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The Space Craft Book

Author : Laura Minter
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Containing 15 fantastic space-themed projects to make, The Space Craft Book will get children crafting and creating in no time. Aimed at boys and girls aged 3+, all of the projects can be made either from readily available items or from easy-to-source materials, parents can have little to no crafting experience to help! In addition to creating space outfits to wear and essential astronaut accessories, there are also space-themed cakes and nibbles to make too. Projects include: constellation nightlight, space boots, mission control desk, booster pack, walkie talkie, giant cardboard rocket.

Space Craft

Author : Spizzirri Publishing Company
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Covers space crafts, including the space shuttle "Columbia", that were developed to put man in space


Author : Darlene R. Stille
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Describes a variety of spacecraft from past, present, and future, including the early rockets, the space shuttle, and possible space stations.

Spacecraft Technology

Author : Mark Williamson
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Spacecraft Technology: The Early Years covers the development of space technology in the late 1950s and 1960s, from the launch of Sputnik 1 in October 1957 to the landing of men on the moon in 1969. The text begins by looking at the challenge of getting into space and the development of the space launch vehicle, and moves on to discussion of unmanned satellites and spaceprobes, and the first capsules deployed in Earth orbit and the Apollo missions to the Moon.

Elements of Spacecraft Design

Author : Charles D. Brown
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Annotation This text discusses the conceptual stages of mission design, systems engineering, and orbital mechanics, providing a basis for understanding the design process for different components and functions of a spacecraft. Coverage includes propulsion and power systems, structures, attitude control, thermal control, command and data systems, and telecommunications. Worked examples and exercises are included, in addition to appendices on acronyms and abbreviations and spacecraft design data. The book can be used for self-study or for a course in spacecraft design. Brown directed the team that produced the Magellan spacecraft, and has taught spacecraft design at the University of Colorado. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

How Spacecraft Fly

Author : Graham Swinerd
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In this popular science book, Graham Swinerd explains, without the use of mathematics and in an informal way, aerodynamic and astrodynamic flight for non-technical readers who are interested in spaceflight and spacecraft.

The Story of the Space Shuttle

Author : David M. Harland
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In spite of the Challenger and Columbia disasters, the US Space Shuttle, which entered service in 1981, remains the most successful spacecraft ever developed. Conceived and designed as a reusable spacecraft to provide cheap access to low Earth orbit, and to supersede expendable launch vehicles, serving as the National Space Transportation System, it now coexists with a new range of commercial rockets. David Harland’s definitive work on the Space Shuttle explains the scientific contribution the Space Shuttle has made to the international space programme, detailing missions to Mir, Hubble and more recently its role in the assembly of the International Space Station. This substantial revision to existing chapters and extension of ‘The Space Shuttle’, following the loss of Columbia, will include a comprehensive account of the run-up to resumption of operations and conclude with a chapter beyond the Shuttle, looking at possible future concepts for a partly or totally reusable space vehicle which are being considered to replace the Shuttle.


Author : Rex Hall
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Rex Hall and Dave Shayler provide a unique history of the Soyuz spacecraft programme from conception, through development to its use, detailed in the only English language book available on this topic. Planned for publication in 2003, it will celebrate 40 years since the original concept of the Soyuz craft.

Rocket Science and Spacecraft Fundamentals

Author : Kathy Furgang
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"None of humanity's great achievements in space exploration would be possible without the work of the scientists who built those amazing rockets that blasted us into the heavens. This captivating resource about human accomplishments in rocket science covers the history of rocketry since the advent of rocket-powered missiles, as well as today's triumphs and our hopes for the future. Straightforward explanations of the science behind multi-stage rockets, liquid propellants, and sounding rockets are included. Sidebars cover pioneers in rocket science, challenges and setbacks in the field, and advice for pursuing a career in rocket science."

