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Where Is the Great Wall

Author : Patricia Brennan Demuth
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More than two thousand years ago, with his land under constant attack from nomads, the First Emperor of China came up with a simple solution: build a wall to keep out enemies. It was a wall that kept growing and growing. But its construction came at a huge cost: it is believed that more than a million Chinese died building it, earning the wall its nickname--the longest cemetery on earth. Through the story of the wall, Patricia Brennan Demuth is able to tell the story of China itself, the rise and fall of dynasties, the greatness of its culture, and its present-day status as a Communist world power.

The Great Wall Of China

Author : Leonard Everett Fisher
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A brief history of the Great Wall of China, begun about 2,200 years ago to keep out Mongol invaders.

The Great Wall Revisited

Author : William Lindesay
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Presents seventy-two then-and-now comparisons from the author-photographer's three-year journey across Northern China to search for the settings where the Great Wall could be examined in the past and present, and brings together eyewitness accounts of cha

Great Wall of China

Author : Thammy Evans
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A guidebook to sections of the Great Wall of China, northern China, and Beijing includes historical and cultural details, practical travel advice, and recommendations for accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.

The Great Wall of Confinement

Author : Philip F. Williams
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"China is so big and so diverse that, as in the proverbial blind man touching an elephant, contemporary descriptions that vary dramatically can all be true. Few visitors to glittering Shanghai of Shenzhen, for example, will get any impression of the gaping gray maw of the government's prison camp system that Philip Williams and Yenna Wu, basing themselves on a vast range of Chinese sources, illuminate in erudite detail. The authors look at every facet of the camps, place them within China's historical tradition, and compare them with modern analogues. Throughout, literary and autobiographical sources give the 'feel' for the deadening world of the camps."—Perry Link, author of The Uses of Literature: Life in the Socialist Chinese Literary System "The Great Wall of Confinement deals with issues ranging from the legal grounding—or the lack of any—of the Chinese concentration camp system, to its technical implementation, its discursive manifestation, and its physical as well as psychological impact. A book like this is long overdue. With this work, Williams and Wu have made an important contribution to the fields of Chinese legal and literary studies."—David Der-wei Wang, author of The Monster That Is History "The Great Wall of Confinement is an excellent book. It synthesizes an already significant corpus of writings on Chinese prisons and labor camps, marshals an array of literary sources as essential historical source materials, and compares the literature of Chinese incarceration with its Soviet and European counterparts. The value of this important study stems equally from its tone—a rare combination of a level-headed quality with a very fine sensitivity to the human tragedy recounted in this literature."—Jean-Luc Domenach, author of Où va la Chine? (Where does China Go?) "The Great Wall of Confinement has attempted to lift part of the veil on China's long lasting tragedy: the use of imprisonment, torture, forced labor against its citizens, whether criminals, feeble minded or simply political opponents. The angle is new; the question is to find out how Chinese have written on this subject, whether in fiction or reportage, the way they went about telling their stories, how much they said, or withheld. Through Philip Willams and Yenna Wu's thought-provoking analysis of such writings, of the cultural origins of forced labor and imprisonment in imperial and Communist China, one comes closer to this sinister reality, which remains to this day one of the best kept secrets of our planet."—Marie Holzman, President of the Association Solidarité Chine

Where the Great Wall Ends A China Memoir

Author : Jinny V. Batterson
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"Where the Great Wall Ends" chronicles Jinny's travels in many areas of China over nearly 40 years. Combining travel narrative, memoir, and environmental plea, this book will help you understand a vast, diverse, sometimes fragile land.

Behind the Great Wall

Author : James Whitlark
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This work explores what lies behind the fantastic barrier in a borderland that C. G. Jung called the unconscious, the avant-garde writer Kafka termed incomprehensive, and Whitlark argues is an entire spectrum of muted awareness.

