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The Early Reception of the Torah

Author : Kristin De Troyer
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This volume contains the papers presented at the 2017 meeting of the SBL Program Unit on Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature in Boston, MA. The theme of the sessions was the interpretation of Torah in deuterocanonical literature. The contributions cover a variety of concepts and themes related to Torah and trace these through the Hebrew Bible, into the Septuagintal deuterocanonical books and other relevant and cognate literature.

Torah for Gentiles

Author : Daniel Nessim
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In the matrix of nascent Judaism and Christianity, the Didache is a Christian-Jewish voice seeking to mediate the Torah to its gentile recipients in a manner appropriate for them. Steering diplomatically between the Scylla and Charybdis of the Law-observant Jerusalem church and Pauline dogma, the Didache is very clear that gentiles do not need to convert to Judaism. On the other hand, the author argues, the Torah, and in particular the second Table of the Decalogue, is universally applicable to everyone, Jew and gentile. While gentiles are not required to keep commands specific to Israel, the Deuteronomic paradigm of the "Way of Life" versus the "Way of Death" is applicable to all. Jesus said "my yoke is easy." The Didache mandates bearing the yoke of the Lord in order to attain perfection. The yoke it advocates is not as "easy" as one might suppose, yet both Jews and Christians would recognize its morals as largely the same as those that underpin Judaeo-Christian values today. Further, they reflect the requirements that Christian Jews saw as necessary for participation in the Christian community, in a day when that community still looked very much to its Jewish progenitors.

The Oxford Handbook of Wisdom and the Bible

Author : Will Kynes
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This collection of leading scholars presents reflections on both wisdom as a general concept throughout history and cultures, as well as the contested nature of the category of Wisdom Literature. The first half of the collection explores wisdom more generally with essays on its relationship to skill, epistemology, virtue, theology, and order. Wisdom is examined in a number of different contexts, such as historically in the Hebrew Bible and its related cultures, in Egypt and Mesopotamia, as well as in Patristic and Rabbinic interpretation. Additionally, wisdom is examined in its continuing relevance in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian thought, as well as from feminist, environmental, and other contextual perspectives. The second half of the volume considers "Wisdom Literature" as a category. Scholars address its relation to the Solomonic Collection, its social setting, literary genres, chronological development, and theology. Wisdom Literature's relation to other biblical literature (law, history, prophecy, apocalyptic, and the broad question of "Wisdom influence") is then discussed before separate chapters on the texts commonly associated with the category. Contributors take a variety of approaches to the current debates surrounding the viability and value of Wisdom Literature as a category and its proper relationship to the concept of wisdom in the Hebrew Bible. Though the organization of the volume highlights the independence of wisdom as concept from "Wisdom Literature" as a category, seeking to counter the lack of attention given to this question in the traditional approach, the inclusion of both topics together in the same volume reflects their continued interconnection. As such, this handbook both represents the current state of Wisdom scholarship and sets the stage for future developments.

The Early Reception of Paul the Second Temple Jew

Author : Isaac W. Oliver
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Paul's relationship to Christianity-as a Pharisaic Jew whose moment of revelation on the road to Damascus has made him the most famous early Christian-is still a topic of great interest to scholars of early Christianity and Judaism. This collection of essays from world-renowned scholars examines how Christians of the first two centuries perceived Paul's Jewishness, and how they seized upon Paul's views on Judaism in order to advance their own claims about Christianity. The contributors offer a comprehensive examination of various early Christian views on Paul, in texts contained both in and outside of the New Testament, demonstrating how the reception of Paul's thought affected the formation of Judaism and Christianity into separate entities. Divided into five sections, the arguments focus upon Paul's reception in Ephesians, the other Deutero-Pauline Epistles, the Acts of the Apostles, Marcion of Synope and the reaction of Paul's opponents. Featuring essays from scholars including Judith Lieu, James H. Charlesworth and Harry O. Meier, this volume forms a perfect resource for scholars to reassess Paul's Jewishness and relationship with Judaism.

