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Author : James Vance Marshall
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A plane crashes in the vast Northern Territory of Australia, and the only survivors are two children from Charleston, South Carolina, on their way to visit their uncle in Adelaide. Mary and her younger brother, Peter, set out on foot, lost in the vast, hot Australian outback. They are saved by a chance meeting with an unnamed Aboriginal boy on walkabout. He looks after the two strange white children and shows them how to find food and water in the wilderness, and yet, for all that, Mary is filled with distrust. On the surface Walkabout is an adventure story, but darker themes lie beneath. Peter’s innocent friendship with the boy met in the desert throws into relief Mary’s half-adult anxieties, and the book as a whole raises questions about what is lost—and may be saved—when different worlds meet. And in reading Marshall’s extraordinary evocations of the beautiful yet forbidding landscape of the Australian desert, perhaps the most striking presence of all in this small, perfect book, we realize that this tale—a deep yet disturbing story in the spirit of Adalbert Stifter’s Rock Crystal and Richard Hughes’s A High Wind in Jamaica—is also a reckoning with the mysteriously regenerative powers of death.


Author : Louis Nowra
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Nicolas Roeg's 'Walkabout' opened world-wide in 1971. It is the story of two white children lost in the Australian Outback. They survive only through the help of an Aboriginal boy who is on walkabout during his initiation into manhood. The film earned itself a unique place in cinematic history and was re-released in 1998. In this illuminating reflection, Louis Nowra, one of Australia's leading dramatists and screenwriters, discusses Australia's iconic sense of the outback; and the peculiar resonance that the story of the lost child has in the Australian psyche. He tells how the film came to be made and how its preoccupations fit into the oeuvre of both its director and cinematographer Nicolas Roeg, and its screenwriter Edward Bond. Nowra identifies the film's distinctive take on a familiar story and its fable-like qualities, while also exploring the film's relationship to Australia and its implications for the English society of its day. He recognises how relevant the film is to the contemporary struggle to try and find common ground between blacks and white.


Author : James V. Marshall
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Travelling Home Walkabout Magazine and Mid Twentieth Century Australia

Author : Mitchell Rolls
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'Travelling Home' provides a detailed analysis of the contribution that the mid twentieth-century 'Walkabout' magazine made to Australia’s cultural history. Spanning five central decades of the twentieth century (1934-1974), 'Walkabout' was integral to Australia’s sense of itself as a nation. By advocating travel—both vicarious and actual—'Walkabout' encouraged settler Australians to broaden their image of the nation and its place in the Pacific region. In this way, 'Walkabout' explicitly aimed to make its readers feel at home in their country, as well as including a diverse picture of Aboriginal and Pacific cultures. Given its wide availability and distribution, together with its accessible and entertaining content, 'Walkabout' changed how Australia was perceived, and the magazine is recalled with nostalgic fondness by most if not all of its former readers. Drawing on interdisciplinary scholarship, 'Travelling Home' engages with key questions in literary, cultural, and Australian studies about national identity and modernity. The book’s diverse topics demonstrate how 'Walkabout' canvassed subtle and shifting fields of representation; as a result, this analysis produces complex and nuanced readings of Australian literary and cultural history.

Walkabout Northern California

Author : Tom Courtney
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Europe is renowned for romantic inn-to-inn vacation opportunities on paths worn by centuries of travelers. Modern-day trekkers can hike the Alps or Southern France, explore the British Isles at three miles an hour, or pilgrimage through Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, stopping each night at a hostel or inn. Now adventurers in California are creating a new tradition of multi-day treks from inn to inn in the U.S. Walkabout Northern California: Hiking Inn to Inndescribes twelve walks (or “walkabouts”) along the wild Pacific Coast, through the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Cascades and through the parklands around the San Francisco Bay. Each walkabout, organized by individual chapters, contains all the information to create a memorable and invigorating vacation, with a sketch map, recommendations for optional maps, mile-by-mile details of the route, and logistical tips on places to stay and eat. Many trips contain variations for different lengths of time and budgets. With a light daypack and a few reservations, hikers can travel for days on California's breathtaking coastline or in mountain ranges. Each day on a walkabout ends with a comfortable bed, a glass of wine, a good meal and maybe even a hot tub. Some of the hikes can take a week, but many can be enjoyed in a weekend. Some are challenging, but the majority are perfect for the casual hiker. The accommodations for the walkabouts include a B&B perched on the cliffs above the Pacific, a resort on the shore of a Sierra lake, a historic hotel in a coastal village, a hostel in a national park, and a retreat center that soothes the soul.

