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What is God

Author : John F. Haught
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Suggests five ways of thinking realistically about God by reflecting on profound human experience of depth, future, freedom, beauty, and truth.

What is God Waiting For

Author : Marlinda Ireland
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In a world of fast-food meals, high-speed Internet and quick solutions, waiting is tough. Sometimes, if we don’t get a quick answer to our problems—wanting a child, a mate, a new job, a house–we feel stuck. Where is God? Has he forgotten us? No, says Marlinda Ireland, God has not forgotten! We may be caught in a “divine delay,” a time of waiting which holds a purpose and is an opportunity to learn enduring lessons. Learn from the biblical stories of men and women who persevered in waiting for God and discover four primary causes of delayed answers to prayer. Then, learn three secrets that help readers mature during a “heavenly holding pattern.” Ireland shows how to value a time of waiting for what is desired, and offers encouragement and confidence in God’s all-knowing love. Step-by-step, through sound biblical principles, she lifts readers out of their frustrations into a renewed passion for the future.

What Is God Really Like Expanded Edition

Author : Craig Groeschel
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For the past two years, Craig Groeschel ( and his church have hosted an international multi-church campaign called ONE PRAYER, a month-long concerted focus on unifying the many different, diverse churches participating by praying together and serving their local communities. In 2009, ONE PRAYER campaign attracted over 2,000 churches and over 1,000,000 church members. Many of these churches are high-profile evangelical churches with pastors who are also successful authors and speakers. The campaign continues to attract interest from more and more churches and ministries. The 2010 campaign, scheduled for June, is expected to grow by 50 percent. This compilation book features chapters by seventeen passionate church leaders, including Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Jentezen Franklin, Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, and others.

What is God Like

Author : Justin Buzzard
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Early in the Bible, we meet a profound and compelling character: God. But who is He? What does He have to do with the life I’m living now? Is He someone worth knowing? Justin Buzzard, pastor of Garden City Church in Silicon Valley, examines God as a character in our lives, a person we must get to know in order to understand the Bible and the world around us. Is God mad at me? Is He happy? Does He really know what He’s doing? Based off one of the sermons Justin preached at the launch of Garden City Church, this short piece, taken from his book, The Big Story, will challenge your notions of “God” and what He has to do with your life. Moody Collective Portions are short pieces of content taken from our full-length books. Our goal is to introduce our readers to a complete idea in a brief, concise, and inexpensive format. Most portions will take about 20 minutes to read.

What Is God

Author : Jacob Needleman
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In his most deeply personal work, religious scholar Needleman cuts a clear path through today?s clamorous debates over the existence of God, illuminating an entirely new way of approaching the question of how to understand a higher power. I n this new book, philosopher Jacob Needleman? whose voice and ideas have done so much to open the West to esoteric and Eastern religious ideas in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries?intimately considers humanity?s most vital question: What is God? Needleman begins by taking us more than a half century into the past, to his own experience as a brilliant, promising, Ivyeducated student of philosophy?atheistic, existential, and unwilling to blindly accept childish religiosity. But an unsettling meeting with the venerated Zen teacher D. T. Suzuki, combined with the sudden need to accept a dreary position teaching the philosophy of religion, forced the young academician to look more closely at the religious ideas he had once thought dead. Within traditional religious texts the scholar discovered a core of esoteric and philosophical ideas, more mature and challenging than anything he had ever associated with Judaism, Christianity, and the religions of the East. At the same time, Needleman came to realize?as he shares with the reader?that ideas and words are not enough. Ideas and words, no matter how profound, cannot prevent hatred, arrogance, and ultimate despair, and cannot prevent our individual lives from descending into violence and illusion. And with this insight, Needleman begins to open the reader to a new kind of understanding: The inner realization that in order to lead the lives we were intended for, the very nature of human experience must change, including the very structure of our perception and indeed the very structure of our minds. In What Is God?, Needleman draws us closer to the meaning and nature of this needed change?and shows how our present confusion about the purpose of religion and the concept of God reflects a widespread psychological starvation for this specific quality of thought and experience. In rich and varied detail, the book describes this inner experience?and how almost all of us, atheists and ?believers? alike, actually have been visited by it, but without understanding what it means and why the intentional cultivation of this quality of experience is necessary for the fullness of our existence.

