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Understanding Prophetic People

Author : R. Loren Sandford
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Prophecy is cherished by many as one of the fivefold ministry gifts described in Ephesians 4:11 and foundational to the life of the church. Yet prophetically gifted people have a reputation of being different and difficult to live and work with. Understanding Prophetic People, written by a prophetic pastor who grew up as the son of a prophetic pastor and leader, helps readers better understand, relate to, and even minister to prophetically gifted people. R. Loren Sandford answers fascinating questions such as, What is it like to grow up as a prophetically gifted person? What is the difference between adrenaline and anointing? Who validates authentic prophetic ministry? How does a pastor rightly relate to a prophet? This rich resource seeks deeper understanding and wisdom on issues of foundational importance for prophetic people and everyone who loves God's gifts.

Purifying the Prophetic

Author : R. Loren Sandford
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The western Church has an unhealthy force in her midst, warns prophetic pastor Loren Sandford. It is a consuming focus on "self" and it is eroding ministry and blocking revival. Sandford speaks to the growing undercurrent of hunger for what is truly authentic. He explains the critical need for sacrifice and challenges the church to return to the cleansing power of Jesus' blood. Readers who long for a return to true faith and genuine prophecy will find their spirits refreshed by this message and see new power and life in ministry. Anyone with a heart for prophecy, intercession, and revival will answer this call to recover biblical focus and rediscover biblical levels of Holy Spirit manifestation.

Understanding Prophets Prophetic People

Author : Dr. Barbara M. Jackson
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The office of the prophet is one of the most misunderstood offices in the body of Christ. This book was written to teach and enlighten people concerning the office of the prophet and how the prophet should function in the body of Christ.If you want to gain more understanding concerning the office of prophet and prophetic people, this book is for you.

Awakening the Prophet in You

Author : Abraham Peters
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The world is in desperate need of the authentic voice of God. If the church is to be a force to be reckoned with in the world. If Christians are to become agents of change and a transformative voice to the next generation. We need to be tuned in to what God wants to tell us. The body of Christ desperately needs prophets to awaken and go forth. Whether you have never spoken a prophetic word or you actively engage your gift and calling, In AWAKENING THE PROPHET IN YOU, Dr. Abraham Peters provides an unparalleled, inspiring teaching for you. Dr. Abraham Peters boldly reveals the characteristics of a prophet that may lie dormant in your life so God can launch you into your divine calling. Whether Something is stirring inside of you, but it has been silenced, gravely undermined, and misunderstood. You must believe that God has not forgotten you and God has not sidelined you. AWAKENING THE PROPHET IN YOU, helps you to discover, awaken, arise and come out of your cave and be encouraged to speak forth the word of the Lord. God is calling you to be His Trumpet, His mouthpiece and to sound the alarm. AWAKENING THE PROPHET IN YOU, is an invaluable tool that will immensely profit every reader. Dr. Abraham Peters has put together a very rich resource text that is relevant to everybody who's a part of the church body. Today, the Church needs prophetic people who will decree and declare righteousness. We need the prophetic voice, and we will not see breakthrough in our churches, families, jobs, financial situations, health, and homes without it. In this book, Dr. Abraham Peters will show you how to get your prophecy manifested. Too many people, prophets included just have not understood fully enough about the conditions of prophecy and the recipient's involvement in order for manifestation to happen. Some have treated prophecy as if it was a word of wisdom which is an event already scheduled by God, prophecy is different. What is God saying to us TODAY? What does God want to tell the NEXT GENERATION? Look inside let's learn a little more...

The Prophetic Church

Author : R. Loren Sandford
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R. Loren Sandford does not believe we will see revival sweep the Western world--despite the prayers of those longing for God to send it--without certain key elements. The goal of our pursuit in these crucial days, rather than seeking power, must be intimacy with God and oneness with his heart. In addition to biblical examples and practical application, Sandford shows readers how certain "lighthouse churches" are incorporating and cultivating these goals. The church of Jesus Christ, he says, can rise up to have a prophetic impact on cities and nations and become all that our Savior called us to be.

A Prophet s Cry

Author : Dedric Hubbard
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Many are called into the prophetic ministry do not understand the constant breaking they must go through. To receive the anointing they must posses to carry out God's will on Earth. And as a result, the people they are called to assist often mislabel them, misunderstand them and misinterpret their actions. Apostle Dedric Hubbard releases a profound and in-depth wealth of wisdom, revelation and understanding in his newest release A Prophet's Cry. As he brings knowledge and attention to the silent pain prophets endure to carry out the instructions God gives them. In this powerful book he deals with 7 key areas that many misunderstand about prophets. Those 7 areas are: 1. A Prophet's Love 2. A Prophet's Compassion 3. A Prophet's Protection 4. A Prophet's Relationship 5. A Prophet's Obedience 6. A Prophet's Failure 7. A Prophet's Atittude

