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Working with Parents of Anxious Children Therapeutic Strategies for Encouraging Communication Coping Change

Author : Christopher McCurry
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Changing the parent-child dynamic to improve anxiety symptoms. The topic of anxious children is on the front burner these days, both among parents and mental health professionals, and its only gaining attention as more and more clinicians are presented with anxious kids in their practices. Anxiety symptoms—whether panic, OCD, phobias, social or separation anxiety—are one of the primary reasons parents seek help from a mental health professional for their child. And yet, parents may unintentionally reward or encourage the problem through their own behavior (overprotection on the one hand, punishment on the other, or avoidance of all possible anxiety-provoking situations). This book will tackle that very issue, exploring the critical parent-child “dance” at the center of child development and uncovering how, with the proper knowledge and tools at hand, therapists can guide parents in changing their dynamic so anxious outbursts are reduced and a child’s confidence and growth are better supported. A range of techniques that therapists can teach parents will be presented, including how to “change the choreography”—the parent-child dynamic—and how to work with “goodness of fit”, or temperamental differences between a parent and a child. Parent management training and parent-child interaction training strategies will also be provided.

Working with Anxious Nervous and Depressed Children

Author : Henning Kohler
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Increasingly, children in our society with issues such as anxiety and depression are treated with drugs and labels. This book proposes that an alternative, more radical approach is needed, which involves spiritual dimensions, such as calling on the child's angel.The book includes explorations of children's life senses, with particular focus on the sense of touch and the senses of motion and balance.Henning Köhler is an experienced therapist, and his love and enthusiasm for the children he works with shines through these pages, bringing life and immediacy to a challenging subject. Parents and teachers alike with appreciate his refreshing and readable approach.

Helping Your Anxious Child

Author : Ronald M. Rapee
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Most children are afraid of the dark. Some fear monsters under the bed. But 10 percent of children have excessive fears and worries - phobias, separation anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder - that can hold them back and keep them from fully enjoying childhood. If your child suffers from any of these forms of anxiety, the program in this book offers practical, scientifically proven tools that can help. Now in its second edition, Helping Your Anxious Child has been expanded and updated to include the latest research and techniques for managing child anxiety. You'll learn how to help your child overcome intense fears and worries and find out how to relieve anxious feelings while parenting with compassion. Help your child practice ''detective thinking'' to recognize irrational worries What to do when your child becomes frightened How to gently and gradually expose your child to challenging situations Help your child learn important social skills.

How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler

Author : Natasha Daniels
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Why does your toddler get upset when his or her routine is disrupted? Why do they follow you from room to room and refuse to play on their own? Why are daily routines such as mealtimes, bath time, and bed time such a struggle? This accessible guide demystifies the difficult behaviors of anxious toddlers, offering tried-and-tested practical solutions to common parenting dilemmas. Each chapter begins with a real life example, clearly illustrating the behavior from the parent's and the toddler's perspective. Once the toddler's anxious behavior has been demystified and explained, new and effective parenting approaches are introduced to help parents tackle everyday difficulties and build up their child's resilience, independence, and coping mechanisms. Common difficulties with bath time, toileting, sleep, eating, transitions, social anxiety, separation anxiety, and sensory issues are solved, along with specific fears and phobias, and more extreme behaviors such as skin picking and hair pulling. A must-read for all parents of anxious toddlers, as well as for the professionals involved in supporting them.

