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Playing in the Shadows

Author : William H Bridges
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Playing in the Shadows considers the literature engendered by postwar Japanese authors’ robust cultural exchanges with African Americans and African American literature. The Allied Occupation brought an influx of African American soldiers and culture to Japan, which catalyzed the writing of black characters into postwar Japanese literature. This same influx fostered the creation of organizations such as the Kokujin kenkyu no kai (The Japanese Association for Negro Studies) and literary endeavors such as the Kokujin bungaku zenshu (The Complete Anthology of Black Literature). This rich milieu sparked Japanese authors’—Nakagami Kenji and Oe Kenzaburo are two notable examples—interest in reading, interpreting, critiquing, and, ultimately, incorporating the tropes and techniques of African American literature and jazz performance into their own literary works. Such incorporation leads to literary works that are “black” not by virtue of their representations of black characters, but due to their investment in the possibility of technically and intertextually black Japanese literature. Will Bridges argues that these “fictions of race” provide visions of the way that postwar Japanese authors reimagine the ascription of race to bodies—be they bodies of literature, the body politic, or the human body itself.

As the shadows fall

Author : Joyce Emmerson P. Muddock
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The Shadows of the Past

Author :
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From the Shadows

Author : Robert M. Gates
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The former director of the CIA discusses the hidden wars and operations that the U.S. waged against world Communism, discusses the CIA's role in the collapse of Communism in the Soviet bloc, and assesses the various presidents and officials for whom he worked. 60,000 first printing. Tour.

Out of the Shadows

Author : Patrick J Carnes
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Unhooked from regular routines and healthy relationships by the coronavirus pandemic or other traumas, even our most basic human impulses and inputs can become addictive and destructive. An essential resource for those struggling with sexual addiction and compulsions, and those who love them. With the revised information and up-to-date research, Out of the Shadows is the premier work on sex addiction, written by a pioneer in its treatment. Sex is at the core of our identities. And when it becomes a compulsion, it can unravel our lives. Out of the Shadows is the premier work on this disorder, written by a pioneer in its treatment. Revised and updated to include the latest research--and to address the exploding phenomenon of cybersex addiction--this third edition identifies the danger signs, explains the dynamics, and describes the consequences of sexual addiction and dependency. With practical wisdom and spiritual clarity, it points the way out of the shadows of sexual compulsion and back into the light and fullness of life.

Out of the Shadows

Author : Jo Fisher
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Since the early 1970s women across South America have been uniting to confont the brutality and repression of military rule. In Out of the Shadows, author Jo Fisher interviews women in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay to show how they have moved into the vacuum left by the military's destruction of the male-dominated left. Chapters describe how women have organised - in communal kitchens in Chile's shantytowns, as trade unionists in Uruguay, peace activists in Paraguay, mothers of the disappeared and self-help groups in Argentina, as grassroots feminists in Chile - ending the isolation of home life. While built around the traditional female concerns such as providing food and care for their families, the new women's movements have developed a grassroots feminism that is strikingly different from the middle class feminism of the city centres and have had a seismic impact on gender consciousness throughout the region.

Out of the Shadows

Author : Nina Byers
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Authoritative 2006 description of pioneering women who made important contributions to physics from the twentieth century.

The projection of shadows a sequel to the Manual of perspective

Author : Charles Harvey Weigall
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Within the Shadows

Author : Scott Shallenbarger
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Flowering in the Shadows

Author : Marsha Smith Weidner
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For well over a thousand years Chinese and Japanese women created, commissioned, collected and used paintings, yet until recently this fact has scarcely been acknowledged in the study of East Asian art by Westerners.

Steel Shadows

Author : J.L. Gribble
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The shadows are talking and they won't take no for an answer. Victory has returned safely to present-day Limani, sure that nothing so strange as time travel can ever happen to her again. Until the shadows begin speaking to her. And it turns out she's not the only one. Along with her sire Asaron and daywalker Mikelos, Victory will travel to a realm outside anything she could ever imagine. A previously unknown, ancient enemy threatens to tear apart the fabric of the world, and everything Victory thought she knew about magic will be completely rewritten. In this unfamiliar world, accompanied by long-lost companions, Victory must find her way home once more. But if the shadows have manipulated her life all along, will she have a home to return to? Or will the darkness consume Limani as well?