The Antithesis of the Ages

Author : Stephan K. Davis
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Davis seeks to recast the traditional perception of Paul's polarization of the Torah and Christ in terms of an inherent antithesis of history ("this age") and eschatology ("the age to come"). In the early chapters he investigates the role of Wisdom and Torah in biblical and in Second-Temple literature in order to construct a context for interpreting Paul's view of the Torah. In the balance, he applies his conclusions to three Pauline texts understood to express this antithesis. By concentrating on the link he perceives between Paul's rejection of "eternal Torah theology" and its replacement with Christ-thereby allowing Paul to reconfigure the place of the Torah apart from those elements-Davis wants to offer a new way to construe the "Paul-and-Torah riddle."

Rashi s Commentary on the Torah

Author : Eric Lawee
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Winner of the Jewish Book Council Nahum M. Sarna Memorial Award in Scholarship This book explores the reception history of the most important Jewish Bible commentary ever composed, the Commentary on the Torah of Rashi (Shlomo Yitzhaki; 1040-1105). Though the Commentary has benefited from enormous scholarly attention, analysis of diverse reactions to it has been surprisingly scant. Viewing its path to preeminence through a diverse array of religious, intellectual, literary, and sociocultural lenses, Eric Lawee focuses on processes of the Commentary's canonization and on a hitherto unexamined--and wholly unexpected--feature of its reception: critical, and at times astonishingly harsh, resistance to it. Lawee shows how and why, despite such resistance, Rashi's interpretation of the Torah became an exegetical classic, a staple in the curriculum, a source of shared religious vocabulary for Jews across time and place, and a foundational text that shaped the Jewish nation's collective identity. The book takes as its larger integrating perspective processes of canonicity as they shape how traditions flourish, disintegrate, or evolve. Rashi's scriptural magnum opus, the foremost work of Franco-German (Ashkenazic) biblical scholarship, faced stiff competition for canonical supremacy in the form of rationalist reconfigurations of Judaism as they developed in Mediterranean seats of learning. It nevertheless emerged triumphant in an intense battle for Judaism's future that unfolded in late medieval and early modern times. Investigation of the reception of the Commentary throws light on issues in Jewish scholarship and spirituality that continue to stir reflection, and even passionate debate, in the Jewish world today.

Judaica Minora

Author : Gunter Stemberger
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English summary: The essays in this volume deal with three areas: One part focuses on the pre-Islamic history of the Jews, the development of the rabbinate and the relationship between Jews and Christians. This is followed by texts on methodological issues, the historical value of rabbinic texts and the legacy of the apocalyptic. Ten of the essays deal with Tractate Avot, its origins and its reception, four of them with the redaction history of Sifra to Leviticus. The outline of the Midrash Wayosha segues into thematic studies of rabbinic literature. The work concludes with essays on the research history (J.J. Rabe, L. Zunz and H.L.Strack). All the essays have been given a standard form and any overlapping has been deleted if this was deemed expedient. Essays that were published in Spanish or Italian have been translated and everything has been updated to a certain extent. German description: Die hier gesammelten Aufsatze befassen sich mit drei Themenbereichen: Ein Teil gilt der vorislamischen Geschichte der Juden, der Entwicklung des Rabbinats und dem Verhaltnis von Juden und Christen. Es folgen Texte zu Methodenfragen, dem historischen Wert rabbinischer Texte, und dem Erbe der Apokalyptik. Zehn Arbeiten kreisen um den Traktat Avot, seine Entstehung und Nachgeschichte, vier weitere gelten der Redaktionsgeschichte von Sifra zu Levitikus. Die Skizze zum Midrasch Wa-yosha leitet uber zu thematischen Studien in der rabbinischen Literatur. Den Abschluss bilden Arbeiten zur Forschungsgeschichte (J. J. Rabe, L. Zunz, und H. L. Strack). Alle Beitrage wurden formal vereinheitlicht, Uberschneidungen, soweit dies sinnvoll war, getilgt. Auf Spanisch oder Italienisch erschienene Aufsatze wurden ubersetzt und alles zumindest in einem gewissen Umfang auf den heutigen Stand gebracht.