Anxious Kids Anxious Parents

Author : Reid Wilson
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With anxiety at epidemic levels among our children, Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents offers a contrarian yet effective approach to help children and teens push through their fears, worries, and phobias to ultimately become more resilient, independent, and happy. How do you manage a child who gets stomachaches every school morning, who refuses after-school activities, or who is trapped in the bathroom with compulsive washing? Children like these put a palpable strain on frustrated, helpless parents and teachers. And there is no escaping the problem: One in every five kids suffers from a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, when parents or professionals offer help in traditional ways, they unknowingly reinforce a child's worry and avoidance. From their success with hundreds of organizations, schools, and families, Reid Wilson, PhD, and Lynn Lyons, LICSW, share their unconventional approach of stepping into uncertainty in a way that is currently unfamiliar but infinitely successful. Using current research and contemporary examples, the book exposes the most common anxiety-enhancing patterns—including reassurance, accommodation, avoidance, and poor problem solving—and offers a concrete plan with 7 key principles that foster change. And, since new research reveals how anxious parents typically make for anxious children, the book offers exercises and techniques to change both the children's and the parental patterns of thinking and behaving. This book challenges our basic instincts about how to help fearful kids and will serve as the antidote for an anxious nation of kids and their parents.

The Anxiety Cure for Kids

Author : Elizabeth DuPont Spencer
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A comforting, practical guide to helping your child deal with anxiety Fear, worry, stomach pains, self-doubt-- these are all classic symptoms of anxiety in children and teenagers. Anxiety affects both boys and girls, regardless of age, size, intelligence, or family specifics. And the only way your family can be free of anxiety is to confront it every time it appears. This book will show you how. The bestselling authors of The Anxiety Cure present a reassuring guide to help adults and children understand the way anxiety works. Using characters such as the Dragon and the Wizard, The Anxiety Cure for Kids explains how to overcome the negative impacts of anxiety and turn anxiety into a positive opportunity for the whole family. It outlines specific action steps to regain full control of your anxious child's life. You'll learn how to communicate effectively with your child, help him or her confront fear, and boost your child's feelings of accomplishment and self-esteem. The book also includes helpful advice for anyone who works with anxious children, such as teachers, coaches, therapists, and school nurses. The plentiful exercises and tips reveal how to: * Recognize the symptoms of anxiety in your child * Evaluate your child's need for medication and/or therapy * Utilize a journal to gain a clear perspective * Assess the role of your family in anxiety disorders * Set goals for the future-- including what to do if anxiety returns Overcoming anxiety in children takes time and persistence-- but it can be done. By making changes little by little, your child can get well and stay well. The lessons in The Anxiety Cure for Kids have helped many children break free from anxiety and, with your family's help, your child will too.

Parenting Your Anxious Child

Author : Hubert Woolery
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55% OFF for Bookstores ! Still struggling to parent your anxious child? Do typical parenting approaches not work? Do you struggle with what to do to help your child? Parenting an anxious child can make you feel powerless. Anxiety can rule not only your child's life, but it can rule your life as well. Kids come to us with these challenges: - Why can't I just raise my hand in class? - What if things don't go my way? - I hate making mistakes in front of other people. - I don't know why. I just know that I worry. - Nothing I try works. I just keep worrying. - What if I can't do it? What if I fail? You are not powerless. You can learn effective tools and teach them to your child When kids get anxious they need us adults to help them make sense of their worries and to give them the skills and strategies to cope with it. This book is designed to equip you to do just that! Parenting and empowering anxious children can be tricky! Who this book is for: - Parents of children and teenagers - Teachers, coaches and other adults who work with children and teenagers - Professionals who work with parents and teacher In less than 3 hours you will have all the skills you need to be an effective parent and anxiety coach to your child! Who wouldn't want to make time for that?

Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Anxiety

Author : Fiona Zandt
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This book sets out therapeutic activities to help children aged 4-12 years and their families to better understand and manage anxiety. It explains how to work with anxious children, providing a framework for assessment and therapy that draws on CBT, ACT and narrative therapy approaches. Lots of practical tips for therapists are included and important developmental considerations are discussed, including adapting therapy for children with developmental difficulties, and working with families and schools. Over 50 playful therapeutic activities are included, which have been developed through the authors' extensive work with children, giving children an arsenal of coping strategies. They focus on key areas such as understanding anxiety, managing anxious thoughts, and building resilience and use readily available, inexpensive materials and downloadable templates which are provided in the book. This is the perfect tool for therapists looking for playful and purposeful ways to work with children with anxiety.

