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Toward a New Philosophy of Biology

Author : Ernst Mayr
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Provides a philosophical analysis of such biological concepts as natural selection, adaptation, speciation, and evolution

Philosophia naturalis

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Philosophy of Biology Before Biology

Author : Cécilia Bognon-Küss
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The use of the term "biology" to refer to a unified science of life emerged around 1800 (most prominently by scientists such as Lamarck and Treviranus, although scholarship has indicated its usage at least 30-40 years earlier). The interplay between philosophy and natural science has also accompanied the constitution of biology as a science. Philosophy of Biology Before Biology examines biological and protobiological writings from the mid-eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century (from Buffon to Cuvier; Kant to Oken; and Kielmeyer) with two major sets of questions in mind: What were the distinctive conceptual features of the move toward biology as a science? What were the relations and differences between the "philosophical" focus on the nature of living entities, and the "scientific" focus? This insightful volume produces a fresh but also systematic perspective both on the history of biology as a science and on the early versions of, in the 1960s in a post-positivist context, the philosophy of biology. It will appeal to students and researchers interested in fields such as history of science, philosophy of science and biology.

The Evolutionary Biology of Viruses

Author : Morse
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Addresses viral phylogeny: origins & relatedness/processes generating genetic diversity/natural selection/etc.

Stephen Jay Gould and the Politics of Evolution

Author : David Forrest Prindle
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While many people have written about Gould's science, and a few have written about his politics, this is the first book to explore his science and politics as a consistent whole. Political scientist Prindle argues that Gould's concepts and arguments were bona fide contributions to science, but all of them also contained specifically political implications.

History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences

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The Phenomenon of Life

Author : Hans Jonas
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One of the most prominent thinkers of his generation, Hans Jonas wrote on topics as diverse as the philosophy of biology, ethics and cosmology. This work sets forth a systematic philosophy of biological facts, laid out in support of his claim that mind is prefigured throughout organic existence.

Toward a New Philosophy in Educational Administration

Author : Ernest Edward Oertel
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Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science

Author : Japan Association for Philosophy of Science, Tokyo
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Intelligent Design

Author : Robert M. Baird
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On December 20, 2005, Federal District Court Judge John E. Jones III ruled that Intelligent Design was not science but an unconstitutional intrusion of religion into the school curriculum. His decision upheld contentions by parents in the Dover, PA, school district that school board members substituted personal religious beliefs for science. The ruling came despite calls by President George W. Bush for Intelligent Design to be taught as a theory alongside the theory of evolution. This hotly contested issue continues to grip the nation and spark intense debate. But what is Intelligent Design? Can Intelligent Design stand up to the rigors of scientific method? Or is it a nonscientific, faith-inspired interpretation of experience? This collection of essays addresses such questions and includes analyses from scientists, journalists, philosophers, and religious leaders and thinkers. This volume provides a variety of perspectives in the hope that readers will be better prepared to reach their own conclusions about the issues involved. Divided into five sections, the first section provides analyses of Judge Jones's decision. Section two includes a report on and a response to President Bush's call for Intelligent Design to be taught in schools. The third section outlines the origins of the debate, including excerpts from the classic works of Charles Darwin and theologian William Paley. Section four analyzes the scientific validity of Intelligent Design and includes statements from key scientific associations. The highly important concluding section asks whether religion and evolution are compatible. This essential volume features selections from: Elisabeth Bumiller, Matt Cartmill, Charles Darwin, Daniel C. Dennett, Barbara Forrest, Owen Gingerich, Stephen Jay Gould, John Paul II, Philip Kitcher, Ernan McMullen, Kenneth R. Miller, Nancey Murphy, William Paley, Robert T. Pennock, Holmes Rolston III, Michael Ruse, Alfred Tauber, Michael W. Tkacz, James Q. Wilson, and Carl Zimmer.

Oxford Handbook of Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience

Author : Mark Samuel Blumberg
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Education and Philosophical Anthropology

Author : David Holbrook
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Alerts students and teachers in education and the humanities to the area of thought known as Continental or reflective philosophy. This book discusses the various disciplines included in this philosophy that come under the rubric of philosophical anthropology: philosophical biology, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and branches of postcritical philosophy.

Soil Water Biology and Belief in Prehistoric and Traditional Southwestern Agriculture

Author : Henry Wolcott Toll
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Political Questions

Author : Larry Arnhart
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The Second Edition incorporates new material relevant to issues in the political debates of today. It is organized around a series of enduring & provocative political questions, & it features the works of twelve philosophers ranging in scope from antiquity to the present.

Evolutionary Computation

Author : David B. Fogel
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This Third Edition provides the latest tools and techniques that enable computers to learn The Third Edition of this internationally acclaimed publication provides the latest theory and techniques for using simulated evolution to achieve machine intelligence. As a leading advocate for evolutionary computation, the author has successfully challenged the traditional notion of artificial intelligence, which essentially programs human knowledge fact by fact, but does not have the capacity to learn or adapt as evolutionary computation does. Readers gain an understanding of the history of evolutionary computation, which provides a foundation for the author's thorough presentation of the latest theories shaping current research. Balancing theory with practice, the author provides readers with the skills they need to apply evolutionary algorithms that can solve many of today's intransigent problems by adapting to new challenges and learning from experience. Several examples are provided that demonstrate how these evolutionary algorithms learn to solve problems. In particular, the author provides a detailed example of how an algorithm is used to evolve strategies for playing chess and checkers. As readers progress through the publication, they gain an increasing appreciation and understanding of the relationship between learning and intelligence. Readers familiar with the previous editions will discover much new and revised material that brings the publication thoroughly up to date with the latest research, including the latest theories and empirical properties of evolutionary computation. The Third Edition also features new knowledge-building aids. Readers will find a host of new and revised examples. New questions at the end of each chapter enable readers to test their knowledge. Intriguing assignments that prepare readers to manage challenges in industry and research have been added to the end of each chapter as well. This is a must-have reference for professionals in computer and electrical engineering; it provides them with the very latest techniques and applications in machine intelligence. With its question sets and assignments, the publication is also recommended as a graduate-level textbook.

Knowledge Acquisition Organization and Use in Biology

Author : Kathleen M. Fisher
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Biology Knowledge: Its Acquisition, Organization, and Use, held in Glasgow, Scotland, June 14-18, 1992

SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY Adversaries Companions or Strangers An Essay on a Modern Philosophy of Nature

Author : Alain Stahl
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The rapid progress of science is shedding new light on the eternal questions of philosophy. Alain Stahl provides an exhaustive and coherent examination of the big questions that physics and the life sciences raise today. This book is a translation of the second French edition (2010), updated and expanded to include the most recent scientific findings. It will be of interest to anyone studying, working in, or thinking about science and philosophy. The author, Dr. Alain Stahl, a scientist by training, spent his outstanding professional career working as a chief technical officer and then managing director of several large French chemical companies. After retiring, he has focused his efforts on integrating insights from scientific and philosophical advances, and the present volume is the culmination of this synthesis.

From Functional Reasoning to an Adaptationist Stance

Author : Doris Brigitte Ash
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The Sacred Cosmos

Author : Terence L. Nichols
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Christianity and science are not mutually exclusive. Discover the wonderful ways a Christian can understand modern science and learn how to better share your faith in a secular age.