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Signal Transduction Pathways Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression Mechanisms as Therapeutic Targets

Author : Marc Diederich
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This volume describes recent findings in the field of fundamental signal transduction mechanisms, including protein kinesis as therapeutic targets as well as applied research toward angiogenesis, apoptosis, and chemopreventive agents.

New Therapeutic Targets and Modalities in Cardiovascular Medicine

Author : Kyung W. Park
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The Importance of Health Informatics in Public Health during a Pandemic

Author : J. Mantas
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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the focus on health informatics and healthcare technology for policy makers and healthcare professionals worldwide. This book contains the 110 papers (from 160 submissions) accepted for the 18th annual International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH 2020), held virtually in Athens, Greece, from 3 – 5 July 2020. The conference attracts scientists working in the field of Biomedical and Health Informatics from all continents, and this year it was held as a Virtual Conference, by means of teleconferencing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown in many countries around the world. The call for papers for the conference started in December 2019, when signs of the new virus infection were not yet evident, so early submissions were on the usual topics as announced. But papers submitted after mid-March were mostly focused on the first results of the pandemic analysis with respect to informatics in different countries and with different perspectives of the spread of the virus and its influence on public health across the world. This book therefore includes papers on the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to informatics reporting from hospitals and institutions from around the world, including South Korea, Europe, and the USA. The book encompasses the field of biomedical and health informatics in a very broad framework, and the timely inclusion of papers on the current pandemic will make it of particular interest to all those involved in the provision of healthcare everywhere.

Departments of Labor Health and Human Services and Education and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2014

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
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Molecular Biology of Cancer

Author : Lauren Pecorino
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"The most engaging and accessible account of cancer biology that makes the link between our understanding of cancer and the development of new therapeutics crystal clear. -- Molecular Biology of Cancer: Mechanisms, Targets, and Therapeutics offers an engaging and manageable route into the complex subject of cancer biology. Using the hallmarks of cancer as a foundation, the book describes the cellular and molecular mechanisms underpinning the transformation of healthy cells into cancer cells. -- after discussing a specific biological hallmark of cancer, each chapter shows how this knowledge can be directly applied to the development of new targeted therapies, giving you a clear appreciation of how the theory translated to tackling the disease. The new edition gives a contemporary account of the field, drawing on the latest research but presenting it in a manner that you will find easy to understand. -- New to this edition: *New full colour diagrams help you visualize key concepts more effectively *Separate chapters for growing areas of cancer biology: Metastasis, Angiogenesis, Infectious Agents and Inflammation, and Technology and Drug and Diagnostics Development *Coverage of range of new topics, including immune checkpoints, studying gene function by CRISPR-Ca9, newly proposed mechanisms for the role of obesity in cancer, non-coding RNAs, and the role of exosomes in intercellular communication *Latest details of newly approved therapeutics" -- from back of book.

Progress in Medicinal Chemistry

Author : David R. Witty
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Progress in Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 59, provides a review of eclectic developments in medicinal G139 chemistry. Each chapter is written by an international board of authors, with this release focusing on Small Molecules - Giant Leaps for Immuno-Oncology, Reviewing P2X7, Reviewing ASK1, and Reviewing DNA-encoded libraries.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Author :
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Therapeutic Targets of the TNF Superfamily

Author : Iqbal S. Grewal
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Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) superfamily is a rapidly growing family of cytokines that interacts with a corresponding superfamily of receptors. Liga- receptor interactions of this superfamily are involved in numerous biological processes ranging from hematopoiesis to pleiotropic cellular responses, including activation, proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. The particular response depends on the receptor, the cell type, and the concurrent signals received by the cell. Worldwide interest in the TNF field surged dramatically early in 1984 with the cloning and defining of the profound cellular effects of the first member of this family, TNF . Subsequently, the major influence of TNF on the development and functioning of the immune system was established. Today, over 20 human TNF ligands and their more than 30 corresponding receptors have been identified. Few receptors still remain orphans. What has emerged over the years is that most TNF ligands bind to one distinct receptor and some of the TNF ligands are able to bind to multiple TNF receptors, explaining to some extent the apparent disparity in the number of TNF receptors and ligands. Yet, in spite of some redundancy in TNF ligand/receptor interactions, it is clear that in vivo spatial, temporal, and indeed cell- and tissue-specific expression of both ligands and their receptors are important factors in determining the precise nature of cellular, physiological and pathological processes they control. TNF superfamily has been the most highly investigated area of basic medical research for over two decades.

Therapeutic Targets

Author : Luis M. Botana
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Providing insight into where the next generations of drugs are likely to emerge, this book describes the pharmacology of therapeutically undefined targets and potential applications. In some cases, there are no defined drugs to modulate some of the targets, and in other cases inhibition or activation will render different therapeutic uses. Chapters cover specific biochemical targets like kinases, phosphatases, phosphodiesterases, and potassium channels. Because different diseases can require their own targeting strategies, the book has chapters on the strategies for targeting Alzheimer′s, diabetes, pain, and inflammation.

Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Ovarian Cancer

Author : Stan Kaye
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Angiogenesis Therapeutic Targets in Cancer

Author : Malay Chatterjee
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Angiogenesis plays rate limiting roles in tumor growth and invasion. Angiogenesis inhibition has been proposed as a general strategy to fight against cancers. This book covers different therapeutic targets for angiogenesis interventions with emphasis on c

Novel Therapeutic Targets for Antiarrhythmic Drugs

Author : George Edward Billman
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Profiles potential treatment approaches for cardiac arrhythmias Cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular origin are responsible for the deaths of nearly half a million Americans each year while atrial fibrillation accounts for about 2.3 million cases per year, a rate that is projected to increase 2.5 fold over the next half century. Effectively managing these cardiac rhythm disorders remains a major challenge for both caregivers and the pharmaceutical industry. Filling a gap in the current literature, Novel Therapeutic Targets for Antiarrhythmic Drugs presents the latest treatments for cardiac arrhythmias alongside comprehensive presentations of basic cardiac physiology and pharmacology. Written by leading experts in their research areas, this invaluable resource offers both practitioners and researchers a one-stop guide that brings together previously dispersed information. The text consists of four sections: Section One comprehensively reviews basic cardiac electrophysiology, the mechanisms responsible for arrhythmias in the setting of ischemia, and basic pharmacology of antiarrhythmic drugs. Section Two addresses safety pharmacology, including the concept of "repolarization reserve," safety challenges, and regulatory issues for the development of novel antiarrhythmic drugs. Section Three describes several novel pharmacological targets for antiarrhythmic drugs, including both ion channel and non-ion channel targets. Section Four describes promising non-pharmacological antiarrhythmic interventions including selective cardiac neural disruption or nerve stimulation, aerobic exercise training, and diet (omega-3 fatty acids). Offering an unparalleled look at the current state and future direction of cardiac arrhythmia treatment, Novel Therapeutic Targets for Antiarrhythmic Drugs provides an important resource to advanced students, working researchers, and busy professionals alike.

Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Melanoma

Author : Michael J. Murphy
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This book describes both the technologies used in the discovery of melanoma biomarkers and the clinical application of these biomarkers for diagnosis and staging of disease, determination of prognosis, treatment planning, monitoring of response to therapy, identification of novel therapeutic targets and drug development. A broad range of biomarkers (DNA/chromosomal, mRNA, microRNA, mitochondrial DNA, epigenetic and protein) is outlined. As therapies for melanoma become increasingly more target specific, the identification, validation and use of biomarkers will invariably play a greater role in the management of patients with this disease. Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Melanoma is an essential resource for oncologists, dermatologists, dermatopathologists, general pathologists with an interest in melanoma, and melanoma researchers.

Elucidating Essential Targets in Pharmacologically Relevant System Models

Author : Abraham Anderson
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New Therapeutic Targets in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author : Paul-Peter Tak
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This volume focuses on therapeutic targets that were identified after TNF blockade. All these targets have recently been registered or are currently under development for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Each chapter explores the biological rationale of a distinct therapeutic target in great detail. Readers will discover the latest in vitro work, animal models, and results from clinical trials.

Therapeutic Targets in Airway Inflammation

Author : N. Tony Eissa
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This reference examines the cellular, molecular, and genetic mechanisms involved in airway inflammation, as well as the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and aetiology of asthma. It explores strategies to prevent cellular injury and oxidative tissue damage, inhibit key inflammatory pathways and identify disease-specific targets to reduce the induction

Aspartic Acid Proteases as Therapeutic Targets

Author : Arun K. Ghosh
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In this ground-breaking practical reference, the family of aspartic acid proteases is described from a drug developer's perspective. The first part provides a general introduction to the family of aspartic acid proteases, their physiological functions, molecular structure and inhibition. Parts two to five present various case studies of successful protease inhibitor drug design and development, as well as current and potential uses of such inhibitors in pharmaceutical medicine, covering the major therapeutic targets HIV-1 protease, renin, beta-secretase, gamma-secretase,plasmepsins and fungal proteases. A ready reference aimed primarily at professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for anyone studying proteases and their function.

The Multiple Therapeutic Targets of A20

Author : Christiane Ferran
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This book is meant to provide the most current knowledge regarding the mechanisms of action of A20, if its versatile functions and their validation in animal models of human disease and its promise as a diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target.

Nutrition Gut Microbiota and Immunity Therapeutic Targets for IBD

Author : J.D. Lewis
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a chronic debilitating disorder that occurs at any age and in populations around the world. Its pathogenesis is believed to involve a combination of genetic susceptibility, immune and external environmental factors, including the gut microbiota. Changing factors such as diet and the human gut microbiota may thus be a viable alternative to suppressing the innate and adaptive immune responses. The book at hand starts with a summary of the current understanding of the epidemiology and biologic underpinnings that manifest as IBD. Next, the gut microbiota, its function, and how it may interact with nutritional status in perpetuating IBD are looked at, followed by discussions on the potential for manipulation of the gut microbiota through the use of prebiotics, probiotics, antibiotics, and fecal transplantation. Chapters on the current role of and future prospects for nutritional interventions in the management of IBD complete the topics presented.

Cytokines as Potential Therapeutic Targets for Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Author : R. Numerof
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Cytokines and cytokine receptors remain an area of great interest for the development of targeted therapies for cutaneous inflammatory diseases. Anti-TNF therapeutics have proven to be effective in the treatment of psoriasis, and clinical investigations have now begun for other cytokine-directed therapies, such as those targeting IFN-g, IL-12p40, and IL-18. In addition to therapeutics that target cytokines directly, strategies that target cytokine signaling pathways are in development. This book summarizes the findings of the 56th International Workshop of the Ernst Schering Research Foundation that focused on "Cytokines as Potential Therapeutic Targets for Inflammatory Skin Diseases".