Working with Worry

Author : Melissa L. Kilbride, LICSW
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Working with Worry is designed to give parents practical tools they can use to support their children as they try to manage their anxiety in today's increasingly stressful world. It is a hands-on workbook that you can turn to for easy-to-understand information, recommendations, and support. Parents will learn about what anxiety looks like in children, reflect on their own experiences with anxiety, and find a wealth of intervention activities to try with their children. The activities use proven techniques including mindfulness, creativity, and self-regulation, and are organized by type of intervention, age, and areas of interest. This book is unlike any other workbook available on this subject because it offers both education and guidance around supporting children, while helping parents understand the need to be self-reflective about their own relationships with anxiety. Key features of this book: &•Over 60 interventions and activities organized by type, age, and areas of interest &•An entire chapter dedicated to helping parents understand their own anxiety, their ability to influence their children's experience of anxiety, and also how to "keep their stuff together" &•A chapter focused on how to combine the gains of parents and their children in a successful maintenance plan for the whole family &•Easy to understand language from authors who are not only experts offering professional guidance, but are also parents themselves who can relate to the challenges of raising children today

Addressing Parental Accommodation When Treating Anxiety in Children

Author : Eli R. Lebowitz
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Changes that parents and other family members make to their own behaviors to help a child avoid or alleviate anxiety are known as accommodations. Parental accommodation is a key aspect of child anxiety, and has a major impact on course, severity of symptoms and impairment, family distress, and treatment outcomes. As such the careful, gradual removal of accommodation by parents and loved ones is an important target of anxiety treatment for children. Addressing Parental Accommodation When Treating Anxiety in Children provides invaluable guidance to clinicians who wish to address accommodation within the context of a broader treatment strategy for anxious children, or as a stand-alone treatment. Clinicians will learn from this concise and easily accessible primer how to help parents identify and monitor accommodation, how to create treatment plans for reducing accommodation, and how to help parents communicate these plans to their children and implement them effectively. They will also learn how to help families cope with disruptive child responses to reduced accommodation, how to work with parents who struggle to cooperate, and what to do about a child's threats of self-harm. The book includes transcripts and rich clinical illustrations, as well as guidance on how to discuss accommodation with both parents and children-including a wealth of easily understood metaphors to aid in approaching the topic with empathy and without judgment. Addressing Parental Accommodation When Treating Anxiety in Children is an essential resource that will be of use to psychologists, counsellors, and clinical social workers who treat anxious children.

The Parents Guide to Managing Anxiety in Children with Autism

Author : Raelene Dundon
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This guide for parents is a complete introduction to autism and anxiety. Drawing on the author's clinical experience working with children and their families, it provides parents and carers with everything they need to know to help support their child. It covers the basics such as what anxiety is, how it manifests behaviourally and why it is common in autism, before presenting CBT-informed practical strategies for managing a common range of anxieties: separation, social, performance, phobias, and generalised anxiety. It also has chapters dedicated to related behaviours including Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and advice on managing meltdowns. This is a clear, concise and practical guide that answers any questions that parents and carers might have about anxiety and provides support strategies to help children with autism manage a range of anxieties.

Your Anxious Child

Author : John S. Dacey
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A fully-revised and updated new edition of a bestselling book designed to help parents, teachers, and counsellors support young people suffering from anxiety. Offers an array of innovative strategies organized into the authors’ four-step “COPE” program, which has undergone more than 20 years of successful field testing Each strategy is accompanied by a set of activities contextualized with full details of the appropriate age level, materials needed, suggested setting, and a template script Presents a straightforward account of anxiety, the most prevalent clinical diagnosis in young people, written with a careful balance of scientific evidence and benevolence Features a brand new chapter on preschoolers and a companion website that includes instructional MP3 recordings and a wealth of additional resources

