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The Grown Up s Guide to Running Away from Home Second Edition

Author : Rosanne Knorr
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For empty-nesters, early retirees, and even established executives, midlife is the ideal time to turn travel fantasies into real and rewarding experiences. This second edition of THE GROWN-UP'S GUIDE covers estimating cost-of-living expenses, the dos and don'ts of international health care, the boom in online travel resources, and much more. Whether planning a monthlong escape or a whole new life in another country, this empowering guide will encourage mature would-be expats to pursue the overseas adventure they've been craving. An accessible primer for midlife adults who long to live or retire in another country, featuring information on choosing a destination, readying finances, working, and keeping the stateside home fires burning. Detailed advice is interspersed with lively and inspiring anecdotes from the author's own adventures, plus interviews with other experienced expats.

The Grown up s Guide to Running Away from Home

Author : Rosanne Knorr
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Provides information for adults who want to live abroad with tips on where to go, how to fund the trip, finding a home overseas, packing, traveling with pets, and transportation

Fun Without Dick and Jane

Author : Christie Mellor
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Offers advice for parents when their children leave for college or out on their own, from getting them to stay in touch and saying goodbye to embracing the new freedom and coping with their return.

A Comprehensive Guide To Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults

Author : Kathleen G. Nadeau
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This groundbreaking volume, written by pioneering clinicians and researchers firmly convinced of the neurobiological underpinnings of ADD in adults, is the first to provide broad coverage of this burgeoning field. Written for professionals who diagnose and treat adults with ADD, it provides information from psychologists and physicians on the most current research and treatment issues regarding our understanding of ADD as a neurobiological disorder. According to the contributors, ADD in adults may be responsible for difficulties ranging from minor attention, memory, and organization problems in well-functioning adults to drug abuse and criminal behavior. A Comprehensive Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults begins by addressing the history of ADD and the evolution of our understanding of the disorder. The neurobiology of ADD is examined, laying a solid foundation for the clinician to develop a scientific understanding of this complex syndrome. The assessment and differential diagnosis of ADD is explored from the perspectives of a variety of specialists in the field. This includes an exploration of the interrelationships between attention deficit disorder and other neurodevelopmental disabilities that may interact with ADD to affect cognitive functioning, and an examination of the connections between ADD and a host of psychiatric conditions. Also covered is the process of differential diagnosis from a neurological perspective, which will help the non-medically trained clinician better to determine when a complete neurological evaluation seems warranted in the assessment process. Authors examine ADD with and without hyperactivity and describe a wide range of assessment tools that can be useful in developing a full diagnostic picture of different conditions that must be addressed in treating adults with the disorder. A wealth of experience, highly practical suggestions, and an optimistic outlook are the hallmark of the section on treatment. The authors strongly recommend a multifaceted treatment plan combining medication, psychotherapy, and addressing the pervasive self-esteem issues which typically haunt the adult whose condition has gone untreated. Specific treatment issues for Adults with ADD are also discussed. These include:- * the development of practical life management skills * the difficulties in relationships * ADD within the context of marriage and family * and higher education and the workplace. The volume concludes with a discussion of the legal implications of the diagnosis of ADD in adults as it pertains to education and employment, the important role of support groups for adults with ADD, and a thought-provoking examination of current and future research including the need for increased public recognition of ADD in adults. A Comprehensive Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults is a pioneering volume that will bring the most current information available to the attention of those able to help adult ADD sufferers...vocation and rehabilitation counselors, and numerous psychotherapists who recognize symptoms of depression and anxiety, but perhaps overlook the underlying attention deficit disorder. It will stimulate the interdisciplinary research that is the key to increasing knowledge and educate those who can truly make a difference.

Children s Literature a Guide to the Criticism

Author : Linnea Hendrickson
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Presents the full text of the book "Children's Literature: A Guide to the Criticism" by Linnea Hendrickson. Includes a preface, acknowledgments, a guide to the book, and information about the author. Examines authors and their works, subjects, themes, and genres. Contains an index of authors, titles, and subjects; a list of periodical tittle abbreviations; a site search engine; and a list of books of criticism indexed.

How to Put Up with Parents

Author : Thomas D. Gnagey
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Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World For Grown Ups

Author : Eve Zibart
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In 2008, combined Walt Disney World Resort® theme park attendance reached over 51 million, with The Magic Kingdom® alone drawing over 17 million visitors. (Orlando Convention and Visitor Bureau) Walt Disney World Resort® theme parks are rated best in the world. earning high marks for things outside of the traditional theme park experience. Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival, which takes place for six weeks every fall and showcases food from twenty-five countries, was rated by Forbes Traveler as one of the Best U.S. Food and Wine Festivals. Walt Disney World Resort® earned a Silver Award making the list of the best 45 resort golf courses from Golf Magazine. (

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Private Investigating Third Edition

Author : Steven Kerry Brown
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The mystique of private investigating draws significant numbers of people to consider it as a career or side business. At the same time, individuals want to learn investigative techniques to solve their own personal and legal problems. In The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Private Investigating, Third Edition, private investigator and former FBI agent Steven Kerry Brown shares his hard-won expertise on everything you need to know to track down people and information, including: - Tapping phones and recording conversations - Interviewing and interrogating to get important information - Tricky but legal ways to get needed evidence like the pros - Performing onsite, online, and mobile surveillance without being detected - Skip tracing to find lost loves or people who owe money - Investigating backgrounds of potential employees or spouses - Searching public records online and at the courthouse - Catching a cheating spouse and gathering evidence for divorce cases - Finding runaway teenagers - Doing diligent searches connected with adoptions and estates - Tracking down burglars, thieves, pickpockets, and purse snatchers - Advanced techniques and business advice for those interested in starting their own investigative or background screening agency Along the way, Brown shares fascinating stories from his cases that highlight his clever methods for tracking down evidence and helping his clients find out what they need to know.

Hide Seek

Author : Egon Hostovský
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There s Room for Me Here

Author : Janet Allen
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There's Room for Me Here includes record-keeping forms, extensive bibliographies of literature for shared and independent reading, professional materials and resource information, and samples of strategy lessons all embedded in this engaging story of a teacher's first three years building a literacy workshop in her classroom. Kyle's students are middle school learners who struggle with literacy. The strategies, content-area connections, and management ideas, however, are applicable and appropriate for use by any 3-12 teacher. -- from back cover.

New York

Author :
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Hospital and Institution Book Guide

Author :
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Sandy Berger s Great Age Guide to Better Living Through Technology

Author : Sandy Berger
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Provides information on making the most of technology, especially the Internet, for shopping, planning a trip, managing finances, and finding resources devoted to health.

A Parent s Guide to Letting Go

Author : Betty Fish
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The Longman Anthology of British Literature

Author : David Damrosch
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The goal of this anthology is to present a wealth of poetry, prose, and drama from the full sweep of the literary history of the British Isles and its empire, and to do so in ways that will bring out both the works' original cultural contexts and their lasting aesthetic power.-Pref.

A High school Student s Bill of Rights

Author : Stephen S. Gottlieb
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NLSY79 User s Guide

Author :
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Run Away Home

Author : Marianne Shock
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The Teenager s Guide to the Real World

Author : Marshall Brain
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"Provides in-depth guidance on making the transition into adulthood and laying a foundation for success."--Page 4 of cover.

Today s Health Guide

Author : William Waldo Bauer
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