What is God Like

Author : Ralph H. Matthews
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This book will answer these questions and many more: Does God use evil spirits? Why does God not intervene in the death of innocent children? Does He Curse? Does He want your money? Did He make weird laws? Does He ever change His mind? Does He ever repent? Why is He silent? Why did He invent old age? Is He really a terrorist? Are there some things He can’t do? Does God demand that you worship Him? This book is based on the word of God. Over 1200 scriptures are used to substantiate the teaching herein. These verses speak powerfully to us about the nature and character of God. He wants you to literally live by the words that come out of His mouth. He put you through hard times...., so you would learn that men and women don’t live by bread only; we live by every word that comes from GOD’s mouth (Deuteronomy 8:3). These words are powerful enough to give you eternal life and His Word will help you through your daily trials. Just as rain and snow descend from the skies and don’t go back until they’ve watered the earth... So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed. They’ll do the work I sent them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them (Isaiah 55:10-l1). The Spirit of God is anxious to work on you! This book portrays the Almighty God as one who put an extremely high price on His love for us humans. We need to love Him in return while showing Him reverence and fear. Spurn His love too often and we could end up facing His wrath. The ultimate Lover wants you to fi nd Him so He can lavish His expensive love on you.

What Is God Can Religion be Modeled

Author : Thomas B. Sheridan
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This is a study of the concept of God, not from the perspective of any religious tradition, but rather as belief in a supernatural entity as has prevailed through the ages. The book's unique perspective is to ask what can be modeled in denotative language (much as modeling in science, medicine and modern professions) in contrast to connotative language (e.g., myth, metaphor, art and music). It adopts the assumption of model-based reality, as currently prevalent in physics and some branches of philosophy. That criterion means an entity can be called real for public discourse purposes only to the extent that a credible model can be made of what the entity is or how it works (as contrasted to the private reality of thoughts, perceptions or dreams.) "It is rare to see the ultimate question of God as prime mover examined as a problem open to rigorous scientific inquiry. Thomas Sheridan has now done it with admirable clarity." —Edward O. Wilson, Pellegrino University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University, Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of the The Meaning of Human Existence (2014). "Sheridan's argument supporting atheism is different and unique. It is a scholarly, scientific argument, rather than an emotional one. It should be included in every library collection focused on human belief systems." —David G. Gil, Professor Emeritus of Social Policy, Brandeis University. "The book is well written, well-organized, comprehensive, informative, and unique. I am not aware of similar books in the literature." —Victor Stenger, Author of God, the Failed Hypothesis, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Hawaii and Visiting Fellow in Philosophy, University of Colorado. "A novel addition to what one might call 'quantitative theology', raising some interesting ideas about the relation of science to religion. It also provides a concise summary of the history of religion and ideas, and an excellent summary both of scientific method and scientific modeling. The latter alone makes the book worth buying." —Neville Moray, Professor Emeritus of Applied Cognitive Psychology, University of Surrey, UK.

What Is God Like

Author : Stonecroft Ministries
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The infinite characteristics of God are ultimately beyond comprehension. But in this six-week study, as people consider His attributes and plans, they will move from knowing about God to actually experiencing His powerful presence in their lives. As they read selected Bible passages, consider helpful explanations and applications, and respond to thought-provoking questions, they will come to know God better and increasingly bring Him glory in their everyday lives. About This Series: Stonecroft Bible Studies encourage people to know God and grow in His love through exploration of His life-transforming Word, the Bible. Each book is designed for both seekers and new believers and includes easy-to-understand explanations and applications of Bible passages plus study questions.