Raising an Anxious Child

Author : Erika Miller
File Size : 72.50 MB
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Still struggling to parent your anxious child? Do typical parenting approaches not work? Do you struggle with what to do to help your child? Parenting an anxious child can make you feel powerless. Anxiety can rule not only your child's life, but it can rule your life as well. Kids come to us with these challenges: - Why can't I just raise my hand in class? - What if things don't go my way? - I hate making mistakes in front of other people. - I don't know why. I just know that I worry. - Nothing I try works. I just keep worrying. - What if I can't do it? What if I fail? You are not powerless. You can learn effective tools and teach them to your child When kids get anxious they need us adults to help them make sense of their worries and to give them the skills and strategies to cope with it. This book is designed to equip you to do just that! Parenting and empowering anxious children can be tricky! Who this book is for: - Parents of children and teenagers - Teachers, coaches and other adults who work with children and teenagers - Professionals who work with parents and teacher Here's a little sneak preview of what you'll get: - Anxiety and social media - The link between anxiety and learning difficulties - Specific communication skills for Parents - Teaching Kids to Change Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts - Practical Strategies to Coping with Social Anxiety - Practical Strategies to Coping with Separation Anxiety - Practical Strategies to Coping with Nervous Talking in groups - Phrases for calming your anxious Child - Myths about raising an anxious child - Managing Frequent Nightmares - The differences between general anxiety and specific phobias - Managing Your Anxiety While Raising Anxious Kids - How to help your child Make Friends - How to Help a Kid Who's Scared to Go to School And So Much More ... What's Holding You Back? - "I'm afraid of really hearing the truth." My book is designed with YOU in mind, and all of the information is delivered to you in a loving, gentle manner. You will never be put down by me, you will feel confident and supported! - "I'm not ready to do anything just yet. I'll get it when I'm ready to take action." This book doesn't force you to do anything you're not ready to do. You have all the time in the world to complete it, and you do it on your terms and at your speed.

Teaching Kids to Manage Anxiety

Author : Deb Hopper
File Size : 64.9 MB
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Kids today are growing up in a fast-paced world where information and opportunity overload can be overwhelming. Teaching Kids to Manage Anxiety offers parents and teachers simple strategies that can make a massive difference to a child's ability to cope. Based on many years of clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist, Deb Hopper has been using her Just Right KidsTM Model to teach children to communicate and manage their stress and anxiety by: - Identifying their "body speed," - Understanding their stress triggers, and - Implementing simple strategies to reduce anxiety and stress. Deb unpacks a comprehensive look at anxiety from a refreshing perspective. This includes understanding what happens in the brain when children are anxious, the role of memory, how to identify stress and anxiety in children through their clues, the impact of gut health on anxiety a new perspective of the extent of anxiety in children including the concepts of occupational anxiety sensory overload and screen time as contributing factors. Deb steps through practical strategies for how to support children with the 5 types of 'occupational anxiety', or anxiety in a child's occuption, including Learning anxiety Sensory induced anxiety Social anxiety Emotional anxiety, and Transitional anxiety. The final section outlines both body/ physically based (bottom up) and cognitive/ thinking strategies (top down) approaches to supporting children to reduce anxiety and thrive from day to day. Both parents and professionals will be refreshed and empowered to help their children/ the children they work with.

Worried No More

Author : Aureen Pinto Wagner
File Size : 33.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Anxiety is the most common emotional problem in children and adolescents and affects about 13% of youngsters. Many endure serious problems in their school, social and family lives. Help is now available for these anxious children. Success rates with the right treatment are excellent. The sooner children are treated, the sooner they can get back to the business of growing up, learning and being happy. Dr. Aureen Wagner describes an effective way for parents, schools and healthcare professionals to work collaboratively to help anxious children. Worried No More is packed with information and practical strategies to help children cope with worry, school refusal, separation anxiety, excessive shyness, panic, disasters and tragedies, phobias, obsessions and compulsions. Book jacket.

