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The Doable Off Grid Homestead

Author : Shannon Stonger
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Start Your Own Off-Grid Homestead the Simple, Budget-Friendly Way If you’ve ever thought about creating your own family homestead but weren’t sure how to get started or if it were even possible, Stewart and Shannon Stonger have been there and can help guide your way. They left their home in the city and moved to an empty plot of land with hopes of building a more sustainable way of life. Their years of research, limited budget, creativity and pursuit of their dream produced effective solutions that have taken them step by step to an independent, debt-free and off-grid homestead. In this book, they share how they did it to help others take the first steps in achieving their simple life dreams. You’ll learn how to build inexpensive infrastructure, harness energy from the sun, manage an off-grid home, grow vegetables in tough conditions, preserve the harvest, build an earthbag root cellar, raise beginner’s livestock and so much more. These attainable, game-changing tips and projects have allowed Stewart and Shannon to live a simpler, more rewarding life with their children. If they can do it, so can you!

Traditional Meals for the Frugal Family

Author : Shannon Stonger
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Low-Budget Should Never Mean Low-Quality In this practical cookbook, Shannon Stonger, author of Traditionally Fermented Foods and co-author of The Doable Off-Grid Homestead, invites you into her bustling homestead kitchen. She shares how she feeds her family of eight with delicious, nutritious meals for less. Based on the wisdom of traditional food diets, these recipes are focused on unprocessed ingredients, pastured animal products and frugal foods that people have thrived on for generations. The resulting meals are gluten-free, almost entirely dairy-free, picky eater–certified and, most importantly, deeply nourishing. Find tips and tricks for cutting down on costs while prioritizing nutrient density per dollar. Follow easy directions for sprouting or soaking grains and legumes to unlock their full nutritional value, then use them in yummy meals like A Better Kefir-Chia Soaked Granola or Soaked Gluten- Free Artisan Bread. Learn to tactfully utilize more expensive produce, with foolproof recipes like higher-protein, lower-cost Stretched-Out Guacamole. With recipes like Homemade Coconut Milk and Cultured Oatgurt, you can make your own pantry staples, saving you money. There are also tons of incredible dishes that maximize wholesome animal products, mouthwatering flavors and cost-effectiveness, such as Mediterranean Hide-the-Heart Meatballs, Stretch-the-Meat and Bean Loaf and Real Food Copycat Tomato Soup. Give your family the gift of nutritious meals made from real foods—without breaking the bank.

Modern Homesteading

Author : , A Wranglerstar Production
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God, self-reliance, simplicity, & service: The homesteading secrets to success! With this in mind, Cody and the Wranglerstar family decided to leave a comfortable city life several years ago and start their adventure in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Now popular pioneers among a growing movement of people seeking independence from debt, freedom to raise their family with values and faith, and the peace of a simpler, more meaningful approach to life, they detail their journey on the Wranglerstar YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands each week. Discover their personal story, what worked, what didn’t, and what you can learn from their mistakes Explore detailed “How to” sections throughout the book, providing hands-on knowledge and practical tips for just about anyone Master techniques you can use to help you in your home, garden, and life with these full-color drawings, photos, and illustrations! With this window into the modern homesteading movement, you will find innovative strategies and forgotten wisdom reclaimed from the past that can be made your own. Have you dreamed of stepping off the treadmill of life? Do you feel in your heart there is something more than the usual daily grind? Join the Wranglerstar family as they blaze a trail for all those who dream of becoming truly independent by living an amazing and more fulfilling American dream. In the blueprint of their story, you can see the decisions and paths that are at the heart of this life and faith transforming way of life!

Immersion Travel USA The Best and Most Meaningful Volunteering Living and Learning Excursions

Author : Sheryl Kayne
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Awarded the 2009 Silver Medal in the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation's annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition: the first and only travel book devoted solely to immersion travel—volunteering, living, and learning trips within the United States! This book will absolutely changes lives and the way you think about travel in the United States. Designed to be a resource and idea book, this guide provides practical information about immersion travel; special considerations and costs; how to plan and take vacations, sabbaticals, side trips, and more. There are chapters filled with candid, warm stories from travelers who have been there, done that. It's exciting to visit a national park, but it's a lifetime experience to live inside one for an extended amount of time. Help others and enjoy yourself by biking and building homes across the country. Learn the fine art of making an authentic Windsor chair. Work as a caretaker and live in a lighthouse. Care about returning the wolf to its natural habitat. Play in the High Sierra Mountains backpacking and camping.