Buster s Walkabout

Author : Peter Worthington
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One night, Buster the black bear decides to go for a walk. He meets a possum, some ducks and a pangolin. He annoys the tigers who chase him! LET'S READ! Early Reader Books make reading fun for children. The books are at three levels and colour coded. Children can progress confidently from one level to the next. The stories are ideal for reading aloud; the stories and illustrations provide many opportunities for discussion and interaction with children, making reading a fun and memorable experience. Simple questions and a picture to draw at the back of each book enhance understanding and encourage related reading activities. Level 1 Red (Ages 3-6): Up to 25 words per page; simple stories in short sentences and easy words. Level 2 Yellow (Ages 5-7): up to 35 words per page; longer sentences and more vocabulary. Level 3 Blue (Ages 6-8): 50 or more words per page; more complex stories, richer vocabulary.

Walkabout Tokyo

Author : Florin Baiduc
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Candid and street photography, mostly done in Tokyo. U.S. Letter, 21.59cm x 27.94cm, 8.5" x 11" paper format

Walkabout Through the Life of Jack Crombie

Author : Gwen Crombie
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Katatatjunti, Jack Crombie is a full blood Aboriginal of the Yankunytjatjara people. He tells his story to his wife Gwen who explores the many directions Jacks life has taken. Tribal life in the far north of central South Australia, on walkabout with his family as a child, station life with the Crombie family on Mount Eba station South Australia. How Jack received his whitefellow name From no cloths to modeling cowboy clothing for RM Williams. Droving on the Birdsville Track, cattle mustering in Queensland. The circus circuit where Jack made a name for himself as a rough rider and fame doing what he loved most; rodeo riding, traveling Australia, Canada and New Zealand. A career which ended in Blackhole Queensland where Jack sustained injuries when he was impaled on a post as a result of being thrown from a bucking horse. This accident may have ended Jacks career but it did not stop him, for he continued breaking in horses and working stock, even occasionally returning for a rodeo ride. Jacks last ride in the rodeos was in 1982 at Wilcannia where he rode second. Jack combined city life with the rodeos for some years while living in Melbourne Victoria where he also worked at Smorgans Meat Works. On returning to South Australia in 1979 Jack continued station work in the Coober Pedy area before returning to the town to live, trying, his luck at opal mining while working with the town council on the Water Works project. In 1993 Jack joined the South Australian Police Force training as an Aboriginal Police Aide fulfilling an interest developed when he tracked for the Police. Jacks name is known and remembered today in many parts of Australia; in Western Australia as the boy from the Nullabor in the rodeo circuits. South Australia, Queensland, NSW and Victoria as king of the rodeo, for both his rodeo riding and tracking expertise. Jack was a council member for Umoona Community Council Coober Pedy for many years where he worked hard for the community spending hours of his time helping the elderly and the youth with guidance and Cultural teaching. Jack also struggles to elevate racism. Jack shares his memories, thoughts and feelings along with his experiences to form a unique story of outback Australian history, as he shares the struggles and bridges crossed during the changes and directions his life has taken. Jack over come many hardships with physical and inner strength combined with a gentle happy nature. He has a wide circle of friends from those down on their luck to the rich and famous. Jack was one of two Aborigines to have the opportunity to shake hands with the Queen Mother after he led the parade for her on horse back in Melbourne in 1958. The other was Australian artist Albert Namanjara. Tex Morton and Slim Dusty are two friends Jack traveled with, Slim wrote a song Trumby about Jack it is produced by Colombia on the recording The Best of Slim Dusty. A poster advertising Jack riding for the rodeo in the circus can be seen in the Barmera Country and Western Hall of Fame South Australia. In Queensland the Birdsville Museum has photos and information pertaining to Jack and his rodeo and droving days. He has also featured in many magazines, newspapers and documentaries. Jacks story is of great value to Australian Aboriginal droving and rodeo history, an inspiration to the youth of today. And a tremendous Cultural reference for Aboriginal history.