Spacecraft Systems Engineering

Author : Peter Fortescue
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This fourth edition of the bestselling Spacecraft Systems Engineering title provides the reader with comprehensive coverage of the design of spacecraft and the implementation of space missions, across a wide spectrum of space applications and space science. The text has been thoroughly revised and updated, with each chapter authored by a recognized expert in the field. Three chapters – Ground Segment, Product Assurance and Spacecraft System Engineering – have been rewritten, and the topic of Assembly, Integration and Verification has been introduced as a new chapter, filling a gap in previous editions. This edition addresses ‘front-end system-level issues’ such as environment, mission analysis and system engineering, but also progresses to a detailed examination of subsystem elements which represents the core of spacecraft design. This includes mechanical, electrical and thermal aspects, as well as propulsion and control. This quantitative treatment is supplemented by an emphasis on the interactions between elements, which deeply influences the process of spacecraft design. Adopted on courses worldwide, Spacecraft Systems Engineering is already widely respected by students, researchers and practising engineers in the space engineering sector. It provides a valuable resource for practitioners in a wide spectrum of disciplines, including system and subsystem engineers, spacecraft equipment designers, spacecraft operators, space scientists and those involved in related sectors such as space insurance. In summary, this is an outstanding resource for aerospace engineering students, and all those involved in the technical aspects of design and engineering in the space sector.

The Space Shuttle

Author : Piers Bizony
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Noted space and science author Piers Bizony's retrospective covers the entire Space Shuttle program from 1981 to 2011. Relive the history of one of America's most iconic spacecraft.

Animals in Space

Author : Colin Burgess
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is as a detailed, but highly readable and balanced account of the history of animal space flights carried out by all nations, but principally the United States and the Soviet Union. It explores the ways in which animal high-altitude and space flight research impacted on space flight biomedicine and technology, and how the results - both successful and disappointing - allowed human beings to then undertake that same hazardous journey with far greater understanding and confidence. This complete and authoritative book will undoubtedly become the ultimate authority on animal space flights.

The Fantastic Cutaway Book of Spacecraft

Author : Nigel Hawkes
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Cutaway illustrations and text reveal how the space shuttle and other spacecraft work and what astronauts do in space.

Computer Models of the Spacecraft Wake

Author :
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Introduction to Space Sciences and Spacecraft Applications

Author : Bruce A. Campbell
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Introduction to Space Sciences and Spacecraft Applications

Blazing the Trail

Author : Mike Gruntman
File Size : 83.72 MB
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Winner of the Luigi Napolitano Award (2006) from the International Academy of Astronautics This book presents the fascinating story of the events that paved the way to space. It introduces the reader to the history of early rocketry and the subsequent developments that led into the space age. People of various nations and from various lands contributed to the breakthrough to space, and the book takes the reader to faraway places on five continents. It also includes many quotes to give readers a flavor of how the participants viewed the developments. Most publications on the topic either target narrow aspects of rocket history or are popular books that scratch the surface, with minimal and sometimes inaccurate technical details. This book bridges the gap. It contains numerous technical details usually unavailable in popular publications. The details are not overbearing and anyone interested in rocketry and space exploration will navigate through the book without difficulty. There are 340 figures and photographs, many appearing for the first time.

Space Craft

Author : Richard Ball
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This book, published to accompany the Channel 4 series, describes how to make the best use of small living spaces, and includes ideas from submarines, space travel, boats and caravans, Japanese houses and nomads' tents.

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

Author : Marcel J. Sidi
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This 1997 book explains basic theory of spacecraft dynamics and control and the practical aspects of controlling a satellite.

Space Microelectronics Volume 1 Modern Spacecraft Classification Failure and Electrical Component Requirements

Author : Anatoly Belous
File Size : 28.90 MB
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This authoritative first volume provides a solid understanding of modern spacecraft classification, failure, and electrical component requirements. This book focuses on the study of modern spacecraft, including their classification, packaging and protection, design versions, launch failure and accident analysis, and the main requirements of electronic components used. Readers find comprehensive coverage of the design and development of individual components as well as systems, their packaging, and how to make them last in space. This is a useful resource for military and civil applications. Specific topics include: The manufacturing of electronics for space; The main physical mechanisms of the impact of destabilizing factors of outer space, including various kinds of radiation, high-energy galactic icons, and particles of cosmic dust;The design of advanced space-grade microelectronic products such as memory microcircuits, microprocessors, interface and logic of microcircuits and power control microcircuits;Facts and features about the “space race” that have not been available until now.

Energiya Buran

Author : Bart Hendrickx
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This absorbing book describes the long development of the Soviet space shuttle system, its infrastructure and the space agency’s plans to follow up the first historic unmanned mission. The book includes comparisons with the American shuttle system and offers accounts of the Soviet test pilots chosen for training to fly the system, and the operational, political and engineering problems that finally sealed the fate of Buran and ultimately of NASA’s Shuttle fleet.