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The Forest Feast for Kids

Author : Erin Gleeson
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The Forest Feast for Kids includes the most kid-friendly favorites from The Forest Feast, along with 20 new recipes, plus ideas for kids’ parties and easy-to-follow instructions on techniques, measurements, and other helpful kitchen aides. The first children’s cookbook from New York Times bestselling author and popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, The Forest Feast for Kids, serves up kid-friendly vegetarian recipes that are quick, easy, and fun to make. This cookbook showcases the rustic simplicity of the fare through vibrant colorful photography of Gleeson’s beautiful home in the woods and of children cooking the dishes themselves. Each meal is simple and full of fresh and lively flavors that will appeal to kids. The natural beauty of Gleeson’s surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for recipes such as: Pesto Pepper Pizza Rainbow Chard Quiche Kale Tacos Watermelon Smoothies In addition to its recipes—which span meals, party food, snacks, and beverages—this nonfiction book includes ideas for crafty table decoration, party ideas, an illustrated guide on kitchen safety, and a glossary of culinary terms. The recipes are complemented by a mix of stunning photographs and art, including Gleeson’s own fanciful watercolor illustrations and hand lettering. This beautifully designed kid-friendly cookbook is perfect for foodies and parents looking for healthy recipes for children. It will also appeal to fans of Erin Gleeson’s blog and The Forest Feast. says "Have you ever wanted to crawl into a cookbook and live in its world? That’s how I feel when I page through Erin Gleeson’s gorgeous The Forest Feast for Kids." Also available from Erin Gleeson:The Forest Feast: Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the WoodsandThe Forest Feast Gatherings.

The Forest Feast Mediterranean

Author : Erin Gleeson
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Erin Gleeson, New York Times bestselling author, returns with a gorgeously illustrated cookbook that will transport you to the Mediterranean coast For years, Forest Feast readers have been transported to Erin Gleeson’s picturesque cabin in the woods through her stunning photography of magical gatherings and vibrant vegetarian cooking. Now, Gleeson transports readers to Europe, with recipes inspired by her exploration of the cultures and cuisines of France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy during an extended family trip. Reimagining the flavors and signature dishes of this part of the Mediterranean, Gleeson presents 100 vegetarian recipes for creating effortless, unforgettable meals. Filled with atmospheric images of coastal villages, charming watercolor illustrations, and mouthwatering food photography, The Forest Feast Mediterranean is an irresistible escape from the everyday, no matter where you might live.

The Forest Feast Gatherings

Author : Erin Gleeson
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Erin Gleeson, the New York Times bestselling author of The Forest Feast, returns with a gorgeously illustrated cookbook packed with 100 brand-new simple vegetarian recipes designed for relaxed entertaining. When food photographer and stylist Erin Gleeson left New York City to live in a cabin in the woods of northern California, she started the blog The Forest Feast to document her vegetable-centric, seasonal approach to cooking. Her readers are drawn to her healthy recipes that anyone can make—dishes that are easy enough to prepare after a long day at work, yet impressive enough for a party—as well as to her visually stunning photography and watercolors. Erin handwrites each recipe over her photos to create diagram-like, step-by-step instructions that are vibrant, unique, and most important, easy to cook from. Erin’s recipes have always been ideal for entertaining, but now in The Forest Feast Gatherings she offers detailed guidance on hosting casual, yet thoughtful, get-togethers from start to finish with recipes that serve 6 to 8. The book offers 100 new, innovative vegetarian recipes, along with some fan favorites from the blog, arranged in a series of artfully designed menus that are tailored around specific occasions and seasons—whether a summer dinner party, a laid-back brunch, a vegan and gluten-free gathering, or holiday cocktails. Sample recipes include: Pomegranate Punch Quinoa Crunch Salad Floral Summer Rolls Vietnamese Lentil Tacos Kale-Hazelnut Salad Pear-Thyme Galettes Menus feature recipes for drinks, appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts, accented by quick decorating ideas for flower arrangements, signage, and table settings. Lushly illustrated with hundreds of watercolor drawings and photographs, The Forest Feast Gatherings is an inspiring reference for anyone who wants to share good food with good friends, simply, easily, and beautifully. Also available from Erin Gleeson: The Forest Feast: Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods and The Forest Feast for Kids.

