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The Smell of Evil

Author : Charles Birkin
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These thirteen stories reveals Sir Charles Birkin at his diabolical best. He induces chills by describing the sufferings of ordinary, decent people who encounter inexplicable cruelty and evil in their everyday lives.

See No Evil Hear No Evil Smell No Evil

Author : Anna Jane Hays
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Big Bird paints the clubhouse, creating paint fumes which the other members try to eliminate with lemons, roses, and even sardines.

The Smell Culture Reader

Author : Jim Drobnick
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Smell is fundamental to experience but mired in paradox. Stigmatized as animalistic, it nonetheless feeds a vast fragrance and marketing industry. Considered ephemeral, scents have survived throughout the ages in a number of religious practices. The Smell Culture Reader provides a much-needed overview of what is arguably the most elusive sense. From hygiene to aromatherapy, the fetid to the fragrant, smells are shown to be much more than just an adornment or a nuisance. Addressing this engaging sense in redolent detail, The Smell Culture Reader demonstrates how essential smell is to sexuality, social status, personal identity, and cultural tradition.

The Smell of Books

Author : Hans J. Rindisbacher
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The Chemistry of Common Life

Author : James Finlay Weir Johnston
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The Therapeutic Gazette

Author :
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Essays and Colours of Good and Evil

Author : Francis Bacon
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The Smell of Risk

Author : Hsuan L. Hsu
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A timely exploration of how odor seeps into structural inequality Our sense of smell is a uniquely visceral—and personal—form of experience. As Hsuan L. Hsu points out, smell has long been spurned by Western aesthetics as a lesser sense for its qualities of subjectivity, volatility, and materiality. But it is these very qualities that make olfaction a vital tool for sensing and staging environmental risk and inequality. Unlike the other senses, smell extends across space and reaches into our bodies. Hsu traces how writers, artists, and activists have deployed these embodied, biochemical qualities of smell in their efforts to critique and reshape modernity’s olfactory disparities. The Smell of Risk outlines the many ways that our differentiated atmospheres unevenly distribute environmental risk. Reading everything from nineteenth-century detective fiction and naturalist novels to contemporary performance art and memoir, Hsu takes up modernity’s differentiated atmospheres as a subject worth sniffing out. From the industrial revolution to current-day environmental crises, Hsu uses ecocriticism, geography, and critical race studies to, for example, explore Latinx communities exposed to freeway exhaust and pesticides, Asian diasporic artists’ response to racialized discourse about Asiatic odors, and the devastation settler colonialism has reaped on Indigenous smellscapes. In each instance, Hsu demonstrates the violence that air maintenance, control, and conditioning enacts on the poor and the marginalized. From nineteenth-century miasma theory theory to the synthetic chemicals that pervade twenty-first century air, Hsu takes smell at face value to offer an evocative retelling of urbanization, public health, and environmental violence.

Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius

Author : Russel Gehrke
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Have some thoroughly green evil fun! This wickedly inventive guide explains how to create a variety of practical, environmentally friendly items you can use for yourself or resell for profit. Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius is filled with detailed directions on how to successfully complete each green project and discusses important safety issues. Using easy-to-find components and tools, this do-it-yourself book shows you how to brew up green cleaners, transform all types of paper into building materials, safety rid your home and yard of pests, and much more--all on the cheap! Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius: Features step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations Covers essential safety measures Reveals the scientific principles behind the projects Removes the frustration factor--all required parts are listed, along with sources Make your own green: Household cleaners Laundry soap Citrus oil extract Pest and weed control solutions Recycled plastic lumber and landscape blocks Recycled asphalt shingle paver bricks and road patch compound Concrete paper mache blocks, garden walls, stepping stones, and structures Solar-powered composter Garden-friendly charcoal And more Each fun, inexpensive, and slightly wicked Evil Genius project includes a detailed list of materials, sources for parts, schematics, and lots of clear, well-illustrated instructions for easy assembly. The larger workbook-style layout and convenient two-column format make following the step-by-step instructions a breeze.

The Smell of Slavery

Author : Andrew Kettler
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Slavery, capitalism, and colonialism were understood as racially justified through false olfactory perceptions of African bodies throughout the Atlantic World.

The Existence of Evil Spirits Proved

Author : Walter Scott
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The Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author :
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The Library Companion

Author : Thomas Frognall Dibdin
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The Library Companion Or The Young Man s Guide and the Old Man s Comfort in the Choice of a Library By the Rev T F Dibdin Vol 1 2

Author :
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Author : Arthur Cowper Ranyard
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The Englishman s Hebrew and Chaldee concordance of the Old Testament based on the unpubl work of W De Burgh ed by G V Wigram

Author : George Vicesimus Wigram
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Strange Evil

Author : Jane Gaskell
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On the banks of the magical mountain. . . was a land of flying Satyrs and humanlike fairies -- a battleground, where the two tribes of the Mountain fought for power. Brought here by her cousin, the Earthling Judith lived in the tranquillity of the fantasy world. But, as an Other-worldly being caught between warring people, Judith was destined to die. . . until she discovered the Evil driving her cousin's enemies to fight to regain their power, now and forever!

When the Day of Evil Comes Day of Evil Series 1

Author : Melanie Wells
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Dylan Foster's world becomes punctuated with disturbing, inexplicable events when she finds herself in the center of a nightmarish battle with only God-issued spiritual armor and her own wits to protect her.

Touching Evil

Author : Norma Rosen
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"Touching Evil which encroaches on various other penultimates--violence, betrayal and survival, above all regenerative survival (with something of the hallelujah chorus of Joy to Levine -- 1962), is also a woman's book, though not every woman's book since it is overwhelmingly female. Necessarily since much of it concerns a childbirth, as shared vicariously by Jean Lamb who observes and records the experience of a young woman whom her lover, Loftus, has asked her to keep an eye on. The mother-to-be is Hattie who has a theory of slipping "inside the lives of other people" so that while she is gestating she is identifying, via television and the Eichmann trial, with Hitler's victims. Jean Lamb who is "approaching the losing side of age," whose Fridays with a lover are no longer enough, and whose childlessness is an increasing scourge, is meantime slipping inside of Hattie's experience which ends with the total fusion of Labor Room / Concentration Camp ... All of this has a definitely tactile intimacy and it's entirely subjective whether you respond or recoil."--Kirkus.