The Pentateuch as Torah

Author : Gary N. Knoppers
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"This interdisciplinary collection of essays on the promulgation of the Pentateuch and its acceptance as authoritative Torah includes contributions from international specialists on the Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Samaritan history, colonial theory, Mediterranean studies, the Elephantine Island texts, and comparative legal history. The material gathered here is a state-of-the-art presentation of the issues, raising new questions and seeking new answers." "The book includes a substantive introduction that pulls the various contributions together and places them in the broader context of recent work on the propagation and acceptance of the Pentateuch as a prestigious writing in the late Persian and early Hellenistic periods."--BOOK JACKET.

From Judaism to Torah

Author : Jacob Neusner
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A Journey of Two Psalms

Author : Susan Gillingham
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Psalms 1 and 2 serve as a Prologue to the rest of the Psalter. Susan Gillingham takes us on an illuminating journey across two-and-a-half millennia, revealing how these two psalms have been commented on, translated, painted, set to music, employed in worship, and adapted in literature, often being used disputatiously by Jews and Christians alike.

The Torah U madda Journal

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Textual Reasonings

Author : Peter Ochs
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"Textual Reasoning" is the name a family of contemporary Jewish thinkers has given to its overlapping practices of Jewish philosophy and theology. This collection represents the most public expression to date of the shared work, over a period of 12 years, of this society of "textual reasoners." Although the movement of textual reasoning is diverse and pluriform, it is characterized at bottom by the pursuit of the claim that there are significant affinities between Jewish forms of reading and reasoning and postmodern thought. These affinities are presently being pursued by scholars throughout Jewish studies, in fields such as Bible, Talmud, Midrash, medieval philosophy, Kabbalah and the Jewish penomenology of Rosenzweig and Levinas among others. As the essays here convey, the work of these scholars has stimulated a lively and creative re-engagement with the philosophical dimensions of Jewish texts and, even more, the textual dimensions of Jewish reasoning. In large part this new energy has come from a conception of the postmodern as a place where some of the most distinctive features of Jewish reasoning can be elucidated as well as challenged. Nancy Levene is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Williams College. Peter Ochs is Edgar M Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies at the University of Virginia.

Journal of Biblical Literature

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Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam

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European Journal of Jewish Studies

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Trees Earth and Torah

Author : Ari Elon
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Draws from biblical, rabbinical, medieval, and modern sources that address the significance and historical development of the holiday, offers several examples of a Seder tu B'Shvat, includes mystical writings along with Zionist and eco Jewish piec.

Jewish Reception of Greek Bible Versions

Author : Nicholas Robert Michael De Lange
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"Most of the studies originated as papers read to an international colloquium held in Wolfson College, Cambridge, from 9 to 11 July, 2007."

Muslim Writers on Judaism and the Hebrew Bible

Author : Camilla Adang
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This volume deals with the way in which the Jewish religion and its holy scriptures were viewed by nine medieval Muslim authors, representing different genres of Arabic literature: historical and chronological writing, polemical and apologetical literature, theology, and Koranic commentary.

A Concise Dictionary of the Bible and Its Reception

Author : John F. A. Sawyer
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This unique dictionary not only identifies terms and biblical figures but also examines them from the perspective of reception historythe history of the effect the Bible has had on its readers. Biblical books, passages, and characters certainly played important roles in the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also influenced other major religious traditions as well as preachers, writers, poets, artists, and filmmakers. The study of such cultural effects of the Bible is an emerging field, and this reference work promises to open new avenues of exploration.

The Jewish Spectator

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