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When Something Terrible Happens

Author : Marge Eaton Heegaard
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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, k, e, p, i, t.

Something Terrible Has Happened

Author : Peter Van Slingerland
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"It began as an ordinary quarrel between a young wife and her naval officer husband over whether or not to go to a dance. But with the quick virulence of plague, it spread through the Eden of pre-Pearl Harbor Hawaii, bringing violence and death, inflaming latent racial bitterness, corrupting justice and nearly toppling the Territorial government. The elements of the story were a sensation when they occurred in 1931: the lush, tropical background of Honolulu and its hard-drinking, easy-living naval colony; the lovely Washington girl, Thalia Fortescue Massie, whose accusation brought five Oriental boys to trial for rape; the killing of a defendant; the indictment of Thalia's mother and husband for murder; their defense by the famous criminal lawyer, Clarence Darrow; and the dramatic trial which aroused all Hawaii, turned the Navy against the civilian administration, and set Floyd Gibbons and the Hearst press to a campaign 'to make the streets of Honolulu safe for white women.' Now, when the tangled web that Thalia Massie wove can be seen more clearly, an even more dramatic, and surely more important, pattern emerges. For Hawaii, of course, the Massie Affair brought about a new political, economic and social era. For the U.S. as a whole, proud as we are of our enlightened attitude toward "underdeveloped peoples,' it brings a rough reminder of our once vigorous white-man's-burden colonialism. In this vivid reconstruction the author provides a new solution and an astonishing denou[nc]ement"--Book jacket.

The National Archives Ability to Safeguard the Nation s Electronic Records

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Subcommittee on Information Policy, Census, and National Archives
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Public Health Reports

Author :
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Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States William J Clinton

Author : United States. President (1993-2001 : Clinton)
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Facilitator s Guide to Drawing Out Feelings

Author : Marge Eaton Heegaard
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This guide offers suggestions for developing grief support groups and directions for using art to help children ages 6-12 individually or in groups cope with loss and change. Curricula are provided to use with the four workbooks in the series: 'When Someone Very Special Dies', 'When Something Terrible Happens', 'When Mom and Dad Separate', and 'When Someone Has a Very Serious Illness'.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Author :
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I Did Something Different and it Worked

Author : Nicole Mclellan
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Leslie Marmon Silko

Author : Helen Jaskoski
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Helen Jaskoski examines Leslie Silko's short stories, focusing on Silko's use of the physical and cultural geography of the Southwest and the history of Laguna Pueblo.

Understanding Scientific Reasoning

Author : Ronald N. Giere
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UNDERSTANDING SCIENTIFIC REASONING develops critical reasoning skills and works with students to improve their level of scientific and technological literacy. Giere teaches students how to understand and critically evaluate scientific information they encounter in popular and professional media. With its focus on science, Understanding Scientific Reasoning helps students learn how to examine scientific reports with a reasonable degree of sophistication. Giere explains how to reason through case studies using the same informal logic skills employed by scientists. Students sharpen their abilities to analyze a complex series of propositions and hypotheses in the same manner as scientists.

The Beginner s Bible New Testament

Author : Karyn Henley
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The Beginner's Bible New Testament is the perfect introduction to Scripture for both young believers and children who are just learning about Christ.

Sangeet Natak

Author :
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Author : Michael Scriven
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The Eleventh Commandment

Author : G. Smith
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The Christian Church has failed. It has been almost two thousand years since the founder of the Christian Church, Jesus Christ, died upon the cross, yet the Great Commission is not completre. There are more human beings in slavery than ever before in the human experience while pornography and sexual crimes are rampant. Here in the United States, a nation supposedly under God, the percentage of people actively attending the church of their choice has fallen to less than half of what it was 40 years ago. If that were not enough to prove my premise regarding the failure of the Christian Church, every second someone in this world dies of starvation while the organized church ignores the very people it was founded to serve, the lost.

Love Made Easy

Author : Quentin Crisp
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How to Bend Without Breaking

Author : Larry Jones
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Author : Saiẏada Manajurula Isalāma
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Tapan Ali falls in love with England and a student life of pot-smoking and philosophy. When the money to keep him runs out there seems no option but to return to Bangladesh until Adela, a fellow student, offers to marry him. But this marriage of convenience collapses and Tapan finds himself thrust into another England, the East London of Bangladeshi settlement and National Front violence. Now an 'illegal', Tapan becomes a deshi bhai, supported by a network of friends like Sundar Mia, who becomes his guide, anti-Nazi warrior Masuk Ali, wise Brother Josef K, and, sharing the centre of the novel, his lover, Nilufar Mia, a community activist who has broken with her family to live out her alternative destiny. Tapan has to become a mole, able to smell danger and feel his way through the dark passageways and safe houses where the Bangladeshi community has mapped its own secret city. He must evade the informers like Poltu Khan, the "rat" who sells illegals to the Immigration. But being a mole has its own costs, and Tapan cannot burrow forever - at some moment he must emerge into the light. But how can a mole fly?

Now That Andi s Gone

Author : Karle Dickerson
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Grade level: 6, 7, 8, 9, e, i, s.

Mohan Rakesh s Ashadha Ka Ek Din

Author : N. C. Thakur
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Critical study of a Hindi play.


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