Hegel s Realm of Shadows

Author : Robert B. Pippin
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Hegel frequently claimed that the heart of his entire system was a book widely regarded as among the most difficult in the history of philosophy, The Science of Logic. This is the book that presents his metaphysics, an enterprise that he insists can only be properly understood as a "logic," or a "science of pure thinking." Since he also wrote that the proper object of any such logic is pure thinking itself, it has always been unclear in just what sense such a science could be a "metaphysics." Robert B. Pippin offers here a bold, original interpretation of Hegel's claim that only now, after Kant's critical breakthrough in philosophy, can we understand how logic can be a metaphysics. Pippin addresses Hegel's deep, constant reliance on Aristotle's conception of metaphysics, the difference between Hegel's project and modern rationalist metaphysics, and the links between the "logic as metaphysics" claim and modern developments in the philosophy of logic. Pippin goes on to explore many other facets of Hegel's thought, including the significance for a philosophical logic of the self-conscious character of thought, the dynamism of reason in Kant and Hegel, life as a logical category, and what Hegel might mean by the unity of the idea of the true and the idea of the good in the "Absolute Idea." The culmination of Pippin's work on Hegel and German idealism, no Hegel scholar or historian of philosophy will want to miss this book.

A Marriage of Shadows and Other Poems

Author : Margaret Veley
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A Treatise on Shades and Shadows and Linear Perspective

Author : Charles Davies
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Women in the Shadows

Author : Ch. S. Chiu
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Women in the Shadows discusses the biographies of five brilliant and talented women born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Mileva Einstein-Maric, Margarete Jeanne Trakl, Lise Meitner, Milena Jesenská, and Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. Charles S. Chiu creates «a narrative against forgetting, as a small step out of darkness» by writing about these women's accomplishments, which were overshadowed by those of the famous men in their lives. Edith Borchardt's translation brings this narrative to a wider audience. Women in the Shadows will interest scientists and scholars in the humanities as well as the general reader. The women portrayed represent various fields - mathematics, physics, music and literature, journalism, and architecture - making Women in the Shadows suitable for courses on the history of science, German and Austrian studies, as well as women's studies.

The Rebellion of the Shadows

Author : Daniel E. Darquea-Bossano
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Seconds before the 2020 NFL’s Super Bowl begins, an intruder appears in the middle of the field. It’s dressed in a black medieval cloak, wearing a dark mask that only reveals its eyes. The mysterious being uses shadows to immobilize all the people in the stadium; after that, it enters their minds and communicates that the rebellion of the Shadows will begin the next day. Twenty-four hours later, the rebels take all mines and oil wells in the world, as millions of people begin to disappear. The economy collapses, creating a global crisis immediately. All the governments in the world decide to unify in one, creating the Earth Armed Forces. They need to defeat and punish their enemies, to recover what they have lost, but they will realize that the Shadows have more power than they can imagine. Once again, the people will suffer the consequences of the battle between good and evil.

A House in the Shadows

Author : Maria Messina
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Because of her sheltered village life, Antonietta convinces her new husband, Don Lucio, to allow her sister to move to the city with them where Don Lucio assumes the traditional Sicilian role of lord and master

From The Shadows

Author : Shane Grove
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John Kuykendall is a young Deputy Sheriff in rural Ohio. One night he is sent to a remote residence down a one lane stone Road at the edge of a state forest. When he arrives he finds a terrified family and has an encounter in the Woods with an unknown creature that will change his life. Forever. Shaken to the core, he asks questions for which there seem no answers or at least no one is willing to give answers.Twenty years and three books later, John is at a monster conference sitting at a table. While selling books and signing autographs, he is approached by a beautiful younger woman. Her name is Christina Crawford. She invites him to meet her after the conference deep inside Pleasant Hill Penitentiary. John agrees and sneaks back inside and finds Christina in an abandoned cell block. She leads him to a metal door. Squatch Files Begins.

Danger in the Shadows

Author : Dee Henderson
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Hidden away in the witness protection program, Sara is falling in love with former pro football player Adam Black, which is something that could get her killed. FBI agent Dave Richman has his hands full keeping her safe from her sister's killer. When events bring Sara face-to-face with terror, will she rely on God for protection?

Morning through the Shadows

Author : Marla Fair
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In 1848 Nancy Cain Boyd fled Ireland and her abusive husband, William, taking their only child Margaret with her. On the ship to America she met a sad and gentle man, Robert McCurdy, and fell in love with him. Nancy and Robert were married that same year. Unfortunately, she was still married to Mr. Boyd.... Morning through the Shadows is based on the true story of Nancy Cain Boyd and Robert McCurdy, the author's ancestors.