The Forest Feast Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods

Author : Erin Gleeson
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Collects simple vegetarian recipes that use only a few ingredients, including beer-battered artichoke hearts, watermelon radish salad, roasted veggie gnocchi, and rosemary shortbread.

Hold the Meat

Author : Alison Deering
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Anyone can make a great sandwich -- that's the beauty of America's favorite food. And thanks to this fully illustrated vegetarian cookbook, kids who don't eat meat can easily assemble and eat a variety of delicous sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. With fun factoids and sandwich trivia, plus regional specialties, this truly is the ultimate guide to what takes place between the bread.

Adventurous Kids Lost in the Forest

Author : Nadir El-Hosny
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Join Sam and Molly Stardom, two kind brother and sister on their adventures in Momsteywoods, where they meet a group of toads and two very young, pleasant orphans named Jack and Ash. In this fantastic adventure, the four children get lost and have to find their way home as their parents told them to be back to meet their new school. What do you think happens next?

The Maasai of Matapato

Author : Paul Spencer
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When first published in 1988, this classic study was the first to relate the dynamics of the Maasai age organisation to the tensions within the family. Together, these provide the twin strands of a man's career, opposed ritually and reflecting a fundamental ambivalence in Maasai thought. The analysis is illustrated with extensive case material from the the Matapato, selected for this study as a typical Maasai group.

A Child s Walk in the Wilderness

Author : Paul Molyneaux
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Put aside the electronics, hoist your pack, and join 8-year-old Venado on the journey of a lifetime - an Appalachian Trail thru-hike. The boy finds adventure everywhere along the trail as he peppers his family with questions and proves the worth of Benton Mackay's 91-year-old dream." - Larry Luxenberg, author of Walking the Appalachain Trail and president of the Appalachian Trail Museum Society Imagine a 7-year-old boy asking his father if they can hike the entire Appalachian Trail, and then imagine that the father says yes A funny, poignant, clear-eyed account of a father and son's modern-day wilderness adventure: section hiking the AT with only a few days' break between hikes How they handled flooded trails, snowy weather, bear country, steep climbs, temper tantrums, and getting lost Wonderfully written and illustrated with the son's journal drawings

The Forest Farm

Author : Peter Rosegger
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In the heart of Austria lies Steiermark (Styria), a rough mountain country on the eastern slope of the Alps. Its inhabitants, protected from the levelling influences of modern civilisation and cut off from that mingling with other peoples which destroys racial character, have retained their old individuality and customs longer than any other German people. Rough though the climate is, the soil stony, the struggle for existence hard, these sons of the mountains have grown stubbornly inseparable from their home; it is with difficulty that they take root in other soil-they are evermore drawn back to the place where once their cradle stood. In former centuries the Swiss soldiers in French service could not hear the home-like chime of cow-bells without a temptation to desert their colours; and time after time sons of Steiermark have been driven back to their free hills by the constraint of garrison life. The deserters were always easily caught: the sergeant in pursuit had simply to look for the culprit in his father's house. The Heimweh (other languages can hardly express the meaning of this word) is the national sickness to which all natives of the Alps driven into foreign parts are subject, and it is but the other side of that impassioned joy in the home, which finds expression in jubilant songs and shouts rising for ever from the mountains to the sky.

Zoology for Kids

Author : Josh Hestermann
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“Packed with facts and photos, Zoology for Kids is a vibrant introduction to zoology that also provides inspiration for career options and activities to help children further explore and apply what they have learned.” —Liesl Pimentel, manager of education and formal programs, Phoenix Zoo Zoology for Kids invites young animal lovers to discover the animal kingdom through clear, entertaining information and anecdotes and hands-on activities. Part 1 introduces the science of zoology, discussing animals’ forms, functions, and behaviors as well as the history behind zoos and aquariums. Kids bake edible animal cells, play a dolphin-echolocation game, and design an exhibit. Part 2 offers an insider’s look at how zoologists apply their knowledge every day. Kids peek into the world of zookeepers and aquarists, veterinarians, wildlife researchers, and conservationists. They “train” their friends, mold a tiger’s jawbone, and perform field research in their own backyard. Animal enthusiasts come away with new knowledge, a healthy respect for the animal kingdom, and the idea that they can pursue animal-related careers and make a difference to preserve and protect the natural world. Josh Hestermann is a marine-mammal keeper and trainer at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. Bethanie Hestermann is a freelance writer and contributing writer and editor at large at Connected World magazine. They live in Brookfield, Illinois. Martin and Chris Kratt, the Kratt Brothers, are the creators and cohosts of the PBS Kids series Wild Kratts, Kratts Creatures, and Zoboomafoo.

