they do in a unique location off the coast of Australia? By tracing the question of inner life back to its roots and comparing human beings with our most remarkable animal relatives, Godfrey-Smith casts crucial new light on the octopus mind and on our own. "

The Deep Range

Author : Arthur Charles Clarke
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