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We Didn t Mean To Go To Sea

Author : Arthur Ransome
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'Like to spend a night in the Goblin?’ The Swallows are staying on the Suffolk coast while they wait for their father to return home from China. But although the harbour is bursting with bobbing yachts, barges and steamers, this year there's no chance of any sailing for the landlocked Swallows. That is until they rescue young Jim Brading and his boat the Goblin from a sticky situation and to their delight are recruited as crew members. Mother agrees they can go, on one condition – they absolutely must not sail out past Beach End Buoy and into the open sea... Includes exclusive content: In the 'Backstory' you can test your knowledge of the book, and learn all about the art of sailing! Vintage Children’s Classics is a twenty-first century classics list aimed at 8-12 year olds and the adults in their lives. Discover timeless favourites from Peter Pan and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to modern classics such as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

The Salt Stained Book

Author : Julia Jones
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Thirteen-year-old Donny lives with his deaf mother Skye, but after an accident Donny is taken into care. Soon it seems that his whole life has been built on a lie, and he and his new friends must work to unravel the mystery of his own identity. Suggested level: primary, intermediate.

Written for Children

Author : John Rowe Townsend
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A critical survey of the best and most representative English-language children's literature and picture-books of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries


Author : Edward Willett
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A BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL ON A DISTANT WATER WORLD After a worldwide disaster strikes Earth, the planet is taken over by a fanatical religious theocracy. Scientist Victor Hansen flees with a staff of non-genetically modified humans and young members of his newly created race, the Selkies, to Marseguro, a distant water world. But their peace and freedom is threatened when a traitor calls forth a strike force from Earth, and Victor's own grandson, Richard, is with them. What Richard Hansen discovers may alter not only his own destiny but that of Marseguro and Earth as well.

Library Information Update

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Floating Remembrances and Sketches of a Sea Life By the Old Sailor i e Matthew H Barker

Author : Matthew Henry Barker
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Branch Library Book News

Author : New York Public Library
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The Little Sea Horse

Author : Clara E. Stuart
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THE LITTLE SEA HORSE is a heartwarming adventure brought to life by the author, Clara Stuart. It is a story of people touching the lives of their neighbors, with the help of a tiny creature who was discovered by mere chance. If the Lewis's hadn't gone fishing that morning, if they hadn't decided at the last minute to take one last vacation before winter came, this little wonder would have died, never to share his special gift with the world. Although the story is completely fictional, the author "dots" the story with similarities from her personal experiences, as well as the sweet spices of inspiration sprinkled throughout the book.. A few years ago, she and her husband had gone fishing on the Snake River in Northeastern Oregon. It was a cold, damp and foggy morning, but that didn't keep them from enjoying the scenery that they loved so much. They shoved their boat away from the dock and headed down the Snake River toward their favorite fishing spot. Just as they rounded the bend, something in the water caught Clara's eye. "I wonder what that is?" she asked her husband. It was just a Styrofoam bait box someone had carelessly tossed overboard. He didn't pay much attention to it, but Clara, well with the imagination that she has, it sent her mind whirling and creating. By the time they got home she already had the first two chapters planned, and a story was born. . . Al and Ellen Lewis were on vacation, enjoying a little fishing at their favorite place on earth. It was the beginning of autumn, and the days were dreary and cold. They were motoring out on the Snake River taking in the gorgeous view, on their way to their lucky fishing spot. The snow capped mountains stood tall behind the brown rolling hills in Northeastern Oregon. The River was cold and murky and fog ways laying low along the banks. All at once Ellen's eyes were drawn to a snag in the water, seemingly caught up in the currant. The water was churning, or was it. . . ? Coaxing her husband to get closer to the thing that was thrashing and fighting for its life, they only frightened it more. It freed itself but at the same time plunged into the frigid water and went under. As soon as it popped to the surface, Ellen grabbed it and pulled it into the boat. As the drama unfolds, it takes the Lewis's on an adventure of heartbreak, compassion, and love. The special little Sea Horse that they pulled out of the water, although tiny and helpless, turned out to be the very burst of inspiration that this small community needed. People who had neglected to stay in tune with their neighbors, came together in the time of need, taking the Lewis's "full circle" and beyond.

Man Overboard

Author : F. Marion Crawford
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The Publishers Weekly

Author :
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The Wit and Wisdom of the 20th Century

Author : Frank S. Pepper
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Gathers modern quotations about age, belief, misfortune, music, happiness, homosexuality, immortality, opera, temptation, suicide, politics, and duty

Catalogue of Replacement Books for Children s Library Collections

Author : Toronto Public Libraries
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Across The Sapphire Seas

Author : Heather Graves
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To her parents' relief, Niamh is nothing if not respectable; Even though she works behind the bar at Tully McDiarmits' saloon, sober, high-necked gowns and her engagement to wealthy Hollis Maitland are quite enough to keep unruly customers at bay. Until the day she meets Judd Burden. Tall, broad-shouldered and with bold dark eyes that seem to see right through her prim facade, Niamh is both disturbed and fascinated by Judd -and she begins to stir again after long suppression in the name of duty. In their mutual fascination, neither Niamh nor Judd notice the powerful effect the name Burden has on Tully. And when Judd declares he intends to seek the uncle who disappeared with a mysterious inheritance, Tully must face losing the two things he holds most dear: his daughter and his business, founded on a secret which he fears must face the daylight once more . . . Discover Piatkus Entice: temptation at your fingertips -

