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This Is the World

Author : Miroslav Sasek
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Presents an abridgment of the author's stories about the great cities and countries of the world, including New York, Ireland, and Washington, D.C.

English Mechanics and the World of Science

Author :
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The World Looks Like This From Here

Author : Kopano Ratele
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Reflecting on the problematics of psychology as a colonial, Euro-American discipline, this book builds a compelling case for thinking and doing psychology differently in and for Africa. This book sets out a situated, pluralising framework for researching, teaching and practising African psychology. What does the world look like from Africa? What does it mean to think, feel, express without apology for being African? How does one teach society and children to be African – with full consciousness and pride? In institutions of learning, what would a textbook on African-centred psychology look like? How do researchers and practitioners engage in African social psychology, African-centred child development, African neuropsychology, or any area of psychology that situates African realities at the centre? Questions such as these are what eminent professor of psychology Kopano Ratele grapples with in this lyrical, philosophical and poetic treatise on practising African psychology in a decolonised world view. Employing a style common in philosophy but rarely used in psychology, the book offers 101 thoughts about the ideas, contestation, urgency and desire around a psychological praxis in Africa for Africans. Writing against the universal application of a Western model of psychology, which is unreflective about its locatedness even as it pushes Africa to the margins, Ratele urges readers to engage and think deeply about new ways of seeing and thinking about the self and others. He asserts that the deliberate attempt to see the world from Africa – to look at everything with the whole self from here – leads to heightened consciousness about ways of being in the world, and enhances the capacity for healing. While setting out a framework for researching, teaching and practicing African psychology, the book in part coaxes, in part commands and in part urges students of psychology, lecturers, researchers and therapists to reconsider and reach beyond their received notions of African psychology.

A Library of the World s Best Literature Ancient and Modern A Z

Author : Charles Dudley Warner
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This is the world that we live in

Author : Sylvia Arthur
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This Is the Way the World Ends

Author : James Morrow
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When tombstone engraver George Paxman is offered a bargain, he doesn't hesitate. His beloved daughter gets an otherwise unaffordable survival suit to protect her from radioactive fall-out and all George has to do is sign a document admitting that, as a passive citizen who did nothing to stop it, he has a degree of guilt for any nuclear war that breaks out. George signs on the dotted line. And then the unthinkable happens. The world and everyone in it (survival suit or not) is destroyed in a nuclear Armageddon - except for George and five others who must now face prosecution from the great mass of humanity who will now never be born. And George Paxman stands accused in the name of all the people who stood by and never raised a finger to stop the horror of nuclear war ...

If This Is the Way the World Works

Author : William O. Avery
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In If This Is the Way the World Works William O. Avery and Beth Ann Gaede ask two primary questions: First, what principles from science are so broadly accepted that scientists themselves are willing to say, "This is the way the world works"? Second, how do congregations and their leaders behave when they operate in concert with these seemingly universal principles? Avery and Gaede explore five principles form the philosophy of science that suggest an alternative way to view congregational mission and leadership: openness to new information, complexity, diversity, interrelatedness, and process. Their premise is that when faith communities align themselves with the way the world--God's world--works, they more faithfully carry out their vocations as witnesses to God's reconciling work and as servants to one another. By following these basic scientific principles, Avery and Gaede argue, we arrive at a different view of leadership in the church. If this is truly the way the world works, leaders will find strength through relationships, hope in diversity, and above all trust in the love of God.

This Is The Way of The World

Author : Felix Dennis
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This Is The Way Of The World is a collection of poems specially selected by the author to encourage adults who lack confidence in their reading skills and to introduce new readers to the world of poetry. Easy to read and charting life’s course from birth through to death, the poems deal with ‘real life’ issues. This Is The Way Of The World is Felix Dennis’s 8th book of verse and includes new poems as well as old favourites. In addition to containing a free spoken-word CD, the book contains many beautiful colour illustrations by Bill Sanderson.

This is the Way the World Begins

Author : J. T. McIntosh
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Visit Earth, the birthplace of man! From the holiday planet of Paradiso one could go on many exciting tours and excursions - Mars, Venus, the Moon, even the most distant and alien worlds were accessible to the inquisitive holidaymaker, courtesy of Starways Inc. - the giant combine which owned Paradiso and over half of the galaxy. But of all Starways illustrious trips, there was really only one which interested Ram Burrell - the one which Starways seemed to actually discourage people from taking... the trip to planet Earth. And once Burrell had got himself a ticket for the journey, he began to discover why Earth had become the least visited planet in the galaxy, and why Starways worked so hard to keep it that way...

The World s Great Classics

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The Advance of the World a Discourse Delivered July 14th 1867 on Occasion of the Death of William Scholefield Etc

Author : John GREEN (Socialist Missionary.)
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The Soul Is a Stranger in This World

Author : Micah Mattix
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The Soul Is a Stranger in This World is a timely examination of some of the best modern and contemporary poets and a trenchant defense of poetry as a narrative, musical, and theological art. While it is common today to view the poet as a revolutionary, who breaks old forms in the name of aesthetic and political freedom, this volume begins with the classical view of the poet "as a man speaking to men," as Wordsworth put it. Poetry may challenge and shock, but it also consoles, probing the contours of the human soul in a broken world. Collected from essays and reviews first published in The Wall Street Journal, The New Criterion, Books and Culture, First Things, and other outlets, the volume traces these concerns in the work of modern masters such as Rilke and Eliot, avant-garde exemplars like Andre du Bouchet and Basil Bunting, and contemporary writers such as Dana Gioia and Franz Wright.

Art and Handicraft in the Woman s Building of the World s Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893

Author : Maud Howe Elliott
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The Hatred of the World the Test of Our Abiding in Christ A Sermon Etc

Author : Francis BROTHERS
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The Pilgrim s Progress from this World to that which is to Come Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream In Two Parts with Engravings Etc

Author : John Bunyan
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The Young Man s Guide through the Wilderness of this World to the Heavenly Canaan Shewing him how to carry himself Christianlike in the whole course of his life etc

Author : Thomas GOUGE
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A Run Round the World Or The Adventures of Three Young Americans

Author : Henry Lyell
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This Is Not A Mixtape for the End of the World

Author : Daniel M. Shapiro
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Daniel M. Shapiro’s (This Is Not A) Mixtape for the End of the World is a collection of prose poems inspired by the heyday of MTV pop music videos. The poems distill the juxtaposition of sunny materialism and Cold War trepidation that define so many music videos of the 1980s. Shapiro chips away at nostalgia while clinging to what makes his source material so catchy. A series of artworks by Stephen Tornero accompanies the poems. Much like the period’s music, the bold excess, bright colors, and festive abstractions stand in contrast to the decade’s underbelly.

The World Almanac Book of Facts

Author :
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The Other World

Author : Frederick George Lee
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