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The Sea of Adventure

Author : Enid Blyton
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When Bill takes Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack on a mysterious trip to the desolate northern isles, everything looks set for an exciting time. But then Bill is kidnapped and the children, marooned far from the mainland, find themselves playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with an unknown enemy. Other titles in the Adventure series: The Island of Adventure The Castle of Adventure The Valley of Adventure The Mountain of Adventure The Ship of Adventure The Circus of Adventure The River of Adventure

Hope at Sea

Author : Daniel Miyares
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A girl pursues her own adventures by stowing away on her father's clipper ship.

The Sea of Adventure

Author : Enid Blyton
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Enid Blyton's much-loved classic series, packed full of adventure and mystery. A mysterious trip to the desolate northen isles leads to another exciting adventure for Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack. Bill is kidnapped, and the children are marooned far from the mainland. Will they rescue Bill in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with an unknown enemy? First published in 1948, this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated.

Little World Under the Sea

Author : Ladybird Publishing Staff
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Curious minds will love to explore the reefs and rocks of the ocean with this interactive title from Little World. Discover all kinds of interesting and unusual sea creatures in this bright and colourful board book, which features a novelty to slide, push or pull on every spread.

Underwater Adventure

Author : Willard Price
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'Never trust sharks . . .' Hal and Roger Hunt dive into danger when they join the Oceanographic institute as part of an underwater operation in the South Seas. And it's sink or swim for the intrepid brothers when their aquatic adventures bring them face to face with a foe even more deadly than the sea creatures of the deep . . .

Little Critter Just an Adventure at Sea

Author : Mercer Mayer
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Join Mercer Mayer’s classic and beloved character, Little Critter®, as he embarks on an ocean adventure with his dad. They fix up a boat and take it out to sea to go whale watching. But Little Critter discovers that the ocean is full of surprises and a great place for adventure! Little Critter: Just an Adventure at Sea is a My First I Can Read book, which means it’s perfect for shared reading with a child.

The Sea

Author : David Belding
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This is the first book of the series of four. the Sea will take you along on the adventure, by sailboat, around the world. It tells of encounters with pirates, sharks, dolphins, whales, alligators, smugglers, and port authorities. It tells of heroes and fool hardness. It will make you laugh, and the next page will make you cry. This book was written to entertain you and give you some information on what goes on around the world. It touches on some of the problems of people who give up life on land and go to sea for adventure. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Under the Sea

Author : P. J. Fox
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Welcome to the Magical World of the Sea! Within these pages, an adventure awaits: one filled with all manner of creatures of the sea, along with their surroundings. Each coral formation, each fish hiding within, each starfish and shark and dolphin appears one after the other in gorgeously rendered pen and ink-and they're all waiting for you, the colorist, to bring them to life. Twenty-four individual plates, each one a painstakingly detailed miniature world unto itself, promise to provide hours of exploration. For colorists, and adventurers, of all ages.

The Sea Adventure A Tale for Children

Author : Guy Smith
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Jim Davis

Author : John Masefield
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His life takes a terrifying turn when twelve-year-old Jim Davis stumbles upon a ring of bloodthirsty pirates led by Marah, a frightening and sea-scarred buccaneer, in an action-packed thriller first published in 1923.

South Sea Adventure

Author : Willard Price
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Hal and Roger Hunt are searching for exotic sea-life - and have a special mission to collect pearls from the oyster-beds of a secret lagoon. But do the crew and passengers of the LIVELY LADY know more than they should? Can anybody be trusted?

THE SEA ADVENTURES Boxed Set 20 Maritime Novels Tales of Seas and Sailors

Author : Jack London
File Size : 61.35 MB
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This carefully crafted ebook: "THE SEA ADVENTURES – Boxed Set: 20+ Maritime Novels & Tales of Seas and Sailors (Illustrated)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The Cruise of the Dazzler The Sea-Wolf Adventure A Son of the Sun The Mutiny of the Elsinore The Cruise of the Snark Tales of the Fish Patrol White and Yellow The King of the Greeks A Raid on the Oyster Pirates The Siege of the "Lancashire Queen" Charley's Coup Demetrios Contos Yellow Handkerchief South Sea Tales The House of Mapuhi The Whale Tooth Mauki "Yah! Yah! Yah!" The Heathen The Terrible Solomons The Inevitable White Man The Seed of McCoy Jack London (1876-1916) was an American novelist, journalist, and social activist. His amazing life experience also includes being an oyster pirate, railroad hobo, gold prospector, sailor, war correspondent and much more. He wrote adventure novels & sea tales, stories of the Gold Rush, tales of the South Pacific and the San Francisco Bay area - most of which were based on or inspired by his own life experiences.