Beyond the Great Wall

Author : Jeffrey Alford
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WINNER OF THE 2009 JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL COOKBOOK AWARD WINNER OF THE 2009 IACP BEST INTERNATIONAL COOKBOOK AWARD A bold and eye-opening new cookbook with magnificent photos and unforgettable stories. In the West, when we think about food in China, what usually comes to mind are the signature dishes of Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai. But beyond the urbanized eastern third of China lie the high open spaces and sacred places of Tibet, the Silk Road oases of Xinjiang, the steppelands of Inner Mongolia, and the steeply terraced hills of Yunnan and Guizhou. The peoples who live in these regions are culturally distinct, with their own history and their own unique culinary traditions. In Beyond the Great Wall, the inimitable duo of Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid—who first met as young travelers in Tibet—bring home the enticing flavors of this other China. For more than twenty-five years, both separately and together, Duguid and Alford have journeyed all over the outlying regions of China, sampling local home cooking and street food, making friends and taking lustrous photographs. Beyond the Great Wall shares the experience in a rich mosaic of recipes—from Central Asian cumin-scented kebabs and flatbreads to Tibetan stews and Mongolian hot pots—photos, and stories. A must-have for every food lover, and an inspiration for cooks and armchair travelers alike.

The Great Wall

Author : Julia Lovell
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A “gripping, colorful” history of China’s Great Wall that explores the conquests and cataclysms of the empire from 1000 BC to the present day (Publishers Weekly). Over two thousand years old, the Great Wall of China is a symbolic and physical dividing line between the civilized Chinese and the “barbarians” at their borders. Historian Julia Lovell looks behind the intimidating fortification and its mythology to uncover a complex history far more fragmented and less illustrious that its crowds of visitors imagine today. Lovell’s story winds through the lives of the millions of individuals who built and attacked it, and recounts how succeeding dynasties built sections of the wall as defenses against the invading Huns, Mongols, and Turks, and how the Ming dynasty, in its quest to create an empire, joined the regional ramparts to make what the Chinese call the “10,000 Li” or the “long wall.” An epic that reveals the true history of a nation, The Great Wall is “a supremely inviting entrée to the country” and essential reading for anyone who wants to understand China’s past, present, and future (Booklist).

The Mystery on the Great Wall of China Beijing China

Author : Carole Marsh
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Thousands of miles from home, Grant Christina, Mimi, and Papa look out the window of their airplane at the winding-snake wall Ð endless as far as they can see. When Grant finds a treasure map in the seat pocket, the mystery begins. The treasure hunt takes Grant, Christina and their Chinese pen pals on a wild ride in a rickshaw, to the land of the Forbidden City, and face-to-face with a dragon! X marks the spot but where is X? As the kids try to solve the puzzle, they come to across fortune cookies with clues and warnings (yikes!), dragons with menacing messages, fantastic fireworks, and a ÒflowerpotÓ army! Can they beat the bad guy to the treasure?? The race is on! LOOK what’s inside this mystery - people, places, history and more! Places: The Forbidden City - Nine Dragon Screen - Hong Kong Express Restaurant. Places in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Airport - Victoria Peak - Kowloon - The Great Wall - Tian’an Men Square - Palace of Earthly Tranquility - Hall of Imperial Peace - Victoria Harbor - Tibet - Mt. Everest - Moscow, Russia - Macau - New Territories, Hong Kong Educational Items: Chinese history - Chinese Food -Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) - Chinese dragons - History of the Forbidden City - History of the Terracotta Army - Funicular railway - Victoria Peak history - Governor’s Walk - Jade facts - The Escalator - Carriageway and Watch Tower on Great Wall of China - Air China - China as trade partner - Confucius - Chinese geography - Pandas - Fortune cookies - Bactrian camels - How Chinese is read - Pinyin (simple form of Chinese writing) - Dynasties - Chinese inventions - Chinese book printing - Book shipping process - Star ferry - Limestone People: Bob Scott’s trip across the Great Wall - Marco Polo This mystery incorporates history, geography, culture and cliffhanger chapters that keep kids begging for more! This mystery includes SAT words, educational facts, fun and humor. This Carole Marsh Mystery also has an Accelerated Reader quiz, a Lexile Level, a Fountas & Pinnell guided reading level and Developmental Reading Assessment. Below is the Reading Levels Guide for this book: Grade Levels: 3-6 Accelerated Reader Reading Level: 4.7 Accelerated Reader Points: 2 Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 111602 Lexile Measure: 710 Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Level: Q Developmental Assessment Level: 40

