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The World s Greatest Religious Leaders How Religious Figures Helped Shape World History 2 volumes

Author : Scott E. Hendrix
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This book provides reliable information about important world religious leaders, correcting the misinformation that can be on the internet. • Examines roughly 160 alphabetically arranged reference entries that detail how religious leaders from different faiths changed the history of the world • Provides sidebars that discuss key events, offering background information and excerpts from consequential religious writings • Offers suggestions for further reading after each entry, and closes with a bibliography of important print and electronic resources suitable for student research

Value Education Based On All The Religions Of The World In Two Volumes

Author : Sukh Lal Dhani
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The book on Value Education, based on all the religions of the world, is an anthology. During Dr. Promilla Kapur s. Travels, she was approached by many eminent scholars to compile a book based on the teachings of all the religions of the world. It was a Herqulion task but the efforts were worth the trouble. In the month of January 2001 she started approaching the eminent. Scholars and religious heads to write chapters of the book. The most eminent scholars in Hinduism, Jainism, Aryaa Samaj, Islam, Christianity, Zorastrisism, Sikhism Bhai s faith and so on were contacted. Almost hundred reminders to each were sent. At one stage it gave the feelings that it was an impossible task, but the tenacity of Dr. Promilla Kapur kept her on the track. By January of 2004 the chapters started arriving. All the religious leaders and eminent scholars gave the word of wisdom on all the religions of the world. It was heartening to read that not a single chapter writer differed form the positive image of each religion. The preaching was almost identical. Love, affection, caring and sharing. Forgiveness, tolerance and compassion for the entire human beings were the common theme revealed in all the papers. The book is the need of the hour and will earn its proper place in the human society all over the world.

