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The Tunnels

Author : Greg Mitchell
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A thrilling Cold War narrative of superpower showdowns, media suppression, and two escape tunnels beneath the Berlin Wall. In the summer of 1962, the year after the rise of the Berlin Wall, a group of young West Germans risked prison, Stasi torture, and even death to liberate friends, lovers, and strangers in East Berlin by digging tunnels under the Wall. Then two U.S. television networks heard about the secret projects and raced to be first to document them from the inside. NBC and CBS funded two separate tunnels in return for the right to film the escapes, planning spectacular prime-time specials. President John F. Kennedy, however, was wary of anything that might spark a confrontation with the Soviets, having said, “A wall is better than a war,” and even confessing to Secretary of State Dean Rusk, “We don’t care about East Berlin.” JFK approved unprecedented maneuvers to quash both documentaries, testing the limits of a free press in an era of escalating nuclear tensions. As Greg Mitchell’s riveting narrative unfolds, we meet extraordinary characters: the legendary cyclist who became East Germany’s top target for arrest; the Stasi informer who betrays the “CBS tunnel”; the American student who aided the escapes; an engineer who would later help build the tunnel under the English channel; and the young East Berliner who fled with her baby, then married one of the tunnelers. The Tunnels captures the chilling reach of the Stasi secret police as U.S. networks prepared to “pay for play” but were willing to cave to official pressure, the White House was eager to suppress historic coverage, and ordinary people in dire circumstances became subversive. The Tunnels is breaking history, a propulsive read whose themes still reverberate.

21st Century Tunnels

Author : LeeAnn Blankenship
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As cities grow and Earth becomes more congested with millions of miles of roads and railways, tunnels offer access to some of our last available space. They pass through massive mountains, beneath bodies of water, and even under large cities. This resource introduces readers to underground engineering and explains how it works in connection with other disciplines to solve problems of tunnel design, safety, construction, and sustainability. No doubt tunnels of the future will revolutionize transportation and address other global issues. This insightful resource will inspire readers to consider a career in engineering so they can help make it happen.

The Tunnels of Cu Chi

Author : Tom Mangold
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The campaign in the tunnels of Cu Chi was fought with cunning and savagery between Viet Cong guerrillas and special teams of US infantrymen called 'Tunnel Rats'. The location: the 200-mile labyrinth of underground tunnels and secret chambers that the Viet Cong had dug around Saigon. The Tunnel Rats were GIs of legendary skill and courage. Armed only with knives and pistols, they fought hand-to-hand against a cruel and ingenious enemy inside the booby-trapped blackness of the tunnels. For the Viet Cong the tunnel network became their battlefield, their barracks, their arms factories and their hospitals, as the ground above was pounded to dust by American shells and bombs.

Settlements Around Tunnels in Soil

Author : United States. Department of Transportation. Office of the Secretary
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The Stability of Tunnels in Grouted Fault Zones

Author : Georgios Anagnostou
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Famous Subways and Tunnels of the World

Author : Edward Emelin White
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Author : Robyn Hardyman
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In this informative book, readers dig into the history of tunnels and expand their cultural awareness as they explore famous tunnels across the globe. They’ll also discover other technologies that play a role in tunnels, such as the invention of dynamite and ancient aqueducts! Record-breaking tunnels will amaze even reluctant readers, and stunning photographs illuminate key concepts. The concluding engineering activity will give readers the chance to apply their knowledge through hands-on construction. This versatile work explains the historical importance and science of tunnels, helping readers understand connections between subject areas.

The Longest Tunnels

Author : Susan Mitchell
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Introduces long tunnels, including the Laerdal Tunnel, the Chunnel, and the Seikan Tunnel.

Tunnels and Underground Cities Engineering and Innovation Meet Archaeology Architecture and Art

Author : Daniele Peila
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Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art contains the contributions presented at the World Tunnel Congress 2019 (Naples, Italy, 3-9 May 2019). The use of underground space is continuing to grow, due to global urbanization, public demand for efficient transportation, and energy saving, production and distribution. The growing need for space at ground level, along with its continuous value increase and the challenges of energy saving and achieving sustainable development objectives, demand greater and better use of the underground space to ensure that it supports sustainable, resilient and more liveable cities. This vision was the source of inspiration for the design of the logos of both the International (ITA) and Italian (SIG) Tunnelling Association. By placing key infrastructures underground – the black circle in the logos – it will be possible to preserve and enhance the quality of the space at ground level – the green line. In order to consider and value underground space usage together with human and social needs, engineers, architects, and artists will have to learn to collaborate and develop an interdisciplinary design approach that addresses functionality, safety, aesthetics and quality of life, and adaptability to future and varied functions. The 700 contributions cover a wide range of topics, from more traditional subjects connected to technical challenges of design and construction of underground works, with emphasis on innovation in tunneling engineering, to less conventional and archetypically Italian themes such as archaeology, architecture, and art. The book has the following main themes: Archaeology, Architecture and Art in underground construction; Environment sustainability in underground construction; Geological and geotechnical knowledge and requirements for project implementation; Ground improvement in underground constructions; Innovation in underground engineering, materials and equipment; Long and deep tunnels; Public communication and awareness; Risk management, contracts and financial aspects; Safety in underground construction; Strategic use of underground space for resilient cities; Urban tunnels. Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art is a valuable reference text for tunneling specialists, owners, engineers, architects and others involved in underground planning, design and building around the world, and for academics who are interested in underground constructions and geotechnics.