Elijah Among Us

Author : John Loren Sandford
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Twenty-five years after the release of his ground-breaking book The Elijah Task, co-authored with his wife, Paula, a sequel comes from the powerful pen of John Sandford. In Elijah Among Us, he outlines a biblically rooted discussion of prophetic history and functioning, both how to instruct prophets and commission their office and how to inform the church about prophetic ministry. Sandford wrote this follow-up book because he sees a strong and even dangerous overemphasis in the church on the "giving of personal words," which is only one role of the prophetic office. The first section of this book develops a history of the prophetic office, how the office metamorphosed from one of warning into proclaiming God's gentle and merciful side, and becoming burden-bearers. Second, Sandford sets forth the working functions of prophets, explaining how they serve in twelve major roles, including bringing blessings, healing, warning of impending judgment, giving protection from tragedies, and offering direction, guidance, or confirmation. Readers will gain crucial knowledge of a widely misunderstood topic, helping them be discerning in these strategic end times. Authoritative and compelling, Elijah Among Us is a timely and vital work for the Body of Christ.

Visions of the Coming Days

Author : R. Loren Sandford
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Respected Prophetic Leader Offers Biblically Grounded Predictions for What Is to Come R. Loren Sandford has long been internationally respected as a grounded and insightful prophetic leader. A regular writer for Charisma magazine's Prophetic Insight newsletter, he has cast a poignant prophetic vision for Christians everywhere during these uncertain times. Using Amos 2 and 3, Sandford presents detailed predictions of the days to come. He reveals the pattern of indictments and penalties leveled against Israel back then that mirror America and the Western world today. Yet within his sober reflection, he reveals the heart of the Father and the hope of glory for the body of Christ. With clarity and piercing biblical insight, he helps believers understand what is to come, and he gives them practical advice on how to prepare spiritually--for the events that will unfold and for their role in all of it.

Understanding the Prophetic Ministry

Author : Merica Cox
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The Prophetic ministry deals mainly with three areas as shown below. Failure to understand these areas and the purpose of prophecy has caused many people to fall into a lot of problems, some have been ship wrecked. I have personally witnessed friends who were given awesome prophesies and they have since died without ever achieving a single one of those prophesies. What do we say then, were the prophesies wrong; not necessarily but there is more to prophesy than just receiving a word. It is this lack of understanding which has cost many so much as they failed to enter into what God had prepared for them. These three aspects also speak of different seasons in one's life, God works through seasons and failure to understand this has caused people to move before God's time in trying to fulfill the prophecy as shown in the life of Abraham and Sarah. Prophesy can come to you through a human vessel (prophet or someone with a prophetic gift), it can come to you in a dream as shown in the life of Joseph, Daniel or King Nebgadnezer. The main purpose is to INFORM, to CORRECT and to GUIDE. Jer 1:5 "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." (your past and future) God had a plan and purpose for your life, as you grow older other things came along and cloud God's plan. The prophetic ministry comes to bring you back to line up with the plan of God for your life by putting right what is wrong and pointing the direction to the way you should follow.

The Seer

Author : Jim W. Goll
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The prophetic movements in church history and in contemporary life are fed by two mighty streams: the prophet, whose revelation is primarily verbal, and the seer, whose revelation is more visionary in nature. While the role of the prophet is familiar, less is known about the seer dimension. To many people, these visionary prophets remain mysterious, otherworldly, and even strange.

The Micaiah Company

Author : Jeremiah Johnson
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It would be difficult to imagine a time when the body of Christ has stood in greater need of reliable, biblically grounded and accurate prophetic ministry. Tragically, we have seen a long list of prophecies go unfulfilled, ranging from personal words to words for the nation and world. Clearly, a prophetic reformation is needed. As Micaiah stood alone against 400 prophets who spoke delusion to the kings, R. Loren Sanford and Jeremiah Johnson foresee the emergence of a Micaiah Company, trained in the wilderness, rooted in the Word of God and seeking deep intimacy with Jesus. This book will disturb some and deeply encourage many. Let the Micaiah Company arise!For more, go to

Understanding End Times Prophecy

Author : Paul N. Benware
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Bible prophecy continues to fascinate, nevermore than in troubled times of war and natural disasters. But why study Bible prophecy? What does it mean if a person is premillenial or amillenial, believes in the Rapture, or knows who or what the Beast of Revelation is? Benware¿s framework for understanding Bible prophecy is based on the four biblical covenants: Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New. This book is a reference for seminary and college students, and those curious about the various views of end times prophetic events and biblical proof behind them.

