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The English Drama and Stage Under the Tudor and Stuart Princes 1543 1664

Author : William Carew Hazlitt
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Mary Tudor

Author : Sir Aubrey De Vere
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The Tudor sisters

Author : Tudor sisters
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The Oxford Handbook of Tudor Literature

Author : Mike Pincombe
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This is the first major collection of essays to look at the literature of the entire Tudor period, from the reign of Henry VII to death of Elizabeth I. It pays particularly attention to the years before 1580. Those decades saw, amongst other things, the establishment of print culture and growth of a reading public; the various phases of the English Reformation and process of political centralization that enabled and accompanied them; the increasing emulation of Continental and classical literatures under the influence of humanism; the self-conscious emergence of English as a literary language and determined creation of a native literary canon; the beginnings of English empire and the consolidation of a sense of nationhood. However, study of Tudor literature prior to 1580 is not only of worth as a context, or foundation, for an Elizabethan 'golden age'. As this much-needed volume will show, it is also of artistic, intellectual, and cultural merit in its own right. Written by experts from Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom, the forty-five chapters in The Oxford Handbook to Tudor Literature recover some of the distinctive voices of sixteenth-century writing, its energy, variety, and inventiveness. As well as essays on well-known writers, such as Philip Sidney or Thomas Wyatt, the volume contains the first extensive treatment in print of some of the Tudor era's most original voices.

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Author :
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Tudor Road Muldoon Road Construction Seward Hwy to Glenn Hwy Anchorage

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Owen Tudor by the author of Whitefriars

Author : Emma Robinson
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The History of Hampton Court Palace in Tudor Times Orange and Guelph times

Author : Ernest Law
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Feet of Fines of the Tudor Period

Author : England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas
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The Tudor Supremacy in Jurisdiction Unlimited A Sermon on John Xviii 36 Etc

Author : Robert Henry FORTESCUE
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A Collection of Historical Documents Illustrative of the Reigns of the Tudor and Stuart Sovereigns

Author : Edmund Goldsmid
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The Choreography of Antony Tudor

Author : Rachel S. Chamberlain Duerden
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The Choreography of Antony Tudor: Focus on Four Ballets presents both an analytical overview of the ballets created for the stage by Antony Tudor and an in-depth critical analysis of four key works: Jardin aux Lilas (1936), Dark Elegies (1937), Pillar of Fire (1942), and The Leaves Are Fading (1975). Tudor was a British choreographer who spent a large part of his working life in the United States, and although he was not prolific in his output, his works include several masterpieces of twentieth-century ballet repertoire. Characteristic of his work is an exceptionally creative and sensitive relationship of choreography with music, a relationship different from that developed by his equally musical contemporary, George Balanchine, in that it privileges subtle layers of dramatic, often psychological, exposition as well as complex mythmical structures. Tudor's ballets invariably involve a psychological human dimension, even when there is no story as such, and it is these two strands - the musical and the dramatic - that the choreographer exploits with consummate skill in the best of his work.

Tudor Rebellions

Author : Anthony Fletcher
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The Tudor age was a tumultuous one – a time of the Reformation, conspiracies, uprisings and rebellions. The Tudor Rebellions gives a chronological run-down of the major rebellions and throws light on some of the main themes of Tudor history, including the dynasty’s attempt to bring the north and west under the control of the capital, the progress of the English Reformation and the impact of inflation, taxation and enclosure on society. Successive versions of Tudor Rebellions have been central to understanding Tudor politics since 1968, when Anthony Fletcher first published his book. Now nearly four decades later, Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch has once more thoroughly revised and expanded this classic text to take into account exciting and innovative work on the subject in recent years.

Propaganda and the Tudor State

Author : John P. D. Cooper
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This book offers a fresh understanding of the substance behind the rhetoric of English Renaissance monarchy. Propaganda is identified as a key factor in the intensification of the English state. The Tudor royal image is pursued in all its forms: in print and prayer, in iconography andarchitecture. The monarchy surrounded itself with the trappings of majesty at court, but in the shires it relied on different strategies of persuasion to uphold its authority. The Reformation placed the provincial pulpit at the disposal of the crown, and the church became the main conduit of royalpropaganda. Sermons taught the duty of obedience, and parish prayer was redirected from local saints towards the sovereign as the symbolic core of the nation.Dr Cooper examines the relationship between the Tudor monarchy and its subjects in Cornwall and Devon, and the complex interaction between local and national political culture. These were years of social and religious upheaval, during which the western peninsula witnessed three major rebellions,and many more riots and affrays. A vibrant popular religion was devastated by the Protestant Reformation, and foreign invasion was a frequent threat. Cornwall remained recognizably different from England in its ancient language and traditions. Yet in the midst of all this, popular allegiance tomonarchy and nation survived and prospered. The Tudors were mourned and celebrated in towns and parish churches. Loyalty was fostered by the Duchy of Cornwall and the stannaries. Regional difference, far from undermining the power of the crown, was fundamental to its success in the westcountry.This is a study of government at the dangerous edges of Tudor England, and a testament to the unifying power of propaganda.

The Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor and Stuart Britain

Author : John Morrill
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Focuses on the political, social, cultural, and religious changes that occured in Great Britain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

England Under the Tudors

Author : G.R. Elton
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First published in 1955 and never out of print, this wonderfully written text by one of the great historians of the twentieth century has guided generations of students through the turbulent history of Tudor England. Now in its third edition, England Under the Tudors charts a historical period that saw some monumental changes in religion, monarchy, government and the arts. Elton's classic and highly readable introduction to the Tudor period offers an essential source of information from the start of Henry VII's reign to the death of Elizabeth I.

Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England

Author : Alan MacFarlane
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This is a classic regional and comparative study of early modern witchcraft. The history of witchcraft continues to attract attention with its emotive and contentious debates. The methodology and conclusions of this book have impacted not only on witchcraft studies but the entire approach to social and cultural history with its quantitative and anthropological approach. The book provides an important case study on Essex as well as drawing comparisons with other regions of early modern England. The second edition of this classic work adds a new historiographical introduction, placing the book in context today.

Encyclopedia of Tudor England

Author : John A. Wagner
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Authority and accessibility combine to bring the history and the drama of Tudor England to life. Almost 900 engaging entries cover the life and times of Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, and much, much more. * Almost 900 entries covering people, events, ideas, movements, institutions, and publications * An extensive chronology of important events from the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 to the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 * Maps and photographs * A guide to related topics * Appendixes that include genealogies and lists of European monarchs, contemporary popes, English bishops, speakers and sessions of Parliament, and major battles, rebellions, and uprisings * A bibliography of historical novels set in the period * An annotated list of films and television programs set in the period * A list of useful websites * An extensive, up-to-date bibliography divided into topical sections

The Development of Natural History in Tudor England

Author : F. David Hoeniger
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Folger guides provide lively, authoritative surveys of important aspects of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English cultural history. Attractively illustrated with material from contemporary documents, the Guides are designed for the general reader and are particularly valuable as enrichment resources for courses in Renaissance history and literature.

Tudor Church Music

Author : Edmund H. Fellowes
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