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The Period Book

Author : Karen Gravelle
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The essential guidebook for every girl. The Period Book is a reassuring must-read for every girl about to have her period, and every parent wishing to prepare a daughter for this important milestone. With more than 300,000 copies sold, The Period Book stands out from the pack by specifically addressing younger girls. And with eleven now the average age at which girls get their period, this supportive and practical approach, providing clear and sensitive answers to common questions, is evern more welcome today. The revised edition includes a new introduction for parents and an additional chapter about body image.

The Period Comic

Author : Florence Igboayaka
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Puberty comes with a lot of changes. The Period Comic (An Illustrated book) will help girls understand and learn about such changes in their bodies in a fun, easy and intriguing way as they continue to grow, whilst building their self-confidence.For many girls, puberty can be an uncertain time. The Period Comic includes everything girls need to know about growing breasts, acne or pimples, their periods, hair in private areas, feelings, nutrition, managing period cramps, preparing for your first period, period poverty, and so much more. This book has practical steps to guide them as they learn about the amazing changes happening in their bodies during puberty and beyond!Among puberty and period books for girls, The Period Comic offers encouraging support while answering real questions that girls have about puberty. Positive, judgment-free, and medically accurate, this book discusses puberty in a way that young girls can relate to. The book was medically reviewed by an experienced gynecologist. The Period Comic is a thrilling and engaging story of three friends on an intriguing weekend of discovery, where they discover and learn about their bodies, puberty and periods. It fun filled and easy for young girls to relate to. Though, they are from diverse cultural backgrounds, one thing they share in common is the changes happening in their bodies as they growThe Period Comic offers vital insight such as: -Easy to understand and relatable- The Period Comic explains periods (menstruation) in a practical and easy way that young girls can relate with. It fun filled, the comic eases the anxiety and numerous questions about periods. The story involves practical tips and have been illustrated using beautiful characters with great personalities.-An overview of puberty that explains what happens, when it happens, and how she'll know-Explanations of changes in body, mood etc. Also, how to confidently approach these changes that occur in puberty -Medically Accurate: reviewed by an experienced gynecologist. -Practical tips and advice for navigating different situations during puberty―from understanding growth spurts to managing periods and menstrual hygiene -Leave girls feeling informed, empowered, and ready for the changes that lie ahead.-Properly researched: Information in this book was informed by intensive research and experience garnered over the years of working with young girls and women in different communities and documentary of their experiences regarding periods.REVIEWSWow!! The Period Comic is amazing. It is so easy to understand. I can identify with some of the things described in the book. I particularly love the fact that is in a comic format. I love the characters in the book. I have told my friends about the book and they can't wait to get their copies.A 11years (United Kingdom)I could not drop The Period Comic once I started reading it. It is interesting and engaging. I love it! Thank you for letting me read this. It is so much fun and easy to understand. I can totally relate with the illustrations.Dee 13 years (UK )This book is so amazing. It is just incredible. The book was supposed to help my daughter, but I read it as well and I am just blown away. I have learnt some things and it sure makes explaining periods to my girl so easy. Thank you.Mrs O (UK)

The Poetry of the Period

Author : Alfred Austin
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The Period Pocketbook

Author : Tricia Kreitman
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Offers answers to common questions girls have concerning menstruation.

Report for the Period

Author : Jane Austen Society
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Hand book and Calendar for the Period

Author : University of Rangoon
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The Girl of the period miscellany

Author :
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Report for the Period

Author : National Museum (Kenya)
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The Girl of the Period

Author : Elizabeth Lynn Linton
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Employment Fact Book for the Period

Author :
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The Period Party

Author : Goddess
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The Period Party is the best gift you can give a young girl entering into women hood. This is a curious time for her and the best way to introduce her period to her is to empower her during this special time. Join me on my quest to empower young women around the world and let them know that they never have anything to be ashamed of. This is a wonderful gift to pass on from one generation to the next. WE can empower our girls, one at-a-time!

Financial Statement for the Period

Author : International Monetary Fund
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The Crusade of the Period and Last Conquest of Ireland perhaps

Author : John Mitchel
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Customs Department Report for the Period

Author : Gambia. Customs Department
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The Period Ship Handbook

Author : Keith Julier
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A further venture into the world of static model sailing ships, offering guidance to the beginner and discussion on model making techniques for the more experienced. Suggestions on expanding the tool kit from the basic essentials towards more sophisticated equipment are followed by an overall view of commercially available kits and their selection. The main body of the book is devoted to the building of ten models, all available in kit form. Each vessel selected has something different to offer the model maker, whether it be the ornamentation of the Royal Caroline or the miniature authentic carpentry of the clinker built Holly. Information is provided on the English "Rate" system and the book concludes with a summary of more modelling techniques.

Report for the Period

Author : Ceylon Tourist Board
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What Is a Period

Author : Nikki Tajiri
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For all the kiddos who ever wanted to know, "What is a period?" Join June and Mommy in this sweet, rhyming first introduction to periods. June explores common curiosities and anxieties, like whether a period hurts, or what it would mean for her to get her period one day. Also included are tips and resources for creating a period-positive environment, for celebrating a first period, and for enhancing your own menstrual experience. Tajiri draws on her experience as the "Period Poet", a mother, and an artist, to create this must-have book for families. Her signature illustrations are simple, yet vibrant. The story has much depth, and will have your little one looking forward to her first period for years to come.

Projects and Monuments in the Period of the Roman Baroque

Author : Hellmut Hager
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Includes lectures held concurrently with an exhibition shown at the Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University.

Masollam a Problem of the Period

Author : Laurence Oliphant
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Annual Report to the Congress for the Period

Author : United States. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
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