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Shooting Star

Author : Jenny Giles
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Emily was playing a computer game about the stars and planets when the power cuts out. With the power out she won't be able to finish her game. Gran shows her that she doesn't have to play computer games to look at the stars.

The Shooting Star

Author : Rose Impey
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Jelly might be rubbish at maths, but she's great at netball and she loves it. So when a ruthless local politician decides to ban competitive sports in school, Jelly is determined to fight. Especially as her team are about to go through to the inter-school finals.

Timothy The Shooting Star

Author : Christie Elam, EdD
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Loud noises and social situations make Timothy, an elephant with autism, very uncomfortable. The challenges of autism make him shake his trunk back and forth to soothe his anxiety. This makes others laugh and tease him. Timothy’s favorite subject, outer space, becomes a way to connect with the other animals in the African Savanna. One evening, a shooting star changes everything! Find out how Timothy discovers his own worth and gains the respect of others. “This story gives a voice to kids who may have a hard time finding their own. Timothy the Elephant gifts autistic children with a better understanding of themselves and others. It also provides caregivers with a helpful tool in getting to know the precious kids with whom they are sharing the story.” – Naomi, proud mom of a son with autism Savanna Tales Timothy, The Shooting Star is the first book in the Savanna Tales series, which focuses on the unique and sometimes challenging behaviors of children with emotional or behavioral disorders. The goal is to help children connect to the characters in a way that embraces their differences, and celebrates them as special and precious creations.


Author : Jon-Michael Castelli; Martial Yapo
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This story was inspired by a very real and very amazing little boy, my son Soolshyne. It was written by my dear friend, Dr. Jon-Michael Castelli, and illustrate by myself ( Martial Yapo ). The doctor and I were friends before this tragedy, but Soolshyne’s passing has formed mystical and profound bond between us. While the story is fable, the magic it describes is very very real. Soolshyne passed away at the very hospital in which Jon-Michael works. The story came to Jon-Michael as he looked to the full moon the same night Soolshyne passed. He knew little of my family’s details before writing, and it seems obvious to us that the story is both a gift and a message Soolshyne wants us to share with the world.

Under the shooting Star

Author : marcel mendes
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The story relates the lives of two people traveling through time; driven to fufill their destiny. Although the situation changes; and new challeges have to be faced, when these two meet, they realize that they have been together, and that they are meeting again because it's their destiny, and that the only way they will truly succeed; is by helping the other.

Little Cathy and the Shooting Star Early Reader Children s Picture Books

Author : Tabitha Fox
File Size : 38.65 MB
Format : PDF
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Little Cathy and the Shooting Star - Early Reader - Children's Picture Books

The Shooting Star

Author : Hergé
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Things are hotting up for Tintin as a huge fireball comes hurtling towards earth! Soon he is setting sail with Captain Haddock to find the meteorite in the stormy Arctic Ocean, but a valuable metal is contained in the meteorite and Tintin's attempts to reach it are met with relentless sabotage!

Katie and the Shooting Stars Early Reader Children s Picture Books

Author : Antonia Ivanova
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Katie and the Shooting Stars - Early Reader - Children's Picture Books Early Reader - Children's Picture Books

The Trouble with Shooting Stars

Author : Meg Cannistra
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“A story brimming with hope and sparkling with magic. Meg Cannistra’s writing shines as bright as any shooting star.” —Cassie Beasley, author of Circus Mirandus “Loving, imaginative, and gorgeously written, this book shines with magic and heart.” —Anne Ursu, author of The Lost Girl Wonder meets Mary Poppins in this heartfelt debut novel about magic, healing, and the importance of family. Twelve-year-old Luna loves the nighttime more than anything else. It’s when no one gives her “that look” about the half mask she has to wear while healing from a disfiguring car accident. It’s also the perfect time to sit outside and draw what she sees. Like the boy and girl from the new family next door…zipping out of the window in a zeppelin and up to the stars. At first she thinks she’s dreaming. But one night they catch her watching. Now Luna spends her nights on adventures with them, as they clean full moons, arrange constellations, and catch jars of stardust. She even gets to make a wish on a shooting star they catch. But Luna learns that no wish is strong enough to erase the past—as much as she may hope to.