The Great Wall of China

Author : Louise Chipley Slavicek
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This series examines the key consequences of arbitrary border making in world history - past and present. These studies describe arbitrary borders as places where people interact differently from the way they would had the boundary not existed. Analytical, but easy to read, these brief histories will appeal to a broad sweep of readership

A History of the Great Wall of China

Author : Ai Jing
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The Great Wall of China is the world's largest military defense structure. It towers and meanders along mountain ranges, constructed more than 2,000 years ago. It was made more brilliant by the numerous wars, power struggles, successive dynasties, political and economic historical events influencing imperial China for over 2,000 years. The everlasting value of the Great Wall comes from the architecture, with its components of the wall, gates, towns, garrisons, and signal towers, along with their artistic elements. It also derives fame from the countless classical works of poetry, folk literature, theater and storytelling written about it by rulers, soldiers, literati and famous poets. This book is among the most systematic and comprehensive works on the Great Wall. It conveys to the reader content in language that is clear and straightforward. It traces the history of the Great Wall's origin, including the initial Period of construction for multiple defensive walls, the era of overall transformation, the Period of the partial expansion and the Period of overall maintenance. The readers will obtain a clear and comprehensive view of the overall picture of the Great Wall and its history from this book. Published by SCPG Publishing Corporation and distributed by World Scientific for all markets except China

China s Great Wall of Debt

Author : Dinny McMahon
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'One of the clearest and most thorough statements of an argument often made about the country: that its government has relied on constant stimulus to keep growth strong, an addiction that is bound to backfire. Second, he comes closer than any previous writer to covering the Chinese economy as Michael Lewis, the hugely popular author of The Big Short, might do. His analysis is informed but accessible, animated by anecdotes and characters, some colourful, some verging on tragic . . . McMahon is among the most compelling of the many analysts who conclude that China's economic miracle will end painfully' The Economist The world has long considered China a juggernaut of economic strength, but since the global financial crisis, the country's economy has ballooned in size, complexity, and risk. Once dominated by four state-owned banks, the nation's financial system is a tangle of shadow banking entities, informal financial institutions, and complex corporate funding arrangements that threaten growth, stability, and reform efforts. The country has accumulated so much debt so quickly that economists increasingly predict a financial crisis that could make 'Brexit' or Greece's economic ruin seem minor, and could undermine China's ascent as a superpower. Earlier this year, President Xi Jinping issued an urgent call for reform that gives the country until 2020 to transform its economy - a vaguely-defined objective that most economists agree is unrealistic. Whether or not China will be responsible for the next global recession, as some experts forecast, the fate of its economy will have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the world. Yet the inner workings of China's financial system are still very much a mystery to most outsiders. Now more than ever, as the country's slowing economy is being felt around the globe, it is essential to understand how China allowed its economy to become so mired in debt. China's Great Wall of Debt is a penetrating examination of the country's opaque financial system and the complex factors - demographic shifts; urbanization; industrialization; a pervasive over-reliance on debt-fueled investments - that have brought the country to the brink of crisis. Anchored by stories of China's cities and its people; from factory workers and displaced farmers to government officials and entrepreneurs, the narrative will take readers inside the country's ghost cities, zombie companies, start-ups, and regulatory institutions as McMahon explains how things got so bad, why fixing the problems is so hard, and what the economic outlook means for China and for the rest of us.

The Great Wall of China 221 BC AD 1644

Author : Stephen Turnbull
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The most famous example of fortification in the world, the Great Wall of China stretches for more than 6,000km across inhospitable terrain. Charting its development from its earliest origins in the 7th century BC through to the present day, this account reveals the true history of the wall, and explores the myths that surround it. Included are details of what it was like to live within the wall, how it was garrisoned and patrolled, and a discussion of how effective it was against attack. Through extensive examination of both ancient and modern sources, colour maps, artwork and photographs, this book illustrates why the wall is one of the great wonders of the world.

