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Victoria s Baby Girl

Author : Tina Moore
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An exciting lesbian, transgender (mtf), MDLG and ABDL themed love story for the age play fetishist. Ava spent her youth running from Police Officers. However, there was just one Officer who could ever catch her, Victoria. Now that Ava is all grown up, a chance encounter has her being chased again, but this time for a different reason. Can Victoria bring Ava into her world, or will Ava's past come back to destroy her before she has a chance to get out? This story is the perfect book for baby girls to read alone or to snuggle up with their Mommy Dommes for sexy storytime. Please note: This story contains heavy sexually explicit content, MDLG, Age Play and ABDL themes. It features diaper changes (dry), Dominant and submissive. The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in a variety of kinky, fun activities and this novel is intended for adult readers only. Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE

Victoria s Secret The Cartel Publications Presents

Author : Jason Poole
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Babyface, a pimp in Washington, D.C., reads the diary of his best prostitute and fiancee Victoria while she lies in a coma at a local hospital.

Victoria s Quest

Author : Nancy Hagen Patchen
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"Victoria Willoughby, an intense young painter, is the heroine of this Civil War era novel, set at an isolated Indiana lighthouse and in the boisterous streets of Chicago. In 1868, she confides the secrets of her anguished present and her turbulent past to her diary, or lighthouse keeper's log. As she records her life, she desperately schemes to ensure her future. At stake is both the survival of her family and of her art."

Victoria s Voyage

Author : A. A. Marie
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Victoria is on her own for the first time, away from her brother and sister. Her grandma is very sick and she has to travel far away from her home with her mother to help her. She is also returning to her birth city for the first time since as long as she can remember. Of course Victoria is sad that her grandmother is sick but she is happy to finally have time with her grandmother all to herself, without her brother and sister there. Also, it will be an adventure! Little does Victoria know that the vacation home her grandmother had rented is full of a mystery and adventure all its own.

Queen Victoria s Sister

Author : Harold A. Albert
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Queen Victoria s Other World

Author : Peter Underwood
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There have been many books about Queen Victoria but there has never been one that has explored her 'other world' - the world of the strange and unusual, the world of death and her fascination for it, and the world of the unseen and the paranormal that she could never resist. During his research Peter Underwood gained the distinct impression that there was something of a conspiracy of silence around her interest in the paranormal. however, there is overwhelming evidence that as a fatherless and bewildered princess, as a quickly matured queen, and then as a widowed and often lonely woman, Victoria showed a considerable interest in death and its draperies. This book covers Victoria's youthful encounters with the occult; her visits to haunted properties, her friends and acquaintances with similar interests and experiences; her alleged involvement with Robert Lees, the medium; her undoubted interest in the Jack-the-Ripper murders; her obsession with omens and superstitions and her fascination with death. Not long before his death the Prince Consort told the Queen, 'We don't know in what state we shall meet again, but that we shall recognise each other and be together in eternity I am perfectly certain'. Through forty years of widowhood Queen Victoria believed utterly that this would be so.

Queen Victoria s Children

Author : John van der Kiste
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Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince Consort had nine children who despite their very different characters, remained a close-knit family. Inevitably, as they married into European royal families their loyalties were divided and their lives dominated by political controversy. This is not only the story of their lives in terms of world impact, but also of their own personal achievements, their individual contributions to public life in Britain and overseas and in their roles as the children of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort.

Queen Victoria s Daughters

Author : Edward Frederic Benson
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Queen Victoria s Mother

Author : Dulcie M. Ashdown
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Author :
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Queen Victoria s Maharajah Duleep Singh 1838 93

Author : Michael Alexander
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Queen Victoria s Family

Author : Dulcie M. Ashdown
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The Jackal Helix

Author : Basile
File Size : 44.80 MB
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Omicron, a secret organization of Europe's power elite, selects Amadeo Zeller, a ruthless mercenary, as the main instrument in their plot to dominate the world

Supreme Court

Author :
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Victoria s Guardian Angel

Author : Pierre Crabitès
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Women Novelists of Queen Victoria s Reign

Author : Mrs. Oliphant
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Elizabeth Gaskell is discussed alongside the Brontë sisters, George Eliot, and more.

Baby Girl Can t be Broken

Author : Stephanie Morrison
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Baby Girl is based on events that happened to me just a few years ago. My son and I were homeless twice because of some decisions I made in my life. In Baby Girl, the main character is named Victoria and the story line follows Victoria's hardships with her relationships along with her life-long struggle with low self-esteem. Victoria is a single parent who works to provide and support for her son Bradley. She had recently gotten out of a mentally abusive relationship with Bradley's father when she met Julius, a person of interest throughout the book. Soon in her relationship Victoria finds out that Julius is no good for her, but when she realizes it may be too late. Victoria has to overcome being a homeless single parent when it seems like all around her abandoned her when she needed them most.I grew up with low self-esteem and wasn't encouraged to love myself. People always compare me to my siblings, ridicule me, and put me down, leading me to toxic relationships, in search of feeling loved. Struggling to love myself despite what the world says or sees in me, I finally had to turn to God. With all my flaws, he's the most loving and forgiving Father. I had to let go of all negativity, be at peace to love me for me, and quit seeing myself of how the world sees me and viewing myself as God sees me.


Author : James Brough
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Victoria s Secret

Author : Vickie Smith Foston
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Pioneer Women in Victoria s Reign

Author : Edwin A. Pratt
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These essays represent the writings of some of Victorian England's most prominent women, including Drs. Elizabeth Blackwell, Sophia Jex-Blake, and Florence Nightingale. They cover topics ranging from poor law reform to employment for women.