Shooting Star

Author : Cynthia Bates
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When Quyen quarrels with her coach and joins a new basketball team, one of the other players seems to want to make trouble for her, and her immigrant parents have no time for anything but a secret dating back to their lives in Vietnam.

Thomas and the Shooting Star

Author : W. Awdry
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Unable to fall asleep, Thomas the tank engine goes on a nighttime adventure in search of a shooting star.

Billy Kidman

Author : L. Anne Carrington
File Size : 83.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Billy Kidman carved out a career as one of World Championship Wrestling's and World Wrestling Entertainment's most exciting cruiserweights. A solid in-ring worker for little over a decade, he enjoyed success as a multiple-time cruiserweight and tag team champion during the 1990's and early 2000's. Kidman wrestled for several American and overseas independent promotions after being released from WWE and then became a trainer and occasional wrestler for Florida Championship Wrestling (now NXT). Now retired from the ring, he works as a producer at WWE events in the Gorilla Position. Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star contains updated and some never before revealed information behind the story of an underrated and underappreciated talent who achieved success in several aspects of the wrestling business before age 40. Updated June 2014 to remove content previously added in error. DISCLAIMER: This book was not prepared, approved, licensed or endorsed by Peter Gruner, Jr., World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE ), members of WWE, or any other wrestling organization.

The Shooting Star

Author : Geoffrey Elliott
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camp figure who, in 1947, was eking a living as Douglas Fairbanks Jnr's butler. His employer was disconcerted to see a letter arrive at the house, addressed to 'Major Denis Rake, MC'. 'Oh dear, I'd hoped you wouldn't know about all that nonsense', said the butler apologetically." --Book Jacket.

The Shooting Star

Author : Shivya Nath
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Shivya Nath quit her corporate job at age twenty-three to travel the world. She gave up her home and the need for a permanent address, sold most of her possessions and embarked on a nomadic journey that has taken her everywhere from remote Himalayan villages to the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador. Along the way, she lived with an indigenous Mayan community in Guatemala, hiked alone in the Ecuadorian Andes, got mugged in Costa Rica, swam across the border from Costa Rica to Panama, slept under a meteor shower in the cracked salt desert of Gujarat and learnt to conquer her deepest fears. With its vivid descriptions, cinematic landscapes, moving encounters and uplifting adventures, The Shooting Star is a travel memoir that maps not just the world but the human spirit.

On the Night of the Shooting Star

Author : Amy Hest
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A charming picture book about loneliness and making friends from a bestselling author and illustrator. Bunny and Dog live on opposite sides of the fence. No one says hello. Or hi. But on the night of the shooting star, two doors open... From bestselling author Amy Hest and illustrator Jenni Desmond comes a charming picture book about loneliness and making friends.

Shooting Stars as Observed from the sixth Column of the Times

Author : William Livingston Alden
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Shooting Star

Author : Tom Wicker
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An examination of Joseph McCarthy's ambition and record attempts to discover the motivations behind his demagoguery as the anti-Communist cause already had been embraced by the Republican Party as a whole, a cause that turned into a flood. 25,000 first printing.

Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Star Vol 1

Author : Mito Satou
File Size : 34.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When we were a child, the word "forever" seems so sparkly and lovely. The six of us thought we would be together forever. But the Subaru's accident broke us apart. One day, "she" appeared in front of Hokuto... will this strange phenomenon restore their broken bond?! The endless regret. An overwhelmed feeling. Heartwrenching adolescent days now begin...

Clover and the Shooting Star

Author : Heather Lynn Harris
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When the brief brilliance of a shooting star touches Clover the Rabbit's heart, he wants to share it with his friends. But when he finds that neither Mole, Raccoon nor Possum saw it, Clover begins to cry. Then wise Owl shows him how shooting stars, live loved ones we lose to soon, are remembered forever. A book of wonder and hope.

Meteoric astronomy a treatise on shooting stars fireballs and aerolites

Author : Daniel Kirkwood
File Size : 84.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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