Interreligious Reflections Six Volume Set

Author : Alon Goshen-Gottstein
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This set includes all six volumes of Interreligious Reflections. ABOUT VOLUME ONE: Friendship is an outcome of, as well as a condition for, advancing interfaith relations. However, for friendship to advance, there must be legitimation from within and a theory of how interreligious relations can be justified from the resources of different faith traditions. Friendship Across Religions explores these very issues, seeking to develop a robust theory of interreligious friendship from the resources of each of the participating traditions. It also features individual cases as models and precedents for such relations—in particular, the friendship of Gandhi and Charlie Andrews, his closest personal friend. Contributors: Balwant Singh Dhillon, Timothy J. Gianotti, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Maria Reis Habito, Ruben L. F. Habito, Ryan McAnnally-Linz, Stephen Butler Murray, Eleanor Nesbitt, Anantanand Rambachan, Meir Sendor, Johann M. Vento, and Miroslav Volf ABOUT VOLUME TWO: This book tackles the core problem of how painful historical memories between diverse religious communities continue to impact—even poison—present-day relations. Its operative notion is the healing of memory, developed by John Paul II. Chapters explore how painful memories of yesteryear can be healed and so address some of the root causes. Strategies from six different faith traditions are brought together in what is, in some ways, a cross-religious brainstorming session that identifies tools to improve present-day relations. At the other pole of the conceptual axis of this book is the notion of hope. If memory informs our past, hope sets the horizon for our future. How does the healing of memory open new horizons for the future? And what is the notion of hope in each of our traditions that could lead to a common vision of good? Between memory and hope, this book seeks to offer a vision of healing that can serve as a resource in contemporary interfaith relations. Contributors: Rahuldeep Singh Gill, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Maria Reis Habito, Flora A. Keshgegian, Anantanand Rambachan, Meir Sendor, Muhammad Suheyl Umar, and Michael von Brück ABOUT VOLUME THREE: The essays collected here, prepared by a think tank of the Elijah Interfaith Academy, explore the challenges associated with sharing wisdom—learning, teachings, messages for good living. How should religions go about sharing their wisdom? These chapters, representing six faith tradition (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist), explore what wisdom means in each of these traditions; why and how it should be shared, internally and externally; and the role of love and forgiveness in sharing. This book offers a theory that can enrich ongoing encounters between members of faith traditions by suggesting a tradition-based practice of sharing wisdom, while preserving the integrity of the teaching and respecting the identity of anyone with whom wisdom is shared. Contributors: Pal Ahluwalia, Timothy Gianotti, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Sallie B. King, Anantanand Rambachan, Meir Sendor, Miroslav Volf ABOUT VOLUME FOUR: All the world’s religions are experiencing rapid change due to a confluence of social and economic global forces. Factors such as the pervasive intrusion of globalizing political and economic developments, polarized and morally equivalent presentations seen in the media, and the sense of surety demanded in and promised by a culture dominated by science are some of the factors that have placed extreme pressure on all religious traditions. This has stimulated unprecedented responses by religious groups, ranging from fundamentalism to the syncretistic search for meaning. As religion takes on new forms, the balance between individual and community is disrupted and reconfigured. Religions often lose the capacity to recall their ultimate purpose or lead their adherents toward it. This is the situation we call “the crisis of the holy.” It is a confluence of threats, challenges, and opportunities for all religions. This volume explores the contours of pressures, changes, and transformations and reflects on how all our religions are changing. By identifying commonalities across religions as they respond to these pressures, The Crisis of the Holy recommends ways religious traditions might cope with these changes and how they might join forces in doing so. Contributors: Vincent J. Cornell, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Sidney H. Griffith, Maria Reis Habito, B. Barry Levy, Deepak Sarma, Michael von Brück ABOUT VOLUME FIVE: The chapters collected in this book, prepared by a think tank of the Elijah Interfaith Academy, address the subject of religious leadership. The subject is of broad relevance in the training of religious leaders and in the practice of religious leadership. As such, it is also germane to religious thought, where reflections on religious leadership occupy an important place. What does it mean to be a religious leader in today’s world? To what degree are the challenges that confront religious leadership today the same perennial challenges that have arrested the attention of the faithful and their leaders for generations, and to what degree do we encounter challenges today that are unique to our day and age? One dimension is surely unique, and that is the very ability to explore these issues from an interreligious perspective and to consider challenges, opportunities, and strategies across religious traditions. Studying the theme across six faith traditions—Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism—The Future of Religious Leadership: World Religions in Conversation recognizes the common challenges to present-day religious leadership. Contributors: Awet Andemicael, Timothy J. Gianotti, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Anantanand Rambachan, Maria Reis Habito, Meir Sendor, Balwant Singh Dhillon, Miroslav Volf VOLUME SIX: One of the biggest challenges for relations between religions is the view of the religious Other. The question touches the roots of our theological views. The Religious Other: Hostility, Hospitality, and the Hope of Human Flourishing explores the views of multiple religious traditions on how to regard otherness. How does one move from hostility to hospitality? How can hospitality be understood not simply as social hospitality but as theological hospitality, making room for the religious Other on theological grounds? What is our vision for the flourishing of the Other, while respecting his otherness? This volume is an exercise in constructive interreligious theology. By including Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic traditions, it approaches these challenges from multiple perspectives, highlighting commonalities in approach and ways in which one tradition might inspire another. Contributors: Vincent J. Cornell, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Richard P. Hayes, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Deepak Sarma, Stephen W. Sykes, Dharma Master Hsin Tao, Ashok Vohra

Art and Architecture of the World s Religions 2 volumes

Author : Leslie D. Ross
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Two abundantly illustrated volumes offer a vibrant discussion of how the divine is and has been represented in art and architecture the world over. • 200 illustrations, including floor plans of churches, synagogues, and temples bring the discussions of art and architecture to life • An extensive bibliography enables further research

The World of the Civil War A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Lisa Tendrich Frank
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Covering everything from the arts to food and drink, religion, social customs, and technology, this two-volume set provides an in-depth, accessible look at the social, cultural, economic, and political aspects of the American Civil War. • Offers an insightful examination of the era of the Civil War that balances social and political topics • Provides accessible entries intended for high school readers authored by contributors who are experts in their fields • Serves to illuminate the racial, religious, and ethnic diversity of the wartime experience through detailed explorations of the daily experiences of everyday Americans

