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The Weird

Author : Ann VanderMeer
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SHORTLISTED FOR THE BRITISH FANTASY AWARDS A landmark, eclectic, leviathan-sized anthology of fiction's wilder, stranger, darker shores. The Weird features an all star cast of authors, from classics to international bestsellers to prize winners: Ben Okri George R.R. Martin Angela Carter Kelly Link Franz Kafka China Miéville Clive Barker Haruki Murakami M.R. James Neil Gaiman Mervyn Peake Michael Chabon Stephen King Daphne Du Maurier and more... Exotic and esoteric, The Weird plunges you into dark domains and brings you face to face with surreal monstrosities; You will find the boldest and downright most peculiar stories from the last hundred years bound together in the biggest Weird collection ever assembled.

Weird Fantasy

Author :
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"Collects tales from iconic writers and artists including Al Feldstein, William Gaines, Jack Kamen, George Roussos, Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, and Max Elkan"--

Weird Love 6

Author : Joe Gill
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Our brand spankin' new issue of everybody's favorite love to hate, or is that hate to love, comic... the lurid, the lusty, the loony...WEIRD Love! Along with MUCH more this issue has the most jaw-drooping, hilarious, bizarro story we've ever dared to print: "I Married a Monster!" about a girl's crush who is a head-to-toe hairy, big footed, loon who goes around howling, "AROOOO!" If she likes him there's hope for us ALL!

Colonel Weird Cosmagog

Author : Jeff Lemire
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"Black Hammer created by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston."

WEIRD Love 15

Author : Richard Hughes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Guilty pleasure anyone? WEIRD LOVE anyone? The cult-fave comic brings you ñThey Called Me Tramp!î ñItÍs Like Love, Pussycat!î ñHow Can You Forgive Me?î ñKiss Proof Kateî ñEmpty-Headed Beautyî and check out the shocking, sleazy, sordid tale ñMotel!î

Weird Love 8

Author : Various
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WARNING! CLOWN ALERT! This issue of the guilty pleasure, Weird Love, contains an especially creepy story of CLOWN LOVE in the story ''The Love She Didn't Want'' (and who WOULD?!). Plus more bizarre romance classics by the same people that bring you Haunted Horror!

The Weird of the Wentworths

Author : Johannes Scotus
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The weird of the Wentworths

Author : Johannes Scotus (pseud.)
File Size : 33.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Stories Weird and Wonderful

Author : Joyce Emmerson Muddock
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Wyllard s weird by the author of Lady Audley s secret

Author : Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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The New Weird

Author : Ann VanderMeer
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Presents a collection of stories from the "new weird" genre--a overlap of science fiction, fantasy, and horror--from some of its well-known writers, along with commentaries and a story featuring emerging authors within the genre.

DC Super Hero Girls Weird Science 2019 5

Author : Amanda Deibert
File Size : 34.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Kara and Zatanna narrowly averted one farming disaster, but a fertilizer accident could be the last straw!

The Weird Tale

Author : S. T. Joshi
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The leading critic of supernatural literature here examines the roots of the "weird tale" (as Lovecraft called it) through detailed examinations of five "founding fathers" of the genre: Arthur Machen, Lord Dunsany, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, and H.P. Lovecraft. The result is a thorough study of the art, craft, philosophy, and aesthetics of an enduring genre of fantastic literature.

Weird Washington

Author : Jeff Davis
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Each fun and intriguing volume offers more than 250 illustrated pages of places where tourists usually don't venture. These unique travel guides are chock-full of information about oddball curiosities, ghostly places, local legends, and peculiar roadside attractions.

Weird Europe

Author : Kristan Lawson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Welcome to Weird Europe...where truth is stranger than fiction. Thrill-seekers, students of the bizarre, travelers searching for relief from the usual tourist attractions--rejoice! At last, here is a guidebook to Europe's dark side, compiled by Kristan Lawson and Anneli Rufus. From strange natural wonders to the handiwork of mad scientists, dreamers, and zealots, Europe harbors hundreds of fascinating--and occasionally gruesome--surprises. In these pages, you'll discover: -Two-headed animals -Erotic museums -Creepy catacombs -A cathedral made of salt -A railroad operated by children -The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum -An all-ice hotel -Ancient pagan rituals -Mines -Sewer tours -A museum of espionage -UFO landing sites -Pictures drawn by the dead -A frog museum -Pancake races -Oddball art -Underground cities -Giants, freaks, and Siamese twins -The Temple of Echoes -And more! Covering twenty-five countries, with complete directions, opening hours, and admission prices for nearly a thousand wild attractions, Weird Europe is an indispensable guide to a world that you never knew existed. Once you enter Weird Europe, there's no turning back.

