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Simpson s Donkey

Author : Peter Stanley
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Based on the most famous animal in Australian history Simpson's Donkey tells the story of his service during the Gallipoli campaign where for three weeks he was one of several donkeys that Simpson used to carry wounded men down to Anzac Cove. His life before and after Gallipoli is a mystery but Peter Stanley beautifully imagines the rest for the reader. Stanley tells the donkey's story--in the donkey's own voice--taking the reader on a journey from the Aegean island of Lemnos to Gallipoli to Egypt, Palestine and then back to Gallipoli at the end of the Great War. In doing so Simpson's Donkey not only brings the donkey's story to life it also brings the horrible realities of war to the fore. The war is the backdrop to the donkey's tale and as we follow the little donkey on his journey we also learn about the war and its terrible impact on people and animals alike. The story begins with the donkey being separated from his adored mistress Sofya when the Greeks occupy Lemnos in 1913, and after various adventures--in which each new owner calls him by a new name--he returns to Gallipoli in 1919 to be reunited with his beloved Sofya. From village beast of burden to hospital pet, to supply carrier for the war in the desert, the donkey's story is an adventurous journey on which he meets courage and cruelty, and comradeship between human and donkey alike.

Dust Donkeys and Delusions

Author : Graham Wilson
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Dust, Donkeys and Delusion examines and clinically debunks the myth that has grown up around Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the so-called `Man with the Donkey', the quintessential Australian `hero' of Gallipoli. While the various elements of the Simpson myth have now become popularly accepted as `history', Dust, Donkeys and Delusion shows clearly, based on historical documents, both official and unofficial, that almost every word ever spoken or written about Simpson following his death is false.

Simpson and His Donkey

Author : Mark Greenwood
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The heroic story of one man and a donkey - and the strange twist of fate that brought two boyhood friends together one last time during the Gallipoli campaign in World War I. A poignant account of the story of John Kirkpatrick Simpson and how he and his donkey, Duffy, rescued over 300 men during the campaign at Gallipoli. Backed by detailed research, the text includes a brief biography of the man, details of his work at Gallipoli and also the little known story of how, without realising, he rescued his childhood friend from South Shields, Billy Lowes. The text also includes fact files on Simpson and Billy Lowes, maps and additional historical background information such as how Duffy received a VC.


Author : Richard van Emden
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Presenting more than 150 never-before-published photographs of the campaign, many taken by the soldiers themselves, together with unpublished written material from British, Anzac, French and Turkish, including eyewitness accounts of the landings, this is an unrivalled account of what really happened at Gallipoli. Van Emden's gripping narrative and lucid analysis of Churchill's infamous operation, complements Chambers's evocative images, showing how the rapid spread of diseases like dissentry, the lack of clean water and food, the tremendous losses on both sides affected morale, until finally in January 1916, in what were the best-laid plans of the entire disastrous campaign, the Allies successfully fooled the Turkish forces and evacuated their troops from the peninsula with no additional casualties. Leading First World War historian Richard van Emden and Gallipoli expert Stephen Chambers have produced an entirely fresh, personal and illuminating study of one of the Great War's most catastrophic events.


Author : Peter FitzSimons
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On 25 April 1915, Allied forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in present-day Turkey to secure the sea route between Britain and France in the west and Russia in the east. After eight months of terrible fighting, they would fail... To this day, Turkey regards the victory as a defining moment in its history, a heroic last stand in the defence of the Ottoman Empire. But, counter-intuitively, it would come to signify something perhaps even greater for the defeated allies, in particular the Australians and New Zealanders: the birth of their countries’ sense of nationhood. Now, in the year that marks its centenary, the Gallipoli campaign (commemorated each year on 25 April, Anzac Day), resonates with significance as the origin and symbol of Australian and New Zealand identity. As such, the facts of the campaign (which was minor when compared to the overall scale of the First World War: Australian deaths were less than a sixth of their losses on the Western Front) are often forgotten or obscured. Now the celebrated journalist and author Peter FitzSimons, with his trademark vibrancy and expert melding of writing and research, recreates the disastrous campaign as experienced by those who endured it or perished in the attempt.

Roly the ANZAC Donkey

Author : Glyn Harper
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Hello. My name is Roly. I'm a donkey. Let me tell you about the time during the First World War when I worked at a place called Gallipoli. I met a man there from New Zealand who was very special. He and I worked as a team to help rescue soldiers who had been hurt in battle. Based on real people and events, this is the heartwarming story of Richard Alexander Henderson, a soldier in the New Zealand Medical Corps, and the donkey he discovers wandering and hungry on a Gallipoli road. Richard and Roly form a strong friendship and, working together, they courageously save the lives of many wounded soldiers. But now the army has received top-secret orders to leave Gallipoli - and quickly. All the donkeys must be left behind. Richard is heartbroken. What will become of his dear friend Roly? Glyn Harper and Jenny Cooper are the author and illustrator of the hugely successful picture books Le Quesnoy and Jim's Letters. Roly the Anzac Donkey is a moving retelling of Glyn Harper's 2004 story The Donkey Man, reinvigorated for a new generation of children with Jenny Cooper's beautiful illustrations, and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli invasion.