Religious Violence Today Faith and Conflict in the Modern World 2 volumes

Author : Michael Jerryson
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Through sections containing overview essays and reference entries related to particular religions, this resource explores the rise of religious violence, hate crime, and persecution around the world. Religious violence and persecution have been growing steadily both within the United States and around the world. Drawing on the expertise of a wide range of scholars, this current and comprehensive reference helps readers understand the persecution of members of particular faiths as well as violence committed by members of those faiths. In doing so it promotes a greater understanding of the role of religion in global politics, domestic and international terrorism, and religious bigotry. The book contains sections on particular religious traditions from around the world. Each section begins with an overview essay surveying violence related to that particular religion, whether committed by or against members of that faith. Reference entries in each section then provide objective, fundamental information about particular topics related to violence and the religion discussed. The entries provide cross-references and suggestions for further reading, and the work closes with a bibliography of resources for further study. Sections are devoted to particular religions from around the world. Overview essays in each section survey religious violence associated with that particular faith. Reference entries in each section provide current fundamental information about specific topics related to religious violence within a faith tradition. Excerpts from primary source documents give readers first-hand accounts of religious violence for critical analysis. Cross-references and suggestions for further reading direct users to related topics and additional resources.

The World of Antebellum America A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Alexandra Kindell
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This set provides insight into the lives of ordinary Americans free and enslaved, in farms and cities, in the North and the South, who lived during the years of 1815 to 1860. • Provides intimate details about the personal lives of Americans during the Antebellum Era • Demonstrates the diversity of the American experience in the years before the Civil War • Makes clear how hard Americans worked to build their lives while still participating in the democratic process • Explores how Americans dealt with the daily demands of life as national and regional issues created insecurity and instability • Includes 40 primary source documents with detailed introductions to realize Antebellum America

Church History Volume Two From Pre Reformation to the Present Day

Author : John D. Woodbridge
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Church history is the story of the greatest community the world has known and the greatest movement in world history. Yet, just as the biblical record of the people of God is the story of a mixed people with great acts of faith and great failures in sin and unfaithfulness, so is the history of the people who have made up the church down through the ages. Church History, Volume Two is an account of the ups and downs, the triumphs and struggles, of the Christian movement. It offers a unique contextual view of how the Christian church spread and developed from the just prior to the Reformation and through the next five-hundred-plus years into the present-day. This book looks closely at the integral link between the history of the world and that of the church, detailing the times, cultures, and events that both influenced and were influenced by the church. Filled with maps, charts, and illustrations, gives primary attention to the history of Christianity in the West (western Europe and North America), but given the global and ecumenical environment of the twenty-first century, it also covers Africa, eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

World s Great Men of Color

Author : J.A. Rogers
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An eye-opening account of the great black personalities of world history. In this first volume: outstanding blacks of Asia and Africa, and historical figures before Christ -- including Akhenaton, Aesop, Hannibal, Cleopatra, Zenobia, Askia the Great, the Mahdi, Samuel Adjai Crowther, and many more. World's Great Men of Color is a comprehensive account of the great Black personalities in world history. J. A. Rogers was one of the first Black scholars to devote most of his life to researching the lives of hundreds of men and women of color. This first volume is a convenient reference; equipped with a comprehensive introduction, it treats all aspects of recorded Black history. J. A. Rogers's book is vital reading for everyone who wants a fuller and broader understanding of the great personalities who have shaped our world. The companion volume covers the great Blacks of Europe, South and Central America, the West Indies, and the United States, including Marcus Garvey, Robert Browning, Dom Pedro, Alexandre Dumas, Joachim Murat, Aleksander Sergeevich Pushkin, Alessandro de' Medici, St. Benedict the Moor, and many others.