Prairie Feast

Author : Amy Jo Ehman
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A year of eating locally results in a gastronomical journey through prairie food festivals, local food traditions and the infamous community dinners. A humorous, light-hearted chronicle of the writer's love affair with good food, prairie traditions and flavours from her childhood with recipes peppered throughout. Fueled by nostalgia and her taste buds, she set out to rediscover the flavours of her childhood - the flavours of natural, local, farm-fresh prairie food. When she vowed to serve only locally produced food at her own dinner table for one year, the pursuit took on a life of its own. Beautiful photographs enhance Amy Jo's mouth-watering menus, recipes and her adventures in the pursuit of home grown prairie food.

Bowker s Directory of Videocassettes for Children 1999

Author : R R Bowker Publishing
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Is "Mulan" available in a closed captioned version? Is there a video to introduce numbers to a six-year-old? To help teach art to second graders, science to sixth graders, or the dangers of drugs to seventh graders? Now you can answer thousands of questions like these, because Bowker's Directory of Videocassettes for Children 1999 delivers the full range of what's available for children on video - all expertly organized & indexed for fast, easy access. This new edition is far & away the most comprehensive children's video directory ever published. It profiles 39,333 titles, divided into Educational/Special Interest & Entertainment sections & cross-referenced in each section by multiple indexes. What's more, it gives you richly detailed entries for each title, not just the bare bones data you'll find in other sources. You'll discover up to 27 data elements for every video - ranging from title, subject, & age recommendation to a brief description & release date - along with full ordering information or rental information. Produced with the same acclaimed expertise that goes into Bowker's Complete Video Directory, this unique guide is an essential resource for librarians, retailers, teachers, parents, & children looking for the best & the latest videos of interest for young patrons.

Freebies for Kids

Author : Jeffrey Feinman
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Lists names and addresses of suppliers of free literature and merchandise.

A Caledonian Feast

Author : Annette Hope
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A postmodern novel of melancholy memory and erotic fantasy—“a filthy tour de force”—by the acclaimed Scottish author of Lanark (The Washington Post). 1982, Janine is a searing portrait of male need and inadequacy, as explored via the lonely sexual fantasies of Jock McLeish, failed husband, lover, and businessman. Alone in a hotel room, Jock attempts again and again to escape the realities of his life through an elaborate sadomasochistic fantasy featuring a woman named Janine. As various memories—from childhood to marriage to his present predicament—invade his imagination, Jock reels through this endlessly inventive black comedy of a man’s mind. An unforgettably challenging book about power and powerlessness, men and women, masters and servants, small countries and big countries, Alasdair Gray’s exploration of the politics of pornography has lost none of its power to shock. “1982, Janine has a verbal energy, an intensity of vision that has mostly been missing from the English novel since D.H. Lawrence.” —New York Times “1982, Janine revived my flagging impetus to continue writing myself.” —Jonathan Coe, winner of the 2019 Costa Novel Award

The Best Toys Books and Videos for Kids

Author : Joanne Oppenheim
File Size : 35.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on the nationally recognized consumer newsletter The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio--an indispensable guide to the best products for children today. Guaranteed to save time, money, and peace of mind, this resource takes the guesswork out of finding the most satisfying and enriching products for kids of every age.

The Kids Catalog of Passover

Author : Barbara Rush
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Presents stories, songs, crafts, recipes, games, and more related to various aspects of the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Record Series

Author :
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Three Yorkshire Assize Rolls for the Reigns of King John and King Henry III

Author : Great Britain. Curia Regis
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Record Series

Author : Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association
File Size : 43.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discover the Southwest With Kids

Author : Gwynne Spence
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