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Wonderful Houses Around the World

Author : Yoshio Komatsu
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Describes the communities and environmental conditions of several countries, including China and Spain, and presents pictures and floor plans of typical houses in the area.

The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners

Author : Homa Sabet Tavangar
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Integrate global learning activities in your elementary classrooms today with this easy-to-use guide! This smart, all-in-one resource from widely acclaimed authors Homa Tavangar and Becky Morales provides hundreds of easy, stand-alone activities, resources, and projects to help busy educators: Seamlessly integrate global awareness themes into existing K-5 Common Core curriculum Recruit parent and community volunteers and organizations Use social media for student global collaboration projects Plan international events, after-school clubs, and cross-curricular activities Includes a 12-month timeline, backmapping tips, 50+ ready-to-start projects, and online links.

Shelters Shacks and Shanties

Author : Daniel Carter Beard
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Written and illustrated in 1914 by one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America, this primer contains detailed directions for constructing a wide range of shelters--including a complete log cabin. 338 illustrations.

Home Work

Author : Lloyd Kahn
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A fascinating guide to homemade shelter presents images and ideas culled from across the globe, including bottle homes in the Nevada desert, tree houses on the South China Sea, Japanese stilt houses, and much, much more. Original.

American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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Families Around the World Gr 4 6

Author : Solski, Ruth
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The 13th Gift

Author : Joanne Huist Smith
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For readers of Richard Paul Evans and Greg Kincaid comes The 13th Gift, a heartwarming Christmas story about how a random act of kindness transformed one of the bleakest moments in a family's history into a time of strength and love. After the unexpected death of her husband, Joanne Huist Smith had no idea how she would keep herself together and be strong for her three children--especially with the holiday season approaching. But 12 days before Christmas, presents begin appearing on her doorstep with notes from their "True Friends." As the Smiths came together to solve the mystery of who the gifts were from, they began to thaw out from their grief and come together again as a family. This true story about the power of random acts of kindness will warm the heart, a beautiful reminder of the miracles of Christmas and the gift of family during the holiday season.

Masters of Light

Author : Peter Hyatt
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Fifteen leading architects are hailed as 'Masters of Light' in this new take on residential architecture. Writer and architectural photographer Peter Hyatt shows how light, in the hands of these masters, is used to shape, create, transform, heal and regenerate. This book illustrates how architects' often experimental, and highly individual, responses to the brief, site and environment of housing projects can be transcended by the manipulation of light. Just as light can increase worker productivity and satisfaction in an office, it can be shaped to fit a family's lifestyle and enhance its sense of well-being. Each of the features architects demonstrates an impeccable ability to capture the evanescent world of light and shade, and to use it not just as an architectural building block, but as navigation, interior design and artwork. Their skills in shaping light are explored in the more than 60 residential projects examined in this book.

100 More of the World s Best Houses

Author : The Images Publishing Group
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Popular demand has led IMAGES' team of researchers to scour the world for yet another stunning

Children s Book Review Index

Author : Gary C. Tarbert
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Houses Around the World

Author : Louise Lee Floethe
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Describes how people around the world have built houses adapted to their particular life style, climate, and available building materials.

Around the World in 80 Years

Author : David Chance
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There are 2 parts to the book. The first section covers some of the important events that took place around the world, from the early part of the 19th century, up to the years following World War II. It features the 2 men that I have always admired, both of whom planned and fought against tyranny. Neither of these men actually used weapons in the Second World War, but they did what they had to do, to preserve our freedom. The 2 men are Sir Winston Churchill and my father, both of whom had army careers, dad's lasting for 31 years. Churchill's was a much shorter span, before he moved into Politics. The second part of the book gives details of my travels around the world to 42 countries. To do this, I fl ew a total of 964,995 miles, taking 1430 fl ights on 91 different types of aircraft. In addition I have traveled far more than a million miles by car. There were many times that I got very close to having my life cut short, but somehow I managed to survive, as I am still here at age 79. It was all very interesting to me and I hope that I have been able to convey some of this excitement in what I have written.

