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The Problem South

Author : Natalie J. Ring
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For most historians, the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw the hostilities of the Civil War and the dashed hopes of Reconstruction give way to the nationalizing forces of cultural reunion, a process that is said to have downplayed sectional grievances and celebrated racial and industrial harmony. In truth, says Natalie J. Ring, this buoyant mythology competed with an equally powerful and far-reaching set of representations of the backward Problem South—one that shaped and reflected attempts by northern philanthropists, southern liberals, and federal experts to rehabilitate and reform the country's benighted region. Ring rewrites the history of sectional reconciliation and demonstrates how this group used the persuasive language of social science and regionalism to reconcile the paradox of poverty and progress by suggesting that the region was moving through an evolutionary period of “readjustment” toward a more perfect state of civilization. In addition, The Problem South contends that the transformation of the region into a mission field and laboratory for social change took place in a transnational moment of reform. Ambitious efforts to improve the economic welfare of the southern farmer, eradicate such diseases as malaria and hookworm, educate the southern populace, “uplift” poor whites, and solve the brewing “race problem” mirrored the colonial problems vexing the architects of empire around the globe. It was no coincidence, Ring argues, that the regulatory state's efforts to solve the “southern problem” and reformers' increasing reliance on social scientific methodology occurred during the height of U.S. imperial expansion.

Humanitarian Problems in South Vietnam and Cambodia Two Years After the Cease fire

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee to Investigate Problems Connected with Refugees and Escapees
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Civilian Casualty Social Welfare and Refugee Problems in South Vietnam

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee to Investigate Problems Connected with Refugees and Escapees
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Reviews the problem of medical treatment for civilian casualties and refugees in Vietnam.

The South as an American Problem

Author : Larry J. Griffin
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In this volume, twelve authors take a challenging new look at the South. Departing from the issue that has lately preoccupied observers of the South - the region's waning cultural distinctiveness - the contributors instead look at the dynamics of the region's long-troubled relationship with the rest of the nation. What they discover allows us all to view the current state and future course of the South, as well as its link to the broader culture and polity, in a new light. To envision the concept of the "Problem South," and what it means to those within and without the region, six historians have joined together with a sociologist, an economist, two literary scholars, a legal scholar, and a journalist. Their essays, which range in subject from the South's climate to its religious fundamentalism to its great outpouring of fiction and autobiography, are the products of strong and independent minds that cut across disciplines, disagree among themselves, blend contemporary and historical insights, and confront conventional wisdom and expedient generalities. Although consensus among the contributors was never the goal of this collection, some common themes do suggest themselves. Above all, there is not only a South defined by its geography, history, and society, but also a mythic and metaphoric South - one continually refashioned by national/regional discourse, trends and events. In addition, the South has long been a mirror in which America has viewed itself. The nation has sought, time and again, to change the region, but it has also used the South to expose and modify darker impulses of American culture.

Equality Issues in South Dakota Women s Employment

Author : United States Commission on Civil Rights. South Dakota Advisory Committee
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Problems of Greater Britain

Author : Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke
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The South African Agrarian Problem and Its Historical Development

Author : William Miller Macmillan
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The Native Problem in South Africa

Author : Alexander Davis
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South America Its Missionary Problem

Author : Thomas B. Neely
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South African Journal of Science

Author :
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The Immortal History of South Africa

Author : Martin James Boon
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Some Aspects of the Race Problem in the South

Author : Robert Fishburne Campbell
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A reasoned assessment of the situation of blacks in the U.S. and the common responsibility of North and South for creating and solving America's "race problem." Covers the history of slavery in U.S. and the status of African Americans since emancipation, with statistics on wealth, population, and life expectancy. Campbell was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, N.C.

Slavery and the Race Problem in the South

Author : William Henry Fleming
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Letter to Mandela on the Problem of the Organisational Unity in South Africa

Author : I. B. Tabata
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Semi centennial Celebration of Mount Holyoke Seminary South Hadley Mass

Author : Mount Holyoke College
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The Addis Ababa Agreement on the Problem of South Sudan

Author :
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AIDS witchcraft and the problem of power in post apartheid South Africa

Author : Adam Ashforth
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Christian Work in South America

Author : Committee on cooperation in Latin America
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Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa

Author : Geological Society of South Africa
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Some volumes accompanied by Annexure.

The Folly of Jim Crow

Author : Stephanie Cole
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Although the origins, application, and socio-historical implications of the Jim Crow system have been studied and debated for at least the last three-quarters of a century, nuanced understanding of this complex cultural construct is still evolving, according to Stephanie Cole and Natalie J. Ring, coeditors of The Folly of Jim Crow: Rethinking the Segregated South. Indeed, they suggest, scholars may profit from a careful examination of previous assumptions and conclusions along the lines suggested by the studies in this important new collection. Based on the March 2008 Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures at the University of Texas at Arlington, this forty-third volume in the prestigious series undertakes a close review of both the history and the historiography of the Jim Crow South. The studies in this collection incorporate important perspectives that have developed during the past two decades among scholars interested in gender and politics, the culture of resistance, and "the hegemonic function of ‘whiteness.’" By asking fresh questions and critically examining long-held beliefs, the new studies contained in The Folly of Jim Crow will, ironically, reinforce at least one of the key observations made in C. Vann Woodward’s landmark 1955 study: In its idiosyncratic, contradictory, and multifaceted development and application, the career of Jim Crow was, indeed, strange. Further, as these studies demonstrate—and as alluded to in the title—it is folly to attempt to locate the genesis of the South’s institutional racial segregation in any single event, era, or policy. "Instead," as W. Fitzhugh Brundage notes in his introduction to the volume, "formal segregation evolved through an untidy process of experimentation and adaptation."