The Deep sea Adventure Series Sea gold

Author :
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Man Upon the Sea

Author : Frank Boott Goodrich
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Black Wave

Author : John Silverwood
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“I told God that if he would let us survive this night, I would make it mean something worthwhile. And then, somehow, I felt calmer than I have ever felt. Unreasonably so. Irrationally so. I looked over the scene of our wrecked life and I smiled–a crazy smile for sure–and I looked through the dark at the mad beauty of it.” –Jean Silverwood An exhilarating true-life adventure of one family’s extraordinary sea voyage of self-discovery and survival, tragedy and triumph Successful businessman John Silverwood and his wife, Jean, both experienced sailors, decided the time was right to give their four children a taste of thrilling life on the high seas. And indeed their journey aboard the fifty-five-foot catamaran Emerald Jane would have many extraordinary and profound moments, whether it was the peaceful late-night watches John enjoyed under the stunning celestial sky or the elation shared by the whole family at the sight of blissful pods of dolphin and migrating tortoises. John and Jean had hoped to use the trip as a teaching opportunity, with the Emerald Jane as a floating classroom in which to instruct their children in important lessons–not only about the natural world but about the beauty of human life when stripped down to its essence, far from the trappings of civilization. Yet rather than flourishing amid the new freedoms and responsibilities thrust upon them, the children were sometimes confused, frightened, resentful. The two oldest, fourteen-year-old Ben and twelve-year-old Amelia, missed their friends and the comfortable life left behind in San Diego, while the two youngest, Jack, seven, and Camille, three, picked up on the stressful currents running above and below the surface–for throughout the journey, the Silverwood family found its bonds tested as never before. John and Jean, whose marriage had weathered its share of storms, would wonder again if they had taken on too much as the physical, emotional, and financial strains of caring for the expensive catamaran and their children brought old resentments to the surface. John’s dream trip that began on Long Island Sound ended almost two years later as a nightmare in treacherous waters off a remote atoll in French Polynesia, where, in an explosion of awesome violence, the terrifying brunt of the ocean’s anger fell upon the Emerald Jane. Gradually, in the crucible of the sea, a stronger, more closely knit unit was forged. The Silverwoods became a crew. Then they became a family again. But just as it seemed to them that they had mastered every challenge, their world was shattered in a split-second of unimaginable horror. Now their real challenge began, forcing them to fight for their very lives.

Otto at Sea

Author : William Pène Du Bois
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After receiving 22 medals for brave adventures in 18 different countries, Otto, a giant dog, and his master, Duke, set out on a good-will tour to America. It turns out that they don't leave adventure behind.

The Novel and the Sea

Author : Margaret Cohen
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For a century, the history of the novel has been written in terms of nations and territories: the English novel, the French novel, the American novel. But what if novels were viewed in terms of the seas that unite these different lands? Examining works across two centuries, The Novel and the Sea recounts the novel's rise, told from the perspective of the ship's deck and the allure of the oceans in the modern cultural imagination. Margaret Cohen moors the novel to overseas exploration and work at sea, framing its emergence as a transatlantic history, steeped in the adventures and risks of the maritime frontier. Cohen explores how Robinson Crusoe competed with the best-selling nautical literature of the time by dramatizing remarkable conditions, from the wonders of unknown lands to storms, shipwrecks, and pirates. She considers James Fenimore Cooper's refashioning of the adventure novel in postcolonial America, and a change in literary poetics toward new frontiers and to the maritime labor and technology of the nineteenth century. Cohen shows how Jules Verne reworked adventures at sea into science fiction; how Melville, Hugo, and Conrad navigated the foggy waters of language and thought; and how detective and spy fiction built on sea fiction's problem-solving devices. She also discusses the transformation of the ocean from a theater of skilled work to an environment of pristine nature and the sublime. A significant literary history, The Novel and the Sea challenges readers to rethink their land-locked assumptions about the novel.

The Sea and Me

Author : Stan Corwin
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The World s Greatest Sea Adventures

Author : John Kerans
File Size : 24.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eighteen epics of the sea, including St. Paul's shipwreck, John F. Kennedy's ordeal, and Kon Tiki, by the commander of the Amethyst, who brought his ship through Chinese Communist gunfire to freedom in 1949.

Adventure by the Sea side

Author : Asadi
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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