Lost Angel Walkabout

Author : Linda Ballou
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Lost Angel Walkabout—One Traveler’s Tales is a spirited collection of travel narratives recounting the haps, mishaps, and serendipitous adventures that give, travel-writer Linda Ballou, a sense of wonder and delight. Some of the stories like Falling in the Footsteps of John Muir and Look Both Ways on Small Islands are reflections that might make you glad you stayed home, while River Wise could inspire you to toss the TV clicker out the window and to explore our beautiful planet. All of the stories take you to special places where you share the sensual experience of being there without straining one muscle, getting altitude sickness, or tipping your canoe. This is an eclectic mix of tales filled with chills, spills, giggles and squeaks!

Gone Walkabout in Henn Boo Too

Author : William P. Hogan
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Like Down Under in Henn Boo this book is comprised of the e-mail messages sent to family and friends while on a ten month journey around Australia. The messages tell of the people, places and things encountered along the way and some of the tribulations that were experienced. The trip began with a test run of the vehicles around Victoria and New South Wales so that at the end of thirty days all warranted repairs could be made back in Melbourne. Then it was off to find the best beaches, the best golf courses and the best scenery that Australia could provide.


Author : Bill Bryson
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Author :
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Author : Mark Patrick Hederman
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The biography of a Benedictine monk who sets out to prove that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the world


Author : Gregory Greene
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This is your future. Just when you thought it couldn't get much worse.


Author : Galen Stoller
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Sixteen-year-old Galen Stoller never saw the train that forced him into another dimension--what some call heaven or the afterlife. He was able to make contact with his father, however, and two years later requested that his father write down his afterlife experiences in a trilogy to be titled the Death Walker series. In Walkabout, book 3 of this series, Galen travels through portals to other-dimensional times and places offering fascinating glimpses into the nature of evil, reincarnation, ghosts, time travel, and capabilities of consciousness only hinted at in long-ago texts. The lessons learned, as well knowledge of what lies beyond, are comforting, sobering, and highly relevant to our times.

Walkabout to Wisdom

Author : Lachlan Hughson
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Walkabout to Wisdom, an inspiring and evocative story from the Australian Outback. Lachlan returned to his beloved Outback for a two year walkabout, a journey where he came to intimately connect with Nature's teaching and the life wisdom it makes available. His story will mesmerise you with its insight, honesty, and humanity.

Walkabout with Donkeys

Author : Jenny Osten
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Walkabout s Australia

Author : Alec Bolton
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Papers by J.K. Ewers and D.F. Thomson separately annotated.

Australian Walkabout

Author : Brian McArdle
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Walkabout At Merta

Author : Don Piatt Koch
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The Solarans have come to visit a region space with systems that has been visited by invaders on at least nine previous occasions. The goal of the invaders was to take slaves and then destroy everything else that remained. Dropping a big big asteroid does the trick every time but is oh, so wasteful. Not that the invaders particularly care. Welcome to the Daak Region. The invaders last attempt was not so successful, their fleet was changed to dust, totally destroyed. Gone. The Commander of the Solarans senses that something about one of the planets in the Daak System, Merta is different, so he sends one of his trouble shooters, Alban Macrae, in to determine why this particular system is causing the hairs on the back of his neck to itch. The planet seems to be peaceful enough. Alban soon learns that the invaders are still active and have changed tactics. Merta is still the target. In addition, the Mertans have not recognized that the previous attack, thought to have failed, was more successful than they knew. How do you address the results of an invasion fifty years old when you do not know it succeeded. With every turn, Alban must develop creative solutions and then adjust for unintended consequences