Evan s Gallipoli

Author : Kerry Greenwood
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A gripping novel about an incredible journey behind enemy lines, told in diary form.

The Man with the Donkey

Author : Irving Benson
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Simpson and his donkey.

Simpson and Duffy

Author : Mary Small
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A picture book story of John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his heroic deeds using a donkey at Gallipoli (a revised edition of the 14 page 1989 version which is now out of print). Larger print - emphasis on illustrations. Suit young readers.

Simpson and the Donkey

Author : Peter Cochrane
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The simple tale of Simpson and his donkey is the pre-eminent legend of heroism. It is the story of a humble water-carrier, a rescuer of wounded men, a tale of compassion, stoic persistence, with a tragic end. His tale is an integral part of the Anzac story. Across time, a simple tale can acquire a complicated history. This is what happened to the man with the donkey and is the subject of this book, Simpson's 'afterlife', the legend.


Author : Wesley Olson
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In Gallipoli: The Western Australian Story, Wes Olson provides a fresh perspective on the epic World War I military campaign fought on the Gallipoli Peninsula: that of the Western Australian soldier. Drawing on a wealth of research - from personal accounts to official records - the soldier's journey is laid out, from initial enlistment and treacherous landing until the sombre withdrawal eight months later.

Across the Bar

Author : Tom Curran
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The first full biography of the Gallipoli hero John Simpson Kirkpatrick, told like a novel but with facts and backgrounds thoroughly researched, from his childhood in Shields, UK, to soldiers' memories of the first month on Gallipoli. With photographs and maps, letters, footnotes, bibliography and index. The author's interest in Simpson arose from similarities in his own childhood on Tyneside and his experiences in charge of an Australian medical unit in Vietnam.

Reconsidering Gallipoli

Author : Jenny Macleod
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In Australia, Anzac Day, the anniversary of the first landings at Gallipoli, is one of the most important dates in the national calendar. Yet in Britain, the campaign is largely forgotten. The key to this contrast lies in the way in which the campaign's history has been recorded. To many Australians, the Anzac legend is a romantic war myth that proclaims the prowess of Australian participants in the campaign. It is an exercise in nation-building. In Britain, the campaign is also remembered in romantic terms, but the purpose here is to assuage the pain of defeat. Reconsidering Gallipoli broadens the debate over the cultural history of the First World War beyond the Western Front. The final chapter traces the influence of the early accounts on subsequent portrayals including Alan Moorehead's 1956 book, Bean's post 1965 rehabilitation, Peter Weir's 1981 film, and revisionist attacks on the legend.

The Boy s Own Annual

Author :
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The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded

Author : Jackie French
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The famous story of Simpson and his donkey - a true Anzac legend Most Australians know of Simpson and his donkey, who became heroes at Gallipoli, even among the turkish forces. Few know where the donkey came from, or what happened to him after World War I. Or that another man carried on rescuing the wounded with the donkey after Simpson died. This is the story of a small unassuming donkey. It's also the story of Gallipoli, of Jack Simpson, and New Zealander stretcher-bearer Richard Henderson, who literally took up the reins after Simpson's death. Exhaustively researched, it gives a new depth to our understanding of this story of Anzac heroism. 'Jackie French is excellent at telling history in an exciting way for children', writes Burke's Backyard.

Not Only a Hero

Author : Tom Curran
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Written for 10 to 15 year olds, this account of the actions of Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, 'the man with the donkey' at Gallipoli is copiously illustrated and makes extensive use of contemporary documents. Tells of events in the Gallipoli campaigning, focusing on Simpson's rescue of his wounded comrades. Includes suggestions for further reading.

Trenching at Gallipoli

Author : John Gallishaw
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Tracing Your Great War Ancestors The Gallipoli Campaign

Author : Simon Fowler
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Do you have an ancestor who served in the Gallipoli campaign in the First World War? Perhaps you have thought of visiting the battlefields in Turkey and the monuments that commemorate them, and want to find out exactly where and when your ancestor served and what part he played in the landings and the fighting that followed? This practical and informative handbook is an ideal guide to the struggle for the Gallipoli peninsula and the stories of the men who took part in it. ??Simon Fowler outlines the course of the campaign and introduces the many historical resources that you can use to explore the history for yourself. He identifies the key sources for family historians, including The National Archives in Britain, the Australian War Memorial, and other sources in Australia and New Zealand and the many websites that researchers can turn to, and he gives advice on the literature, archives, museums and monuments that may help you to gain an insight into your ancestor's story.

An Eyewitness Account of Gallipoli

Author : Ellis Silas
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Signaller Ellis Silas of the 16th Battalion, Australian Imperial force, was the only artist to paint and sketch actual battle scenes showing Australian soldiers in action at Gallipoli. With his mates he went ashore at Anzac Cove in April 1915 and for the next month he witnessed the terrible carnage at Gallipoli whilst performing his duties as signaller in the thick of the fighting, until he was wounded and had to be taken by hospital ship back to Egypt. The words and sketches of Ellis Silas give us a brilliant and moving eyewitness picture of what it was really like at Gallipoli in 1915. John Laffin has written an introduction and notes for the modern reader to this book which was first published in 1915 under the title Crusading at Anzac.

With a B P Scout in Gallipoli

Author : Edmund Yerbury Priestman
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