The WEIRDest People in the World

Author : Joseph Henrich
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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A New York Times Notable Book of 2020 A Bloomberg Best Non-Fiction Book of 2020 A Behavioral Scientist Notable Book of 2020 A Human Behavior & Evolution Society Must-Read Popular Evolution Book of 2020 A bold, epic account of how the co-evolution of psychology and culture created the peculiar Western mind that has profoundly shaped the modern world. Perhaps you are WEIRD: raised in a society that is Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. If so, you’re rather psychologically peculiar. Unlike much of the world today, and most people who have ever lived, WEIRD people are highly individualistic, self-obsessed, control-oriented, nonconformist, and analytical. They focus on themselves—their attributes, accomplishments, and aspirations—over their relationships and social roles. How did WEIRD populations become so psychologically distinct? What role did these psychological differences play in the industrial revolution and the global expansion of Europe during the last few centuries? In The WEIRDest People in the World, Joseph Henrich draws on cutting-edge research in anthropology, psychology, economics, and evolutionary biology to explore these questions and more. He illuminates the origins and evolution of family structures, marriage, and religion, and the profound impact these cultural transformations had on human psychology. Mapping these shifts through ancient history and late antiquity, Henrich reveals that the most fundamental institutions of kinship and marriage changed dramatically under pressure from the Roman Catholic Church. It was these changes that gave rise to the WEIRD psychology that would coevolve with impersonal markets, occupational specialization, and free competition—laying the foundation for the modern world. Provocative and engaging in both its broad scope and its surprising details, The WEIRDest People in the World explores how culture, institutions, and psychology shape one another, and explains what this means for both our most personal sense of who we are as individuals and also the large-scale social, political, and economic forces that drive human history. Includes black-and-white illustrations.

Weird Ideas That Work

Author : Robert I. Sutton
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Introduces the proven rules that a company can use to promote innovation, arguing that the corporate world should hire misfits and encourage them to defy the existing culture and actively consider ideas that appear ridiculous or impractical.


Author : Erin Frankel
File Size : 84.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Luisa is repeatedly teased and called "weird" by her classmate Sam, even though she is simply being herself—laughing with her friends, answering questions in class, greeting her father in Spanish, and wearing her favorite polka-dot boots. Luisa initially reacts to the bullying by withdrawing and hiding her colorful nature. But with the support of her teachers, parents, classmates, and one special friend named Jayla, she is able to reclaim her color and resist Sam’s put-downs. The Weird! Series These three books tell the story of an ongoing case of bullying from three third graders’ perspectives. Luisa describes being targeted by bullying in Weird! Jayla shares her experience as a bystander to bullying in Dare! And in Tough!, Sam speaks from the point of view of someone initiating bullying. Kids will easily relate to Luisa, Jayla, and Sam, as each girl has her own unique experience, eventually learning how to face her challenges with the help of friends, peers, and caring adults. Part of the Bully Free Kids™ line


Author : Jeremy Strong
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Josh thinks Fizz is dentally challenged and fluent in gibberish. Fizz thinks Josh is the Prince of Handsomeness. They're destined to work together at Marigolds Old People's Home – can Cupid's arrow strike among the Zimmer frames? Thow in Josh's wacky mother with her goats on the sofa and Fizz's goddess-like big sis and one thing is certain. Things will get a LOT weirder before they start making sense – and can the oldies really make their great escape . . . using tablespoons? Being fourteen has never been so weird . . .

Tiffany s Weird Totally True Summer Vacation

Author : Lydia Boggs
File Size : 41.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Lydia Boggs addresses this dilemma in What I Saw on My Summer Vacation, a whimsical story filled with colorful, humorous characters, and a larger-than-life tale of sightseeing. Tiffany, an elementary student on her first day back at school, cant quite reason with herself to tell the truth of her ordinary summer vacation. She creates an out-of-this-world adventure filled with unbelievable sights while on her road trip across the states, where she meets an elf, a girl who eats socks, and even a hundred-pound cat, oh brother! Get lost in Tiffanys fanciful story as she learns that the truth really can be better than a lie.