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Tertiary Education in a Time of Change

Author : Tricia McLaughlin
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News Brief

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The Routledge Handbook of Teaching Landscape

Author : Karsten Jørgensen
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Written in collaboration with the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) and LE: NOTRE, The Routledge Handbook of Teaching Landscape provides a wide-ranging overview of teaching landscape subjects, from geology to landscape design, reflecting different perspectives and practices at university-level landscape curricula. Focusing on the didactics of landscape education, this fully illustrated handbook presents and discusses pedagogy, teaching traditions, experimental teaching methods and new teaching principles. The book is structured into three parts: reading the landscape, representing the landscape and transforming the landscape. Contributions from leading experts in the field, such as Simon Bell, Marc Treib, Jörg Rekittke and Susan Herrington, explore landscape analysis, history and theory, design visualisation, creativity and art, planning studio teaching, field trips and site engineering. Aimed at engaging academic researchers and instructors across disciplines such as landscape architecture, geography, ecology, planning and archaeology, this book is a must-have guide to landscape pedagogy as it stands today.

Public Interest Design Education Guidebook

Author : Lisa M. Abendroth
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Public Interest Design Education Guidebook: Curricula, Strategies, and SEED Academic Case Studies presents the pedagogical framework and collective curriculum necessary to teach public interest designers. The second book in Routledge’s Public Interest Design Guidebook series, the editors and contributors feature a range of learning competencies supported by distinct teaching strategies where educational and community-originated goals unite. Written in a guidebook format that includes projects from across design disciplines, this book describes the learning deemed most critical to pursuing an inclusive, informed design practice that meets the diverse needs of both students and community partners. Featured chapter themes include Fundamental Skills, Intercultural Competencies, Engaging the Field Experience, Inclusive Iteration, and Evaluating Student Learning. The book consists of practice-based and applied learning constructs that bridge community-based research with engaged learning and design practice. SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design) academic case studies introduce teaching strategies that reinforce project-specific learning objectives where solving social, economic, and environmental issues unites the efforts of communities, student designers, and educators. This comprehensive publication also contains indices devoted to learning objectives cross-referenced from within the book as well as considerations for educational program development in public interest design. Whether you are a student of design, an educator, or a designer, the breadth of projects and teaching strategies provided here will empower you to excel in your pursuit of public interest design.

Cultural Landscape Report for Independence Square

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Bulletin of the New York Public Library

Author : New York Public Library
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Includes its Report, 1896-19 .

American Landscape and Genre Paintings in the New York Historical Society Naegele Yorke and unidentified artists

Author : New-York Historical Society
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The Impact of 9 11 and the New Legal Landscape

Author : M. Morgan
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The Impact of 9/11 and the New Legal Landscape is the third volume of the six-volume series The Day that Changed Everything? edited by Matthew J. Morgan. The series brings together from a broad spectrum of disciplines the leading thinkers of our time to reflect on one of the most significant events of our time.

The New Strategic Landscape

Author : Julie Verity
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The business challenges of organizations are increasingly complex; strategists need a rich choice of approaches in order to respond. Too few strategy models challenge the dominate paradigm of rational analysis, choice maximisation and planned implementation. This rich collection from an eclectic group of strategists provides alternatives.

The American Landscape Tradition

Author : Joseph S. Czestochowski
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Contains 176 landscapes painted by 126 American artists between 1740 and 1965 with accompanying text

American Foreign Policy Since World War II

Author : Steven W. Hook
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Presents an examination of the conduct of American foreign policy in the second half of the twentieth century, looking at Cold War developments, the post-Cold War period, the war on terrorism, and the problems facing the U.S. in the early 2000s.

Urbanization of Rural Landscapes

Author : Richard K. Olson
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Author :
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Author : Ny Carlsberg glyptotek
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Israel Environment Bulletin

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The Protected Landscape Approach

Author : Jessica Brown
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The traditional patterns of land use that have created many of the world's cultural landscapes contribute to biodiversity, support ecological processes, provide important environmental services, and have proven sustainable over the centuries. Protected landscapes can serve as living models of sustainable use of land and resources, and offer important lessons for sustainable development. Examples of these landscapes and the diverse strategies needed to maintain this essential relationship between people and the land are provided.

National Magazine

Author : Arthur Wellington Brayley
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The National Magazine

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The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted

Author : Frederick Law Olmsted
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This latest volume presents the record of his last years of residence in New York City. It includes reports on the design of Riverside and Morningside parks and Tompkins Square in Manhattan, as well as his comprehensive plan for the street system and rapid transit routes of the Bronx.

Great plains quarterly

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