The Most Wonderful House in the World

Author : Mary S. Haviland
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Around the World on a Bicycle Volume II From Teheran To Yokohama

Author : Thomas Stevens
File Size : 24.81 MB
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This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS series. The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition we believe that a great book never goes out of style. Several mostly non-profit literature projects provide content to tredition. To support their good work, tredition donates a portion of the proceeds from each sold copy. As a reader of a TREDITION CLASSICS book, you support our mission to save many of the amazing works of world literature from oblivion.

Probing the Wonderful World

Author : Tanja Oraviita
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Today, many of us live in a world of plenty. Yet many forget how lucky they are, what they have and fail to see the beauty around them. Yet sometimes life is not perfect. Also in such moments it is important to pay attention on positive things and beauty. Those help one to cope with difficulties. No matter how hard life hits you, seeing beauty, dreaming and appreciating small positive things helps keeping on track. This book offers a journey and tools for noticing beautiful things in our lives and seeing how wonderful the world is. Beauty is not only about objects, expensive cars or the most beautiful face. Small everyday things, even a cup of tea in the morning sun light, can be beautiful. And most of the beauty in life is free. Most of us are luckier than we realise. The book is a concrete tool for increasing beauty in life, or observation, gaining insight and for reflecting own life. Enjoy the journey!

Bowker s Complete Video Directory 1999

Author :
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The world of wit and humour ed by G M Fenn

Author : World
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Around the World with General Grant

Author : John Russell Young
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After leaving the office of the presidency in 1877, Ulysses S. Grant embarked on a journey worthy of his legendary namesake, an around-the-world tour that took him from Europe to the Middle East and Asia over two and one-half years. Accompanying Grant was journalist John Russell Young, a wartime associate who was working in Europe as a correspondent for the New York Herald when Grant first arrived in England. On assignment for the Herald, Young joined the former president's entourage and faithfully recorded every detail of the grand tour -- the sightseeing, official visits, travel conditions, and Grant's candid discussions with heads of state and other notables about the Civil War and other matters of state. So far from home, Grant felt free to speak his mind about his fellow Union officers, his Confederate adversaries, and the conduct of the war, at far more length than he would in his celebrated but close-to-the-vest memoirs. These salty reminiscences of the war give this travelogue its greatest importance for posterity. First published in two volumes in 1879, Young's account has been carefully abridged by historian Michael Fellman and is now available to modern readers in a single volume that, besides his adventures abroad, distills Grant's unvarnished memories and judgments of his wartime and executive experiences. We read Grant's opinions of such Civil War figures as Stonewall Jackson ("Jackson's fame as a general depends upon achievements gained before his generalship was tested, before he had a chance of matching himself with a really great commander."); George McClellan ("It has always seemed to me that the critics of McClellan do not consider this vast and cruel responsibility--the war, a new thing to all of us, the army new, everything to do from the outset, with a restless people and Congress."); and Joe Johnston ("I have had nearly all of the Southern generals in high command in front of me, and Joe Johnston gave me more anxiety than any of the others. I was never half so anxious about Lee... Take it all in all, the South, in my opinion, had no better soldier than Joe Johnston."). An intimate portrait of one of America's most brilliant--and thoughtful--military men, Around the World with General Grant is a classic work of American journalism and history. It is also a vivid and insightful travel book, filled with reflections on exotic places and on Western, particularly British, imperialism as America was on the reluctant verge of entering the world stage.

Best Books for Children Preschool Through Grade 6

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The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Author : Anthony Neilson
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Lisa Jones is on a journey. It's a colourful and exciting off-kilter trip in search of one lost hour that has tipped the balance of her life. The inhabitants of the wonderful world she finds herself in - Dissocia - are a curious blend of the funny, the friendly and the brutal. Produced originally for the 2004 Edinburgh International Festival, The Wonderful World of Dissocia wowed critics and audiences alike. This Modern Classics edition cements the status of this hugely original play, both magical and moving, that confirmed Anthony Neilson as one of major voices in contemporary British Theatre. As Neilson himself put it, 'If you like Alice in Wonderland but there's not enough sex and violence in it, then Dissocia is the show for you'. This Modern Classic edition features an introduction by Dr Trish Reid.