Food Feasts and Faith An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions 2 volumes

Author : Paul Fieldhouse
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An indispensable resource for exploring food and faith, this two-volume set offers information on food-related religious beliefs, customs, and practices from around the world. • Provides up-to-date factual information, introduces concepts of food as being more than just nutrients, and enables an understanding of diverse religious traditions and the importance of food in people's lives • Includes coverage of less well-known rituals and religions that are often skipped in world religion texts • Presents material in a way that is accessible to readers without previous exposure to, or command of, sociological or anthropological language and concepts

Asian American Religious Cultures 2 volumes

Author : Jonathan H. X. Lee
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A resource ideal for students as well as general readers, this two-volume encyclopedia examines the diversity of the Asian American and Pacific Islander spiritual experience. • Covers both common motifs in Asian American religious culture, such as Chinese New Year festivals and mortuary rituals, as well as many newly established faith traditions • Contains entries on rarely addressed topics within Asian American religion, such as Hezhen Shamanism

The World of the American West A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Gordon Morris Bakken
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Addressing everything from the details of everyday life to recreation and warfare, this two-volume work examines the social, political, intellectual, and material culture of the American "Old West," from the California Gold Rush of 1849 to the end of the 19th century. • Offers insights based on social history and the daily experience of the average person to engage students' interest and curiosity rather than focusing on the events, dates, and names of "traditional history" • Presents information within a thematic organization that encourages a more in-depth study of specific aspects of daily life in the Old West • Includes related primary documents that enable students to view history more directly and reach their own conclusions about past events • Examines a wide range of topics such as work, family life, clothing and fashion, food and drink, housing and community, politics, social customs, spirituality, and technology • Provides a general introduction per volume, individual topic introductions, numerous images and illustrations, a timeline of events, and a bibliography identifying print and nonprint resources

The World of the Crusades A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Andrew Holt
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Unlike traditional references that recount political and military history, this encyclopedia includes entries on a wide range of aspects related to daily life during the medieval crusades. • Provides a timeline that gives users a quick look at the most significant events related to the crusades • Presents topical sections as reference entries on important subjects related to daily life during the crusades • Incorporates an introductory essay into each topical section to give readers an overview of the section • Offers selections from primary source documents for critical insights into the crusades • Features suggestions for further reading and a bibliography

Nationalism Today Extreme Political Movements around the World 2 volumes

Author : M. Troy Burnett
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This extensive reference examines extreme political movements and the political, cultural, and economic conditions that breed them, from the alt-right in the United States to the Houthi Rebel Movement in Yemen to the question of Taiwan's independence. Nationalism Today: Extreme Political Movements around the World is an authoritative guide for students and teachers who seek to understand nationalist movements across the globe. The two-volume work opens with essays that describe different types of nationalist movements: extremist, revisionist, and separatist. Arranged by country, the entries that follow provide the geographic, cultural, economic, and political context for the development of nationalist movements. The entries provide expert analysis of specific movements and lay the groundwork for comparison of the many different types of extreme political movements that are exerting themselves around the world today. In addition, easy-to-read tables give cultural, economic, and political facts and figures for each country. A comprehensive scholarly bibliography of secondary sources rounds out the book. Investigates nationalism on a theoretical level while providing real-life examples of specific nationalist movements that are making headlines around the world today Provides comparative studies of nationalist movements around the world, enabling readers to compare and contrast how and why these groups are manifesting worldwide Easy-to-read facts and figures for each country provide another layer of information in analyzing the hows and whys of growing nationalist movements

