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The Last Book in the Universe

Author : Rodman Philbrick
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This fast-paced action novel is set in a future where the world has been almost destroyed. Like the award-winning novel Freak the Mighty, this is Philbrick at his very best. It's the story of an epileptic teenager nicknamed Spaz, who begins the heroic fight to bring human intelligence back to the planet. In a world where most people are plugged into brain-drain entertainment systems, Spaz is the rare human being who can see life as it really is. When he meets an old man called Ryter, he begins to learn about Earth and its past. With Ryter as his companion, Spaz sets off an unlikely quest to save his dying sister -- and in the process, perhaps the world.

Dictionary of American Young Adult Fiction 1997 2001

Author : Alethea Helbig
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Looks at 290 award-winning books for young adults, using 750 alphabetical entries on individual works, authors, characters, and settings to provide plot summaries, critical assessments, and biographical information.

Representations of Technology in Science Fiction for Young People

Author : Noga Applebaum
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In this new book, Noga Applebaum surveys science fiction novels published for children and young adults from 1980 to the present, exposing the anti-technological bias existing within a genre often associated with the celebration of technology. Applebaum argues that perceptions of technology as a corrupting force, particularly in relation to its use by young people, are a manifestation of the enduring allure of the myth of childhood innocence and result in young-adult fiction that endorses a technophobic agenda. This agenda is a form of resistance to the changing face of childhood and technology’s contribution to this change. Further, Applebaum contends that technophobic literature disempowers its young readers by implying that the technologies of the future are inherently dangerous, while it neglects to acknowledge children’s complex, yet pleasurable, interactions with technology today. The study looks at works by well-known authors including M.T. Anderson, Monica Hughes, Lois Lowry, Garth Nix, and Philip Reeve, and explores topics such as ecology, cloning, the impact of technology on narrative structure, and the adult-child hierarchy. While focusing on the popular genre of science fiction as a useful case study, Applebaum demonstrates that negative attitudes toward technology exist within children’s literature in general, making the book of considerable interest to scholars of both science fiction and children’s literature.

The Last One in the Universe

Author : Chrissie Perry
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Girl vs. the World is a fun, true-to-life series about navigating high school, first crushes, and the ups and downs of adolescence. Hazel's friends are super cool, but she feels like a fraud. She doesn't have her period yet and she's never been kissed, and she's not confident or pretty like her friends are, either! So what should she do about her crush on Leo, who's sweet and funny but in the year above? Maybe it's time to take matters into her own hands ... Refreshingly honest and deliciously heartwarming, this series is perfect for readers aged 10 to 13.

Dark Space Universe Book 3 the Last Stand

Author : Jasper Scott
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The exciting conclusion of the Dark Space Universe SeriesDEATH IS THE ONLY WAY OUTAstralis is surrounded. The lost Etherian fleet has arrived with old friends at the helm, but the Faros are there, too, and they're demanding we give them the lost fleet, or else.Lucien Ortane is determined to fight, while everyone else fears defeat and wants to negotiate. The future of humanity and countless other species hangs in the balance, but they are badly outnumbered--a million to one. If war breaks out, the Faros will win, and trillions of people will be killed or enslaved. There is only one path to victory, but will Lucien have the courage to take it?

The Book of Questions

Author : Edmond Jabes
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The Book of Questions, of which volumes IV, V, VI are together published here, is a meditative narrative of Jewish Experience, and, more generally, man's relation to the world. In these volumes the word is personified in the woman Yael, silence in her still-born child Elya. Even though words imply ambiguity and lies, they are the home of the exile. A book becomes the Book, fragments of the law that are in some way unified, where past and present, the visionary, and the common place, encounter each other. For Jabes every word is a question in the book of being. Man defines himself in the world against all that threatens his existence- death, the infinite, silence, that is, God, his primal opponent. How can one speak what cannot be spoken?