What is God

Author : Etan Boritzer
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What is God? is the first title in Etan Boritzer’s best selling What is? series of Life Concepts books on character education and social issues. What is God? is an introduction to the comparative study of major world’s religions. Author Boritzer explores the different teachers and books available for trying to answer one of “the biggest question of all” in a way that teaches respect and acceptance for the diversity and the similarities of views on this difficult topic.

What Is God

Author : Christine Horner
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WHY A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF GOD IS FINALLY HUMANITY'S CHANCE AT PEACE -- Thousands of years into human history, though we’ve advanced technologically as a species, very little has been resolved in regard to humanity’s existential dilemmas . . . UNTIL NOW. Something miraculous is happening. The invisible is becoming visible. Human consciousness is taking a quantum leap into territory previously unknown. In this provocative book, you are asked to let go of your culture and conditioning. To understand our external world, it is time to inquire within and explore the mystery anew. WHAT IS GOD? MERGING SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY: • The Unifying Theory of Everything • Science, Religion and the Brain • Who You Are and Your Purpose • Evolution vs. Creationism • The Garden of Eden • About Adam & Eve • Heaven on Earth • The Story of Creation • The Big Bang Myth • Good and Evil • The Holy Trinity • Who’s In Charge • Heaven on Earth


Author : Jesús Humberto Enríquez Rubio, MD
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WHAT IS GOD LIKE? AND WHAT IS MAN? Once again, God talks to man, this time through this book. Seven brief messages sufficed for God to describe Himself and talk about who He is, what He does, what He expects, why He created man and how this creation takes place, what elements He bestowed upon man, and how He portrays Himself in man, His opus magnum. It also describes what God expects us to achieve and what destiny has in store for all of us. IT IS CRUCIAL FOR EVERYONE—REGARDLESS OF SEX, RELIGION, OR OF THE CONCEPT WE HAVE ABOUT GOD—TO READ THIS BOOK TO TRULY KNOW GOD, WITHOUT THE NEED TO RELY ON A MENTOR OR GUIDE. It includes a description of God’s personality by means of A TRUE THEOLOGY (based on His description, independently from any philosophical or theological theories, in a straightforward manner and free of false assumptions). GOD IS HUMBLE. HE IS THE MOST LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING ENTITY YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. HE LIVES IN YOU. HE IS NEITHER WRATHFUL NOR RESENTFUL. HE DOES NOT PUNISH ANYONE. HE IS NEITHER UNCARING NOR SELFISH. YOU NEED TO TRULY KNOW HIM, FOR HE IS YOUR FINAL DESTINATION. Finally, you must know your true nature. You are a son of God and possess the same qualities and attributes as your Father (God). As a son of God, you are also a god, though still in a larva-like stage. You live inside a cocoon, but you are of the same nature as God. One day you shall become a butterfly and reunite with Him; that is your fate. You will become one with Him for all eternity. These are the three chapters comprising this book. This is the greatest learning experience anyone can aspire to, regardless of their social standing or religion—you could be a rich, powerful man, or you could be the Pope, a rabbi, etc., or even the poorest, humblest and most ignorant man. The fact that we live in a larva-like stage creates a condition of equality: We are all larvae seeking the truth—represented by God, from whom we originated and in whom we will find our fate.

What Is God Like

Author : Cynthia Geisen
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God is a mystery and, although our attempts to define or explain God always fall short, we can describe our experiences of God. In What Is God Like?: A Book about God . . . Just for Me!, author Cynthia Geisen introduces children to a way of getting to know God that helps them understand all the ways God can be found in the world around us—the God who is so eagerly waiting to be discovered.

So What Is God s Will

Author : Amy Scovil
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Discovering God's will for your life is a lifetime pursuit. By going on this fourteen-day journey--whether in a classroom, office, coffee shop, home, or church--readers can compare God's Word to their experiences in the world and gain new perspectives on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. So, What Is God's Will? is a reflective Bible study and personal journal for young and old alike.

