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Theorizing Communication

Author : Robert T. Craig
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Presents the collection of primary-source readings built around the idea that communication theory is a field with an identifiable history and has developed within seven main traditions of thought - the rhetorical, semiotic, phenomenological, cybernetic, sociopsychological, sociocultural, and critical traditions.

Theorizing Communication

Author : Associate Professor of Communications Dan Schiller
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This is the first book to offer a detailed intellectual history of communication study over the last century. Schiller looks at the relationship between early communication theory and contextualizing social and economic changes, and finds that the evolving dualism between intellectual and manual labor became deeply embedded in the work of theorists, even into our own time. Close attention is paid to leading thinkers in the field, including John Dewey, C. Wright Mills, Raymond Williams, Stuart Hall, and Daniel Bell.


Author : Rob Anderson
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Dialogue: Theorizing Difference in Communication Studies is the first anthology of work on dialogic approaches to communication that offers a state-of-the-art collection of original essays in this emerging research area. Editors Rob Anderson, Leslie A. Baxter, and Kenneth N. Cissna have gathered the most respected scholars in the field to describe their research projects, discuss critical elements of dialogue, and anticipate the evolution of the study of dialogue. With a foreword by Julia T. Wood, contributors include James R. Taylor, Stanley Deetz and Jennifer Simpson, Sheila McNamee and John Shotter, and Mark McPhail.

Theorizing About Intercultural Communication

Author : William B. Gudykunst
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In Theorizing About Intercultural Communication, editor William B. Gudykunst brings together key theories that have shaped and influenced human intercultural communication. This text provides an excellent overview of the major theories currently in use and examines how these theories will also support the foundation for future research in this area. Contributors to this text include individuals who actually developed the theories covered in the book. Each contributor highlights the evolution, development, and application of the theory to provide a thorough and contemporary view of the field.

Theorizing Communication Techniques of Close Reading

Author : Barry S. Brummett
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Theorizing Crisis Communication

Author : Timothy L. Sellnow
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Theorizing Crisis Communication presents a comprehensive review and critique of the broad range of theoretical frameworks designed to explain the role of communication in the development, management, and consequences of natural and man-made crises. Brings together the variety of theoretical approaches emerging in the study of crisis communication into one volume for the first time. Summarizes theories from such diverse perspectives as rhetoric, risk management, ethics, mass communication, social media, emergency response, crisis outcomes, and warning systems, while presenting clear examples of how the theory is applied in crisis communication research Presents theoretical frameworks generated by research from many disciplines including sociology, psychology, applied anthropology, public health, public relations, political science, organizational studies, and criminal justice An essential tool for a comprehensive understanding of the onset, management, response, resolution, and ultimate meaning of these devastating world events

Communication in China

Author : Yuezhi Zhao
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The stakes for control over the means of communication in China have never been so high as the country struggles with breathtaking social change. This authoritative book analyzes the key dimensions of the transformation in China's communication system since the early 1990s and examines the highly fluid and potentially explosive dynamics of communication, power, and social contestation during China's rapid rise as a global power. Yuezhi Zhao begins with an analysis of the party-state's reconfiguration of political, economic, and ideological power in the Chinese communication system. She then explores the processes and social implications of domestic and foreign capital formation in the communication industry. Drawing on media and Internet debates on fundamental political, economic, and social issues in contemporary China, the book concludes with a nuanced depiction of the pitched and uneven battles for access and control among different social forces. Locating developments in Chinese communication within the nexus of state, market, and society, the author analyzes how the legacies of socialism continue to cast a long shadow. The book not only provides a multifaceted and interdisciplinary portrait of contemporary Chinese communication, but also explores profound questions regarding the nature of the state, the dynamics of class formation, and the trajectory of China's epochal social transformation.


Author :
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Handbook of Organizational Communication

Author : Fredric M. Jablin
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Organizational communication is a rapidly evolving field of communication studies. How has it developed over the last decade? How do the pioneers of the discipline see its future? The Handbook of Organizational Communication brings you up-to-date with the latest advances in this exciting field. Leading scholars review and synthesize important developments in research and theory. They also suggest future directions for research.

Theorizing Fandom

Author : Cheryl Harris
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Developing a theoretical perspective on the phenomenon of fandom, this work examines the role of fandom in contemporary Western society. It focuses on issues such as social class, power, and gender as themes to build an understanding of theories of fandom.