The Convoluted Universe Book 3

Author : Dolores Cannon
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This sequel to The Convoluted Universe - Book One provides metaphysical information obtained through numerous subjects by hypnotic past-life regression.

Life the Universe and Everything

Author : Douglas Adams
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“Wild satire . . . The feckless protagonist, Arthur Dent, is reminiscent of Vonnegut heroes.”—Chicago Tribune The unhappy inhabitants of planet Krikkit are sick of looking at the night sky above their heads—so they plan to destroy it. The universe, that is. Now only five individuals stand between the killer robots of Krikkit and their goal oftotal annihilation. They are Arthur Dent, a mild-mannered space and time traveler who tries to learn how to fly by throwing himself at the ground and missing; Ford Prefect, his best friend, who decides to go insane to see if he likes it; Slartibartfast, the indomitable vice president of the Campaign for Real Time, who travels in a ship powered by irrational behavior; Zaphod Beeblebrox, the two-headed, three-armed ex-president of the galaxy; and Trillian, the sexy space cadet who is torn between a persistent Thunder God and a very depressed Beeblebrox. How will it all end? Will it end? Only this stalwart crew knows as they try to avert “universal” Armageddon and save life as we know it—and don’t know it! “Adams is one of those rare treasures: an author who, one senses, has as much fun writing as one has reading.”—Arizona Daily Star

The Library Media Specialist In the Writing Process

Author : Marge Cox
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Provides lessons and activities to help librarians to teach writing through the process method and collaboration with classroom teachers.

Freak the Mighty

Author : W. Rodman Philbrick
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At the beginning of eighth grade, learning disabled Max and his new friend Freak, whose birth defect has affected his body but not his brilliant mind, find that when they combine forces they make a powerful team.

Power of the Universe Lies Within You

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This book delves deep into the genesis and power of human thought. Human civilization has consistently grown over few millennia but the exponential growth during last few centuries of industrialization and particularly during the last half a century due to digital revolution can be attributed to one single phenomenon called Human Thought Processes. The idea of an acronym for Generation, Operation and Destruction (G-O-D) by human thought has a spiritual background based on Karmic Principles, argues the author in the book. The delicate balance in the brain chemicals that are responsible for harmonious thought processes can sometimes be severely derailed due to modern day anxiety and stress causing immense agonies leading to serious mental health problems. The author had a firsthand experience of such a mental health crisis in July 2000 while during his PhD study in Adelaide, Australia almost leading to a Near Death Experience which he not only survived but could convert the crisis into an opportunity to harvest immense knowledge and wisdom for self-growth. The author has adopted partly an autobiographical approach to put across ideas that he thinks can find some resonance with people struggling to overcome similar mental health problems in life. While researching into concepts of life after death, he raises few questions about the current understanding of human consciousness. The ultimate realization of the author that Humans are infinite spiritual beings in finite bodies has been systematically and logically brought out to enable a conviction that mental health problems are better handled with medico-spiritual practices. The title of the book suggests that to achieve happiness and bliss in life, human beings anywhere in this world need not search elsewhere because it is all there within. The author has outlined all the practical steps which helped him not only overcome his serious crisis but achieve his desired goals and thus sublime happiness. He strongly believes in the universal application of the principles enumerated.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Author : Douglas Adams
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“Douglas Adams is a terrific satirist.”—The Washington Post Book World Facing annihilation at the hands of the warlike Vogons? Time for a cup of tea! Join the cosmically displaced Arthur Dent and his uncommon comrades in arms in their desperate search for a place to eat, as they hurtle across space powered by pure improbability. Among Arthur’s motley shipmates are Ford Prefect, a longtime friend and expert contributor to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; Zaphod Beeblebrox, the three-armed, two-headed ex-president of the galaxy; Tricia McMillan, a fellow Earth refugee who’s gone native (her name is Trillian now); and Marvin, the moody android. Their destination? The ultimate hot spot for an evening of apocalyptic entertainment and fine dining, where the food speaks for itself (literally). “What’s such fun is how amusing the galaxy looks through Adams’s sardonically silly eyes.”—Detroit Free Press

The Worst Band in the Universe

Author : Graeme Base
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On Planet Blipp, beyond the stars, beyond the sun and moon, The world was ruled by music - but tradition called the tune. The Ancient Songs of ages past were all that could be heard, And no one was allowed to change a single note or word...