The Sea Road

Author : Margaret Elphinstone
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This vivid historical saga of Viking exploration follows the adventures of an intrepid 11th century woman who voyages to North America. 11th century Iceland is a world where the old Norse gods are still invoked, even as Christianity gains favor, where the spirits of the dead roam the vast northern icefields, tormenting the living, and Viking explorers plunder foreign shores. Strong and self-reliant, Gundrid Thorbjarnardóttir lives at the remote edge of the known world, in a starkly beautiful landscape where the sea is the only connection to the shores beyond. With her husband Karlssefni, Gundrid traverses the sea from Iceland to Greenland, Norway, and even Rome. But it is the accidental discovery of North America, a place the Vikings call Vinland, that leads Gundrid to ponder the world and her place in it. Gudrid’s narrative describes a multi-layered voyage into the unknown, all recounted with astonishing immediacy and rich atmospheric detail. “The audacious female traveler Gudrid of Iceland is the original explorer’s explorer...Elphinstone has written a fine tribute to a woman whose tale is as warm and inviting as a hot spring on a clear winter day.’ The Times, UK

Nettie by the Sea Stories

Author : Juliet Grey Kelsey
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NETTIE BY THE SEA STORIES are short stories based on true adventures experienced along the East Coast and inland waterways of the Atlantic Seaboard. The first set of stories take place in the seashore towns and resorts of Avalon New Jersey, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina where Nettie was created. Nettie is an energetic creative American girl with a love for her family, friends and life. She makes an art of collecting certain shells, fishing, crabbing, telling adventure stories, and inventing great ideas. She shares 'places of interest' in these towns with ideas of constructive and fun things to do. Future NETTIE BY THE SEA STORIES will take Nettie and her readers riding Cape May/Lewis Ferry home into a hurricane, Cape Hatteras, and Miami Beach, Fla., Savannah, Ga., Charlestown, SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Smith Island, Md., and adventures along the Chesapeake Bay where Nettie learns about safety while swimming after a large wave pulls her into the bay. If you love to be around the sea, crave spontaneous adventure or just want ideas for places to visit while vacationing at the beach, you will enjoy NETTIE BY THE SEA STORIES.

Sea Story A Nautical Fairytale

Author : Ron Dull
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Has anyone ever asked you to live in their world? Has anyone ever demanded that you live in theirs and lose yourself in the process? With his own aging reality steadily turning white and sterile around him, an elderly sea captain who is confined to a dreary nursing home intimidates a young Jamaican artist into bringing color back into his life. "They've made me blind and left me one small window," he confides to the girl. "They've put me into this clean white cell and are tryin' to suck the life out of me." Thundering his defiance he declares, "But I used to be somebody! And I ain't a'sailin' away all that easy for nobody!" "Paint me room," he orders. So begins the story of the final days of Captain Walter B. Roberts, who navigates a thin line on a course set between the facts and fiction of his adventurous life at sea. Using colorful examples from a very questionable past, he belligerently berates all around him. "Can you see the world from where you be sittin' now? Well, stand up! Don't be a coward! Be something, or somebody, and be it well! You've got to live life the best way that you can, with no regrets." Fine, but what if you think you're a three-hundred-year-old pirate? Or is that just plain crazy? About the Author Other books by Ron Dull include "Mount Bellew" and "Go With"

East Anglia

Author : Peter Tolhurst
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Bread of Tears

Author : Theodore R. Wiebe
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He is a ninety-one-year-young man of the old school, such as being soft spoken and well taught in military life, with the ability to give and take orders with ease and authority. This is his first book and there may be more. His emotions are strong and he did everything for his family, i.e. mother, sisters, and brothers. In his book, he relates how he goes places and does things to earn money for them so they may have food and clothing. Later, he got married and had a son and then found he also had a stepdaughter with the lady he married first and also raises her. There was a lot of confusion and often misbehavior related in his book and lots of bread or food for tears within his life. That misbehavior and confusion went away when he met and married a lovely lady and a great beauty from Santa Cruz, California, who had lost her husband. They became fast friends immediately upon meeting and married within two months. She also has a daughter who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. His life has seen a great change, and he is now living in a small town with the lady he should have been espoused to long ago. He has walked the streets of China, ridden on rickshaws in India, helped thresh oats, barley, and wheat in Canada, lived on the beach in Fiji as a native, spent hours in the rains of the Philippines, attended navy school in Florida Keys, experienced the Panama, chewed sand off the Mojave Desert, watched Italy disappear in the sunset, saw the enemys home towns, spent six hours swimming in the Coral Sea when the USS Lexington sank, outwitted the sharks, and then flew into Pearl Harbor in a TBD aircraft the day after Pearl Harbor had been attacked, viewing the death and ruin of that harbor.

Goddess of the Sea

Author : P. C. Cast
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New York Times bestselling author P. C. Cast presents the first novel in her Goddess Summoning series... Home alone on the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady yearned for something to cure her loneliness. After drinking too much champagne, she recited a divine invocation to revive her humdrum life. But how was she to know the spell would actually work? When her plane crashes into the ocean, CC’s life changes forever. She awakens, bewildered, to find herself in a legendary time and place ruled by magic—and in the body of the mythic mermaid Undine. But danger lurks in the waters, ready to swallow CC whole. Taking pity on her, the goddess Gaea turns her into a damsel, that she might seek shelter on land. But when a dashing knight comes to CC’s rescue—a dream-come-true she should be falling for—she instead aches for the sea and the darkly sexy merman who’s stolen her heart… From the Trade Paperback edition.

Molly and Madame Fife Go to Sea

Author : Susan Cook
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Molly and Madame Fife take a trip that has its own adventure. "Was Molly dreaming or did she really see a Mermaid and Fish playing in an orchestra?" I call this book, ten minutes of fun, one to one