Risk Assessment and Security for Pipelines Tunnels and Underground Rail and Transit Operations

Author : Anna M. Doro-on
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Risk Assessment and Security for Pipelines, Tunnels, and Underground Rail and Transit Operations details a quantitative risk assessment methodology for systematically analyzing various alternatives for protecting underground rail, oil and gas pipelines, pipeline freight transportation, and other tunnel systems from terrorism threats and other disasters. It examines the engineering, environmental, and economic impacts and addresses both direct and collateral damage. The book describes how to employ the methodology of quantitative psychology for effectively assessing risk in homeland security, defense actions, and critical infrastructure protection. Using pipelines, tunnels, underground rapid rail, and transit systems as examples, it maintains an emphasis on applying quantitative psychology to risk management in the areas of homeland security and defense. Outlines the background and system operations of pipelines, tunnels, underground rail, and transit systems as well as other super-speed futuristic trains Covers materials used for fabricating weapons of mass destruction and operations for terrorism Deals with the probabilistic risk estimation process, event tree analysis, and fault tree analysis Discusses the risk and vulnerability assessment tools and methodologies used by experts and governmental agencies Approved for public release by the U.S. Federal Government, this book presents regulations, standard processes, and risk assessment models recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other federal and state agencies. Describing how to evaluate terrorism threats and warnings, it details protocols for preventive measures and emergency preparedness plans that are based on economic analysis. With comprehensive coverage that includes risk estimation and risk acceptability analysis, the book provides a foundational understanding of risk and the various defensive systems that can improve safety and security as well as thwart terrorists’ efforts to sabotage critical infrastructure.

Aerodynamics and Air Quality Management of Highway Tunnels

Author : R. N. Schlaug
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Design Fires in Road Tunnels

Author : Igor Y. Maevski
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TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 415: Design Fires in Road Tunnels information on the state of the practice of design fires in road tunnels, focusing on tunnel fire dynamics and the means of fire management for design guidance.

Comparison of the 10x10 and the 8x6 Supersonic Wind Tunnels at the NASA Glenn Research Center for Low Speed Subsonic Operation

Author :
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Roads Bridges and Tunnels

Author : Michael Overman
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On the Face Stability of Shallow Tunnels in Sand

Author : Ansgar Kirsch
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Various models have been proposed for the prediction of the necessary support pressure at the face of a shallow tunnel. To assess their quality, the collapse of a tunnel face was modelled with small scale model tests at single gravity. The evolution of the failure mechanism and the development of the support force at the face in dry sand were investigated. The observed displacement patterns show a negligible influence of overburden on the extent and evolution of the failure zone. The latter is significantly influenced, though, by the initial density of the sand: in dense sand a chimney-wedge-type collapse mechanism developed, which propagated towards the soil surface. Initially loose sand did not show any development of a discrete collapse mechanism. The necessary support force was neither influenced by the overburden nor the initial density. A comparison with quantitative predictions by several theoretical models showed that the measured necessary support pressure is overestimated by most of the models. Only those by Vermeer/Ruse and Leca/Dormieux were able to predict the necessary support pressure on a 95 % confidence level. A three-dimensional finite element investigation of face stability served to assess the ability of two constitutive models, an elastoplastic Mohr-Coulomb and a hypoplastic model, to predict the necessary support pressure and the displacements at the tunnel face. The simulation of the small scale experiments revealed that the observed necessary support pressure and incremental displacements were predicted sufficiently well with both constitutive models.

Approximate Treatment of V STOL Wall Interference for Closed Circular Tunnels

Author : Harry H. Heyson
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An approximate treatment of V/STOL wall interference in a circular tunnel indicates that the interference factors at the model for this tunnel should be of the same order of magnitude as those presently available for a square tunnel of equal cross-sectional area. There is a greater degree of uncertainty with respect to the lateral and longitudinal distributions of interference; however, the available results for the square tunnel should be reasonably close to those of the circular tunnel provided that the model is relatively small in comparison with the test section.

The Lighting of Vehicular Traffic Tunnels

Author : D. A. Schreuder
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9th International Conference on Aerodynamics and Ventilation of Vehicle Tunnels

Author : J. R. Gillard
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A Simplified Method for Calculating Temperature Time Histories in Cryogenic Wind Tunnels

Author :
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Numerical Calculation of Boundary induced Interference in Slotted Or Perforated Wind Tunnels Including Viscous Effects in Slots

Author : James D. Keller
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A numerical method is presented for calculating the incompressible boundary-induced interference in wind tunnels of rectangular cross section with slotted or perforated walls. The method includes a wall representation which is capable of satisfying a generalized homogeneous boundary condition including the effects of viscosity within the slots. The effects of viscosity in the slots are found to be very significant. The method allows for a variation in the boundary conditions along the tunnel walls. The model can be any configuration and can be located anywhere in the test section. The interference can be computed at any point in the test section.