What Is God Up To Why Earth Why Eternity

Author : Oliver E. Summers
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This book has been a life-time quest to understand why God created man and what God is after. It all started in March 1946 when I accepted Jesus Christ as LORD of my life. For sixty-two years I have diligently studied the Bible and sought to find out and to understand What Is God Up To? In December 2004, the LORD awakened me in the night and gave me the outline for the book, GOD HAS A PLAN AND A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE, which was published in February 2006. On the morning of May 31, 2006, while in prayer, the LORD gave me the outline for this book that endeavors to answer the questions: WHAT IS GOD UP TO? WHY EARTH? WHY ETERNITY? I was to prepare a comprehensive study of the Biblical prophets and to correlate all they prophesied in a chronological order that would be related to Earths history and eternity. Oliver E. Summers received a call to the ministry in 1946 when he was a young teenager. His ministerial training began in 1950 when he attended Southern California Bible College (name changed to Vanguard University of Southern California) and graduated with a B.A. degree in New Testament. He attended seminary at Berkeley Baptist Divinity School (name changed to American Baptist Seminary of the West) and graduated with a M.A. degree in New Testament. He also attended University of California at Los Angeles and completed many courses in business administration. His pastoral ministry included pastorates in Oregon, Texas and California. He has served in the Methodist Church, American Baptist Church, Assemblies of God Churches and several non-denominational churches. He also spent time in the financial industry and served as President and Chief-Executive Officer of several independent community banks. For the past twenty-four months he has been in retirement preparing this book.

I Hear You But What is God Saying

Author : Apostle E. Uche Nyeche
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The Author, Apostle E. Uche Nyeche, writes with conviction and unapologetically lays out some of the ills in our relationship with God and His church. Like Jeremiah, the author is fearless and bold in charging us to ask questions of God as He would welcome us to. Our purpose must be to hear from God not in error but in the clarifications of a deepened faith in Him in enablement of us to defend our faith in Truth and by Deed to His honor. As one who is called of God, for God, and with his rich knowledge of the Word, and his ‘Spiritual well,’ the enrichment in his writing is that of an anointed apostle. The breath of fresh air is the affluence both in philosophical thinking and the theologically exposition of his latest work.

What Is God s Secret Plan in Revelation Chapter 10

Author : Peter Jolie
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WHAT IS GODS SECRET PLAN IN REVELATION, CHAPTER 10? Starting at chapter 5 of this book, find out what Gods secret plan will be in Revelation, chapter 10. Read about the symbolic meaning of the candy cane with the cobweb, and read about Gods plan for the world from that time. Find out who the beast and the false prophet are and how we have to look out for them. Chapter 5 of this book onwards would also be a great subject for debate. Indeed, this entire book is a great subject for debate!

What Is God Musings on Human Anxiety and Aspirations

Author : Gregory Loewen
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Originally written in forty consecutive days of fortunate inspiration, 'What is God?' asks some of the most basic and sobering existential questions of our times. These are the questions to which each of us, as human beings, attempts to attach some meaning during our brief lifetimes: Why believe, and why this or that belief? How are our notions of God used and abused by the religious and scientific mind alike? What motivates the recently popular critiques of religion, and how accurate are they? How can we come to know ourselves as beings who live within a history which is greater than each of us, but still shapes us intimately?

What is God or the Laughing philosopher s conversation with a Protestant clergyman Wherein the similarity between the worship of Bacchus and the spirit of Christian devotion is fully demonstrated and the divinity of omnipotent nature proclaimed and defended By Democritus

Author : pseud DEMOCRITUS
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What is God

Author : Percy Ward
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Religion without God

Author : Ronald Dworkin
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In his last book, Ronald Dworkin addresses timeless questions: What is religion and what is God's place in it? What are death and immortality? He joins a sense of cosmic mystery and beauty to the claim that value is objective, independent of mind, and immanent in the world. Belief in God is one manifestation of this view, but not the only one.