The Intelligible Universe

Author : Julio Antonio Gonzalo
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This interesting book reviews WMAP's main results (2003) and discusses in detail how the accurate qualitative results for the ?age? of the universe and the Hubble constant were anticipated in an article published five years before in Acta Cosmologica, Krakow. In the final chapter on ?Cosmic Numbers?, it is shown that, as a result of the coincidence at decoupling time between atom formation and matter/radiation equality, a reasonable cosmic justification for the mass ratio of protons and electrons is obtained. /remove

A Universe from Nothing

Author : Lawrence M. Krauss
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Shares provocative and revelatory answers to such philosophical conundrums as the origins of the universe and how it will end, offering scientific explanations about the immense process through which life evolved.

The Last Three Minutes

Author : Paul Davies
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Ragnarok. Armageddon. Doomsday. Since the dawn of time, man has wondered how the world would end. In The Last Three Minutes, Paul Davies reveals the latest theories. It might end in a whimper, slowly scattering into the infinite void. Then again, it might be yanked back by its own gravity and end in a catastrophic "Big Crunch." There are other, more frightening possibilities. We may be seconds away from doom at this very moment. Written in clear language that makes the cutting-edge science of quarks, neutrinos, wormholes, and metaverses accessible to the layman, The Last Three Minutes treats readers to a wide range of conjectures about the ultimate fate of the universe. Along the way, it takes the occasional divergent path to discuss some slightly less cataclysmic topics such as galactic colonization, what would happen if the Earth were struck by the comet Swift-Tuttle (a distinct possibility), the effects of falling in a black hole, and how to create a "baby universe." Wonderfully morbid to the core, this is one of the most original science books to come along in years.

Danny Wallace and the Centre of the Universe

Author : Danny Wallace
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Danny Wallace wanted to write about a place so special and so crucial to our existence that it had never before been tackled: the Centre of the Universe. But then he realised that getting there might be a problem, and when he did, there'd probably be nothing much to write about. Until he heard about a manhole cover, on a small street, in a small town, tucked away in a remote part of Idaho. The manhole cover had been declared the Centre of the Universe. The mayor had the science to back it up. The town rejoiced. And the name of the town? Wallace. It was a cosmic coincidence Danny couldn't resist...

The Cosmos

Author : Craig G. Fraser
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Shows how our ideas about the size, shape, and composition of the universe came to be.

The God Particle

Author : Leon M. Lederman
File Size : 31.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The world's foremost experimental physicist uses humor, metaphor, and storytelling to delve into the mysteries of matter, discussing the as-yet-to-be-discovered God particle.

Information Theory of the Cosmos

Author : Raghunath Tiruvaipati
File Size : 20.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book deals with information theory spanning across different areas of science such as Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing, Genetics, Thermodynamics. It describes how information underlies everything in the universe and the relationship between entropy of the universe and information. it takes into account Shannon's information theory introduced in 1948 and discusses contemprerary developments in the information theory field. it discusses how the universe originated from bigbang and how life evolved for the last 4.5 billion years that the Earth was formed. More over, it deals with new concepts in the field of quantum physics like quantum entanglement and quantum tunneling . it also discusses the possibilities of sending information at the speed of light or more than that. it describes the Boltzmann's equations for stastical systems, maxwell's daemon, turing machine. this book touches upon a little bit of mathematic equations to explain about the quantum computing, how to build quantum logic gates and further developments in that field . it talks about astronomical objects like blackholes, quasars and the thermo-dynamics operating behind them. it touches upon genetics as genes carry a huge amount of information in their DNA to shape up an organism.