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Vigilantes and Lynch Mobs

Author : Lisa Arellano
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Looking at the narrative accounts of mob violence produced by vigilantes and/or their advocates as "official" histories, Lisa Arellano shows how these non-fiction narratives conform to a common formula whose purpose is to legitimate frontier justice and lynching. InVigilantes and Lynch Mobs, Arellano closely examines such narratives as well as the work of western historian and archivist Hubert Howe Bancroft, who was sympathetic to them and that of Ida B. Wells, who wrote in fierce opposition to lynching. Tracing the creation, maintenance, and circulation of dominant, alternative, and oppositional vigilante stories from the 19th century frontier through the Jim Crow South, she casts new light on the role of narrative in creating a knowable past. Demonstrating how these histories ennoble the actions of mobs and render their leaders and members as heroes, Arellano presents a persuasive account of lynching's power to create the conditions favourable to its own existence.

Lynching in the West 1850 1935

Author : Ken Gonzales-Day
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This visual and textual study of lynchings that took place in California between 1850 and 1935 shows that race-based lynching in the United States reached far beyond the South.

The Frontier

Author : Eric H. Monkkonen
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Lynching and Vigilantism in the United States

Author :
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Filling a void in the history of American collective violence, this bibliography includes over 4,200 works dealing with vigilante movements and lynchings.

Arbeitsbuch Amerikakunde

Author : Curriculumgruppe Amerikakunde Hamburg
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Lynching in America

Author : Christopher Waldrep
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"Ranging from personal correspondence to courtroom transcripts to journalistic accounts, Christopher Waldrep has extensively mined an enormous quantity of documents about lynching, which he arranges chronologically with concise introductions. He reveals that lynching has been part of American history since the Revolution, but its victims, perpetrators, causes, and environments have changed over time. From the American Revolution to the expansion of the western frontier, Waldrep shows how communities defended lynching as a way to maintain law and order."--Publisher description.

Vigilante Politics

Author : H. Jon Rosenbaum
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This book throws a searchlight on a kind of sociopolitical aggression frequently experienced but never before adequately recognized in political theory.

Law and Order in American History

Author : Joseph M. Hawes
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This publication presents the opinions of nine social scientists on the American criminal justice system.

Encyclopedia of the American West

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U S News World Report

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The Criminal Law of Slavery and Freedom 1800 1868

Author : Daniel J. Flanigan
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The Jim Crow Encyclopedia

Author : Nikki L. M. Brown
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This is the essential ready reference to understand American history post Reconstruction.


Author : William E. Burrows
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Identifies the pre-Revolutionary War roots and studies the historical evolution and impact of vigilantism in the United States.

In the Vortex of Violence

Author : Gema Kloppe-Santamaría
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In the Vortex of Violence examines the uncharted history of lynching in post-revolutionary Mexico. Based on a collection of previously untapped sources, the book examines why lynching became a persistent practice during a period otherwise characterized by political stability and decreasing levels of violence. It explores how state formation processes, as well as religion, perceptions of crime, and mythical beliefs, contributed to shaping people’s understanding of lynching as a legitimate form of justice. Extending the history of lynching beyond the United States, this book offers key insights into the cultural, historical, and political reasons behind the violent phenomenon and its continued practice in Latin America today.

Prose Models

Author : Gerald Levin
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Containing over 110 selections by contemporary and classic writers, PROSE MODELS is a rhetorical reader that covers the major elements of paragraph, essay and methods of development with an emphasis on Argument and Persuasive writing.

Law and Justice

Author : Howard Abadinsky
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This fourth edition of LAW AND JUSTICE, a thorough examination of the justice system in the United States, is the result of substantial revisions. In this new edition, recent court decisions and their effects on law and justice are examined. Controversial areas such as how to interpret the Constitution and statutes, and the conflicts between the legislative and judicial branches have been integrated into the text. Information on law schools and legal education has been updated as well. Abadinsky gives a useful introduction to such topics as the development of modern law, the origins of common law and civil law, the differences between criminal and civil proceedings, and the concept of equity, among others. Based on the latest research data and relevant legal changes, this text is a comprehensive examination of the complex interaction of law and society.

Criminal Justice

Author : James A. Inciardi
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James A. Inciardi, an internationally recognized scholar and author, brings his significant field and research experience to this revision of Criminal Justice, 7/e. This volume presents a solid overview of the structure, processes, and problems of the criminal justice system in the United States. Inciardi's research background, his privileged access to national data, and his narrative writing style guarantee a unique perspective to criminal justice. New to this edition is a "Critical Thinking" feature and additional types of "Perspective" boxes. The coverage of all major areas of criminal justice allows instructors to focus either on the system as a whole or on areas of particular interest. Criminal Justice, 7/e, is an ideal text for courses in sociology, criminal justice, and political science.

The American University journal of gender the law

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Louisiana History

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Author : Kevin Grant
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For many people, the cinematic vigilante has been shaped by Charles Bronson's character in Death Wish and its sequels. But screen vigilantes have taken many guises, from Old West lynch mobs and rogue police officers to rape-avengers and military-trained equalizers. This book recounts the varied representations of such characters in films like The Birth of a Nation, which celebrated the violence of the Ku Klux Klan, and Taxi Driver, Falling Down and You Were Never Really Here, in which the vigilante impulse was symptomatic of mental instability. Also considered is the extent to which fictional vigilantism functions as social commentary and to what degree it is simply stoking popular fears.