The World of the American Revolution A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Merril D. Smith
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This two-volume set brings to life the daily thoughts and routines of men and women—rich and poor, of various cultures, religions, races, and beliefs—during a time of great political, social, economic, and legal turmoil. What was life really like for ordinary people during the American Revolution? What did they eat, wear, believe in, and think about? What did they do for fun? This encyclopedia explores the lives of men, women, and children—of European, Native American, and African descent—through the window of social, cultural, and material history. The two-volume set spans the period from 1774 to 1800, drawing on the most current research to illuminate people's emotional lives, interactions, opinions, views, beliefs, and intimate relationships, as well as connections between the individual and the greater world. The encyclopedia features more than 200 entries divided into topical sections, each dealing with a different aspect of cultural life—for example, Arts, Food and Drink, and Politics and Warfare. Each section opens with an introductory essay, followed by A–Z entries on various aspects of the subject area. Sidebars and primary documents enhance the learning experience. Targeting high school and college students, the title supports the American history core curriculum and the current emphasis on social history. Most importantly, its focus on the realities of daily life, rather than on dates and battles, will help students identify with and learn about this formative period of American history. • Provides summaries of what people ate, wore, and read and also includes topics such as apprenticeships, camp life and military training • Covers ordinary routines of daily life, such as cleanliness, use of privies, and menstruation • Starts each thematic section with a brief introduction • Includes primary documents that bring the past to life and are an important resource for students • Offers further reading suggestions after each entry as well as a bibliography of print books, online sources, and relevant films

Chronic Diseases An Encyclopedia of Causes Effects and Treatments 2 volumes

Author : Jean Kaplan Teichroew
File Size : 31.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This comprehensive two-volume work provides an overview of an area of growing concern, offering readers a one-stop resource for researching the chronic conditions that increasingly plague our society. • Presents comprehensive, up-to-date information in an easily accessible style • Examines the many facets of researching, diagnosing, and controlling chronic diseases • Covers preventive measures such as selecting a nutrition plan, physical activity, vaccinations, and screenings • Explores topics within their historical and societal context and in correlation with the standards of health education • Brings together the expertise of a wide range of respected professionals

Peacemaking From Practice to Theory 2 volumes

Author : Susan Allen Nan
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In a world where conflict is never ending, this thoughtful compilation fosters a new appreciation of the art of peacemaking as it is understood and practiced in a variety of contemporary settings. • Contributions from an international, interdisciplinary team of 48 experts who bring together insights from peace and conflict resolution studies, anthropology, sociology, law, cultural studies, and political science • First-person narratives detailing the experiences of prominent peacemakers • Offers access to an ongoing, Internet-based, practice-to-theory project • An extensive bibliography of resources about peacemaking and related fields


Author : Smith Wigglesworth
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This series has been growing in popularity and it focusses on the lives and teachings of great Christian leaders from times past. These books are written for children between the ages of eight and twelve. Newly released and enhanced, each book now includes an updated study section with cross curricular themes, suitable for home schooling groups. Volume One, Kathryn Kuhlman is a well–written biography which will capture the attention of children as they learn about God’s power at work in the life of this great woman of God. It will inspire them to want to let God use them in whatever way He directs, and it will help them to develop a close personal relationship with Him. Volume Two, Smith Wigglesworth looks at the life of one of the pioneers in healing evangelism. Other Generals to be released over the coming 12 months are: John Alexander Dowie, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Evan Roberts, Charles Parham, William Seymour, John G. Lake, Aimee Semple McPherson, William Branham, Jack Coe and A.A. Allen.

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion A K

Author : Serinity Young
File Size : 54.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This 2 volume set presents new and innovative research by current scholars as well as the work of female religious scholars of the past. The 600 entries include comparative study of issues such as mythology, ordination and afterlife; Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism; relationship of religion to study of art, literature, and science; historical perspectives on religions both new and prehistoric; biographies of religious leaders and scholars; methods and theories for study of women in religion.

Encyclopedia of American Women and Religion 2nd Edition 2 volumes

Author : June Melby Benowitz
File Size : 68.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This two-volume set examines women's contributions to religious and moral development in America, covering individual women, their faith-related organizations, and women's roles and experiences in the broader social and cultural contexts of their times. • Introduces readers to hundreds of women who became leaders within various religious faiths and denominations, including many who founded religious sects and organizations • Provides an understanding of women's developing roles in American religious culture, which continue to the present day • Enables readers to gain an understanding of the broad range of religions, approaches to religion, and attitudes toward religion in the United States • Documents how life's experiences can shape one's spiritual life and future development • Includes a timeline of the issues facing women that marks changing societal attitudes and individual women's accomplishments across history