Understanding Prophecy

Author : Doris Chipendo
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This book outlines how God ministered to His people in Old Testament times. He spoke to His people through prophets. Jesus was the subject of their ministry. He was the prophecy they uttered, and when He came on this earth, His mission was to fulfil that prophecy. Peter, in one of his books, clearly states that prophets wanted to know more about that prophecy (salvation—Jesus). They wanted to know when their prophecy would be fulfilled and what the world would be like. This is the time prophets talked about. During Moses’s time, a rod was required to part the waters. In Jesus’ day, one would simply walk on water. In our time, we speak, and before we know it, we are already on the other side of the sea. Is this not amazing? It’s my prayer that this book inspires you to know more about God. Stay blessed!

Receiving Personal Prophecy

Author : Bill Vincent
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There have been a lot of lessons he has learned from years of ministry and surrounding himself with prophetic people. Bill has been asked many questions o how to see that personal prophecy come to pass. Bill Vincent is releasing this book, Receiving Personal Prophecy, to answer those questions. This book is Volume Two of Bill's prophetic book series. You can get Volume One, Increasing Your Prophetic Gift, if you would like to learn to flow in a deeper level of prophetic. Receiving Personal Prophecy is for everyone who has been around the prophetic and has ever received a prophetic Word. Bill talks about mostly personal prophetic ministry where some one singles you out and prophesies to you personally. This also will be a great tool for receiving a Word for a Church, City, Country or so on. This book has the basic guidelines and the strategies for bringing your Words to pass.

The Prophet in the Wilderness

Author : Ken Cox
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*Are you a Prophet and need practical understanding? * Did people call you a Prophet and now everything is wrong in your life? * Seeing visions and don't understand why? * Need to understand why certain people have purpose in your life? "The Prophet in the Wilderness" is an introductory guide to discover your prophetic call. Apostle Ken Cox shapes his message with God's word for prophets and aspiring prophets. This book is a model to get the prophetically gifted on the right track towards developing in their gift. You'll discover yourself, why you went through what you did, and most of all answer this burning question: "what do I do now"? This publication is a direct profound summary of direction, which is so lacking in the prophetic ministry today. Every prophetic person has the right to be relevant for God. "The Prophet in The Wilderness" will alert and awaken you to the point of how to become relevant in the Prophetic. There is plenty to learn, no doubt, but there are countless aspiring prophets who do not have a clue! Get this Book; Read and reread this book!

Words of Wisdom and Knowledge for Prophetic People

Author : Wilbur Daniel
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This book is to inspire, encourage and motivate young budding prophetic people to stay focused in their development process. It contains illustrations and over 117 combined principals and Words of Wisdom for young budding prophets and prophetic people. God uses real life experiences to develop budding prophets. Samuel and Elijah had Schools to train and develop prophets. Listed in this book are some real life experiences and challenges that God used when He took Prophet Daniel through his prophetic process of development. These principles and experience are common for budding prophets to face when God takes them through their prophetic process of development. Each principle and words of wisdom have scripture references, to confirm that God has a scriptural base process to develop budding prophets and prophetic people. This process of development by God is to assure that each front-line team member will be effective in his or her God given office as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophets Pitfalls and Principles

Author : Bill Hamon
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This book shows you how to recognize your hidden "root" problems, and detect and correct character flaws and "weed seed" attitudes. It also can teach you how to discern true prophets using Dr. Hamon's ten M's.

Renewal for the Wounded Warrior

Author : R. Loren Sandford
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Refreshingly candid and down to earth, longtime renewal leader R. Loren Sandford provides a life preserver for anyone struggling with burnout. Far from a formulaic approach, Loren discusses the successive stages of woundedness and burnout and plumbs the depths of what is often referred to as "the dark night of the soul." This book flows from Loren's own experiences with burnout and his struggles to deal with them--even as a member of the first family in inner healing. This is a vital resource, not just for ministry leaders and laypersons, but for anyone overwhelmed by stress or tragedy or longing to help someone else.

Come Out Of Her My People

Author : Harold Newton
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The books of Daniel and Revelation have long been a topic of study. While many of the prophecies found in these two books have already been fulfilled, many things are yet to happen. In these last days, it is essential to understand these amazing books and to see how they apply to what we are witnessing today. To many, understanding Bible prophecies is a daunting task. What do the symbols mean? What are the words telling us? What is the actual history being played out in the pages of these books? Harold Newton understands that answering these questions can be overwhelming, and it is his goal to shed light through his engaging and straightforward comments, on the history and symbolism found in these prophetic books. This compilation is taken from the King James Version of the Bible with Harold’s illuminating commentary sprinkled throughout to help bring the reader to a deeper understanding of Bible prophecy and its importance in the apocalyptic events going on around us.

Understanding The Fivefold Ministry

Author : Matthew D Green
File Size : 49.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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DIV God is building His body around the world in the most unexpected ways through the most unexpected people. Take a self-test to find out where your gifts lie and what area of ministry God may have custom-designed you for. /div