Socially Constructing Communication

Author : Gloria J. Galanes
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The idea for this book originated at NCA's Summer Institute 'Catching Ourselves in the Act: A Collaborative Planning Session to Enrich our Discipline through Social Constructionist Approaches'. The conference provided the opportunity to interact with like-minded others to discuss how social construction approaches influence, or should influence, our work. Another goal for the conference and for this book is to promote social construction approaches within the discipline. We need to look forward by focusing on how the social construction perspective transforms our own work. When we teach, how can we best clarify the social construction principles we believe in, and how can we convey the passion we feel for this approach? How can we insure that our research practices are faithful to constructionist principles? What practices can we, or must we, adopt to remain faithful to these principles. Together, the chapters in this volume address such questions with the intention of helping us take the next step forward. This book extends the conversation about social constructionism approaches and invites others to participate in that conversation.

Latina o Communication Studies

Author : Bernadette Marie Calafell
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This is the first book within the field of communication studies to map the terrain of Latina/o performance. Using rhetorical criticism and performance ethnography, the book examines performance from a variety of perspectives: from identity and community in everyday life, to how it intersects with popular culture. Discussions - from Ricky Martin to Chicana feminist pilgrimages to issues of diaspora - contribute to the book's argument that the relationship between rhetorical scholarship and emerging performance work has largely been ignored. Latina/o Communication Studies aims to challenge this split by creating a more complex and less Eurocentric understanding of rhetoric. This rich and informative book contributes to a more nuanced understanding of race and ethnicity and attests to the importance of Latina/o studies in the field of communication.

Intercultural Communication in Japan

Author : Satoshi Toyosaki
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Japan is heterogeneous and culturally diverse, both historically through ancient waves of immigration and in recent years due to its foreign relations and internationalization. However, Japan has socially, culturally, politically, and intellectually constructed a distinct and homogeneous identity. More recently, this identity construction has been rightfully questioned and challenged by Japan’s culturally diverse groups. This book explores the discursive systems of cultural identities that regenerate the illusion of Japan as a homogeneous nation. Contributors from a variety of disciplines and methodological approaches investigate the ways in which Japan’s homogenizing discourses are challenged and modified by counter-homogeneous message systems. They examine the discursive push-and-pull between homogenizing and heterogenizing vectors, found in domestic and transnational contexts and mobilized by various identity politics, such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity, foreign status, nationality, multiculturalism, and internationalization. After offering a careful and critical analysis, the book calls for a complicating of Japan’s homogenizing discourses in nuanced and contextual ways, with an explicit goal of working towards a culturally diverse Japan. Taking a critical intercultural communication perspective, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of Japanese Studies, Japanese Culture and Japanese Society.

International Communication

Author : Daya Kishan Thussu
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This bestselling text is a unique introduction to the complex political, economic and technological context in which multinational media and culture operates. With new case studies and pedagogical features, the book is compulsory reading for all media and communication studies students.

American Studies

Author :
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Designing Effective Communications

Author : Jorge Frascara
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* Groundbreaking ideas on how we communicate a message * Considers messages conveyed through design, clothing, corporate logos, signs, teaching, even space exploration * Exciting for students and teachers of graphic arts and communication In the essays that make up Designing Effective Communications, a diverse group of experts on communication design challenge the traditional "the medium is the message" theory. They discuss the physical, visual, cognitive, and cultural meanings of messages and look at how interpretation plays a fundamental role in the creation of meaning.

Communication in Complex Organizations

Author : Terrance L. Albrecht
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By emphasizing multiple perspectives, this text increases student awareness of the changing demographics in organizations.

Communication Development and Democracy

Author : Sujatha Sosale
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The persistent questions of development and democracy continue to challenge scholars, media professionals, and activists working with global media and communication. Using a critical and cultural framework, this book examines the ways in which the field of communication and development was shaped. Concluding with a look at the postdevelopment era, the book reviews new paths to development and their implications for the future of communication and change in developing societies.

Communication Revolution

Author : Robert Waterman McChesney
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A provocative critique of media studies by the author of the award-winning Rich Media, Poor Democracy is a historical analysis that evaluates the communication revolution currently influencing twenty-first-century life, arguing that media scholarship has become increasingly irrelevant and requires new perspectives on the role and understanding of communication studies.

Understanding Communication Theory

Author : John F. Cragan
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Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in communication with groups needs this comprehensive book on the theories behind communication. This volume provides practical, engaging overviews of over 42 different theories that readers will need to be aware of if they are pursuing this serious field. The authors, established writers and scholars who are known as "the park rangers of communication theory", have provided a user-friendly tour. Accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive, this volume will prove a valuable addition to the literature on the subject. Those involved in communication careers.