Helping Children Manage Anxiety at School

Author : Colleen Renee Wildenhaus
File Size : 70.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As the rate of children with anxiety climbs steadily, teachers and parents need ways to help children manage their anxiety while at school. This book teaches an understanding of anxiety, how to create a classroom environment that supports positive mental health, and offers a guide for creating a plan for the anxious child.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families

Author : Philip Graham
File Size : 38.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Now firmly established as the standard text on the subject, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families, 3rd edition incorporates new and updated material on many topics not covered in previous editions, including the use of low intensity treatment methods with families, the use of new technologies to deliver cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the development of mindfulness techniques for children and the use of CBT with ethnic minority groups. The international panel of contributors ensures the highly authoritative and relevant nature of the content, making this text an invaluable source for all child and adolescent mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, family and individual psychotherapists, paediatricians and general psychiatrists.

Calming Your Anxious Child

Author : Kathleen Trainor
File Size : 53.90 MB
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Ten million children in the United States—two million of them preschoolers—suffer from anxiety. Anxious children may be afraid to be out of their parents’ sight; they may refuse to talk except to specific people or under specific circumstances; they may insist on performing tasks such as brushing teeth or getting ready for bed in a rigidly specific way. For many children these difficulties interfere with doing well in school and making friends as well as with daily activities like sleeping, eating, and bathing. Untreated anxiety can have a devastating effect on a child’s future emotional, social, academic, and work life. And since most kids don’t naturally outgrow anxiety, parents need to know how to help. In Calming Your Anxious Child, Dr. Kathleen Trainor builds on cognitive behavioral therapy to provide practical steps for guiding parents through the process of helping their children manage their anxieties and gain control over their worry-based behaviors. Dr. Trainor’s method involves identifying the anxieties and the behaviors, rating them, agreeing on what behaviors to work on changing, identifying strategies for changing behaviors, noting and charting progress, offering incentives, and reinforcing progress. Combining family stories with practical advice and support, Calming Your Anxious Child teaches parents and caregivers how to empower their children to overcome their worried thoughts and behaviors. Children who have generalized anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, separation anxiety, phobias, or PTSD can all benefit from Dr. Trainor’s method, which also helps parents move from feeling controlled by their child’s anxiety to feeling that they are in control of their family’s future.

Anxious Kids

Author : Michael Grose
File Size : 21.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Anxious Kids offers parents a new perspective on their children's anxiety, encouraging them to view each episode as an opportunity to empower their kids with the skills to manage anxiety, and thrive. Bestselling parenting author Michael Grose and wellbeing expert Dr Jodi Richardson explain why more children than ever before experience anxiety. In plain language that can be shared with children, they outline the origins and biology of anxiety to make sense of it - key knowledge such as why it happens, the flood of physical symptoms that comes with it, how to calm it down and why each strategy works. Grose and Richardson also give advice on a range of important steps parents can take to develop emotional intelligence, tolerance of discomfort, mindfulness, resilience, thinking skills and flourishing mental health. In so doing, parents can reduce the impact of anxiety, enabling children of all ages to live their lives in full colour.

Why Smart Kids Worry

Author : Allison Edwards
File Size : 54.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Why does my child seem to worry so much? Being the parent of a smart child is great—until your son or daughter starts asking whether global warming is real, if you are going to die, and what will happen if they don't get into college. Kids who are advanced intellectually often let their imaginations ruin wild and experience fears beyond their years. So what can you do to help? In Why Smart Kids Worry, Allison Edwards guides you through the mental and emotional process of where your child's fears come from and why they are so hard to move past. Edwards focuses on how to parent a child who is both smart and anxious and brings her years of experience as a therapist to give you the answers to questions such as: •How do smart kids think differently? •Should I let my child watch the nightly news on TV? •How do I answer questions about terrorists, hurricanes, and other scary subjects? Edwards's fifteen specially designed tools for helping smart kids manage their fears will help you and your child work together to help him or her to become more relaxed and worry-free.