The Great Wall the Official Movie Novelization

Author : Mark Morris
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When a mercenary warrior (Damon) is imprisoned within The Great Wall, he discovers the mystery behind one of the greatest wonders of our world. As wave after wave of marauding beasts besiege the massive structure, his quest for fortune turns into a journey toward heroism as he joins a huge army of elite warriors to confront this unimaginable and seemingly unstoppable force.

Great Wall of China

Author : Joseph R. O'Neill
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This title examines an important historic event, the Great Wall of China. Readers will learn the history of China leading up to the construction of the Great Wall, key players and happenings throughout the construction, and the Great WallÍs effect on society. Color photos, detailed maps, and informative sidebars accompany easy-to-read, compelling text. Features include a timeline, facts, additional resources, web sites, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index. Essential Events is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company. Grades 6-9.

Meng Jiangn Brings Down the Great Wall

Author :
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Meng Jiangn� Brings Down the Great Wall brings together ten versions of a popular Chinese legend that has intrigued readers and listeners for hundreds of years. Elements of the story date back to the early centuries B.C.E. and are an intrinsic part of Chinese literary history. Major themes and subtle nuances of the legend are illuminated here by Wilt L. Idema's new translations and pairings. In this classic story, a young woman named Meng Jiang makes a long, solitary journey to deliver winter clothes to her husband, a drafted laborer on the grandiose Great Wall construction project of the notorious First Emperor of the Qin dynasty (BCE 221-208). But her travels end in tragedy when, upon arrival, she learns that her husband has died under the harsh working conditions and been entombed in the wall. Her tears of grief cause the wall to collapse and expose his bones, which she collects for proper burial. In some versions, she tricks the lecherous emperor, who wants to marry her, into providing a stately funeral for her husband and then takes her own life. The versions presented here are ballads and chantefables (alternating chanted verse and recited prose), five from urban printed texts from the late Imperial and early Republican periods, and five from oral performances and partially reconstructed texts collected in rural areas in recent decades. They represent a wide range of genres, regional styles, dates, and content. From one version to another, different elements of the story--the circumstances of Meng Jiangnu's marriage, her relationship with her parents-in-law, the journey to the wall, her grief, her defiance of the emperor--are elaborated upon, downplayed, or left out altogether depending on the particular moral lessons that tale authors wished to impart. Idema brings together his considerable translation skills and broad knowledge of Chinese literature to present an assortment of tales and insightful commentary that will be a gold mine of information for scholars in a number of disciplines. Haiyan Lee's essay discusses the appeal of the Meng Jiangn� story to twentieth-century literary reformers, and the interpretations they imposed on the material they collected.

Amazing Pictures and Facts about the Great Wall of China

Author : Mina Kelly
File Size : 51.22 MB
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Kid's U Presents...the Great Wall of China- Amazing Pictures and Facts about the Great Wall of China. Have your children ever wondered how old the Great Wall of China is? Where is the Great Wall located? How long did it take to build the Great Wall? In this book you will explore the wonders of the Great Wall of China, finding the answers to these questions and so many more. Complete with incredible pictures to keep even the youngest of children captivated, you will all embark on a little journey into the great unknown. In school our children aren't taught in a way that makes them curious and want to learn. I want to change that! This book will show your children just how interesting the world is and help ignite a passion for learning. Your children will learn how to: Become curious about the world around them. Find motivation to learn. Use their free time to discover more about the world-and have fun while doing so! And much more!

The Great Wall of China

Author : Adele Richardson
File Size : 62.35 MB
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Provides a history of the Great Wall and explains how and why it was built.

The Great Wall

Author : Carlos Rojas
File Size : 54.21 MB
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In this book, Carlos Rojas challenges two of the dominant contemporary visions of the Great Wall of China. In one view the Wall is popularly imagined as a two thousand year old national icon. However another recent theory posits that the Wall was not built until around the seventeenth century, and that the current fascination with the Wall is of even more recent provenance. Rojas rejects both of these theories as inaccurate. Instead, he argues that the Wall’s identity lies precisely in the productive tension between its underlying historical continuity and its continual process of transformation and reinvention. In addition, he posits that in order to appreciate the Wall’s historical significance it is necessary to move beyond a focus on the monument’s strictly material status and instead attend to the ways in which it has been discussed and represented, in other words, to see it as a cultural object.